Arrival (Gerhard, Vincens, Fritz)

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Arrival (Gerhard, Vincens, Fritz)

Postby Gerhard Melsbach » Sat Sep 10, 2011 3:22 pm

Well, this looked far from promising.
Gerhard frowned, gloved fingers twitching on the handle of his small suitcase as he looked around the place that was to be his new home. It was dilapidated, stank like a wet dog, and the water was murky enough to make him wonder if the stories of those Irish (Scottish?) water horses were true.
At least he wouldn't have to worry about drying out...
Heaving a weary sigh, the Medic disembarked from the tiny skiff that had carried him here, idly waving farewell to the grungy little man operating the skiff's clunky old motor as he carefully made his way up the long dock towards the buildings he could see on shore, making a mental note to ask after any Engineers to see if he could get some supplies to fix the rotting wood.

Vincens had been keeping an eye out for others who would be on his "team," simply curious of what he'd be putting up with. He had been silently ducking in and out, slinking around the area in efforts to avoid, but watch. The Spy really didn't enjoy meeting and getting to know somebody through conversation-- no, he'd much rather observe and draw conclusions that way. Not to toot his own horn, but the young man liked to believe he was quite talented with being able to read people.
Making his walking rounds, Vin usually started by heading towards the docks, in slight hopes to spot a fellow team member. Usually, there was nothing or, nobody, rather, to see. However this time was different. There actually was somebody. Huh. Giving a silent sound of curiosity, he quirked a brow. Soon, the Frenchman's first priority was set back to see but not be seen. Cloak kept ready just in case, Vincens ducked around, aiming to sneak closer and get an eyeful of who was hopefully assigned to the same team as he.

Concentrating on keeping himself from slipping off the dock (and revealing his disguise for what it was), the Medic was barely three feet from where the dock connected to land when he realized there was someone else nearby. He stiffened, straightening to look around as his nostrils flared, his hidden tentacles twisting over themselves and gripping at the wooden dock beneath him.
There was definitely another person close by, but where?
"Come out vhere I can see you! Zhere ist no battle, freund or foe, I vill nicht harm you."
Unless they attempted to harm him first.

Well, it was a good thing he wasn't trying his hardest to stay hidden (seeing as they would be on his team and there was no need to do so), otherwise his ego would be rather wounded right now. A Medic (from the looks of it), picking out that he was nearby? That would be embarassing. Increasingly so. Especially since what probably gave the Spy away was when he oh so gracefully slipping on a stray rock on the damnable formation he had climbed up onto. His brother had always made sure to remind him he was careless when he got cocky-- and it was true, to his dismay. The Frenchman's downfall was surely going to be a mistake made by being overly sure of himself, he knew it.
He made a mental note to give the surrounding area an once-over later, cursing mentally. Oh well, one surely couldn't trust the enviroment here anyway, so he reassured himself there surely would be many accidents caused by the shithole they had been basically trapped in. Slipping and nearly busting his ass, which resulted in giving his location away to a teammate was hardly something that would cost him his life. A simple mistake. One that wouldn't be repeated, for sure.
Vincens snorted heavily through his nostrils, side-stepping, then leaping down from the tratior of a rock formation. "Friend, I am 'oping." Skeptical, he allowed his eyes to roam over the other, curious of the man, questions arising already. He strode a bit closer out of courtesy, finding it not very "polite" that he had a full view of the fellow team member while said teammate could barely even make out what he was.

Shoulders jerking in startlement at the sound of rocks shifting about (hell, he hadn't even seen any rocks), Gerhard found himself frowning even more than usual when the Spy came out of hiding, fighting to calm himself down again before he did something stupid (like reveal himself). Damn Spies...
The doctor (close enough) straightened, idly reaching up to adjust his glasses as he moved to get himself off the dock, mentally thanking the technology that allowed him to create the illusion of walking as he 'stepped' up beside his fellow BLU.
"Zhat remains to be seen, but teammates ve are at least. I trust you are new here as vell?"
At least, judging from how clean the man was. This swampy mess did not look like the kind of place that allowed clothing to stay neat for very long, which he knew would become extremely annoying on the field.

There was a slightly hidden smirk at the other man's reaction-- at least he had managed to startle him, even if he was discovered. Vincens quietly noted the other seemed to try to settle himself back down. Eyes flashing over the Medic quickly, he tried reading what he could, as fast as he could. Hrm...
The Spy held his chin high, eyes finally staying on his teammate's face. This was done simply out of courtesy, once more. He may have hated dealing with other people, but when he did, he tried to make it as brief and as pleasant as possible. The longer the conversation or meeting, the worse he got. So, he needed to start off nice, otherwise there wouldn't be much of anything to dwindle down into.
"Hm." Only a contemplative sound to the first sentence; he didn't see it fit to continue on that. But, for conversational sake, he picked up on the last bit, "Oui, I am. Not az new, but new enough."
Eyes narrowing, he kept his questions to himself, not really wishing to talk more than needed. Vin was the sort to simply reply to what was asked of him and nothing more, unless direly important. Right now, none of the arising questions were considered "important enough." Besides, they'd probably be answered in due time. He was patient.

A curiously quirked brow, and the Medic let the somewhat odd answer slide with an idle shrug.
Spies. Who knew.
"Mmm, gute. I trust you have investigated zhe surroundings, considering your class, so answer me zhis: Vhere in Gott's name ist zhe kitchen?"
Three days less-than-pleasant traveling on first a truck, then a train, then another train, then a van, and then a junky little boat, and anybody would be hungry.

