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BLU - Marshall Ames, Soldier

Postby Marshall Ames » Tue May 22, 2012 1:49 pm

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Name: Marshall J. Ames
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: Aug 11
Team: BLU
Class: Soldier
Special: Warhog (see end-note)

Nationality: American (b. Arkansas)
Ethnicity: Mostly French ancestry 3+ generations back, with small percentages of German and Irish.
Languages: English (1st language), Cajun-accented French, some Spanish.

Hair Color: Strawberry blond
Eye Color: Gray-blue
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210 240

Well-built, but for function, not aesthetic definition. Tends to keep his head down by default, and rarely sits up straight when he can slouch or lounge instead. Would rather waterproof the leather parts of his jungle boots than polish them. Good luck seeing his hair unless you're on the same team: it's always covered by his helmet, a camouflage bandanna, or both. Usually wears his web-gear over a team colored t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, and leaves his uniform coat in his foot locker unless it's actually cold enough to warrant the thing. Small incidental scars here and there, and a more serious pair left by the entrance and exit wounds of a bullet that passed cleanly through the left side of his chest. Slightly blurred tattoo of his old unit patch on his right shoulder.

Sexuality: Straight. Unless he's really, really that hammered.
Strengths: Adaptable, undemanding, excellent team player.
Weaknesses: Deals poorly with isolation. Tends to rise only as high as the responsibilities he's given. Occasional issues with controlling his temper, especially when being yelled at by native Spanish speakers.

Highly social, though not very suave. Smiles easily, and feels no need to fill in conversational silences if he has nothing to say. Good training and instincts. Not the brightest crayon in the box. Enjoys groups of friends, dogs, fishing, beer, camping out for it's own sake even if it IS raining, Southern cooking, and sex. Laughs it off if the subject of his getting kicked out of the Army comes up, but is secretly deeply ashamed of that, and he hasn't really dealt with it yet.

Marshall was the second child and only son of a housewife and a US Army soldier. His father served in the Korean war, then later in Vietnam. The family moved several times over the course of his father's career, but since most of his friends' families did the same, it wasn't much of an issue. Marshall and his three-years-elder sister have been at odds from more or less the day he was born. He learned early on to seek out groups of other boys his age as a defense against her attempts to dominate him, and is arguably is still following this pattern as a full-grown adult. He and his friends played soldier. A lot.
One of his earliest memories was of his parents talking in the living room after they thought the kids were asleep. His father was upset about something (probably a PTSD issue, though Ames didn't put that together until years later). The memory ends with his mother stroking his father's hair. Ames doesn't actually have an Oedipus complex, but he still thinks his mother is finest woman he's ever met.

When Ames was 17, his father was on a Chinook transport helicopter when it was shot down near the Vietnamese/Laotian border, and Ames Sr. was declared KIA three weeks later. The loss to the family was devastating, and the fallout- -especially his mother's newfound anxiety about losing her son in combat too- -led to the first major mistake of Ames's adult life: in a reversal of the plan he'd had in mind since he was old enough to be trusted with a capgun, he didn't enlist in the US Army on his eighteenth birthday.

He majored in football and girls for a semester instead, but that didn't impress his english teacher much, and he washed out on academic grounds. The young man spent the next year and a half working with his uncle as a cook at a Cajun diner in Baton Rouge. Meanwhile the Vietnam war ground to it's ignominious end, and the battle-weary American military took an uneasy step back from the international stage... which was in hindsight EXACTLY the excuse Ames had been waiting for. He finally enlisted in the Army, and was picked up by the 193rd Infantry Brigade, then stationed in Panama. ...And as he'd always believed he would be, he was GOOD at it.

Ames learned a lot in the Army. He traveled. He listened to the older Soldiers' stories, and passed them on as he saw fit. He had a very ugly experience with a drug-trafficking ring in Venezuela. He almost married a Brazilian woman once. He broke his left arm during a training exercise, and made friends with a Navy SEAL who was recovering from a shark bite to the back of his thigh. Ames decided to try out for special forces himself, and was about halfway through the screening process when a very bad error in judgement involving the hot secretary of a visiting Brigadier General put an end to his career in the Army altogether. He applied for a Navy transfer, but whatever blacklist the General had put him on, the mark stuck. Ames's friend in the SEALs was pissed, and the Soldier has since wondered from time to time if that had anything to do with the job offer letter he received from BLU about a month later...

