Duck and Cover (Hurricane Event)

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Re: Duck and Cover (Hurricane Event)

Postby Marshall Ames » Fri Jun 21, 2013 6:38 am

Ames was not lost. Why, he hadn't a clue, but somewhere over thattaway was definitely where the others were.

He slogged through the swamp in the worsening wind and rain, his shoulders braced, purpose fixed. A family of alligators watched him from within the black shelter of a hollow log they'd found. A juvenile, resting on the head of an adult, opened it's narrow jaws in silent warning. The adult beneath it did nothing, but several pairs of cold reptilian eyes followed the Soldier attentively until he'd passed completely out of view.

A rise of land here and there, sliding mud beneath his boots, and water sluicing down off of him before the next channel. Rain. Clean and fresh, the bathwater of a tropical storm running down through the stiff bristles of his overgrown crew-cut. Over the skin of his chest and arms. Driving like needles one moment, then falling in sheets when the wind failed. All around him, the wind whistled through the trees, and rain hissed down across the water's surface.

Finding a shallow place where he could run, Ames laughed as he set off. He should be hiding. He KNEW that on some level, but the storm had caught him up in it's energy now, and as long as he kept moving with it he was no longer afraid. He lost track of time. The sky darkened under the weight of the clouds. Broken lilly-pads and other debris began to show up where the water ran swiftest...

And then out of nowhere, Ames stumbled into the open. He was about a half-mile upriver from where he'd been aiming to come out, and a long cattail-bed lay in front of him, the high stalks bent over nearly to the surface of the water by the strength of the wind.

"...Fuck," the Soldier muttered. That cattail marsh would be over waist-deep now, and he didn't want to get caught out in the middle of it if the water rose any more. Ames walked back through the woods until he found the path that ran down to the bases-

-And that's where he saw the dinosaur tracks. Not the impossibly large dinosaur-looking prints that Adrian's giant bird left behind, but smaller, not much longer than the boot prints of the ...was following.
Oh shit.
Ames didn't recognize the second set of rain-filled tracks, but the fact that the dino-spy's footprints overlapped one of the shoe-shaped impressions in THIS weather spoke for itself.

The Soldier set off, tracking the wide footprints quickly before the rain had time to erase them. What he'd do when he caught up... well, he'd figure that part out later.
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Re: Duck and Cover (Hurricane Event)

Postby Henry Adams » Sat Jun 22, 2013 1:10 am

With the klaxons sounded and the instructions dispersed, Henry set about gathering his supplies. He kept an emergency kit packed in the office in case the companies ever came out to 'inspect', and was relieved when he pulled it out from under the desk to see that everything was still left inside. Included in the kit were such necessities as canned fruit and a flash-light, but also he had stored a few spare tools like a mallet and nails. With the kit strapped on, and his boot-straps tightened, Henry gave the stairs a bounding leap and managed to clear them in just a few steps. As he passed through the mess hall, he stopped for a moment, jogging in place, to take a look at his rather wretched-looking medic. "Lookin' pretty grim, Ger. Let's get you outside before things start falling over, yeah?"

Henry pulled a line of cord out from the pack and threw it around the medic's waist, tying it into a strong ship's knot before the poor man could get in any complaints. Fastening the other end to his own belt, he yelled out to the base in general, hoping to keep the line of information strong. "Adams and Melsbach, heading outside! Pick up the pace, slackers!"

Francesca briefly noted the Pyro stumbling in, still huddled over the sink, more rinsing her hair out than her eyes at this point. When the big medic stormed out with some barked orders, her huff didn't improve at all, but she thought it might be best to let it rest for the moment. Always time to kill him later. In the mean time, she pulled her head out of the water and wrung out her hair, than went about the process of gathering preserved rations from every cupboard she could open. It only took a moment for what seemed like an endless pile of canned and bagged goods to pile up on the island, and even less time for the whole mess to be shoved into two massive drawstring bags used for grocery runs. She tossed one bag at the rather frazzled-looking pyro and grabbed a few packs of beer out of the fridge. With a bundle of four 12-pack boxes of beer in one hand, and a bag nearly two thirds her size slung over the opposite shoulder, she marched towards the door and gave the little man a look of burning impatience, somehow still aimed at the now absent doctor, despite being pointed in the opposite direction. "Best follow orders, yah zucca?