Breath level, Vincens eyed the other once more. Odd, didn't people usually busy themselves with names, handshakes, and "nice to meet you"s by now? Oh well, he certainly wasn't complaining. This was much nicer.
There was an short, inward laugh at the comment. Of course he had investigated the surroundings-- Spy or not, wouldn't you do so? Though, he had done more of this outside than inside, but that didn't mean he had no clue where things were. The Spy had a pretty collective idea of the interior of the place, things being filed away neatly until called upon. He had spent a lot of his waking hours just checking out the whole area. There wasn't a lot other he found worthy to busy himself with, really.
Finally, he answered, "A'zuming jou'd like me zo show jou, ra'zher zhan tell jou, follow me." And with a quick spin on his heel, he started off towards their destination.

Oh thank goodness, this Spy actually /did/ know his way around.
Falling in step with the Frenchman, Gerhard simply allowed his fellow BLU to lead the way, idly glancing about at the surroundings. Good Lord, he better be getting a metric ton of antiseptic and antibiotics, this place was a breeding ground for far too many diseases.
"Are zhere any ozzers of our team about? Zhis place seems razzer quiet..."
No screaming Scouts, no slurred yelling from inebriated Scotsmen, no explosions... From what he'd heard from the other Medics back in the facility, such things were supposed to be something of the norm.

Remaining mostly quiet, the shorter of the two kept up a rather fast speed, seeming almost as if he was eager to rid of his tail soon. This was half true-- Vin would rather get this finished quickly and move onto other tasks, but he really didn't mind showing a fellow team member his way. Especially since he wasn't asking for a full-blown tour; merely the way to the kitchen. Plus, he was slightly hungry himself, anyway. He had skipped out on breakfast (again) in favor of "exploring," and his self-made schedule didn't leave much room to feed himself at any other time. This was probably why the Spy looked nearly emanciated-- leaving himself no time to eat.
Mind pulling from his thoughts, Vincens tossed a quick look over his shoulder towards the man at the question. A shrug was his temporary answer. Though, he figured that was rather dismissive, and continued, "I 'ave 'eard of ozhers joining us. Zhough, I 'ave not seen zhem."
A few steps later, and he sighed. This too was probably too brief of an answer for the one behind him. He continued once more, "And zhere'z zhe fact we 'ave a ceazefire." There. Hopefully his tail would be sated with this.

"Ah. Zhat makes sense."
At the very least, it meant a little longer without scream-induced headaches. Honestly, he'd had enough of those to last him several lifetimes, and he didn't know where the Infirmary was just yet.
Upon entering the kitchen, the Medic took a quick glance around, his faint frown deepening at the spotted counters and dingy refrigerator, but it smelled faintly like lemons, so someone had obviously cleaned recently. How kind of them.
Setting his small suitcase upon one counter, Gerhard began to poke through the cabinets, taking stock of their supply situation, voicing a soft murmur of approval upon seeing multiple stacks of clean white diningware and a good stock of dry goods. Well, that was certainly a pleasant surprise.
The doctor retrieved a box of supposedly instant rice, frowning thoughtfully as he read the cooking instructions printed on the back.
"Vould you care for somezhing to eat as vell, Herr...?"

There was a small nod provided after the Medic's reply; good, his answer must have been helpful or something of the sort.
Once they reached their destination, Vincens side-stepped out of the way, leaning against the counters idly. He'd stand off to the side and allow the other time to explore the room some, straying behind for the sole reason of helping if his assistance was required.
The Spy watched the other man with slight interest, eyes only being pulled away when it came time to retrieve his disguise kit. With one quick, practiced movement, the sought after item was soon in his palm. Gloved fingers soon placed a cigarette between the younger man's tight line of lips, a lighter following the same path, lighting it. Pocketing both items, pale eyes soon fell back onto the taller of the two. He almost wondered if smoke would bother his "company," only to brush that thought away-- if so, he was positioned far off enough for it to not really get to the other.
It was almost funny watching the older man dance around the kitchen, obviously taking note of what was there, keeping track of things-- mental notes of the supply and what was there to offer.
Although, he was a bit surprised when the other offered him food. Pinching the end of the cancerous stick, he pulled it away from his mouth to speak. "Vincens," he offered when the doctor trailed off, guessing that was what he was wanting. "And, if jou would not mind." Well, seemed eating would be taken care off. Hm.

"Mmm, Gerhard. Und, nein, I do not mind. It vould be vasteful to cook only for meinself."
Rice in hand, the Medic picked through a few cans until he found what he wanted, setting both by the stove before he went to find a pot.
While he certainly wasn't the best cook, he'd learned a few things while in college, and he knew at least how to make something quick and simple and usually pretty tasty.
"Ah, are you vegetarian?"
Better to be safe than sorry...

Gerhard. All right, now they had each others names. Although, he highly doubted others of his team would wait this long to exchange names. Or, maybe they would. He couldn't be too sure what the others being sent here would be like.
Vin made sure to keep a bit of distance, busying himself with his cigarette once more. He'd merely get in the way or be a nuisence if he'd get closer, right? The Spy would step in if the other showed he needed it-- or, if he asked.
It was quite pleasant to be cooked for (although, only when he chose to have it done), Vincens noted quietly to himself. He usually (read as: always) had to find food for himself or find time to even make something. When his mother had been around, she would always make sure that the family was fed before she would settle down for the day. Ah, just thinking about her brought familiar scents-- like what the house would smell of when she made his favorite: Pot au Feu. A faint smile was brought to his face as he remembered other dishes he was quite fond of, things like Baeckeoffe, or even the more simple, rabbit stew.
Once again caught in his ever-present thoughts, he blinked back to the present when the other spoke up. Right, what had he been asking?
There was a short, quiet laugh at the Medic's concern once the younger realized what had been questioned. "Non, do not worry about zhat." His laugh was more of surprise, than actually finding it humorous. But, it was nice to know the other made an attempt to mind his choices.

