Spies Like Us ((Shooting Range))

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Spies Like Us ((Shooting Range))

Postby Connal Reid » Sun Jul 29, 2012 11:43 pm

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Elias Saaresto wrote:Elias frowned at the feel of the revolver in his hand. It was of a higher caliber than he was used to. It felt awkward, trying to clasp the gun with both hands, and he wasn't used to aiming with just his right. He wished that he'd been issued something else, but he didn't think anyone had time to deal with paperwork while members were still trickling in to Swamp Rat.

He walked over to the counter and took aim at the stationary targets. The first shot grazed the smallest ring, and his wrist snapped back. That was one hell of a recoil. He braced himself for another shot and this time kept his arm from flying back.

Anton Markovic wrote:Anton had never been in an actual shooting range before, he had gotten his practice shooting cans off a fence and in run-down basements. But he figured that now was as good a time as any, he needed to get used to the gun they had assigned him, and he doubted opening fire outside of the base would be smart.

A mildly surprised look crossed his face when he entered, he had not expected someone to be in there, much less someone he hadn't encountered before. He paused awkwardly at the door, unsure of what to do now that he was here and in the presence of someone else.

Elias Saaresto wrote:Elias flicked the safety on and set the gun down. He looked over his shoulder and waved the other Spy closer. "We kan share. What sort of guns are you used to? I prefer de pistols, but dey saddled me with dis thing," he explained, thick accent spreading out against his words. Just one look and he could tell that his teammate wasn't as experienced as himself. The way he had entered the room, for instance, lacked confidence. And as a Spy, you always had to be confident in what you were doing.

Anton Markovic wrote:He shrugged. He had never had much choice when it came to guns. He had been required to change weapons to suit the job, though he had formed a bit of a preference for pistols as well.

He took a few steps toward the man, stopping a comfortable distance from him, looking over the man in front of him. He seemed very confident and looked like he knew what he was doing. Hopefully he wouldn't mock him about his lack of experience in this area.

Elias Saaresto wrote:As far as Elias was concerned, pistols were far more reliable than revolvers. They may have lacked that extra punch, but a single bullet could do plenty of damage to an unsuspecting foe. Especially if you knew how to place it. A bullet in the arm could rupture veins, and if not treated quickly, would lead to infection and thus an indirect death. He kept looking over the revolver, wondering how he was supposed to form an attachment to it.

"No preference? Very well. Show me how you reload." He handed the gun out to the other Spy. They'd start with the basics and go from top down.

Anton Markovic wrote:Raising an eyebrow, he stared blankly at the man in front of him.

He wondered what the person was on about, he did not come in here looking for lessons, he knew how to handle a gun, he just needed to get used to the one currently in his posession.

He decided to oblige them anyways, swiftly emptying, then reloading the gun that was handed to him, before handing it back. He looked at the man, eyebrow still raised, trying to ask what the bloody hell they were doing.

Elias Saaresto wrote:Elias thought little of the request. Surely the other man wasn't miffed over such a small task. It wasn't as if he'd asked the other Spy to take twenty laps around the base to prove his endurance.

"Hmm. I don't like dis gun." Nevertheless, Elias stepped aside and gestured towards the gun racks, palm stopping before the revolvers. "Have at it."

Anton Markovic wrote:He continued to be confused at this man's odd behavior. He had never encountered someone like this before, all up in someone's business without even introductions. The only concern you got from someone was if you did something wrong, or if the other person was going to get something out of it.

He pulled his own gun out of his holster, giving the other man an odd look. What could this person want from him.

Elias Saaresto wrote:Upon seeing the look directed at him, Elias stopped. He met the other man's gaze. "Have I done something to upset you?" In all honesty, he couldn't tell. Formalities didn't save your life, nor could they dodge bullets. He had never caught onto them, nor did he ever use them in a brown-nosing manner. So to think that someone was upset because he left that little tidbit out... well, oops. Elias was - in some ways - socially inept.

Anton Markovic wrote:What was this person about? He was seriously considering just leaving and coming back later. This persons attitude was weirding him out. He simply turned and walked as far away from the man as he could, setting himself up in the far corner, before starting to fire on the targets. Hopefully the person would just leave him alone.

Elias Saaresto wrote:If ever Elias displayed an attitude, it was one that exuded professionalism. He had no idea why the other Spy suddenly radiated with discomfort. In fact, this encounter was rather disheartening. Instead of trying to salvage this, though, Elias decided to let it slide and started for the door. He paused.

"Good luck with your training."

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