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BLU - 12, Scout

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Name: 12. Formerly Joe Greene.
Age: He is unsure. Actual age is 26.
Date of Birth: December 14th.
Team Favorite Color: BLU.
Class: Scout - Special, harpy.
Gender: Male.
Languages: English.

Primary: N/A. How is he going to hold anything, I ask you.
Secondary: N/A, reasons above.
Melee: Talons. He can also give a good smack with a wing, but he really doesn't like doing that. His wing-talons are also fairly useless in combat.

Personality: 12 is the perfect example of what bad training can do. He was supposed to be an efficient aerial troop, obedient and vicious, but thanks to his handler, he is none of those things. Instead, 12 is overly meek, quiet to the point of almost being mute, and almost always afraid or worried. He is terrified that he'll do something wrong and get punished for it, to the point where he'll get distressed if even the most minor thing goes wrong. He follows orders, yes, but has a tendency to take some things that really aren't orders as imperative commands out of habit. He has a few simple command words that are rather like the tricks one teaches a dog, except some of them have more aggressive results. No, he will not play dead.

Since his release and transfer, 12 has somewhat grown out of the habits and defensive mechanisms he developed over his time with his handler. For one, he talks now, instead of communicating mostly with chirps or various other noises. It won't be a lot and it'll probably be apologies, but you can hear him speak from time to time. He doesn't immediately jump to do as he's commanded, though he still will if the person is intimidating or uses the right tone of voice. 12 is still incredibly unsure of himself and has very little confidence, but he may yet come out of this.

He tries his best to stay out of conflict, often leaving the room if somebody so much as looks mad. 12 will not argue and has difficulty thinking for himself, even if he's starting to adjust back to usual society--or at least, as usual as it can get when you're a half-bird mutant. Other than that, he tends to zone out a lot, and is easily startled. It's not exactly the best idea to surprise him suddenly, as he has a tendency to go for the eyes.

12 doesn't remember a lot about his life before his experimentation, and this frustrates him to no end. Persistent questions about this will actually get a rise out of him.

Sexuality: Nobody even knows.
- Loyal: If you've managed to earn his trust, you will have a feathery ball of bird following you around in case anything happens. He will make damn sure that you don't get hurt, and if somebody does manage to hurt you, it's on.
- Obedient: He'll follow orders with ease. If he likes you, he'll do it with no complaints, and he might even carry it out happily, depending. He feels a lot better when somebody's taking charge, and if it's somebody he trusts, even better.
- Sharp vision: His sight is above average, and he uses this to his advantage when he can. He can be helpful in picking targets, if properly cajoled.
- Protective: This ties in with the loyalty aspect. He is ridiculously protective of his teammates, and will even do small patrols at night to ensure that nothing's trying to get in. This is usually done on nights he can't sleep, and he figures that he should at least do something productive then.
- Hard worker: Even if he can't do some things, he will try his damnedest in others. This is to try and keep opinions of him positive, which will prevent Bad Things. And he might even make his teammates happy--win-win situation! He doesn't get hurt, and you get a lot of your stuff done without complaint.
- Afraid of punishment: If anybody even looks mad, he will start panicking. Open conflict in the room will cause him to flee outright. He just doesn't want it to be blamed on him or anything, which would lead to some punishment and oh god no.
- Follower: He isn't very good at deciding things for himself. He's trying real hard now, but it's not working to the degree he'd like, and anybody barking orders or using the right tone of voice will basically be able to get him to do almost anything.
+ He does feel a bit lost without a handler-type person to tell him what to do. This can be detrimental do his overall performance.
- Command words: There are a few that will always get a response, regardless of whether it's good or not. These can be exploited when discovered, but he'll hate you for it.
- Reluctant: He just....doesn't want to hurt anybody. Or do anything that could lead to Bad Things. Bad Things that will lead to him getting punished, and that is the last thing he wants to incite.
- Insomniac: He has some distinct difficulty getting to sleep. This can be damaging to his performance in battle, as a bird that's half asleep is much easier to shoot than one that's wide awake.
- Exploitable - It's really, really easy to take advantage of him and make him do a lot of things. You just have to use the right tone of voice or threaten him enough, and he'll practically scramble to do whatever it is you want, lest he be punished.

History: Joe Greene was a Utah native, growing up in Salt Lake City. He never was that good of a kid, always getting into trouble or starting it, and wound up with an impressive array of injuries that he could list off rather proudly, referring to them as his 'battle scars'. He was a high school dropout, leaving in the middle of his senior year. His plan for life, developed later on when he was 22, was to 'go to Vegas and strike it rich'--a rather stupid plan that ended up with him pissing the wrong people off. After this, he narrowly avoided jail and bolted for the East Coast, finding a flyer for BLU along the way. Easy money and a perfect place to hide? That sounded like a job he'd like to do.

