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BLU - Ye Lan Feng, Pyro

Postby Puffin » Tue Jun 12, 2012 6:46 pm

Tea Time [Gerhard] medic outta fucking nowhere
The World is My Ashtray [Rod, James] I learned that hammers are an effective deterrent for ghosts
The Day the Monster Died [EVENT] enjoy being on the bait squad, loser

A Stranger in a Strange Land [Lan Feng Intro] WHO IS THIS BIRD AND WHAT DOES HE WANT

Name: Ye Lan Feng, (usually just goes by Lan Feng or Feng)
Age: 32, but is often mistaken for looking in her twenties
Gender: Female
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: November 8, 19XX
Team: BLU
Class: Pyro

Nationality: Chinese born, Taiwan raised
Ethnicity: Primarily Han, though she does have a bit of Hui in her as well
Languages: Mandarin, English, some rudimentary Japanese and Korean

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 120 lbs
Image: yo maybe later ok

Lan Feng is a short, rather small framed and thin woman, though her time at BLU has given her a measure of lean muscle. She has long, shiny black hair with flat bangs that she refuses to cut, instead opting to simply shove it in her suit or tie it up in a bun (the mask is a bit big on her anyway). She has a very youthful face which often has her confused for being much younger than she is. She has a number of burn scars on her body, the most serious being the one covering much of her right arm and part of her torso, as well as less severe but still noticeable ones on her legs. She isn't ashamed of these however, and in fact finds them to be beautiful. Due to her lack of insecurity about her appearance, she doesnt wear her suit outside of battle terribly often, and when sitting around the base can be found wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

Quiet and softspoken, Lan Feng is generally quite pleasant in conversation, although she is a better listener than a talker. Still, she tries to get along with people and help them out to the best of her ability, and gets along well with most. She almost never even raises her voice, unless absolutely necessary. She knows internally her obsession with fire is unhealthy, and tries to keep it out of the way and low key (when not on the battlefield, at least), but when stressed out she becomes dramatically more withdrawn and turns to the flames as a source of comfort.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Polite - Probably doesn't have a rude bone in her body. She tries to soften bad news and unpleasant topics as best she can, not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings. Extremely approachable because of this.
Level-headed - It really takes a lot to get her angry, and can remain calm in most situations, knowing that panic is less than constructive. Can generally give an unbiased, logical opinion (though she'll phrase it nicely as possible).
Forgiving - She doesn't hold grudges, believing they aren't worth the energy. Only the worst offense will earn any lasting spite from her.
Non-confrontational - Lan Feng doesn't really handle conflict well. She prefers to back out and let things blow over as opposed to actively trying to solve them, and absolutely hates getting into fights. If someone is upset with her she will likely just stay away from them for a few days, hoping that they won't be angry the next time around. Will do almost anything to avoid an argument.
Jumpy - She's never liked loud noises or things that go bump in the night, and it doesn't take a lot to scare her. However, be warned - she's the type of person who doesn't run away and hide when they're scared, but lash out violently in self defense.
Fire Obession - Like many pryos, she's got a bit of a thing for fire. And by 'a bit of a thing', I mean she is easily entranced by it and will set things on fire on purpose. She knows internally it's destructive and will try and limit her arson to small, controlled fires, but in times of stress or depression she will get a bit more extreme. It's become a compulsion for her, and not giving in to it will just lead to more stress.

Lan Feng was born in the city of Xi'an, in Shaanxi province, China. Her earliest years in the ancient city were relatively peaceful, with parents who ran a small food stall in the marketplace, younger twin brothers to play with, and of course a healthy dose of educational propaganda from Mao's government. There was never much money, but the family was always healthy and happy, which was all they needed.

However, this simple lifestyle was not to last. With the start of the Cultural Revolution in the sixties, Lan Feng's parents, though largely apolitical, wisely decided that enough was enough and decided to take their chances elsewhere, more specifically the country of Taiwan. By the time Lan Feng was partway through grade school, they packed their things and savings and headed off to the city of Taipei. Luckily for them, things worked out, and their livelihood improved from a poor family running a food stall to a moderately successful one with a full-fledged restaurant. Lan Feng's father would cite the decision to move as one of the best he had ever made. She grew to love her adopted country, though she always felt a bit cheated out of her old one.

She cannot say for sure when her love affair with fire began, but she knew it started young. Maybe it was the fire in the paper lanterns during festivals, or the fires in the kitchen of her parents' business, or maybe it was the fireworks that lit up the sky on holidays. As a young girl she was simply content to stare into the flames, but as she got older the infatuation intensified. She began setting fires at the age of 11, and never stopped. She became an expert at lighting and extinguishing flames undetected, and aside from a few isolated incidences, no one was the wiser. Even the few noticeable scars that she accumulated from her activities were small enough that they could be blamed on carelessness in the kitchen.

Other than her strange obsession, she lived a relatively normal life, making friends, getting good grades in school, and even pursuing a degree in English. She grew up into an otherwise well-adjusted young woman, teaching English to children and also assisting her aging parents with their restaurant, all the while keeping her questionable hobby under the radar. In the late spring of 1989, a series of popular protests in Beijing spurred her into finally using her skills with fire as a means for good.

