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BLU - Adrian Langer, Demoman

Postby Penultimate Pi » Sat Mar 03, 2012 4:35 pm

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Name: Adrian "A-Bomb" Langer
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: August 12, 19XX
Team: BLU
Class: DemoMan

Nationality: [REDACTED], USA
Ethnicity: Black-American
Languages: English, Slang

Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Gray
Height: 5' 10''
Weight: 156 lbs.
Image: None as of yet.

Current Status: Active/Alive

This man, an explosives expert with a just as explosive attitude, is the perfect suiting for a Demoman. Adrian is a buffed-up, gang-raised bombshell with a sense for danger as high caliber as his grenades and a chilling joke-around attitude. Growing up in the slums of [REDACTED], he was raised to praise the gangly might of dangerous destructive teamwork one his talents were unraveled, but eventually forced out into the bigger world in search of his true calling. A few drug addictions and and depressions later, he found it in the Builder's League United, blasting hell upon the opposing Reliable Excavation Demolitions. Surely, Adrian thought, no gang or team in the world should come to outmatch his skill of explosives!

Personality: Despite his rather apparent love for danger and combat, Adrian is actually a calm, sensible and friendly man when one gets to know him. His tendency of taking a direct approach may not always be the best, but Adrian can accept that. He's an adjustable guy, very friendly to those he has to work with, and all the while a rough-and-tumble demolitions expert. Really a great ally to have, you can be sure Adrian will watch your back.

Although he has no offense to BLU's common Demoman gear, Adrian prefers to wear something more suited to his gang-like past. In and out of battle, he wears a vest with launcher grenades strapped to it in the stck Demoman fashion, but usually with the vest unzipped to reveal his favored blue long-sleeve shirt, complete with his gangsign. In addition, he'll wear multi-pocketed dark pants with standard blast-proof Demoman boots. For more battle-like purposes, Adrian can be seen equipped with jet-black kneepads and matching fingerless gloves. He'll commonly wear a black cloth beanie, but with it off you can see a set of small dreadlocks leading to slim sideburns.

Adrian does wear some jewelry- a pair of gold-colored rings and matching necklace with his gangsigns on them- but not often to battle. His gang sign in question is a funky A taking up an atom-bomb grey space: a tribute to Adrian's adopted nickname.

Sexuality: Neutral; not at all expressed his preferences. Hinted to be homosexual.

- Strong: In body, mostly, as he works out a lot to keep himself in good shape.
- Level-headed: Adrian ain't weak, but he ain't too prideful, neither. He's knows just what he should deserve.
- Reliant/Responsible: Despite his ways, he'll be pretty helpful. You can ask him to do something and it's done pretty darn quick.
- Sympathetic: He knows your pain, dude. No need to hide it.
- Loyal: He'll stick to your ass like glue from hell. You're in trouble, boom, not anymore.

- Show-off: Not too much, but enough.
- Addiction: Rather controlled actually. A rare shot, a smoke every once in a while, a swig o' alcohol every now and again. Not enough to crush him, but it does give a slight negative twist to his life, even though it's not readily apparent.
- Reckless: When you've got the knowledge of most every type of explosive accessible, who isn't?
- Slang: A habit he's tried to break, Adiran is used to talking the almost foreign slang of his gang. It's the most apparent in extreme situations (of pain, surprise, anger, etc.)

History: Rather expect-able of his kind, Adrian never really knew his parents well, if at all. He was raised by the familiar, mixed-age/race gang known as the Blasters. It turned out to be rather appropriate when Adrian figured out his talent, especially after he blew up the school bathrooms. Nicknamed to the A-Bomb, he turned into one of the greatest influences to the Blasters, managing to outwit and out-power most any other gang in the suburban slums.

Finally, though, it was time to leave for better things. Bidding his "homies" farewell and taking what mementos he could of them, Adrian went out into the real city in search of a good living. He developed on studies of the elements if effort to pursue science, but it all eventually traced back to explosives, and the Blasters. Dropping late out of high school, he ended up slinking into a depression, addicting himself on various drugs. After a rehabilitation session (in which he broke out of one dependence by gaining addiction to a different drug) he finally resorted to searching army efforts. An agent of Builder's League United seized this chance, inviting Adrian into the war between RED and BLU; a territorial gang war of sorts that the demolitions pro felt perfectly at home in.

Fighting recklessly in his first assignment, Adrian eventually learned the true importance of organized teamwork in comparison to his gang's wild all-man efforts. Unfortunately, he was already reassigned to the less friendly and aptly-named base of Swamp Rat. But Adrian's an adjustable man; he get in the swing of it soon enough. That is, if the creepy crawlies he never believed in don't get to him first...

Primary: Stock, 4-chamber Grenade Launcher
Secondary: Scottish Resistance
Melee: Pain Train

First Person Sample:
Oi. Ain't this a damn fine situa'sh? Stuck between a rock and a bulky-ass fatman with a gun bigga' than I am? Wouldn't matter too much, if I hadn't already used both halves of my bombs just gettin' here and bustin' up th' field. But hold up: I still had a few more stickies in my launcher, don't I? Best time to use 'em than ever. Launcher behind m' back, I popped a few of 'em into the ground, and hit the fuse trigger. Pullin' out my nailstick, I threw myself forward, the bombs blastin' me faster than that Heavy could rev his gun, and I smashed 'im right 'tween the eyes with the nail.

Third Person Sample:
Having just sticky-jumped into a Heavy and cracking though his brains with a Pain Train, Adrian wasn't really feeling up to the task of jogging back to his side of the battlefield. Maybe with a couple more stickybombs, sure, but he'd been a tad too eager with those. Not something to do in the future, he told himself.
"YO, heads up!"
Ah, crap. Another Scout, trying to bat a ball into Adrian's skull. Fortunately, the kid aimed as fast as he ran, and the ball missed it's mark by a wide margin. Quickly kneeling over to pluck a couple of spare pipebombs from a shot-down Demoman, Adrian seized his chance, slamming a grenade into a chamber and firing it backwards. One luckily direct hit later, and the Scout was reduced to giblets in a blast of shrapnel and fire.
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Re: BLU - Adrian Langer, Demoman

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Approved, my good man!
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