Swamp Rat Timeline

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Swamp Rat Timeline

Postby Connal Reid » Wed Aug 29, 2012 1:54 am

Because fuck it, I want one. So I'll be the one to create and maintain it. Lemme know if there's something messed up, since I'll bet I screwed something up. PLEASE TELL ME IF THERE'S A THREAD I FORGOT.

First Watch (Ames) is specifically left out because it happens over a range of days, and was a oneshot anyhow. So is Henry's journals on the battlements.

Threads listed in reverse chronological order.


Duck and Cover (Hurricane Event) - March 23rd

One Sick Puppy (Ger, Maddie, Open) - February 20th
Not Your Bartender [Talbot] [open to others] - February 9th

Corner Pocket (Open) - January 3rd


A Long-Distance Relationship [semi-open(?)] - December 4th
An unpleasent encounter (for Niklas, IT'S OPEN NOW) - December 2nd

Forging Bonds (Open; Participation Rewarded IC) - November 20th
Reintroduction (OPEN)(NIKLAS ENCOURAGED) - November 9th
Not Far Enough (Gerhard) - November 4th

Mechanical Monstrosity (Halloween Event) - October 31st

Hard Reset - [Open] - September 23rd
Stress Relief [Connal] - September 20th
Real Gone (Niklas, open) - September 14th
Paranormal Investigation (Rod, Open) - September 4th
Reboot - [Open] - September 3rd
Another Sleepless Night (open) - September 3rd

Bioethics (Henry, Open) - August 30th
Uninvited II (Open)(BACKDATED) - August 27th
Home Invasion (for Anu) - August 26th
Priority Repairs (Henry) - August 24th
Exploratory Surgery (OPEN) - August 23rd
Second Opinion [James, Gerhard, Open] - August 21st
Necrosis (Niklas, IT'S OPEN NOW) - August 21st
Those aren't doughnuts! (Enrico, Open) - August 19th
Oh bloody christ, what is this place? - August 18th
Seeing Eye Salamander (Niklas, open) (BACK DATED) - August 15th
Trading Post <Extension: Something's different, Captain...> - August 14th ish
Jingling Metal (Sykes, Open) - August 14th
Knock Knock, Tap Tap (Henry, Niklas, Geraldo, Open) - August 7th

Ghost in the Shelves (Open) - July 31st
Trading Post (Open) - July 31st
Reintegration (Sykes, Open) - July 29th
Tea Time [Gerhard, Open to others] - July 27th
Consequences will Never be the Same (Intro, Open) - July 25th
Lost and Found [INTRO_CLOSED] - July 17th
Everything Went Wrong [RED Team Event Respawn] - July 15th
Uninvited Guests (BLU Event Respawn, Open) - July 15th
The Day the Monster Died [EVENT] - July 15th
Territory (for Anu) - July 13th
Settling [Gerhard] - July 13th
The World is My Ashtray [James, Rod] - July 4th
No words now, only hudda (Connal, open to other REDs) - July 2nd

Papers, Please. (primarily Rufus, but still open) - June 29th
Scavenging [Henry, semi-open] - June 25th
Return to Sender [Open] - June 22nd
It's No Problem If I Peek [Open] - June 22nd
A Stranger in a Strange Land [Lan Feng intro, Closed] - June 21st
Swamp Rat Gets Crab(s) - June 17th
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained [Open] - June 15th
Error - [Open] - June 14th
A Long Lacking Pier [ Intro, Open ] - June 12th
Reverse Engineering [Henry] - June 11th
The Sign says Don't Feed the Animals (monster) - June 8th
Falling Out of the Sky (Intro, Open!) - June 8th

Coming "Home" (Gerhard, All REDs) - May 25th
Let the Rain Fall (Gerhard) - May 21st
Serious Business (A.K.A. Italian Cook-y Funtime) (open) - May 20th
Porch Talk [Henry, Open to Others] - May 18th
The Returner [Niklas, Open] - May 10th
The Goner (Open, Sub-Event) [All RED, get in here] - May 9th
Regaining Consciousness (Rufus) - May 5th

HALLELUJAH - April 26th (approx.)
Just a Gesture... (NSFW)(4 Gerhard) - April 24th
Old Bones [Bryce] - April 20th
Are you sure? - April 19th
Adventure! - April 19th
Learning the Waters (Rufus) - COMPLETE - April 18th
Cracking the Vault (EVENT, OPEN TO ALL) - April 17th
Coping (open) - April 16th
MEEEDDIIICCC! (for Niklas, open for other eyeballs) - April 4th
Love sick. ((For Gerhard)) - April 3rd

