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Postby 12 » Fri Jul 13, 2012 7:53 am

" Subject number 12, serial AT-A 00118B. Designation's th-the same as the subject number." She'd said to introduce himself, and that was pretty much the best way to do it. The hybrid was making a point to avoid eye contact, still more than a little nervous as to what was going to happen. At least he'd only said anything after being addressed, though that probably came too little too late. He glanced over Madison's shoulder, really wanting to just bolt at this particular moment in time. He knew that would only serve to make things worse, however; and besides, he hadn't been given any sort of directive.

- - -

"Guess y'can say I'm a bit'a reinforcement, eh? Keepin' things level, mayhaps." The one downside was that BLU had gotten a pair of new teammates, so maybe he was wrong about that. One of them had pretty much reeked of Spy, and the other one was definitely a Pyro. If he wasn't, then that boy was real confused about what kind of uniform he should be wearing. "I think maybe they kinda forgot me th' first time around. Which I ain't complainin' about, really. Though I prolly should'a spent a bit more time preppin' f'r th' cold than I actually did, but there ain't really much I c'n do 'bout that, now."
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Postby Anu Laar » Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:59 am

Anu made a 'huh' sound. "I am not remembering all that numbers to call," he said. "You have good name? Jimmy or thing? Jimmy is good name, I would call that." 12 there looked like a 'Jimmy' to him for some reason, all American teenager.. and stuff.

And now he felt damp. But it seemed like a bad time to ask for a tour. Maybe after... everyone was nice and relaxed.

"Anu Laar," he said, making a small approach toward the nervous one with an extended hand. "I am not so scary, not on same team," he promised with a big smile.
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Postby Connal Reid » Sun Jul 22, 2012 7:24 pm

"Designation's same as... Yer name is Twelve?" Connal asked, his brow slightly arched. He thought about it a moment, and decided he's heard stranger. Deciding to shrug it off for now, he went ahead and introduced himself, "I'm Connal Reid. 'S nice t' meet everybody." Except it was actually more confusing than nice, and the lady seemed to be on the defensive side. "Sorry, I wasn' tryin'a be mean or nothin'. I jus' don' really get what's goin' on. Uh, maybe it's jet lag?" That might be a better excuse if there was more than a three (or was it four?) hour difference.
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