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BLU - Amerose Rose Prideaux, Demoman

Postby Amerose Rose Prideaux » Wed Sep 14, 2011 8:06 pm

(Just wanted to get it done and put it out here already, I might add some more and edit later but for now just take it *o*)

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Name: Amerose Rose Prideaux (Nicknames: Roro, Rosey, or Rose)
Age: 25
Date of Birth: October 31
Team Favorite Color: BLU
Class: Demoman
Gender: Male
Languages: English. Started some French, but never bothered learning it fluently.

Primary: Grenade Launcher
Secondary: Sticky Bomb Launcher
Melee: A Scottsman Skullcutter of sorts. It was a gift from a friend and he had it mounted on a wall. It's lighter and smaller and doesn't have the slowdown disadvantage.

Personality: Amerose is very very spoiled. He expects everyone to do everything for him. He absolutely despises cooking, cleaning, and working. Don't expect him to do any of the three on his own. He's also very wordy and talky. He knows all the right things to say and how to say them. It would be best if you steered clear of being alone with him. Otherwise he might try to get you to do something for him. And most of the time it works. He has an albino boa, named Sandor. It follows him everywhere, and he has become attached to it. Do not mess with his boa. Not only has he gotten him in the respawn system, he will take you out of it if you hurt Sandor. Amerose has a bunch of bad spiritual stuff going about him. Do NOT get involved. You will be sucked in as well. It is not fun.
Sexuality: Says he's straight, but he's willing to do anything to get what he wants. Still won't admit he's anything but straight though.
Strengths: Persuasive - He has the ability to make almost anything sound enjoyable. He will guilt trip, seduce, threaten, and do anything else to get what he wants from you. He's good at arguing and making people squirm as well.
Intelligent - Just because he didn't go to college, doesn't make Amerose stupid. He's very smart about certain things. Mostly his voodoo. But also about history and literature. As well as snakes. He loves books.
Flexible - Self explanatory. We shouldn't really discuss where he uses this ability.
Weaknesses: Lazy - He'd much rather sit on the couch and watch tv than do anything else that requires any physical labor at all. He won't get up to clean his room either. It will become a mess. If Sandor becomes loose, he won't bother with that either. He always comes back eventually.
Spoiled - He was so used to getting anything he wanted whenever he wanted. It's a bit hard now, not having all of the luxuries he once had. His misses them deeply. Having to work is just so tiring sometimes!
New to guns and grenades - The only thing Amerose is good at during a fight is melee. Thanks to the several self defense classes his parents enrolled him in as a tot. His small double battle axe is his greatest weapon. His grenade launchers are practically new. Everytime he tries using them he ends up killing everyone but the enemy. Don't expect him to try using them much, unless he goes suicidal as a last minute plan.

History: Amerose grew up in a rich neighborhood with rich parents. They did everything for him. They got him pets, they got him toys, they enrolled him in many self defense classes. He was good at fencing. He was great with axes, swords, and knives. He went to a private school and excelled in all his subjects. But mostly because he's good at remembering things. Math and science were not his strong subjects, computing and solving things are harder than just remembering facts. Amerose continued to excell at school until high school, freshman year. He fell in with the wrong crowd. And he found something he really loved. Women. He became such a player. A seducer. Acted a gentleman. He always got whatever girl he wanted. Around this point in his life, his parents were tiring of how rotten Amerose had become. Nearing the end of his high school life, around junior and senior year, he would always stay out late, partying. He would leave his room a mess. He wouldn't finish his homework. He was always begging for money and trashing the house. Once Amerose finished high school, his parents kicked him out. They gave him some money first, but not too much. Only enough for him to party for a month, which is what Amerose did. He exhausted his funds on partying and women and fun. After they were gone, he freaked out. He tried doing odd jobs, but he wasn't really good at anything. He conned several people, and eventually earned a real bad rep. He became homeless, foodless, and jobless. After a few weeks of this, he was extrememly desparate. He found a guy, a shifty guy, though he seemed understanding to Rose's woes. He took Amerose in, gave him a place to stay and some food. Amerose affectionately called him "Snake" though his real name was Dracul. He earned his nickname from the large, thick, black boa that was always following Dracul around. Dracul loved his snake and he was his true love and joy and happiness. Amerose was never really quite sure why Dracul was so attatched to his boa. But that never bothered him. The only things that bothered Amerose about Snake was his weird rituals, black magic, and voodoo stuff. Amerose never understood.