The doctor's lips twitched vaguely upwards in a momentary smile at the Frenchman's good humor, though the expression was quick to vanish as he focused on the task of cooking, digging through the drawers until he came up with a can opener and a knife.
"Sehr gute, I von't have to make exceptions zhen. Zhere vere onions und mushrooms in zhe refrigerator, make deinself useful und chop zhem, bitte."
He slid a cutting board across the counter, the plain chef's knife laid upon the scarred wood, and returned his attention to opening the can of beef broth he'd found, pouring it in over a measure of rice.
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Re: Arrival (Gerhard, Vincens, Fritz) <Archive>

Postby Gerhard Melsbach » Sat Sep 10, 2011 3:25 pm

He was glad he had a vague knowledge of some of the more simple words of other languages, things such as hello, goodbye, thank you, please, sorry, and a common phrase or two, like "where's the restroom?". Things to get you by if ever needed. Although, luckily, a lot of it was common sense, if heard in a sentence that mixed languages-- like how the Medic was doing.
A brow was arched when he was called upon to help, figuring it for the better to do so. The man was making him food, so it would be rather stupid to go against the order. Sighing under his breath, he gazed down to the sink, having used it as a temporary ashtray. Stubbing out his cigarette, he washed down the ashes, eyes traveling around for a trash can. Spotting one, he tossed the butt, then moved for the fridge. All right, let's get this over with.
Vincens fetched the two ingredients asked for, eying the contents for a moment. Once finished, he closed the door to the refrigerator with his hip, hands full. He headed for the sink once again, quickly washing off a few mushrooms and an onion-- just in case. Soon enough, he deemed them clean enough for his liking. Trotting over to the counter where the cutting board had stopped, he sat the items down on the wooden surface. The younger of the two then went about busying himself with the knife, something that was no stranger to him.

The Medic idly glanced over his shoulder, watching the Spy move about and giving a faint nod of approval when the man made no protest and simply did as he was told. How nice, a Spy who wasn't a pretentious, selfish twit.
Leaving the rice to cook, Gerhard poked around the cabinets a bit more, digging out a few basic spices and humming appreciatively over a bottle of wine he found shoved away behind a few boxes of powdered milk before setting it aside on the counter alongside a small bottle of olive oil.
"Huh, whoever stocked zhese shelves certainly had gute taste..."

Sighing softly, the onion was the first thing he dealt with. Not wanting to take longer than needed, he made quick work of chopping it up and moving onto the mushrooms. Moving along, he took care of those, finishing up not too long after. He cast a bored look over his shoulder, curious of when the other wanted these. The Spy watched him for a moment-- seems the taller was back to checking out what supplies they had while he waited on the rice. Hm.
He slid the knife into the sink to clean it later, looking back to the cutting board. Picking it up carefully, he trotted over near the pot of rice, glancing to the Medic once more. "Shall I juz zit zhis here?" Vincens motioned it to the counter near the stove, about to do so anyway. It was more to catch his attention and let him know the younger had finished the task wanted of him.

"Mmm? Oh, ja, dankeschon..."
Gerhard frowned, brow furrowing upon glimpsing something in the back of a cabinet that didn't look like the boxes and cans of food. Crouching, the doctor moved to investigate, pushing aside food items and squinting to maybe see a little better. Something glinted, followed by a sharp scrabbling sound, and the Medic lurched up with a startled hiss as a skinny rat attempted to escape the enclosed space of the cabinet.
There was a blur of blue, a wet smack and a sharp snapping sound, and the large rodent lay dead on the floor at the doctor's feet, its neck broken.
Gerhard voiced a low growl before he caught himself, straightening and tugging at his coat as he huffed irritably through his nose.
"Verdammt ratte..."

Giving a silent nod, the Spy sat down the scarred board. Now that he was done with that, he busied himself with watching the other, curious of the man's findings. Leaning against the counter, he moved to get his disguise kit. The smoke didn't seem to bother his "company" earlier, so he didn't figure it would hurt any.
However, Vin stilled in his actions at what he saw (or thought he saw, at least) next. What... was that? Brows furrowed, he slowly looked to the doctor's face, then back down to the now dead rat.
Motioning with his kit down to the animal, he took a moment before finally, "...What waz zhat?" Hopefully the other would know that he meant the blue thing, rather than the dead rat. Of course he knew what the rat was.

The Medic stiffened, his shoulders tense as he lifted a hand to adjust his glasses.
"Nozhing of consequence. Open zhat vindow, bitte, zhis vermin needs to be disposed of."
He crouched to retrieve the dead rodent, willing his hidden tentacles to calm their agitated squirming before one could break through the illusion of pants and boots. He daren't think for a moment that the Spy wouldn't ask for clarification, but a man could hope, right?
Things had started off so well, he didn't want to ruin things with a reveal of his less than human physiology.

Vincens didn't move to do as told, instead he stood there, brows knit. Usually, he'd jump to do what was commanded, just because it was so much easier to do than to argue. But, he would, however, be stubborn and go against orders if he could use it as a bit of a bargaining item.
"Nozhing of conzequence?" He questioned, tone tight. "First, I want to know what zhat waz."
Standing still, he nearly stared the other down. Of course, the doctor could just go open the window and take care of it himself, but that would mark the end of Vin's help.
Curosity was a horrible trait that ran deep in the Spy, and he would go until it was sated. Mutiple times, it had gotten him in a bit of trouble. And one other time, it had given him the scar across his face.

So much for passing it off.
Gerhard sighed, rising upright with the little dead thing held pinched between the fingers of one hand, and looked to the Spy with a less-than-pleased look, though his tense posture and a twitch in his left eye gave away his agitation.
"I vould prefer nicht to talk about it, bitte. But if you must know... Can it vait until after zhis nasty zhing is outside und avay from zhe food?"
Oh yeah, really good stalling tactic...

