BLU Team, I advise reading this. (Bulletin Board)

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BLU Team, I advise reading this. (Bulletin Board)

Postby Connal Reid » Sun Jul 29, 2012 5:20 pm

((A quick note about this. In an effort to give people an idea about the layout of the base and what would be going on where, we tried to get people to assign themselves bunks based on the map at the time. It... didn't quite work out as Oliver (Tom) had hopped.))

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Vincens Laure Perrault wrote:Scribbled down in a hasty, but readable printed handwriting, there's a notice, pinned at the top of the bulletin board.

"It seems the lot of you are incompetent, unable to follow through with something as simple as picking out your bunk. This doesn't bother me at all, but I do think you would like to have a place to sleep.
Also, for the not-so human members of our team, I hope you know you're to be staying in the Research Tank-- this will be your "bunk." It seems like there's going to be a bit more of you than I thought, so good luck on room (although, it's rather large, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem just yet).

Questions? I'm pretty certain somebody will have one (or two). If so, I reccommend trying to set up a time, I'm usually walking about the base. However, I can be reached from 8 AM to around 11 AM, usually. Just missed me? Leave a note at my office, or here.

-Sincerely, BLU's Leader, Vincens Perrault

PS: I'll be checking this board often, so please, don't do anything I will make you regret doing."

Felecien Sauvage wrote:Written in flowing neat cursive - reminiscent of standard French manuscript - is a response to bunk allocations.

"I've left my belongings on my bunk. Should I find them disturbed, I will have no qualms about taking all of your sheets, replacing your toothpaste with shampoo, or strangling you till your face turns BLU. Merci beaucoup.

- Felicien"

Gerhard Melsbach wrote:Printed neatly in a thin, almost spidery hand, but legible.

You all know where to find me.
-Gerhard, Medic

Jacque "Jacob" Duhon wrote:A hastily written message is left behind, a small little smear of blood on the corner from where it had been put up.

I'll be staying in the warehouse, I'd rather deal with the snakes and rodents in there than be stuck in a tank. If I wanted to sleep it water I'd just go sleep in the swamp.

- Jacque Duhon

Jane Collins wrote:Big, loopy, slanted print again.

"Left my shit on my bed. Don't touch it."
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