Respawn and You - How It Works

Wherein the rules of coming back to life and the occasional consequences of doing so are explained.

Respawn and You - How It Works

Postby Gerhard Melsbach » Sat Jan 28, 2012 10:49 pm

As the vast majority of us here on Swamp Rat know, the Respawn machines for both RED and BLU are, shall we say, run down.
In desperate need of repair and some TLC, these machines are currently running at the minimum of their capabilities (until a reasonably well trained Engineer has a chance to have a go at them) and they are even energy starved, since the main generators behind their function are in just as much need of repair and maintenance as the machines themselves.

What this means to you individuals who have kicked the bucket for whatever reason, is that you are in store for one hell of a long ride through limbo and may or may not end up coming out the other end with more than you bargained for, as there is a frightfully high possibility of there being a glitch in your Respawn.
These glitches most commonly manifest as simple nausea and maybe one hell of a migraine, but there can be, on an occasion, something a little... More.

The system shall work as thus-
Whenever a character is killed, a post must be made in the "Coming Back To Life" thread in the Respawn Mechanics forum linking to the post in which the character has died and the numbered listing of the glitch you as the writer would like this character to get.
The listing of glitches is ordered from highest chances to lowest chances, with the more minor glitches being a maximum of a 25% chance and the more major and possibly traumatizing glitches being a minimum of 10 to 15%.
Please note that the listing is in another thread here in the Mechanics and is open for suggestions.
The thread of the character Respawning is to be placed in the First Floor of whichever team they are part of, as the Respawn machines are technically in the basement in a structure separated from the main building.
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