Giving a bit of a dismissive snort at the other's reaction to his pushing, Vin stared at the other for a few moments before finally nodding, agreeing to waiting. Fine. But he would push until he got his answer, he hoped the doctor knew.
The Spy sighed softly, ignoring the other's plainly obvious agitation. He supposed it would be best if he went through with earlier orders, and trotted over to the window. Opening it slowly, he then slinked back to his earlier position at the sink. He would get another nicotine fix while waiting for further orders to help with the food. It couldn't be that much longer, right?

The Medic was quick about tossing the vermin away, hucking the little corpse as far as he could before moving to the sink to wash his hands, scrubbing the gloves he wore as if they were skin that had been soiled instead of latex. He betrayed his apprehension as he dried his hands, fingers twitching in a nervous tremor before he gripped at the terry cloth in an attempt to stop the trembling, lips pressed into a thin line as his brow furrowed.
Finally, he sighed, reaching into his coat pocket to retrieve what looked like a normal pocketwatch, if slightly bulky.
"If you scream, I am smacking you."
A quiet click and the familiar fizzling whoosh of a dropped disguise.

While the doctor took care of the dead rat, he busied himself with the task of getting his kit back out, having pocketed it at some point after the "excitement" of the kill. Eyes lidded, he summoned his lighter as soon as the cigarette had been placed between his lips. It was like clockwork, smoking was. He had done it so much, he rarely ever had to think about doing so. Disguise kit pocketed, as well as the old lighter (he probably needed to get a new one soon...), his pale eyes ran over to the older man.
Ah, seemed he was going to explain himself now? Head lifting some, he watched curiously, simply nodding at the threat. Screaming? Highly out of character for himself, so there was no worry.
Although, that didn't mean he wouldn't be surprised or something of the sorts when he noticed a mimicked sound, as well as the bit of "smoke" fading away (the Medic had a disguise kit as well?). And it certainly didn't mean he wouldn't be almost startled at what was left behind.
It could be safely said Vincens did not expect the mess of blue in front of him the slightest. Caught off guard completely, he knit his brows, not too sure how to react.
However, if one thing, he was not disgusted or anything along the lines of that. No, he was quite curious-- curious of how he got like this, curious of why he hid this, curious of how he hid this, and several other things were popping up rather quickly.
Pulling the cigarette from his mouth, he tried for words, "Not by choize, oui?" He wasn't too sure what to say, but maybe he could get the other to explain. Then he wouldn't have to drown the other in questions.

That was certainly better than expected.
The doctor felt a bit of the tension leave his shoulders, though his tentacles still twisted around one another. Just because the Spy was calm and collected on the surface didn't mean he wasn't having a panic attack internally.
"Nein, nicht by choice. I vas attacked by ein madman who knocked mir unconscious und had his vay vizh mir. I voke aftervards breazhing under wasser und in great pain."
Brow furrowing, he suppressed a shudder and reached for that pocketwatch, the illusion of humanity returning with the same sounds and motions as when it had left.

The cancerous stick was placed back between his lips while he waited for an answer, needing a bit of a distraction. If he didn't know better, he'd let his curiosity take over. But, he didn't want to pelt the other in questions as a child would do. The older obviously wasn't too content with what his lower half had become, so he thought it was best not to ask more than addressed.

Vin snorted a short breath of smoke out at the reply he got, scowling lightly. He wasn't one for comforting, and knew it, so he thought it was for the better not to start now. Though, he should say something, right? "Désolé," he muttered quietly, cigarette being moved to hover over the sink. Flicking it, he watched idly as the dying ashes dropped into the temporary 'tray.

Figuring the other would enjoy the topic change, he gazed over to the pot of rice. Hopefully it was still fine. "Should we continue cooking?"

Thank God for perceptive Spies.
Gerhard quickly returned to the task at hand, stirring the now bubbling pot of rice a couple times before dumping in the chopped onions and mushrooms. He would have liked to add some meat to give it some more substance, but all that was on hand were large frozen packages of some kind of mystery meat he really didn't want to have to bother with defrosting.
For a moment, he eyed the wine he had found, wondering how fast he could down the whole bottle and wipe this experience from his mind, only to shove the notion aside. Getting drunk on the first day on base was not a good idea, no matter how tempting.

It looked like he was off the hook for now on cooking duty.
Enjoying the last of his cigarette, he stubbed it out, running water over it and the ashes he accumulated. He let out a steady stream of smoke, finishing out the cig. The smaller slowly made his way back over to the trash can, tossing what was left of his fix.
Straying there, he waited until the other either called upon him again or alerted him the rice was finished. His gaze fell on the other for a moment, only to follow his line of sight. Pale eyes spotted the wine, almost completely forgetting the other had found it. He smirked lightly, a thin brow arching. The Frenchman nodded towards the bottle, "Jou much of a drinker?"
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Re: Arrival (Gerhard, Vincens, Fritz) <Archive>

Postby Gerhard Melsbach » Sat Sep 10, 2011 3:28 pm

The doctor jerked his gaze from the bottle, glaring into the pot of rice as if it had done him a personal offense as he tried to hold back that slight burning feeling across his cheek bones.
"Nicht usually, zhough I have had mein moments."
He'd gone to university in Germany, of course he was a drinker. It all but came ingrained in the DNA. Add in college parties and Oktoberfest...
Sometimes, it amazed him that he didn't get kicked out of school.

"Wo sind wir?.." Fritz absentmindedly asked aloud before stepping off the small boat. This swamp.. It was NOT what he expected at all. Why in the world did they send him here? "Surely zhere must be some mistake, ja?" he questioned the short and stout man driving the boat. "Hey," He replied, "now I got strict orders from some dude ta leave ya here, so uh.. Don't make meh use force er nothin', k?" "Err.. Okay zhen.." Fritz said nervously. He was somewhat frightened, but at the same time... He felt a rush. This was just a new adventure for him. He stood on the docks for a bit, watching the boat leave until it was consumed in the fog. He surveyed his new surroundings, not knowing where anything was, where he was supposed to go, what he was supposed to do. He wiped the sweat from his brow (my god, why was it so hot this time of night) and squinted, trying to make out what was building and what was dirty dirty wilderness. He saw a light on in one of the structures, and decided he should go there. It was the only lighted room he could see from out here anyway, what other choice did he have? He picked up his cat carrier and started making his way towards the- what did they just throw out of the window? Was that a.. Was that a rat? "Gott, vell it better not be zhe kitchen zhen." Fritz mumbled as he fumbled down the path.

