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This is the team rosters -- who is here, who is not, who has been accepted, and of course, open spots.

A maximum of 7 members per class are allowed per team. When Special slots are full, a Special may still be apped if the applicant has 50+ posts on the forum with a normal character, or if they bring in a new person to the forum.

Characters labeled as “Missing In Action” are currently Inactive, but are still in play. Any threads they are in will be on hiatus until further notice.
Inactive status is gained when a user has not posted in any forums, plot based or otherwise, for 3 weeks.
Characters who have not been active in 9 weeks are considered Deceased and are placed in a separate post below the main roster.
Over 9 weeks of general Inactivity, and the Player is DELETED, though posts and applications remain.
Players may reapply at any time, but repeat offenders will be banned.

Due to lack of Activity, Specials are much less restricted at this point in time and may still be applied as a primary character. However, should the ratio of Specials to normal team members exceed 1:3, then they shall be restricted once more. It is also encouraged that players of Specials eventually apply a normal team member to help keep things balanced.
Pets, random encounter monsters, and inanimate objects do not count as Specials unless they have abilities not normal to their state of being.
This means no psychic dogs, and no talking plastic skeletons.
Monsters may be exempt if they are talked over with an Admin and approved through general polling.

- - -

Current Head Count - 11



Demoman: (1/7)
Francesca Rescigno

Engineer: (1/7)
Kurt Clayton

Heavy: (0/7)
Rodney Hamilton

Medic: (1/7)
Niklas Lind

Pyro: (2/7) - Special
Connal Reid

Scout: (0/7)

Soldier: (3/7) - Special
Talbot Rennigan, Soldier
Josif X. Arcson, Solider

Sniper: (1/7)
Bryce Langley

Spy: (2/7) - Special
Andy Findlay

Specials: - 3
Jericho, Soldier (chimera)
James Whillhoft, Pyro (salamander)
Anu Laar, Former Spy (octopus)

Missing In Action: - 0
- - -

Current Head Count - 10

Leader: Head Medic:
-Gerhard Melsbach, Medic (octopus)


Demoman: (1/7)
Adrian Langer

Engineer: (1/7)
Henry Adams

Heavy: (2/7)
Madison Beaulieu

Medic: (2/7) - Special
Yvette Sauvageau

Pyro: (1/7)
Ye Lan Feng

Scout: (1/7) - Special

Soldier: (1/7)
Marshall Ames

Sniper: (1/7)
Enrico Roland

Spy: (0/7)

Specials: - 2
Gerhard Melsbach, Medic (octopus)
12, Scout (bird)

Missing In Action: - 0
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