In April of 1989, a series of small fires were reported throughout Shaanxi province, mostly targeting government buildings and facilities. Casualties were minimal, limited to only a few relatively minor injuries. Structural damage was moderate, not enough for considerable media attention, but enough to be a problem. As time went on, the fires became more frequent, and eyewitnesses began to report an unidentified woman staring into the flames before running off. In early June of 1989, another fire was extinguished in the center of the city of Xi'an. A woman matching the description of the one seen near the other Shaanxi fires was apprehended, suffering from serious burns to her right arm and torso. News of the event was largely silenced, a task not too difficult in the shadow of the Tiananmen Square protests.

It was during her early stages of imprisonment that she was approached by the recruiter for BLU. She was entirely suspicious of this mysterious American company that promised her so much. They offered her a job, a way out of the country, more money than she could possibly imagine, and even proper medical treatment for her burns. Suspicious, but like so many others, and facing life imprisonment or possibly execution, she had little choice but to accept.

Her initial time at BLU was largely uneventful, at least as far as such a job could possibly be. She was assigned to a team at Badwater. She got on reasonably well with the rest of her team (especially the Demoman, who was more than happy to shoot the fireworks she'd smuggled off the roof) with no real conflicts or trouble to speak of, except for the fact that much of her team was more than a little weirded out that such a genuinely nice and polite young lady like herself could be so good at roasting the other team and wreaking havoc with her flamethrower without batting an eye.

Of course, they were mistaken. As much as she liked fire, it soon became clear that battle was wearing down on her psychological state. She turned more and more to setting small fires to try to ease her mind and to temporarily forget the carnage during the day. As time went on, those small fires started to get bigger and bigger. This went about as well as you'd expect. As it turns out, fire fares much better in a hot, arid environment like the desert they were stationed in. She was lighting an entirely ill-advised bonfire outside when a wayward wind blew the flames towards the base, and before she knew it, half the building was on fire.

Much like her other fires, there were no major casualties aside from some minor injuries (everyone managed to get out in time), but unlike her other fires, structural damage was considerable, and the administration was far from pleased. She promptly received a transfer to Swamp Rat, where the humidity and water would likely prevent another incident (and even if it didn't, they wouldn't care too much about property damage out there).

Primary: Default flamethrower
Secondary: Flare Gun
Melee: Homewrecker

First Person Sample:
I remember the first fire I ever set. I remember it was a hot summer evening, just at the time when the sky began to darken. I had stolen a book of matches and some old newspapers from my father. I crept out to a back alley near our home with the matches in my pocket, the newspaper under one arm and a bucket of water in my other hand. I kept telling myself that I wasn't doing this for a bad reason, but just because I wanted to see what would happen.

That was a lie, of course. I knew what would happen. I knew the paper would catch on fire. I knew what fire looked like, and what things burning looked like. The real reason was that I wanted to make that paper burn. I wanted to create a fire by myself, to watch the beautiful fruits of my labor. I found an empty trashcan and dropped the paper at the bottom, lighting a match as I had seen my father do it, and let it fall.

The result did not disappoint. As I stood and watched the flames dance over the paper, I felt an incredible rush of satisfaction and exhilaration. I couldn't tell you how long I stood and stared, but I didn't look away for the entire time that I was there. It was only when I heard footsteps and voices that I panicked and threw the water on the fire, quickly running away from the scene. And though I had technically satisfied my curiosity, I knew it wouldn't be the last time that I would do something like this.

Third Person Sample:
No, no, no, this was all wrong, all wrong. She was so close, everything had gone so well up to this point, how could it all backfire now? She ran, the smell of smoke burning in her lungs, darting through the familiar streets of her hometown, right arm radiating with pain. How could she be so careless, how could she not notice the gasoline that she had accidentally splashed on herself, and how did she allow herself to get so close to the fire? She could hear the police close behind her shouting at her to stop, but on she ran, not realizing that she was going slower and slower. She felt dizzy and sick, her chest tight with pain. But she could still make it, right? All she had to do was keep running...

When they finally caught her and brought her back with them, she did not cry out, even though the pain was excruciating. She did not cry, nor did she speak. All she did was sit quietly and stare at her wounds and think over everything that had gone wrong.

At least fire made beautiful scars.

- Aside from lighting things on fire, one of her other major skills is cooking, the product of years of working under her parents. She always carries cooking supplies with her, and can make a surprisingly tasty meal out of not a whole lot of ingredients, as well as has some pretty mean knife skills.
- Aside from cooking, her other major source of fun is fireworks and firecrackers, though she usually only sets them off during special occasions due to limited supply (though she might be able to make more with the assistance of someone else skilled with explosives).
- Though initially quite serious and still quite noticeable, the burns she sustained luckily left her right hand mostly untouched and her arm with most of its function, though she has had some loss of sensitivity and stiffness.
- She's picked up a bit of a smoking habit from the Spy at her previous base, though she tries not to do it too often. In a pinch lighting a cigarette can really help calm her nerves (even before smoking it).
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Re: BLU - Ye Lan Feng, Pyro

Postby Puffin » Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:50 pm

did I do good guys?
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Re: BLU - Ye Lan Feng, Pyro

Postby Gerhard Melsbach » Wed Jun 20, 2012 10:58 pm

So much good, I love her. Consensus, Mods? Admins?
I think we can call this one Accepted. :)
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Re: BLU - Ye Lan Feng, Pyro

Postby Puffin » Thu Jun 21, 2012 9:29 am

Gerhard Melsbach wrote:So much good, I love her. Consensus, Mods? Admins?
I think we can call this one Accepted. :)

but I cant approve my own thread ;_;
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