The Spy chuckled under his breath, shaking his head. Well, that certainly was not a reaction he expected out of the other. Hrm.
He slinked over to join the older man next to the pot, curious of when their food would be finished. Leaning against the counter, he looked in, then up to the doctor. "I do 'ope jou plan on zharing zhe wine."

The Medic barked out a short laugh, the sound strained but not quite so much as it could have been, and he reached over to get the bottle for the Spy to look over.
"If you are agreeable to drinking cheap red wine, I vould mehr zhen happy to share zhe headache."
He stirred the cooking rice again, adding in some of the spices he'd found and digging out a bottle opener so the Frenchman could serve the wine, only to pause as he was handing it over, seeing something out the window.
"Vincens, vere you expecting any ozzer new recruits besides meinself?"

Fritz, after a few minutes of clumsily walking, falling, tripping, etc, was finally at the doorway. He stared at it for a few seconds, not knowing whether to knock or just barge in. He probably could have just walked in, but previous situations like this kept him from doing so (who knows what was going on inside?). So he settled with just a couple of raps on the door, coupled with a shaky "H-hallo? Anybody zhere?"

Vincens blinked a few times at the laugh, not too sure how it was meant. In good nature, he hoped.
The younger took the wine bottle when it was held out for him, eyes scanning it right away.
Oh, that was why.
Snorting a small laugh of his own, he nodded. "Ah, why not." It wasn't like he had anything to lose.
He went to take the opener from the Medic, making a curious sound when he froze in the process. Attempting to follow his gaze, he rose a brow. He thought for a moment, trying to recall all of those he had read of, "I believe zhere's to be anozher Medic, anozher Spy, and deux Snipers." Yes, that sounded about right.
Out of natural reaction, he tensed at the sound of another voice. Pale blue eyes traveled towards the source, curious. Hrm.

"Ah... I vill go get zhe door zhen..."
Setting aside the spoon he'd been using to stir the rice and handing over the bottle opener, Gerhard left the Spy to finish with the wine while he dealt with the new arrival.

"Ah, guten Abend!" Fritz greeted the stranger warmly. "Um.. I vas sent here for some reason, und zhis is zhe only place I saw zhat looked like it had people in it, und perhaps you could tell me vhy I'm here und vhere zhis is und uh.." He started to trail off. Not because he was rambling, but because something about this stranger was so.. So familiar. Had he met him in person before? No, no, that can't be it... But he HAD seen this man somewhere. Perhaps during one of his travels. "Err, excuse me, I thought I recognized you for a second.." he apologized, looking down at the laces on his boots, hating himself for staring. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, his mother had once said. People staring at him made him uncomfortable, so why should he stare at others? Stupid... Pushing all these thoughts away, he eventually looked up and asked, "Anyvay, may I come in bitte?" He'd have to think about all this junk sometime later, for now he had other things to worry about.

Finally, the other gave him the opener. Snorting quietly, he nodded, waving his had dismissively. Whatever, he'd tend to the bottle, then.
Eyeing the wine bottle, then the bottle opener, he gazed to the Medic, seeing him off. Hrm. Glancing back to the tool and bottle, he trotted over to the sink. Holding the wine bottle over the sink, he sighed quietly, busying himself with the task. Running the knife part of the opener along the rim, he popped off the metal top, then eyeing the cork. Now, for the tricky part.
Angling the corkscrew, he worked it in carefully, then began the task of easing out the cork. He gazed boredly off towards Gerhard and the visitor, almost jumping at the pop the bottle made once the cork was free. Hissing quietly, he glared at the wine bottle.

For a moment, the Medic just stared, brow furrowed as he processed the new arrival's word vomit, then he gave a short huff and stepped back from the door to allow the newcomer inside.
"Kommen in."
Waiting until the new arrival was inside, Gerhard shut the door and started back for the kitchen. No doubt the stranger would follow him, but he didn't particularly care too much.
"As for vhere you are, zhis ist Svamp Rat und you are in zhe BLU base. I zhink ve are in zhe souzhern United States somevhere... As for vhy, no vone knows vhy zhey are here. Zhey just are."
Giving the rice a quick stir, the Medic reached up into a cupboard to get down some dishes, handing two small plastic tumbler to Vincens before he looked back to the new arrival.
"Are you hungry?"

"Danke" he replied after the other man had closed the door. He started walking off, and Fritz figured the best thing to do now would just be to follow. The man started explaining, and Fritz started thinking. Hmm.. Swamprat? What the heck is.. And what's BLU again? Fritz had heard the name a couple times while he was being transported, but he had yet to figure out what it was. Southern United States? This is definitely Louisiana. At least he was still close to Texas. And nobody knows why we're here? Well that just helped a whole lot.. He stopped in the kitchen doorway and took a big whiff of whatever this delicious smell was. "Mmm, jawohl, ein bisschen" he said, trying not to sound too eager. The truth was, Fritz actually hadn't eaten for a couple of days. He was absolutely starving.

Setting the bottle on the counter, he heaved a long sigh. Well, it seemed the team was slowly trickling in. He wondered how long it would be until they would all arrive, ending the ceasefire.
He eyed Gerhard carefully, then switched his gaze to the new BLU member. Giving him a quick once-over, he gave a breathless sound.
He would concentrate on him later. Right now, his attention fell onto the tumblers being ushered towards him. Taking them quietly, he turned back to the bottle, pouring he and the Medic each a good portion of the cheap, red wine.
Now to wait on the rice.

