BLU- SGT Sykes Abernathy [Reapplying]

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BLU- SGT Sykes Abernathy [Reapplying]

Postby SGT Sykes Abernathy » Tue Jul 17, 2012 3:31 am


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Name: Sykes L. Abernathy
Age: Twenty-Eight
Date of Birth: July fifth
Team Favorite Color: BLU, OF COURSE
Class: Soldier --Special. Sollywolf
Gender: A MAN

Primary: Liberty Launcher
Secondary: Reserve Shooter
Melee: Frying Pan

Personality: Typical Soldier. A stubborn man with good intentions on leading his team to victory. Or scaring the crap out of his enemies. Rough on the outside, thinks yelling will make him intimidating and keep people at a reasonable distance. (so far, it's working due to people wanting to keep their eardrums intact) But like every person, he has a side he doesn't show much often. . . But to explain that is complicated. Extremely complicated. And being at a stand-still is not something he can handle.


+ WILLPOWER___ To the point of being plain stubborn, this Soldier will not abandon a cause he deems worthy; Will hold his tongue in the face of interrogation so don't bother / Can be held accountable for keeping secrets...if they're worthy / Will not stop fighting against the enemy until ordered otherwise.

+ PERSEVERANCE ___ Like the mailman motto: "Come rain, snow, sleet, or hail..." He will not stop no matter the obstacle.

+ STRENGTH ___ This Soldier is an anchor on a battlefield of turmoil and a charging lion in the front lines. Doubting yourself? Orders are what keep men in line. Falling behind? He will pick you up if he has to. Losing the war? "I DON'T THINK SO!" Under duress or uphill situations, his hidden prowess seems to scratch the surface, making him frighteningly deadly with just his bare hands. At his highest capacity, you just might not want to be near him.

- EMOTIONS ___ Will often visit the Medic when he falls into doubt. Will push through a round of PT to forget compromising words. And punch a Spy who tries to meddle with his thoughts. If he becomes erratically confused, he will use anger as his only means of an outlet.

- SOCIAL INTERACTION ____ War is war. Fighting for survival, killing people, screaming obscenities. Art in motion. A get-together in civvies is not art. It's not even note-worthy. He deems pleasantries and down time a waste of time, thus never really learning how to interact with people without offending them.

- Schizophrenia ___ Thanks to an accident that occurred in his past, his mental state is held in question. However, because he is yelling most of the time, people never guess that he has an illness. It's not something he shares with others.

History: Born under Sykes Sr. Abernathy and Tabitha Abernathy. Lived in the country side of Springview, Nebraska. Home schooled as a child for twelve years so he never made many friends. Takes after his Father, a prime example of American Heroism who's occupation was a Soldier. Wanting to surpass the man and impress him, he enlists for the Marines and falls into bootcamp at the age of 17. It's a torturous three months that he barely survives. After training they welcome him into the USMC.

During his time in the Marines he is coupled with a team, one that falls under a Commander by the name of Jessie Higgins, a female officer. There was a lot of talk about her leading the squad and how her being a female would affect the team. Little to say, no one was pleased, especially Sykes. However with months of training and military tactic runs, she proved herself worthy of the title time after time. The men in their force soon forgot about the problem. Sykes couldn't seem to forget, especially during down time in the brake rooms. It was just so obvious that she wasn't one of them, and his competitive nature clashed with her tom-boy attitude. They were rivals but he was forced to follow her orders. Things turned dark when their team was sent as back up for a surrounded group in Bosnia. An argument arose when half their team was caught, and Sykes had disobeyed command. There were no official records of what exactly happened that week, but only seven out of the fifteen made it out, Sykes included. Jessie was not among them. Whatever story they told to the men in office ended up having Sykes Abernathy taking control of the remainder of his squad. It seemed only he knew what actually happened but was never willing to tell the truth.

Sykes Abernathy is with them for ten years before he's injured in a field run. A blow to the head from surviving a landmine crash-course gives him a concussion and a fractured skull. The injury was temporary however left his mental state in question. Unable to risk it, Sykes was honorably discharged from the forces. He didn't take it as honorably. He took it as failure. Months following left him restless, jumping from emotions of depression to aggression to denial, Sykes sums up that the US MARINES couldn't handle his talent and was afraid he would show them up. He tries to enlist in the Navy. DENIED. The Army. REJECTED. The Air Force. NON-APPLICABLE. He's falling on low hopes when he sends in his paperwork for 'Special Forces' and doesn't put much faith in it. Imagine his surprise when he gets an acceptance letter back. Packing his gear, he makes it his mission to do everything possible to show that he has what it takes and not take this offer for granted. this Builders League United would not be disappointed in their choice, he'd make sure of it.

But before he's shipped out to the base of operations, he is driven to central center of HQ. Or so that's what they tell him. He's instantly bombarded with paperwork that he must fill out including all the drab things like: NAME, AGE, DOB, HEIGHT and WEIGHT, HAIR and EYE COLOR, etc. After a brief period of waiting they tell him that the Class he was most suited for was SOLDIER. Obviously. His team was then assigned along with his uniform that had the symbol of his class already sewn upon it. It being a bomb made it almost laughable at the irony. After physical exams and a quick mental test to see if he was stable, they had asked him to step into a white room with minimum attire. Standing on a platform in a tank top and boxers, he simply dismissed the ray of light to be another physical check up. An X-Ray of sorts. What he didn't know was that he was being scanned to be entered into the respawn data system. Done. He passed with flying colors, or so the sarcastic voice over the speaker had told him, and directed him to the exit where he would find his ride to the base he would be stationed at.