Andy's path through the woods would have seemed random from the view of a normal person. He ducked and wove through the brush, making little sound, even despite the heavy foliage and rampant winds. In reality it all came down to moving in the same general direction, towards the derelict craft that had become his home away from home in recent weeks. He had realized, towards the beginning of the trip, that he was leaving rather blatant footprints behind, but ultimately he felt that it was a sacrifice he'd have to make, since the ground was more malleable than usual, and he was already naturally terrible at hiding his footprints, having primarily lived in the city. What he had failed to notice was the slinking beasty that was trailing those footprints, as he had continually failed to notice since his arrival.
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Re: Duck and Cover (Hurricane Event)

Postby Penultimate Pi » Sat Jun 22, 2013 5:51 am

Adrian's head was pounding from the auditory and physical abuse it had taken. The best the Demoman could do was slog slowly forward, leaning on the walls for support and stopping every few steps to clutch his head and groan especially more than he already was. Sounds and people whirled by, a Heavy jogging one way while an octopus tied to a mechanic went the other way.

All of the action was getting far too much for the man to handle. As the demolitions expert cleared the front door, a gust of wind and rain pattered his face and seemed to almost knock the exhausted fellow backwards. Adrian thankfully landed in a stray chair, and then just lay there for a moment, the utter chaos around him all fading into blurs of muddy colors and background voices with the droning alarms...

Very thankfully, the doctors sight had locked onto several individuals leaving what appeared to be the BLU base. The thunderous rainfall and swirling gales were practically nothing as Dr. Synathen's vision locked onto his targets. Craig could see what appeared to be a Engineer dragging along a Medic and a disoriented Demoman so far, but there would surely be more to follow.

It was a start, certainly, Dr. Synathen considered as he observed the other base: there was a lady stomping out, but no other mercenaries as of yet. Most of the commotion seemed to be inside, probably due to additional packing time if they were considering the possibility that their base might end up a wet rubble heap as a result of this storm. Now that the teams were starting to leave, he just needed to get their attention...

Eyes darting about, Craig searched the midway between the bases for something to attract both companies' arms to him. It had to be something obvious, a sight that the mercenaries would be able to flock to even in this worst of weather. His eyes finally settled on the battlements: the holographic control points. Of course they'd be inactive right now, but they should still be open enough to warrant the doctor jumping about on them. Determined to resolve this effort with all of the mercenaries in allied tow, Dr. Synathen dashed out from the brush, jogging through the bullets of water and grimy earth to aim for the stainless steel metal of the control point...

[I'm working under the assumption that the battlements (or at least a portion of it large enough to contain a control point) are located between the RED and BLU bases. Please correct me if this is not true.]
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Re: Duck and Cover (Hurricane Event)

Postby Gerhard Melsbach » Sat Jun 22, 2013 12:13 pm

Gerhard stiffened at feeling something touch him, his clawed hands gripping at the wood of the doorway with a soft scrunching of old wood splintering, but the Engineer's familiar voice had him calming as he turned from threshold to follow after his teammate. He failed to provide any verbal responses, his strange horizontal pupils narrowed into barely visible slits as he fell in 'step' with the shorter man, one hand managing to find and grab hold of an elbow in a fear-tight grip. The normal cobalt and cerulean colors of his tentacles refused to return, still dulled to a strange sort of murky blue-brownish color that made his pale human skin look even paler than usual.
Coming outside, he flinched at the cold driving downpour, and sidled closer to Henry, giving a soft choked sound at hearing something crash out in the swamp.