"Mmm, do mir ein quick favor zhen."
A nod in thanks to the Spy, and the doctor gestured to one of the cupboards.
"You should find cans of fruit in zhere. Pick vone."
There was no way there would be suitable portions for three from the rice dish, so something needed to be added to fill in, and it wasn't like they were low on supplies.
He took a sip of the wine, expression tweaking at the taste before he swallowed.
"Yeuch, zhis really is svill isn't it."

"Jawohl!" He put down Valentine's carrier and let his backpack slide off his back and onto the tile. He rushed to the cupboard, not wanting to keep anybody waiting. Opening the old wooden doors with a loud creak, he observed the array of cans before him. There were many cans, but not many different kinds. "Hm... Not much of a selection is zhere?" Fritz had a habit of talking to himself. House arrest does that to you sometimes, ya know? "If I ever bake anyzhing here, I'm gonna need more zhan zhis.." He settled on a can of pineapple chunks, his favourite fruit, and hurried back to the chef. "Sooo.. Um... Wie heissen Sie? What's your name?" The man sounded like he spoke German, but Fritz added the translation, just to be sure.

He held his tumbler close, leaning up against the counter near the pot of rice. The Spy waited quietly until the other went to sip at the wine, figuring it would be best to drink it "together," or at least around the same time.
In the mean time, he'd try to figure out their arrival. Vin watched as the man darted to where he had been directed to look, brow arched curiously. Had the man talked just talked to himself, or was he aiming for Gerhard (or perhaps himself) to hear and reply? Whatever the case, he finally found something, shuffling his way over to the both of them rather quickly.
Eyes flashing to the "chef," he snorted a silent laugh at his comment. A bit delayed in his intentions, the Frenchman took a small swig of the red wine. Pursing his lips, he gazed down to the drink, as if studying it while leaving the other two men to talk.
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Re: Arrival (Gerhard, Vincens, Fritz) <Archive>

Postby Gerhard Melsbach » Sat Sep 10, 2011 3:30 pm

"Gerhard. Und er ist Vincens. Sie?"
Swill or not, the doctor didn't seem to mind taking the occasional sip of the cheap wine as he tended to the food, getting down a bowl and handing over the can opener he had used to open the beef broth.

"Ah, hallo Gerhard, hallo Vincens." he smiled at Gerhard and Vincens, giving a friendly wave to the latter. Taking the offered can opener, he set to work trying to open up the can. "Ich heisse Bartholomäus. Alzhough you may call me by my middle name, Fritz." Once the can was opened, he took a bit of pineapple for himself before handing it over to Gerhard. "So woher kommen Sie? If you don't mind me asking." He quickly finished his fruit bit before heading over to Valentine's cage. She was probably hungry too.

Brows furrowing, the Spy tried to remember whatever German he had learned and collected. It seemed their new teammate spoke more of it than Gerhard did.
Merely nodding when addressed, he sipped at the cheap wine. He hoped the older man nearest him would keep conversation going with the other, so he wouldn't have to. It wasn't that he had anything against the guy, he just really didn't like having to talk or answer questions.
He looked up when he heard the name Bartholomäus, now confirming his suspicious that he was the other Medic they were expecting.
Upon looking up, and through a bit more of investigating, he noticed the carrier. Most likely for a cat, he guessed. Ah, he wouldn't mind a cat around.

"Mmm, Osterreich. Ist zhat dein pet?"
The doctor only just now noticed the carrier, and idly wondered if 'Fritz' were allowed to bring the animal along. Either way, it was too late to have the pet returned to someplace safer. He could only hope that it was an indoor pet that wouldn't get in the way.
Taking another sip of the wine, he frowned thoughtfully at the pot bubbling softly before him before giving a short nod, turning off the burner and setting his tumbler aside to start doling out the cooked rice onto the plates he'd lined up on the counter beside him.

Austria... Yes, yes Fritz had been to Austria once, during a trip to visit his favourite college professor. Herr Faber had requested his best student for whatever reason, and Fritz agreed to go see him. He traveled up there and... My, what his professor showed him was quite a shock.
"Ja, das ist Valentine, my Siamese cat." Stop thinking about the past Fritz, this is your chance to start over for once. "She's not quite a kitten, but not quite grown up yet." He bent down and struggled with the lock for a bit, before scratching his finger again (damn these carrier locks) and eventually pulling out an adorable feline, with eyes the same amber colour as his own left one. He looked up and saw Vincens eyeing his pet with interest. Perhaps he was a cat person? He really hoped so, the man seemed quiet so far and maybe his cat would help him strike up a conversation. "Do you happen to be a feline person, Herr Vincens?"

He moved some, not wanting to to be in the older man's way while he dished up their meal. Although, shortly after, he decided it would just be best to go ahead and seat himself at one of the tables provided in the rather large kitchen. Carrying his drink along, he slumped into one of the seats, eyeing the Medics carefully as they talked.
Sipping at the red wine, he rose a brow at the sound of what type of cat the other had brought with him. Ah, Siamese. Terrific cats. He hid a small smile behind the plastic tumbler.
However, it seemed his silence couldn't be maintained. Being addressed once again, he sighed silently. Oh well, he knew it would be impossible to get out of here without having to talk to the over-excitable Medic. "Oui. I fancy zhem quite a bit." Short replies. Usually these killed conversations quickly and efficiently.

Over by the stove, Gerhard voiced a soft chuckle as he picked up the plates, using the length of his coat to disguise the fact he was using his tentacles to get them lined up his arms like a professional waitress, the bowl of pineapple cupped carefully in one palm.
"I am surprised, Herr, you do nicht seem like zhe sort to take kindly to animals."
He set the plates down carefully, brow furrowed in concentration as he forced himself not to turn to the aide of his lower appendages. Thankfully, getting the plates down was easier than getting them up, and he managed not to spill.
With that done, he moved back towards the counter to retrieve his own tumbler of wine and the utensils necessary to enjoy the meal.
"Zhough I suppose zhe idea of someone as finicky as a Spy enjoying zhe company of somezhing equally vain makes sense."