His first base was Viaduct, and Joe honestly hated it. It was far too cold, and he signed up for what he thought was a transfer. It got him the transfer he wanted, alright, but not where he wanted--soon, he was part of a line of experiments designed to create specialized units for BLU's use. He went into the aerial category, and after a few long weeks of training, was sent out to his handler. The man was a Medic named Ernst Gehring, and he went about retraining Joe all wrong, ending up breaking him and producing 12.

After a while, he was deemed a failed experiment and was about to be killed, but he found his way out thanks to the help of another of his same line. Now, his uniform might be a little faded, but it's still blue. He isn't going anywhere else, and he knows it. He was officially transferred to the swamp after some difficulties, and he isn't sure whether he really likes it all that much.
Nationality: American.
Ethnicity: American.

Hair Color: Dark brown.
Eye Color: Gold.
Height: He's about 5'5".
Weight: 105 lbs, due to hollow bones.

12 is of average height, and generally average enough in looks. His hair is buzzed short on the sides and longer on top, though it's definitely grown a bit ragged--the top is usually swept to one side, although it tends to get in his eyes from time to time. He has various patches of feathers--his shoulders have a large amount of them, and they go down to his tail and up his neck. 12 has an almost complete collar of feathers around his neck, though his throat is entirely uncovered. Aside from that, his neck feathers are long and stick out everywhere, and they mix in with his hair some in the back, in addition to going underneath his eyes a little. 12's feathers are white for the most part, and his coloration is that of an Egyptian vulture. Even if he's considerably dingy at the moment.

12 does not have arms. Instead, he has wings, though he does have two small fingerlike claws, rather like an archaeopteryx. These are only somewhat prehensile, and they frustrate him more than they help 95% of the time.

From the knee down, his legs are scaled and eventually go into bird talons. He has four in front and one in back, ending in sharp and straight claws, with the third and fourth toes being slightly webbed.

He still wears as much of the Scout uniform as he still has--namely, the shirt and pants. He still has his dog tags, but he doesn't think of them as anything more than shiny jingly things that get in his way sometimes. Other than that, he has an identification tattoo of the number 12 on his neck, though it's a bit hidden under his collar, which is a thick and heavy brown leather strap with a nameplate on it.

First Person Sample:
I wasn't sure what to make of this place already. It was just--dank, wet, nasty--everything a swamp should be, but everything I really didn't want to deal with. The trip here had definitely been uncomfortable, and I really wanted to avoid having to travel like that again. I looked around a bit, poking at one of the marshy pools with one of my talons. There weren't any people around just yet, but that didn't mean the swamp wasn't loud; there were probably more frogs in this one spot than I'd ever thought possible, if the noise was any indication.

Well. This looked like it'd have to be home for a while. Never thought the word 'home' would apply to a swamp, of all places.
Third Person Sample:
12 shivered, the cold of the water still clinging to his body. He hadn't meant to be knocked in, oh no, but he had. The bird Scout had spent a horrible few seconds submerged, wings flailing as he tried to break the surface again. He wasn't exactly sure how he'd managed to pull himself out, but now he sat on top of a fallen tree, huddled close. His feathers were too wet to do much with, and his teeth chattered when a spiteful breeze found its way to him. Why did he have to get transferred to a swamp, of all places? 12 briefly recalled a snippet of somewhere cold and white, a spike of irritation flaring when he couldn't pin the memory down. That place seemed better than here right now, even if he couldn't legitimately remember where it was.

At least the sun was warm. It'd take him a good long while to dry out, but he hoped that nothing would block the rays. That would just make an already bad morning even worse.

[Updated appearance.]
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Re: BLU - 12, Scout

Postby The Announcer » Sat Mar 24, 2012 8:23 pm

You’ve been accepted to BLU, 'rat with wings'.

So flighty, so fragile. We at BLU hope you enjoy the land of crocodiles and very flammable air pockets we'll be sending you to.

Remember, your team’s activities can be accessed here.
You are required to make a introductory thread in the Docks, even if you don’t get any replies. This is an important process, and should have been done the same day you were accepted. If it was not, correct this heinous error immediately.

Please remember the rules, and that you are allowed to update your application with information on your character; we have specifically designed the app for this purpose. After beginning your dock thread, tag as you like.

Remember: We at BLU do not support friendships with the enemy. These will be found and destroyed.

Do us at BLU a favor and fight, would you, flighty?

Enjoy your time on BLU!
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