One day, Amerose found a skank on the street. Sandra. She was pretty hot, and he wanted her. Just for the night. Snake was off on some weird trip to find some weird thing for some weird potion or ritual or whatever. He brought her back to Dracul's place, even though bringing others was strictly forbidden. Snake had come in sometime during the middle of Amerose & Sandra's fornicating, and had gotten extremely angered. Amerose didn't understand, and Sandra was too drunk and decided she'd pick a fight with Dracul. He beat her and slashed at her, and after a bit of fighting back he killed her, and turned her body into a snake. Amerose had tried escaping sometime during that. He ran and ran and ran. Deep into the cemetary near by. Snake had followed. At first he had tried killing Amerose. The thing he was working on required the blood of a "friend." Snake had only been using Amerose because he seemed worthless at the time. A few failed attempts at capturing and hurting Rose later, and Snake had tried bargining with him. Amerose wouldn't be killed easily, but Snake had his boa and a few "friends from the other side" helping him. He decided he didn't need to kill Amerose. He told him he just wanted a bit of his blood and then he would let him go. Amerose didn't believe him one bit. So Snake used a bit of his voodoo magic on him. Amerose was promised a better life, more money, more women, if only he would promise his soul to Snake. Amerose was fooled. Snake was just as crafty, persuasive, and cunning as Amerose had once been himself, and even more so. He had such a way with wording things. Amerose was fooled into believing all of these things and more, and Dracul had obtained more than he needed, which made him very happy. But he couldn't keep Rose anymore. So he kicked him out, with the snake he had turned Sandra into. He had become a male, thick, albino boa, much like Snake's. The only difference being the colours.

Amerose, stuck with the snake (whom he had taken to calling Sandor), and filled with promises of greater things, had set off, looking for a job, a place, and food. Luck had somehow fallen upon him (or so he thought. He had gone on believing that Snake was a kook and all that voodoo mumbo jumbo was just smoke and mirrors) and he found some work. He found some girls. He found a place to stay. But after a while, Amerose had learned it was at a price. He hadn't just promised his soul to Snake, he had promised other things. Snake would "visit" him in dreams and visions. Amerose would have to continue doing deeds and rituals for Snake, as long as he lived. When Snake perished, so would Amerose. This part scared Amerose, but eventually he learned to live with it. Snake didn't seem like he would die soon. And so Amerose lived in splendor, having a grand old time, and learning to love the dark black magic he was dealing with. He had researched. Looked things up. Found info. Became an expert. It was not as bad as he had imagined it so far.

One day, he saw a small ad in the paper. It was a job ad. Some company called BLU. Looking for a "demoman." It gave a short description. It seemed easy. Shoot some explosives, kill people, never die. And the pay, oh God the pay it promised! Amerose would kill for that kind of money again (How ironic). He had since lost his parents in an accident, but they had left him nothing in their will. Amerose got to thinking of what he could do with all of that money, and he signed up as soon as he could. He left town, left the city which held Snake and his women and so called "friends." He took Sandor with him. And it was nice in the plane ride over. He hadn't had to pay for it and it was first class. People waited on him. Just like his younger years that he so missed. But the plane ride was the only nice thing. Once he had gotten to his first base, some place called Harvest, it went downhill. He had to fill out all this paper work and take all these health tests and background checks and everything was sooo intrusive. He had to wake up early every single day and he had to help clean and do dishes and cook and do laundry. Plus all of this "shooting grenades" business was tougher than it looked. He was at least greatful that he had brought along his own double battle axe. It was a gift from a friend, a long long time ago. BLU had let him keep it because it resembled another one of their weapons close enough. Amerose prefered this method of killing to his grenade launchers. Every attempt with a sticky bomb ended up in splattered Amerose all over the base. The first few months were very messy.

