Wandering Aimlessly ((Kitchen))

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Wandering Aimlessly ((Kitchen))

Postby Connal Reid » Sun Jul 29, 2012 6:33 pm

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Connal Reid wrote:The newest addition to RED team made his way down another unfamiliar hallway, a suitcase in one hand and a dufflebag slung over a shoulder. He had tried wearing his new uniform at first, but it was just too damn hot for the Michigan native, so he had pulled it half down, sleeves tied around his waist and mask stuffed in the bag. Sure, the base seemed a little on the run down side, but nothing worse than what he was used to. It was just... cool. Like a haunted house, almost. That sign he saw on the notice board only further cemented the idea, and caused him to chuckle a bit. Monsters... What a great sense of humor his new boss must have.

Eventually Reid found himself in the kitchen, but still hadn't run into any of his other teammates. Not that he knew anything about them... but he couldn't be the only one out here, the notice board proved that. Oh well, at least he could get a drink of water. Not wanting to bother dirtying up any clean cups, the Pyro set down his suitcase, turned on the tap, and simply angled his head in the sink to try and drink as it poured. Eyes widening, he sputtered for a moment, pulling his head away to cough once or twice. The water wasn't cold at all, and tasted like it could have come from the swamp... Probably just well water, it was supposed to taste kinda gross like that. With a shrug, Reid put his head back and forced down a couple of mouthfuls, before standing straight and shutting the water off.

Connal sighed, and turned to lean with his back on the counter. At the rate he was going, he was more likely to set up camp in a corner before he found the bunks or a teammate. He tapped on the edge of the counter with his finger. How was he going to meet anyone this way? There was just no way of knowing where any of the others could be... Then, the Michigander grinned with the realization that he could very easily let them all know someone new was here. After a short chuckle, he took a deep breath, then started singing at the top of his lungs.

"I feel uptight on a Saturday night! Nine o' clock, the radio's the only light! I hear my song, and it pulls me through! Comes on strong, tells me what I got to do! I got to do!" A bit of an older song, yes, but it was just so darn perfect for this. It would let the rest of the team know where he was, and one little thing about him. "Get up! Everybody's gonna move their feet! Get down! Everybody's gonna leave their seat! You gotta lose your mind in Detroit Rock City!" It helped that it happened to be a song about the city he was from, too.

Anton Markovic wrote:The belted strains of the song traveled easily through the run-down walls of the RED base, echoing throughout the building, eventually reaching the ears of the resident spy. He sighed, whatever idiot up there was going to wake up the entire swamp. He assumed they were a new recruit; no BLU would be stupid enough to be so obvious that close to the RED base, and none of the REDs he had met sounded like that.

The last thing he wanted to do was meet them, but Tom was busy working, and who knew where the gator-guy went, and he figured that if someone didn’t go to greet them they would end up singing all night and drawing all sorts of attention. He sighed, rubbing the back of his head though the mask. He took one last drag from his cigarette before crushing the butt under his heel and heading towards the source of the racket.

It was not hard tracking down the singer, and soon Anton found himself outside the kitchen, looking impassively at the new arrival. It seemed they liked the uniforms just as much as he did, though he had chosen to completely abandon it, minus the mask, in favor of a tight shirt and tattered jeans. He stuffed a hand into his pocket, making sure the piece of paper and pencil he had started carrying around were still in there. He didn't want to go in there with no means of communication.

Sighing once more, he took a few steps into the room, making sure his footsteps were loud enough to be heard over the noise, hopefully announcing his presence to the other. He stood there, resisting the urge to pull out another cigarette, waiting for the other to acknowledge him.

Connal Reid wrote:As he continued to sing, Connal was a bit more disappointed with each completed verse and still no teammates. However he was determined; if he got through this song without seeing anyone, he'd just pull out his radio. It's not like he could actually sing this loud all night... Still, it seemed strange that no one had shown up, and now he was on the final verse.

"Twelve o' clock, I gotta rock! There's a truck ahead, lights starin' at my eyes! I got to laugh, 'cause I know I'm gonna di- oh!" he interrupted himself, hearing the footsteps. Great, he knew he hadn't been the only one around! "Hey there," he greeted, pushing himself off the counter to stand up straight again. What were all the classes he had been told he might encounter, again? Which one would this guy be? He didn't seem to be in uniform, although the mask seemed pretty strange. "I'm the new Pyro. You're a... a Spy, right?" It was the only thing the redhead could think of that wore a mask, aside from his own class.

