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Glitch Listing

Postby Gerhard Melsbach » Sat Jan 28, 2012 11:39 pm

There will be an initial 3 rolls on a d4 to determine if you will get a glitch at all, 1-3 being the levels of severity and 4 being nothing at all, then using the 100 sided die in this generator rolled 3 times, the probabilities of obtaining a particular glitch are as follows:
1-25 = 25%
26-40 = 15%
41-50 = 10%

Due to radiation levels and system disrepair, all glitches currently have a +10% chance of occurrence.

All glitches will wear off over time unless otherwise marked, time span ranges but should not last any longer than a month in play unless previously discussed with and approved by an admin.

Common Glitches (25%)
1. Australian Flu - Headache, lethargy and muscle ache. If not treated by a Medic or a repeat Respawn, may continue for up to a week.
2. Lasting Scar - A permanent mark as the result of a killing blow, can range from a simple scar to missing body parts.
3. Brown Trousers Time - Someone is going to be visiting the toilet a lot for the next few hours.
4. Porcelain God - Intense nausea that may or may not cause projectile cursing as well as vomiting.
5. Dazed and Confused - Grade 1 concussion caused by bad mental rewrite: dizziness, nausea/vomiting, visual disturbance, confusion and lack of coordination. Can last up to a day.
6. Regenerative Neuropathy - Tingling pins-and-needles sensation caused by rapid revivification. May also result in hypersensitivity or numbness.
7. The Shocker - A pair of fused fingers that require minor surgery to be separated.
8. Perfect Warrior - Damaged nerve endings resulting in an inability or lessened ability to feel pain.
9. Ladies Week - Muscle cramps, lethargy, nausea, and mood swings. Can last up to seven days and varies in severity.
10. Narcolepsy - Just what it says on the box.
26. Insomnia - Pretty self explanatory, usually goes away after a week, or until the next Respawn.

Less Common Glitches (15%)
11. Tower of Babel - Able to speak in tongues or a language that the character would otherwise be unable to know. Effects can last up to 14 days. Only 1 to 3 languages, please.
12. Abruptly Phobic - Sudden intense fear of something the character had previously had no qualms about. Can range from simple ones like claustrophobia and nychtophobia to more bizarre ones like chronomentrophobia. Here's a list for reference.
13. Gone Schizo - Left/Right brain sever. Needs a secondary Respawn to fix or invasive surgery.
14. Personality Switch - Grumpy old codger? A few too many knocks has got that tossed on its head. Contact admin for approval.
15. Phantom Limbs - Feeling pain or sensation in an appendage one no longer has, or perception of an extra limb. Could also be used for limbs acting of their own accord.
24. Amnesiac: Self explanatory; available in short-term memory loss or inability to create new memories. More severe amnesia, such as loss of long term memory and personal identity, is a Rare glitch and should be specified to an Admin.
27. Night Terror - Subject is plagued at night by extremely vivid and frightening nightmares, which may or may not be related to the way they died. The character will often have trouble falling asleep, or will be reluctant to go to sleep, and any sleep they do get isn't very restful. Lack of sufficient rest and constant nightmares is damaging to a character's psychological state for obvious reasons. Usually goes away after a month or two (or until the next respawn), but will continue on if the character is put under enough stress.

Rare Glitches (10%) - All of these require at least a second Respawn to fix, and an admin should be notified of the specifics of the change to check suspension of disbelief.
16. Genderswap - Exactly what it says.
17. Loss of Senses - Abrupt loss of one of the primary senses; Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch, Hearing.
18. Fountain of Youth - Hey, look who's gained back their childhood! Character is now physically a younger person, minimum of 6 years. May also work in reverse.
19. Mutation - Something got mixed up in the wiring, and your character is taking the brunt of the blow. Can range from physical ailments and loss of limbs to low level non-human abilities.
20. Hybridization - Some sort of critter got into the mess here, and it stuck around. Level of hybridization varies. May also be used in reverse on hybrid characters.
21. Advanced Hybridization - Can only be used on an already hybrid character. Animal/non-human aspects of hybridization become dominant, can have monstrous results.
22. Body Swap - Well, it looks like you're going to be seeing through different eyes for a while. Requires two individuals dying and Respawning simultaneously or very close together, and may be cross faction. May also be used to swap animal aspects between hybrids.
23. Forced Gun Implant - A weapon (presumably one belonging to the character) has been melded onto the character's body. May or may not be controlled through nerves. Can be removed through secondary Respawn or varying levels of surgery.
25. Crippling Mental Deficit - The character abruptly loses the ability to perform a basic function, such as talk, walk or grab things. May also manifest as character being unable to think or communicate clearly. Severe cases may include brain death.
28. Trippin' Ballz - Hallucinations of varying severity and type, but will grow worse over time. 50/50 chance of immediate cure upon secondary Respawn, but may also be treated with therapy and medication.

Thread is open for suggestions, go for it. Please include percentages of rarity for ease of categorization.
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Re: Glitch Listing

Postby Henry Adams » Sun Jan 29, 2012 7:14 pm

I almost hate to get in on this, but I had a great idea. Limb Death: nerves are a delicate structure. Just a fraction of an inch off, and large portions of the body become useless. Legs, Arms, maybe even smaller sections like a portion of the shoulder, or just a few toes. 15% for whole limbs, 25% for small bits, 10% for larger portions (waist down, left side, etc.)
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