"Vell you'll love Valentine, she's a very affectionate kitten" He smiles at Vincens, hoping to show him he means no harm. The man seemed shy, and a bit quiet, although perhaps he was pleasant deep down underneath the surface. He'd leave him alone for now though, he didn't want to annoy him. Turning back to Valentine, he placed her down, allowing her to roam around the room while he prepared her food. She started off towards Vincens, being watched by Fritz for a moment before he looked back at Gerhard. Hmm... It was a picture, he'd seen a photograph of this man before, his professor had shown him. The only difference was that Gerhard was a man, while in the photograph.. Not so much. Faber had somewhat similar specimens with him at the time, all failed attempts at recreating what he had found in the photo. Fritz had never heard what became of his professor after the incident, nor where got the photo from in the first place. He couldn't help staring intently at Gerhard, watching him curiously as he set the plates out.

There was a nasty look shot Gerhard's way-- what was that supposed to mean? Furrowing his brows, he huffed, scowl making its way across the Spy's face.
So what? He liked animals... cats, namely. What was it about him that made it seem he wouldn't enjoy animals?
His eyes settled on the dishes as they were set down, sipping at the wine, trying to work his way out of the pissy mood that was settling in. But, the Medic spoke up again. Scoffing at this, he chose to ignore it.
And, the other Medic served as a rather good distraction. He chose to pay attention to him instead.
Of course, now that he wanted the other to talk, he turned quiet. Whatever. He nodded shortly at the comment, watching the cat mentioned curiously. So, Valentine, was her name? There was a small smile when she had looked over to him after Bartholomäus set her down. Although he'd probably never admit it out loud, she was rather cute.

Gerhard caught the look, and couldn't help a thin smile working its way onto his face as he voiced a soft chuckle. Returning to the table, he handed the Spy a fork and sat down.
"Pardon mir, mein freund, it vas meant in jest. I must admit zhat I enjoy zhe felines as vell, but zhey do not often return zhe affection..."
Something about being part cephalopod just set them right off. He supposed it was the whole 'tentacles for legs' thing, but at least he didn't smell like fish. That would have just been embarrassing.
"Kommen Sie, Herr Fritz, you did say you vere hungry, ja?"

"Huh" he said, snapping out of his stare. "Oh, y-yes, coming!" He was still somewhat suspicious of Gerhard, but he didn't care at the moment. Now was food time, not thinking time. He started for the sink, wanting to wash his hands before he ate. "By zhe vay, Vincens," Fritz started to warn the man, "don't be surprised if Valentine jumps on you, she likes to do zhat vhen ve're eating." He was a bit late in his warning though, as the kitten had already made her way onto his lap. "Eheh, you can push her off if you vant.."

The Spy voiced a simple sigh at the apology, nodding softly. He knew the other hadn't meant to offend him. Or, thought this, at least. He hoped the Medic wasn't aiming to offend him; the older didn't seem like the type to do so.
He took the utensil provided, nodding once again, as if to thank him quietly.
As the doctor addressed the question to their new arrival, he gazed over to him, curious of the response. Vincens' gaze lingered a bit longer once spoken to, only to snap from the second Medic to his lap.
Oh. Late warning.
His eyelids lowered, expression softening as he watched the cat. Mouth working into a small smile, he scritched under Valentine's neck, thoroughly enjoying the cat's attention.
The food could wait.

Watching the Spy, Gerhard couldn't help but smile, a quick flicker of upturned lips that tried its damnedest to stick around as the Medic chuckled and turned to his meal.
"I do nicht zhink he minds, Herr Fritz. Was did you say her name vas again?"
He sipped at his wine, not minding the slightly sour taste so much any more being distracted by good food and the Frenchman's slight smile.

Finishing with his hands, he looked around for a towel to dry them on. Finding none, he settled on the sides of his coat. "Valentine, sie heißt Valentine." Fritz repeated. He followed Gerhard's gaze to the younger man, a huge grin forming on his face as soon as his eyes fell upon the pair. Fritz was a sucker for cute things, and this was simply adorable to him. He softly chuckled, and took his seat at the table, mouth watering as he smelled the dish in front of him.

As the cat purred and brushed up against his hand as he pet her, he had a feeling he would come to rather good terms with this animal. Oh yes, he would be paying her a visit often. He had never owned a cat or been able to have any close relations with one, so the Spy would gladly take up on the chance to now.
He blocked out any thing else going on around him and the feline-- and it was lucky for him to do so. Otherwise the two Medics would be receiving looks that could probably kill for finding this all "cute" or something of the sorts.
Flicking a quick look to Fritz, he rose a brow, "Jou do not mind if I z'poil 'er, non?" Oh fuck it, he was a sucker for animals. The brunette ignored what judgements and opinions of him would be made for being so sweet to the kitten.
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Re: Arrival (Gerhard, Vincens, Fritz) <Archive>

Postby Gerhard Melsbach » Sat Sep 10, 2011 3:33 pm

The doctor's smile took hold and widened, the Austrian giving a soft laugh as he shook his head. Next time he saw the Spy with the kitten, he was going to bring a camera.
"Vell, if you can find zhe means, I honestly can't see anyvay to schtop you."

"Hehehe..." he giggled at Vincens' comment. "Of course you can spoil her." Things were looking wonderful so far for Fritz. There was a wonderful plate of food in front of him, he was with (what seemed like) wonderful people, and his wonderful cat was making him a couple friends. Faaaantastic. Looking back to his plate, he picked up a fork and started to stuff himself until his cheeks resembled those of a hamster. "Sho, uhm, vhrr vll- ech.." he started off, trying to swallow a bit more before attempting to speak again. "Vhere vill ve be sleeping? Do ve have separate rooms?"