Enrico swore upon hearing the Engineer was heading out, kicking out in his frustration and only getting a sore foot for his trouble. Damn it, Henry, get your shit organized-! He huffed crossly, shoving aside a pile of boxes that were stuffed with random salvaged materials, and felt a rush of relief flood his system at finding a decently sized old army rucksack. A moment to poke at it and open a couple pockets to check the content, and he hefted the thing over his shoulder, wriggling past the boxes in search of more.

{The battlements are indeed between the two bases, it's a rough series of walkways traversing over and around the river and central island, with a large building further inland that's got a control point in either end. There's a third control point out and about, but it's kinda lost in the ecosystem, so no one's really certain where it is.}
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weak post is weak

Postby Tentacles » Fri Jul 19, 2013 10:03 pm

The small pyro staggered under the weight of the bag tossed at him, but nodded back grimly. It was the second time the demo-lady was throwing around orders like she owned the place, but again, now was a poor time to try and argue about it. Pack mule duty it was. "Yeah yeah, we'd better get moving..."




The weather had destroyed the Spy's sense of smell, the wind having scattered all information on the air in a thousand different directions. He hadn't even noticed he himself was being tracked, too concentrated on his human counterpart. The other Spy seemed to know where he was going, but where was the question...

"Soo...where are you headed off to in this godforsaken weather, without your team, eh?" the monster decided to finally break tracking, feeling he was far enough from the bases to finish off the other Spy quietly if needed. He had not uncloaked, but the drizzle that preceded the storm revealed his form, leaning against a tree. It was fortunate the tooth filled grin could not be seen.
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Re: Duck and Cover (Hurricane Event)

Postby Connal Reid » Fri Nov 22, 2013 12:48 am

Things sure seemed to be moving quickly. Before Connal fully realized it, not only did he have Jericho almost knocking him down, but their newest/oldest Sniper had kept him from falling over. Bryce - Connal thought his name was Bryce, at any rate - even gave the chimera a pair of headphones, and the Pyro couldn't help but stare. In all the time he had Jericho as a friend, had known about his sensitive ears... why had he never once thought of getting him, at the very least, a pair of earmuffs? It just seemed so obvious. He needed to stop being stupid.

"...Izzat Nik?" he slurred. He hadn't quite made out what the Medic was shouting, as it was a little hard to hear over the thunder and the sirens.

Wait, sirens?

"Hey. Heyyy, Bru- Bryce. Bryce." Not Bruce. Why was he even thinking Bruce? At that moment, Connal wasn't sure he even knew a Bruce. But that wasn't important. Right then, there were sirens blaring and their Medic was shouting, and it didn't sound like the angry kind of shouting so much as the ordering around kind. That could only mean something serious was happening. "Are, uh... Are we bein' attacked?" Unfortunately, Connal still hadn't made the connection between the weather and the sudden air of seriousness. At least he found it a bit odd that BLU would attack at all, let alone so late in the day, and during a big, bitching storm, no less.

((Aaaand, nothing for Tihun 'cause she's still just kinda standin' on the front porch. Be glad there's anything at all after this long. :V))
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Re: Duck and Cover (Hurricane Event)

Postby Gerhard Melsbach » Fri Nov 22, 2013 1:22 am

Jericho jerked and growled before realizing he was being helped, allowing the Sniper to straighten the makeshift headphones so they wouldn't crush the chimera's enormous ears before the man backed off, giving Jericho some space to get himself sorted. While the hybrid started pulling himself together from his near panic, Bryce glanced up at the Pyro's slurred questions, and gave a short shake of his head as he took the ginger by the elbow and started to lead him towards the door.
"Nah, got a real big storm rollin' in, big enough t'make the hazard alarm go off. Yo- Our Medic's tryin'a get everybody t'gether, the BLUs're already headed out someplace an' I get the feelin' we're gonna follow."
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