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BLU - Enrico Roland

Postby Rufus Schmitz » Tue Jan 31, 2012 4:35 pm

((Copy/Pasting this from the General Chat.))

Name: Enrico Roland
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: July 14th, 1933
Team Favorite Color: BLU
Class: Sniper

Nationality: Auckland, New Zealand
Ethnicity: White
Languages: Two = Good English and Bad English, this man could stand up against a sailor

Appearance: Has a natural tan, not too dark and not too light. Almost a light honey color but if he removes his clothes you can definitely see a tan line. His hair is short and curly. Enrico has some muscle mass, but he isn't Mr. Macho nor is he a string bean. To best compare him is he looks similar to a beach lifeguard. Very clean and well kept, even if he is a Jarate user. He barely has any scars on his body and if there is, the most noticeable is one on his rear butt cheek from where a horse kicked him. Enrico also has a tattoo of a Maui tribal shark on his right shoulder. He is also, noticeably, shaven everywhere but his head... so yes, he shaves down there. As far as his facial features, he doesn't usually wear aviators and if he does, they're silver rimmed with black lenses. He almost looks the standard Sniper look from game, but smaller jaw and pointy sideburns.

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Baby Blues
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 192.10 lbs.

Image: None, sorry. Ven can't draw people.

Personality: When meeting Enrico, he can either be by himself, or if in a good mood, is the all around party smug guy who knows how to look cool, be cool and show off he's not easily backing down. If you managed to befriend him, he's great and can lend a personal hand. Get him on his bad side, and you'll regret it on your way to the showers to wash jarate off. Enrico can be a good go-to for advice on standing up to things, seeing he's been there, done that, got the broken nose but won the fight. He's one not to take bullshit and not afraid to show he's not some 'sissy whine-fest fag'. The man also has a grudge on Aussies for reasons he's happy to tell.

Sexuality: Openly Gay, he's still masculine and proud, nothing stereotypical, he hates those types.

Strengths: Moral supporter, expert marksman, will lighten up any mood, very straightforward

Weaknesses: His small handicap, anger issues about made fun of being mistaken for Aussie, being gay, or said handicap.


Enrico Roland grew up in Auckland, New Zealand. His childhood was a tad sad at best growing up alone with only his father. When he was five months old, it was found he was born color blinded, seeing the world like a black and white photo. His mother, who was a bit of a perfectionist in many things, decided her husband and son were no good to her for their faults and up and leaves, leaving Enrico in the care of his father who owned a horse breeding ranch just outside the city. Growing up, the lad grew talented in training horses and his skill at riding.

At seventeen was when his first and only boyfriend, Jesup. Jesup was a budding swimsuit model for a local magazine aimed towards the 'poofter' community as it called. They wanted to do a rodeo shoot and hired the ranch. Here, Enrico showed them their best horses, the best places for pictures, everything for the sake of big bucks towards the farm. When the shoots were over, Jesup and Enrico started to see each other more. At that time, Enrico was in a state of self confusion, having no interest in girls in high school and thought something was wrong with him. But with a father who, oddly enough was more forgiven and down to earth, told his son "love's a funny thing. Like what you like and damn the consequences. Who knows, you might get lucky." So when Enrico finished school, he and Jesup moved in together in an apartment in Auckland.

Time rolled by, and when Enrico entered in his twenties, his job was a ranch hand for his father while Jesup stuck with the modeling, even managing to sneak Enrico in for a few shoots for extra scratch. But as times changed, so did financial issues. The ranch was behind on payments and was threaten foreclosure and Enrico's relation with Jesup was starting to wane. That's when he found a job with the Builder's League in America. Seeing it as a great source of income to save his father's ranch as well as his own, Enrico left for the job as a Sniper, using his old skills for shooting down pests and feral dogs from the horses to finer arts of assassination. For years he worked his butt off with BLU, transferring to many places from Teufort to Granary, Doublecross to Viaduct. Any money he made half went to his father. Now, his transfers landed him what was suppose to be a ten month tour of Swamprat Corp. to help train a few BLUs before being returned to Teufort... but that transfer back never happened.

Enrico suddenly disappeared in the swamps.. what ever became of the Kiwi remains a mystery....


Primary: Standard Sniper Rifle, he wouldn't trade it for anything else
Secondary: Intermixes between the SMG or Jarate depending on what the situation calls for
Melee: Tribalman's Shiv... nothing like bleeding a enemy out like a stuck hog in the morning!

Third Person Sample(AKA oh hey, this was the last thing that happened to him in the past!):

It was pretty dark outside, the trees starting to blend with the sky from the thick clouds. Yep, another thunderstorm. Enrico sneered, looking up as small flashes of lightning lit portions of the thunderclouds overhead. "They expect me to find 'em in this rubbish?!" He hissed under his breath but nonetheless, tread through the mud and swamp water.

"Oy! Come out, I ain't gonna hurt cha... Everyone's worried about cha! Ya need to come back so Doc can fix it!" He calls out to the thick Louisiana bayou jungle. Nothing replied but the singing of crickets and frogs. With a frown, the New Zealander treads onward, images of home and Teufort danced in his head. God he missed both, he missed being home with his Dad and Teufort for the team there and the wild weekend parties they would have.

The thought brought a smirk to his lips, as he continues much deeper into the swamp. A flash of lightning scares him, being too close and lit the area brighter than day. He had no clue BLU's Respawn machine had just been zapped. "Bloody fuckin' hell!" He gasped, holding onto his trophy belt hat. Looking around he spots a hill surrounded by a circling creek (which will one day fill over and make it a familiar island). "Must be hidin' there.." He whispered and ran over, sniper rifle in hand. "Hey.. it's alright! I'm here! Come out and we'll fix this together." He said, trying to sound cheery. "No good lurkin outside in a thunder storm." The growl he hears behind him was heard too late. He turns around, only to hold a look of shock and panic.

Sadly, a boom of thunder rumbles overhead, blocking the sound of a gunshot and heavy rain falls.
Rufus Schmitz

Re: BLU - Enrico Roland

Postby The Announcer » Sat Mar 24, 2012 8:56 pm

You’ve been accepted to BLU...

Excuse me, déjà vu. Filthy sausagelover.

Remember, your team’s activities can be accessed here.
You will not be required to make a introductory thread in the Docks, as you are an exception.
Please remember the rules, and that you are allowed to update your application with information on your character; we have specifically designed the app for this purpose. After beginning your dock thread, tag as you like.

Remember: We at BLU do not support friendships with the enemy. These will be found and destroyed.

Though we formally doubt you'll ever form any, with anyone, enemy or no. Zombie.

Welcome back to BLU. We formally hope you enjoyed your stay in Hell.
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