What no one else knows is that the ANNOUNCER had taken time to look at the Roster list of each team. And unfortunately AT THAT TIME, the BLUs were looking a little... Frail. Bunch of Ninnies. To make things interesting, she selected a target from the BLU team who's files haven't been tampered with yet and logged in under their respawn code. Punching a few holes in the proverbial DNA and pasting other things into it, she had created a ticking time bomb. One that would go off after the first respawn incident.

He had arrived at Swamprat with the first arrivals and had survived a healthy two weeks before getting lost. It had been an accident during a field test but after many back-tracks, circles, and falls, Sykes had lost himself within the swamp. His luck comes into question however when he discovers a testing facility. Nothing is known from that point but only that Sykes is back, but with no memory of the last few months he's been missing. He doesn't even know that he's been presumed dead, a victim of the swamp.

Nationality: Valentine, Nebraska
Ethnicity: FULL BLOODED AMERICAN. A dab of German from his Mother that he ignores.

Hair Color: Brown. Army cut short
Eye Color: Amber. Brown in darkness, Rusted Gold in light
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 150 lbs

Stands rather short compared to the other men on his team but has an ego that covers it up. Though you look down at him, you may feel like you're just a small speck of dust as he yells at you. His body is sturdy, muscular, with only few scars to show that hasn't lived up to his potential-or is a secret coward. The only scars noticeable on first sight would be the cross hatch of scar tissue on the right side of his head and half a missing ear from where he suffered his accident years ago. But this is hidden under his helmet. The one people can see is the vertical line that cuts through the corner of his lip. The Marines Anchor is tattooed to his right bicep. His uniform consists of Steeled toe Gunner boots, uniform pants and coat, belt, undershirt, dogtags, grenade belt, shotgun holster, and a helmet with Antlers tied to them. Carries a flask under his coat and a folded up piece of paper in his helmet.

After the first RESPAWN his skin will tear and the hair on his body thicken till it can be confused with fur. His pearly whites with turn jagged and large, sharp enough to slice flesh like butter. His nose will broaden and grow flat against his face and fingers curl inwards into claws. His ears will sharpen and his senses will be heightened. Once honey eyes will sink into a sharp gold surrounded by black. On the downside, his height will not have changed, making this almost comical to look at. Just don't laugh in his face. This change was pre-programmed to happen with no good chance of reversing it unless someone from higher authority removes it.

First Person Sample:

"YOU CALL THOSE PUSH-UPS, SUSIE? IF I WANTED A TEAM OF FIVE YEAR OLD GIRLS, I WOULD HAVE SIGNED UP TO BE A TEACHER! NOW, GET BACK DOWN ON YOUR FINGERS AND TOES LIKE A MAN!" Man, it felt great to yell again. All those of being locked away in some rural apartment had got me thinking that I was getting the hand of normal life. But there was nothing normal outside of War. I grinned maliciously, feeling one side slip higher than the other as the row of men tried desperately to keep up with my 'ONE, TWO! ONE, TWO!' pace, arms shaking under their weight as they put all their weight into their fingertips and the points of their shoes.

"S-Sirrrr... Not even a military man can... Do these kinds of push ups? Can't we ... just do the normal kind?"

Honestly, that type of push-up took time to adjust to. Took me a few weeks to get it down without landing face-first in the dirt. I was actually a bit impressed they lasted this long. Of course, they didn't need to know that. 'Alright. Inhale and...'


"God, YES!"

"WELL TOO BAD! PRIVATES FUNNYFACE, LARDASS, AND TWINKLETOES HAVE ALREADY TAKEN UP ENOUGH SPACE ON THE TRACK. NOSE IN THE DIRT, MAGGOT!" I couldn't hold in my smile as the weaker man struggled but continued to do as I ordered. I had to pace just to keep my glee from showing and as I did so, a single thought popped into my mind. 'Sometimes I enjoyed my job too much.'

Third Person Sample:

Wood splintered into shards, raining pain down on the dirt ground as bullets seemed to attack the wall ferociously, each one clawing deeper and deeper till a hole was shot through. Sykes grunted from his seat, feeling the spray of wood bounce off of his helmet. Damn Snipers. He must have pissed this one off too by the way the man was firing at him, and ONLY him so rapidly. If this kept up the yellow-bellied crow would finally find out where he was hiding and get a shot in. "Over my dead and lifeless carcass," the soldier grit out, knuckles turning an ashy white as he gripped his rocket launcher tightly. He was out of ammo, out of rockets. But the heavy weapon would still have it's uses. A shield until he found what he needed, a battering ram to get in, and then a club to bludgeon that Aussie sonofabitch to the afterlife. Plan set to mind, he hefted himself up to his feet, crouched low as he waited for that tell-tale pause in gunfire when the huntsman needed to reload.


SGT Sykes Abernathy

Re: BLU- SGT Sykes Abernathy [Reapplying]

Postby Gerhard Melsbach » Tue Jul 17, 2012 12:41 pm

Welcome back, Soldier!
Be sure to put up a new Arrival thread in the Docks, since you've been gone an awful long time.
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