Sumpfgebiet! (Hans Intro, open!) - March 21st
Slow Recovery (For Gerhard) (CLOSED) - March 19th
The Long Walk [Intro, open.] - March 18th
A More Sober Meeting [Henry, Gerhard, James, etc] - March 18th
Can't Sleep (closed) - March 15th
The Ol' Brimstone (Closed) - March 15th
Into the Hellhole (Adrian Intro, Open) - March 5th

Bloodhound (for Jericho) - February 29th
Swamp-Party! (All are Invited) - February 28th
Hanging on by a thread (Needs a Doc, and a few curious eyes) - February 27th
Damage Assessment - February 19th
Medicine Run (for Niklas, others welcome for shenannigans) - February 18th
Projects and Introductions(12, and anyone else besides) - February 11th
Disease (REDS should join in!)(Mini-event-ish) - February 9th
In Comes The Mutant - February 7th
Back From The Dead, Literally - February 7th
A New Kind of Monster (EVENT THREAD, OPEN TO ALL) - February 5th
Dig, Dig, Dig (Open) - February 2nd

And Again, With a Catch (Open) - January 29th
Resurrection - January 27th
The Wall Starts to Crack (For Connal) - January 24th
Not Sleeping Beauty[Open] - January 17th
Ain't my Day (Open, Medics involved) - January 14th
Headin' on Out (No longer on hold) - January 12th
Supply Route (Closed[?], Discussion on Henry's Offer) - January 11th
Calling in the Reserves - January 9th
Dead-Eye (Snipers please show up for tech upgrade) - January 9th
Buried Treasure [EVENT] - January 8th
Cold Steel, Warm Barrel, Hot Tea - January 7th
Jolts [Open] - January 3rd
Not quite a phoenix. [Open] - January 2nd


Condemned (Henry Intro, Closed) - December 30th
Gone Fishing (OPEN, GET IN HERE) - December 28th
Visiting Hours (Gerhard) -COMPLETE- - December 22nd
The Hell Do We Do Now (ALL REDS, ATTENDANCE REQUIRED) - December 21st
Back to Your Roots (Madison Intro, Closed) - December 20th
Back to Life (OPEN) - December 13th
The burning, the burning! (CLOSED, EVERYONE IS DEAD) - December 13th
Unfinished Business (Open) - December 9th
Winter Pool Party! (OPEN TO EVERYONE) - December 8th
Assembly (Open, Contains Engineering) - December 4th
Aimé Arrives (Open) - December 3rd

So Damned Graceful (Closed) - November 28th
Autotomy (OPEN, Medic shannanigans encouraged) - November 20th
Molly's Reappearance (OPEN) - November 15th
David and Goliath (OPEN) - November 14th
Drid On Arrival (Mags Intro) (Closed) - November 13th
Coming Home (Intro, OPEN) - November 9th

All Hallows Eve (whoever you are, GET IN) - October 31st
Cold Regards... (Closed) - October 10th
Perhaps a Little Misunderstanding (Hannah) - October 5th
Shower Daydreams (closed) - October 4th

Dammit! I'm a Medic, not a tour guide. (Hannah) - September 28th
There's no place like.. The Swamp? (Mel's Intro, Open) - September 25th
Always listen to instinct...(OPEN TO ANY) - September 12th
September Tenth (Samuel, MAY be open later) - September 10th
Order of Business (Intro, Closed) - September 9th
Idle Hands (open) - September 7th

Just Like a Horror Movie. {Intro, Open} - August 28th
Team Physicals - August 24th
Suspicious Activity - August 23rd
Trained Monster (Jericho Intro, OPEN) - August 15th
If one link in the chain were to fail. (for Tom) - August 9th
What can be found, yet cannot be lost. (for Fritz) - August 9th
Remembering Wine(OPEN) - August 8th
Gotta start somewhere.... [OPEN] - August 8th
Of Swamps and Gators (Elias) - August 7th
Gun-oil and Calluses (open) - August 5th
The Things They Carried (Scooter) - August 03 - August 3rd
Lost but Found [ARRIVAL] - August 2nd
This TV Sucks (Connal & Arseni) - August 1st
Kleinkuchen - August 1st

Doc Holiday (Pavelov) - July 31 - July 31st
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Re: Swamp Rat Timeline

Postby Connal Reid » Fri Nov 09, 2012 5:12 pm

Guys I think I might have missed a couple. Any threads you know of that I don't have up, lemme know!
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