Swamp Rat is Ames's second base since he joined the company, and though his opinion on this reassignment was never asked, he figured that being sent a swamp base stateside would beat the hell out of a second winter at Sawmill.

Primary: Rocket launcher (why mess with a good thing?) [Note: Primary weapon not carried while off-duty]
Secondary: Shotgun (Worn cross-back with a shoulder sling. Sometimes carries rifled slugs or other nonstandard ammo)
Melee: Uses a Machete as his default melee weapon instead of a shovel. Has standard US Army training, and picked up a few moves from the Special Forces guys he met along the way. Took Capoeira for a while, but was never very good.

First Person Sample: (Note: I don't use this format much)

I've almost got the first knot untied. The hemp rope's becoming damp from the sweat of my fingers, and that's not helping. Outside I can hear an argument, the rumble of a light truck passing by, the braying of a donkey further off.
Something lands with a rattle on the roof above me, and for one horrible, ass-clenching second I think it's got to be a grenade. Then
it squawks, beats its wings a little, and I can breathe again. The shifting of the bird's feet shakes down a few wisps of dry thatch onto my shoulders. I get back to work on the knot, but before I can finish the job I hear the bolt on the outside of the door begin to slide open.

Third Person Sample:

"Ow- -man, aren't you done yet?" Ames wanted to know, "-company should be sending me to Nairobi with this many shots." The white-coated Medic swabbed off a few stray droplets of blood that had run down the outside of the Soldier's thick arm from the most recent injection site, and favored his temporary patient- -VERY temporary, the Doctor reminded himself- -with a look of contained irritation.
"In my experience, Herr Ames..." he said, filling a fresh needle with the contents of the last ampule in the white styrofoam box he'd brought with him, "-it is better not to name aloud zhe things you vould rather not see."
"Never volunteer," Ames conceded, and reached over, rubbing his arm one-handed. He'd been given batch-style immunizations before, but the too-warm center of the second one down was starting to throb unpleasantly beneath the blue and red shield of his tattoo. "-What's uh-" the Soldier's vision blurred for a moment, but he squeezed his eyes and it was gone when he opened them, "-what's with the phony German accent?"
Maybe it wasn't the brightest thing to have said to a man about to plunge another hypodermic needle under his skin, but after a tight-jawed pause, the medic re-capped the filled needle and took off his black-framed glasses to clean them.
"-How did you know?" the Medic asked, with better English pronunciation but a clear trace of something that sounded distinctly eastern bloc.

[Special Status: Warhog (Experimental Human/Feral Hog hybrid, Lv. 1)
Hybridization Progress: Change complete(?)
Experiment Description: Cutting-edge cellular-level hybridization process, developed by TFI Labs in hopes of selling it to the US Military. Serum was designed for minimal visible side-effects, and reverse-process animal testing trials indicated that the change would take between 3-4 months to complete after being activated by Respawn, which was pretty accurate. M. Ames was the second Human test subject, first test inconclusive due to untimely death of research subject.
Known Side-effects: Skin coarsens over much of the body. Existing muscles become denser and proportionally stronger. Body odor becomes mostly nonhuman. Hair becomes similar to bristle, and some color variation may occur. Weight increase of between 20-40 Lbs. Sense of smell more than triples in acuity. Some impulse-control issues were reported in the first test subject, but as the subject was a convict to begin with, it is unknown whether this problem was a new or pre-existing condition. ]

...How did this change begin, you ask?

    (10:46:36 PM) Jasper: James: >:| *raises hand*
    (10:46:39 PM) Jasper: James: TEACHER
    (10:46:47 PM) Jasper: James: Ames smells like a HYBRID
    (10:47:00 PM) Ames: Ames: Shut UP.
    (10:47:01 PM) puffin: who is the teacher
    (10:47:06 PM) Jasper: :Va
    (10:47:09 PM) puffin: Teacher: Then stop smelling him you weirdo
    (10:47:16 PM) Jasper: ppppfff
[June 16 Update: Violent impulses aren't the problem, but Ames IS developing a troubling (to him) pattern of 'going camping' out in the swamp... and remembering about one day in seven of what he does out there.]
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Re: BLU - Marshall Ames, Soldier

Postby Gerhard Melsbach » Tue May 22, 2012 2:23 pm

Clear cut, well written, and overall EXACTLY what BLU needs.
Welcome to Swamp Rat!

You're free to make an intro thread in the Docks, or introduce yourself in the Event.
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