Anton Markovic wrote:He gave a short nod of greeting to the man, eyes scanning over the new recruit. He would be a welcome addition of fire power to the team. At the very least he had a lot more mass on his side, compared to the rest of them.

He nodded at the question. This person seemed to be just as new to this as him. He tried to remember what he had read about the different classes. The name 'pyromaniac' was a little unsettling, as was the toting of a flamethrower, though the person in front of him looked harmless enough.

He looked over the man a couple more times before settling his gaze on the man's face, looking at him as if he was expecting the red-headed man to continue talking.

Connal Reid wrote:"Uh..." His teammate didn't seem to be much of a talker. Connal never really was all that comfortable leading a conversation, especially with someone he knew nothing about. He tried not to fidget when the other man started looking him over, likely trying to decide if he'd be any useful. Remembering something, he asked, "Oh, are you Tom? I saw the notice on the board back... somewhere." It was a bit tough keeping track of where everything was, going from new place to new place, but he'd get the hang of it. The redhead scratched at his strip of hair a bit, then wiped it off on his shirt. Which didn't do much good, since that was pretty soaked with sweat, as well. "We aren't... How many of us are there?"

Anton Markovic wrote:The paper and pencil were crumpled out of his pocket. They were meant as a last resort, but this man's seeming discomfort with talking with him and his questions demanded a bit more involvment that he would have preferred.

He shook his head at the assumed name. Using the surface of the counter he scrawled "Anton" in as legible writing as he could before holding it up so the other can see. He remembered the message that Tom had posted, and wondered what the other had thought about the mention of 'monsters'.

There was a bit of hesitation before answering the next question. Technically, there were 4 of them now, but their leader seemed convinced that the gator-croc-person was not a person, let alone a teammate. he chose to simply write down "Depends" not really caring that the answer didn't really answer much.

Connal Reid wrote:A brow was raised as the Spy took something out of his pocket. A pencil and paper? Eyes widening for just a moment, Connal realized his teammate must not be able to talk. That must make gathering information much difficult, not to mention trying to relay it to the rest of the team. They would have to work some sort of system aside from writing. Damn, too bad he had never bothered to learn sign language.

He couldn't help watching over his teammate's shoulder as he wrote, stepping back when he held it up for him to see. That probably hadn't gone unnoticed. "...Anton?" It had kind of a nice sound to it. "Alright, Anton, I'm Connal." Only right to share his own name, as well.

When Anton seemed to hesitate, the Pyro titled his head slightly. It was a pretty simple question, or so he thought. Seeing the answer, though, he couldn't help but shake his head and laugh. "Depends!? Oh man, this place just keeps getting wilder and wilder..."

Anton Markovic wrote:If the man reading over his shoulder was noticed, it didn't show on Anton's face. He gave a curt nod in greeting as the man shared his name as well.He wondered if Tom had received any papers on the man yet, as the last time they had met, still no word had been received about the strange lack of people.

The man laughed, finding something amusing in his answer. He probably didn't get the meaning Anton was aiming for, but he was to lazy to try to explain. He gave a small smile, a quirk of the mouth really, at Connal's comment. He scribbled down on the paper 'You haven't got a clue'

Connal Reid wrote:Connal couldn't help but chuckle again. He got the impression Anton didn't like revealing everything he knew, which made sense, him being a Spy. That was alright. He'd just have to figure things out as he went. Although he did wonder just how crazy this place would get.

"Y'know... I think I'm gonna like it here," the newest RED decided. He was starting to like his teammate well enough, at least. It would be interesting to find out what the others were like, and just what it depended on with how many there were. "Just as soon as I get used to how damn hot it is, at any rate."

Anton Markovic wrote:Anton raised an eyebrow at the chuckle. Well, at least one person was having a good time. This person seemed incredibly jovial for being a merc. He had met a few people over his time that truley enjoyed their job, but most of them were stark raving mad. This person seemed to be fairly sane, at least for the moment. He couldn't judge quite yet. Still, he had to wonder what he was doing in a place like this.

His other eyebrow raised. He actually enjoyed it here? He couldn't imagine why, this place was run down, dank and muggy. He tugged at his shirt, trying to ask why he was wearing a sweater if he was so hot.

