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Since it's something that has been questioned multiple times before, here's the deal with Respawn when it's Ceasefire:

Respawn is continuously operational unless its data is being updated or is otherwise in need of maintenance, at which point all battle activity is halted and the mercenaries are given a "vacation period" away from base. This is good for keeping inter-team and Ceasefire disputes from causing the Companies to lose valuable (or not so valuable) employees.
However, Respawn is a very energy hungry system, and as such is only at full power during battles.
During Ceasefire and Set Up periods, the Respawn is in a low power state, much like a computer in hibernation, and as such takes a longer time to bring a dead person back to life and is prone to the occasional malfunction or glitch.

Most of the mercs are not aware of the low power status of Respawn, generally only the Medics and the Engineers are in the know, unless they chose to inform their fellows.

On Swamp Rat specifically, there are a few extra outside factors influencing the Respawn systems on base.

Firstly, there are radiation dumps scattered throughout the swamp, most of which are functionally harmless and have been buried far enough under ground that they are unable to cause any major problems, but there are larger deposits around, some of which are very close by the bases. The very largest ones are locked up in lead lined bunkers underneath the warehouses, as an attempt to use the radiation to back up the generators. Needless to say, it didn't work so well.
This radiation causes random surges of energy, and can alter data streams, causing a +10% for all glitches until the rads are properly contained and disposed of.

Secondly, the Respawn systems for both RED and BLU are OLD. They've been sitting around in a nasty swampy environment for a number of years with little to no maintenance, and they also happen to be underground, where it's even less good for machinery. RED's Respawn has been flooded at least twice, and is in dire need of repair, while BLU's had started growing things.
The Companies came in and cleaned things up some, but neither set of machines is working at full capacity, at 60% capacity at most, and will need a lot of work to be fixed properly.

-Chart of Progress-
BLU: Henry Adams
[] Fix generators
[] Remove plant life
[] Reinstall basic software
[] Fix roof support

RED: Kurt Clayton
[] Fix/Refuel generators
[] Install floor pump and drain
[] Completely rewire pods 2 and 6
[] Update basic software
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