Over the next several and several months, Amerose had continued doing his deeds for Snake. But sometime during midday, while Amerose was in the midst of battle, Snake had died. And Rose, of course, died as well. He woud have stayed dead, if not for the respawn system he had been a part of. He was released. Somehow his soul was not taken when Snake had died. Though, there were complications. And according to a few people down below, Amerose was to take up part of Snake's responsiblities. Which, being so used to it now, Amerose did not mind. He had turned evil. He was a bad bad man. An evil voodoo man. A smooth talking, devishly dark chocolate wicked man. But, for being so bad at being a demoman, he is being punished by being sent to SwampRat.
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: African American

Hair Color: Currently Orange/Red. Not natural. He dyes it different colours often.
Eye Color: Brown. He has bright green coloured contacts.
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 145lbs

Rose's skin is a deep dark chocolate brown. His natural hair colour is black, and it lays in loose curls about his head. Often times it will be dyed some sort of bright colour. Seldom does he let his normal colour show. His eyes are dark brown, a very normal looking colour. He doesn't like the normalness of them, so he is almost always seen wearing his bright green contacts (sometimes even the cat/dragon ones). He has very handsome face, it's a bit angular, but not by too much. He grooms himself very well. He has to shave his mustache often, though you would never tell he had one. There's not a hint of it on his face. His tongue is pierced. His piercing is a small little white skull. Often times he'll be seen wearing his favourite top hat. It's a dark shade of violet and is adorned with several (possibly real) small animal skulls around the base of the cylindrical part. Purple, green, and yellow are his favourite colours (Mardi Gras anyone?). Though he will mostly wear dark purple things. After joining BLU, he's had to wear something blue indicating his team (he won't wear a blue uniform, he thinks it looks horrible on him). So he wears two bright azure bands on both of his upper arms, and sometimes a blue feather in his hat. Sometimes when he's relaxing or just standing about, he'll wear Sandor around his arms and neck.

First Person Sample: I couldn't believe they thought sending me to Swamprat was a punishment. Don't they know I was born in Louisiana? Swampiest place in the country I tell ya. I feel riiiiight at home here. This is my kinda terrain. Heck, might even motivate me enough to get better at that stupid grenade shooter thing. Or, now that I think about it, what would all those explosives do to the swamp? Don't wanna hurt it, it never did me no harm. And besides, I couldn't use it for what I need to use it for if it was gone. Not that I'd tell you what that use would be, folks. You don't need to know what I'm involved with. Unless, you want to become a part of it. I could make ya a reeeally nice offer if you ask...
Third Person Sample: Sandor slithered around the bases of the trees, through the muddy piles of leaves, traveling around in a large half-cirlce shape to silently get behind his victim. Amerose had sent his trusty companion out to corner an engineer he was targeting. He could never go against an engineer and his sentry alone, and thankfully Sandor was not tall enough to set off the sentry's sensors. Nor was he technically a member of BLU team, even if he was in the respawn system. So the sentry would be no problem for Sandor. The only thing Amerose's precious boa had to fear was the man's wrench, for he had not built a despenser yet and had recently run out of ammo in a swift battle with one of BLU's scouts. But his snake had proved himself before, so Amerose wasn't worried about him. Rose hid behind a nearby tree, his double battle axe drawn, waiting and listening. It shouldn't take long for the screaming and the running to start.
(If you would like, request it and we’ll host your character image.)

Random stuff
-He hates almost all animals besides snakes (a few exceptions are gators, tarantulas, and foxes)
-He can play the trumpet, the banjo, and he can sing
-He doesn't like to sing though because he feels he's bad at it (choir classes throughout school, he's really quite good)
-Butterscotch is his favourite candy
Amerose Rose Prideaux

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