A flicker of Personality ((Library))

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A flicker of Personality ((Library))

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Tom Cucinotta wrote:Books kept Tom’s secrets better than any person could. Which was why he was more often then not at the Library, reading, writing.. something to calm him. Something to remind him of the training he had gone through. A book on war, any book. Something on battle tactics. Out of habit he took notes, studying and reading them over, and over again…
He usually didn’t fall asleep. However, the night had dragged on. He had kept a lantern with himself, setting it besides his book. It flickered and wavered, casting a soft light over the form of the RED Team’s Leader, who sat with his head buried in his arms. He was sleeping, his book open, papers and notes scattered about, and a pan still loosely in his hand. Wearing a simple tucked shirt and jeans, he seemed.. normal. Well, as normal as a person who fell asleep studying was. The Library was thankfully silent, as it was deep into the night-providing a comfortable atmosphere for the medic to sleep in. Even if he’d probably wake up cramped and sore.

William Akhurst wrote:"Just a screw. One. Bloody. Screw. It's not much to ask for, is it?"

A wandering Aussie muttered to himself as he strolled the dark hallways alone, peeking into rooms as he passed by, hoping to have luck locating an Engineer or at least a bunker filled with supplies. A few of the wood panelings on the ceiling of his bunk room seemed to finally call it quits and peel off completely, letting in an endless trickle of water. So far, only a pail was the only thing standing between that leak and a soggy floor. And with Battlements still on hold for the news of more arrivals, William figured he could take care of the problem himself.

However, one thing he had forgotten to take into consideration was that he wasn't used to this Base quite yet and was growing more lost by the minute. This fort was nothing like the ones he was used to. Just something he'd have to adapt to.

Will was near to giving up when a soft glow of light gave him literal hope. Just up ahead too. "Odd. Was sure everyone was snoozin' boi now." Creaking floorboards were the only noise in his approach before he was standing just outside a wide doorway. He peered inside curiously, catching the sight of shelves of... Books. Many of them; stacked, piled, aligned practically on every desk and available space. But even if it was a sight to behold his eyes were still drawn to the small beacon of light that was perched on a table, surrounded by notebooks and opened verses of knowledge. All in front of someone hunched over them.

"Oh, sorry, mate. Didn't mean... to...." His sentence died off as he came closer, catching the sight of closed eyes rather than a studious look of concentration. The bloke was asleep! And from the looks of it, napped out in the middle of research. William took a step to the side, getting a better look at the man before he realized that the face looked familiar. He tried to remember where he had seen him before now but gave up and reached into his open shirt for his cheat sheet. Skimming down the list of names and faces, he hummed when he stopped at a .... Medic. Tom SomethingOrOther. -'Croikey, is that moi hand writing?'- Teal eyes darted from the dark page to the illuminated face before repeating the motion several times. 'Bloke looks younger asleep than he does in 'is picture,' he thought.

Tucking the piece of folded paper away once more he took a glance around, indecisive of his next move. Should he wake the man up? Let him sleep? Will hated to do it but decided on the first thought. Might as well send the man to bed to sleep rather than have him suffer back pains when he woke up. With a slow nudge to the man's shoulder, Will tried to coax the man into waking up. "Hey, mate. Moight wanna choose a better sleepin' spot," he whispered just loud enough.

Tom Cucinotta wrote:At first, the nudging did little. The tanned man seemed deep asleep-though after a bit of speaking, and a few more rubs of the shoulder, he was shifting in his sleep. A quiet groan escaped his lips, and he moved to bury his head tighter into his arms-but then he let out a slight his, lifting his head and making sore, tired noises. It appeared he was already having some pains-if the hand rubbing at his back and the slight grimace on his face was anything to go by. Wordless whines came from his throat, and then-bright blue eyes managed to squint open, the darker haired man lifting himself off the table a tad and then rubbing at his eyes. “Che ora e…?”

William Akhurst wrote:'Bloody Hell, the man's got more knots in 'is back than a Sailor's ship.' Will didn't say a word out loud as the man began to slowly stir. He eased his hand away despite the pitiful noises that pleaded for help. The Aussie wasn't really sure what kind of man the Medic was; pawing at the man who didn't even know him seemed like a bad idea... Though his fingers twitched at his sides restlessly.

"Sorry, mate. Didn't quoite catch what'cha said there," he replied, not understanding a word what the man had said. It actually sounded nothing like English. Perhaps it was either sleep talk or something foreign.

Tom Cucinotta wrote:The fingers touching him immediately bothered the Medic, once he realized what they were. His eyes opened, and his body stiffened-then he was squirming closer to the table, trying to get away from them. “Arresto…” He grumbled, and then blinked as he heard English being spoken. Right. He wasn’t in Italy. Moving to sit up, the smaller man rubbed his face with a gloveless hand, sighing tiredly. His back was sore already.. he’d need to use a heating pad to calm it down, and get all the pains out. “I… no, no, it is all right. Thank you for waking me up.” There wasn’t sarcasm in those words, but rather tiredness. Turning, he glanced up at the other man, his blue eyes squinting at first, and then opening a bit wider. “Ah. Another I have not met. My apologies, you shouldn’t have had to see me like this…”

William Akhurst wrote:"Any time," he assured the man, smiling that waking him up hadn't been the worst action taken. Hearing a thanks made him glad that he had chosen right. But with the stranger sitting down, Will took a step back so the other wouldn't strain to stare up.

"Apologies? For sleepin'? Think nothin' of it, mate. Everyone needs a little down time. It just seems loike ya found your's among the books." Will offered a warm smile that just seemed natural on his face. "But yeah. Haven't met you personally. Moi name's William, Will for short. I've been assigned to be your team's Snipah." Smoothing fingerless gloves back into place, he held out a hand to him in proper greeting.

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