Connal Reid wrote:((That, ah, was actually supposed to be a t-shirt in the drawing. Shows how good a job I did lol I'll roll with it, though.))

Connal tried not to laugh again at the raised eyebrows, and simply offered a shrug with a grin. It took him a second to work out what the other was questioning by tugging at his shirt, though. "Oh, this? It's a lot thinner than it looks, and was great for keeping the sun off me," he explained. "And right now it's just easier to keep it on than try throwing it with the rest of my clothes. Only wanna soak a few things at a time, y'know? I don't really want to have t' do laundry every single day." He was seriously considering losing it, however...

Oh, he could wait until he had a room, at least. "That reminds me, I, uh, kinda don't know where anything is..." the Michigander admitted. "Would you... mind showin' me around a bit?" He didn't really want to ask Anton to go out of his way, but they were already talking (in a sense), and who knew when he might run into any other teammates. They might not offer him a tour, either.

Anton Markovic wrote:((oh f*ck, sorry about that. apparently i am blind and cannot read))

He nodded at the man's explination. Made enough sense, though he couldn't say it looked at all comfortable at the moment. Anton had avoided anything heavier than a t-shirt since his arrival in the three-peice suit that he had been given, which trapped heat like an oven. But it was his choice.

He stared at the man for a second. He didn't particularly want to play tour guide for the Pyro. But what else was he going to do? He couldn't very well leave him here, and there wasn't much to be done around the base. Sighing, he turned to walk out, motioning for Connal to follow him. Maybe if he was lucky they would find Tom and he could pass the new guy off to him.

Connal Reid wrote:When the Spy didn't do anything right away, Connal was worried he had already annoyed a teammate. After all, it was the BLUs he wanted to infuriate (and, obviously, set ablaze), not his own team. Them, he would need to at least be able to work with and depend on.

Then Anton turned to leave, and the Pyro couldn't help but grin somewhat in relief. He turned to pick his suitcase back up, and followed after the mute RED. "Thanks."

Anton Markovic wrote:The tour did not consist of much. He showed him around as best as he could, indicating the labels by way of explanation of each room, scribbling down a word or two when it was needed. The base wasn't that big, so it was pretty easy to navigate once you knew the basic layout.

He tried to skim past the common room and library as best he could, due to the gaping hole that connected the two. It would require more explanation than he really wanted to give.

Walking through the base made him realise just how run-down it was, there were spiderwebs in the corners, the boards creaked under their feet and there were a few places where the paint was peeling, revealing the worm and damp eaten wood beneath. At least the lower areas were better kept.

Connal Reid wrote:Connal had kept up, for the most part, and only stopped once to get a closer look at a particularly large bug. They sure didn't grow that big back home. He didn't stay long, but mostly because it crawled into a crack in the wall the second he got too close to it.

Overall, the impression was still that of a haunted house. Pretty worn, yes, but could probably be fixed up to look halfway decent. Maybe even better, if they had (or would get) a teammate that knew what he was doing. Now that it was over, however, he wasn't quite sure what to do. "Thanks for showin' me around." He should say something more, but what? "I... guess you wanna get back to what you were doin' before I showed up an' started makin' noise, huh?"
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Re: Wandering Aimlessly ((Kitchen))

Postby Connal Reid » Sun Jul 29, 2012 6:35 pm

Anton Markovic wrote:He shrugged, he wasn't doing much before, and he really didn't care either way what happened next. But if the other man wanted him to go away, he wouldn't object. He can't say he's the best of company, social interaction had never been his strong point.

Turning to leave, he gave a small, awkward wave to Connal. He guessed he could head back to the kitchen and grab some water, the dry grating feeling in his throat was beginning to bother him.

Connal Reid wrote:He couldn't help but smile as he returned the small wave. Anton had seemed friendly enough, even if he did seem to look a bit bored the whole time. It would be interesting to know what sort of things the man would talk about, if he could speak.

Connal decided to go pick out a bunk and get changed into cooler, less sweaty clothes. Maybe he'd take a cold shower, too. Yes, he was going to have to get used to the heat eventually, but not right that second. That rubber suit was looking less and less inviting... Well, at least he wouldn't have to worry about mosquitoes or leeches as much as the others.

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