Eyes switching from the cat then between the two Medics, he almost flinched at the full-blown smile (or what could be considered as so from Gerhard), then actually did when Bartholomäus laughed. Bristling, the Spy scowled a bit. Feeling mocked, his first reaction was to go defensive.
Ignoring the other two men, he glanced back to the Siamese. He gave her attention until he calmed some, sighing quietly. Pulling his plate forward, the Frenchman allowed Valentine to have the first go with his food, knowing he wouldn't be able to eat it all by himself, anyway. The man rarely ate, and when he did, it was very little.
Vin looked up when the other spoke (rather, tried to), pale eyes lidded and bored. Giving another long exhale, he spoke up, "Zhere iz a room for jou anz zhe ozhers to bunk in." He left it at this, not wanting to specify sleeping arangements for the hybrid among them.

Gerhard's smile faded slightly at the conversation turning to sleeping arrangements, remembering the bright red note he'd gotten in his transfer packet. He didn't mind having to sleep in a tank, but did it really have to be in the Infirmary? Or Laboratory, whatever they wanted to call it.
Shaking his head, the Medic quirked a brow at the feline being allowed to eat off the Spy's own plate, but he figured it was the Frenchman's choice to risk having cat hair in his meal, so he didn't comment, merely sipping at his wine.
"Herr Fritz, do try to remember your manners, zhe food von't run avay if you slow down. I vould prefer nicht to be preforming zhe Heimlich Maneuver quite so late in zhe day."

"Hm. Mhmm. Das ist gut, just vanted to be sure I had a place to dump my giant pile of junk." he looked to his backpack and carrier. He was obviously kidding when he said the word "giant." After stealing a glance back to Vincens & Valentine (what a cute name combination) he went back to shoveling the last few bites of food into his mouth. He didn't give the table-scrap-feeding ritual a second thought, it was usually the same way back home. After his plate was thoroughly freed of the tyranny of rice being placed upon it, he got up and started walking it to the sink. "Ohoho, Herr Gerhard, but you never know if it VILL run avay!" He turned around to face the man now. Using his free hand, he placed it at about ear level and made a grabby grabby hand, coupling it with crossed eyes and a monster face, complete with stuck out tongue. Oh see now he was just being silly. He chuckled to himself, and started to rinse and scrub his dish.

Half-closed eyes locked onto the eagerly feeding cat, he nodded. "I will ezcort jou later, unlez... jou prefer zo explore." Later, being after he finished eating.
It was smart to be "friendly" to Medics, the young male thought. Even though he hated help, it wasn't very wise to become enemies with those who would patch you up and put you back up on your feet. Fritz even more so, seeing as the man had something he wouldn't mind seeing quite often. Using the man for his cat and his abilities? One could call it that.
Vincens lifted the animal slowly and sat her back in his lap when he deemed she had had enough, deciding he should get some of the food before the eager kitten enjoyed all of it before him. Patting her head, a gloved hand then went about working the fork into the picked over rice meal.

The other Medic's antics got a decidedly unimpressed look from Gerhard, a brow quirking as he peered over both his glasses and the rim of his tumbler before he rolled his eyes and turned back to his own half-finished meal.
"Mmm, if you are giving zhe tour, vould you mind terribly if I tagged along? I vould prefer to know vere I am going razzer zhan stumble around like ein dummkopf."

Fritz hummed to himself as he cleaned his dinnerware. He always felt good after eating, it was a nice and happy warm feeling. He placed the now clean plate and utensils next to the sink. There was nothing to dry them on, and he didn't know where to put them. So next-to-the-sink was the second best thing. "Ja, I'd prefer to explore. Und I vouldn't mind stumbling around like a dommkopf," he remarked. "S'not like I don't do zhat all zhe time anyvay. So vhich vay to zhe bunks? I feel like valking around now." He put his hands on his hips and smiled. "Und I can trust you mit Valentine for zhe time being, right Vincens?"

He took a short break from his food to allow Valentine to continue eating as she pleased, taking a swig of the cheap wine, grimacing slightly. Gaze flicking from the feasting feline to the older man that addressed him, he rose a brow. Drink being set down, he shook his head, "Non."
The Frenchman then blinked a few times, looking over to the other Medic. He'd rather get himself lost? So be it. Waving dismissively, he sighed, droning, "Out zhe main doorz 'ere anz acroz zhe hall."
Though, he tensed soon after, hearing that he'd be left with the cat. A faint smirk worked its way across Vin's lips, "Of courze."

Gerhard nodded in quiet thanks, hiding the smile that worked across his face at hearing the Spy was to be left with the care of the young feline for the time being behind the rim of his tumbler.
Once composed, he went back to eating, though there was still a faint upturn to his mouth.
"I zhink zhat you und kleine Valentine are going to be fast freunds, Vincens."

He smiled at the cute couple on last time and left for the bunks. He was looking forward to exploring around. The squeaks of his boots were heard for a few moments as he walked off, before getting quieter and quieter and eventually fading out completely. The new recruit was now gone.

The brunette allowed a silent laugh, nodding. His gaze flicked up to the leaving Medic, then back to the remaining one. He then looked down to the animal, petting from her head to tail a few times. "I will 'ave no problem with zhis."
Taking a quick sip from his own tumbler, finishing it off, he decided once again she needed a break from enjoying his meal. Lifting the kitten from the table, he rested her back in his lap. Once she was out of the way, he continued eating again.

Lifting a hand to give the other Medic a farewell wave, Gerhard watched as the Spy nibbled at the meal, idly picking at his own food as a brow quirked.
"You know, you could have told me to give you a smaller portion razzer zhan letting zhe kitten eat your food."

<<End of Logs>>
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