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BLU - Hannah Lee Mei Xing, Engineer

Postby Hannah Lee » Thu Sep 08, 2011 1:33 am

Name: Hannah Lee Mei Xing, childhood nicknames include Mei Mei, Xing Xing. (Her Chinese name can mean a few things: Mei Mei is younger sister, Xing means star. Mei can also mean beautiful, in the case calling her Mei Xing translates to Beautiful Star. Lee is a very very common surname among Chinese people. Hannah is her Christian name because in the Bible, Hannah was mocked for being childless until God answered her prayers and gave her a son. Hannah also means grace, or favor, and as a name would imply that the girl would receive God's blessing in her life. Therefore I'm hopping that her name will be a sign of good things to come for Hannah, because she's definitely not had a great life so far. Check out her history for why.)
Age: 23 years of age.
Date of Birth: 31 October
Team Favorite Color: BLU
Class: Engineer
Gender: Female
Languages: English and Cantonese, although her Cantonese is barely fluent.

Primary: Frontier Justice
Secondary: Pistol
Melee: Jag

Personality: Shy in the beginning, but she'll open up more if she gets to know you more. A bit reserved and private, and is always worried about what others think of her. This is part of the Asian mentality of "saving face": you have to have a good reputation in society so that you don't dishonour your own family name. She's also very passive, and she prefers to have instructions than to take any initiatives of her own. This is because she's afraid of making mistakes; at least if something goes wrong she can fall back on the "it wasn't my idea" excuse. She tries to be cheerful and nice to others, but she knows the world isn't just rainbows and sunshine. This can lead to her falling into one of her moody episodes, where she will brood and be gloomy. She's also very easily manipulated by people because she wants to be liked so badly that she'll do anything, save serious crimes, that is asked of her. She's also very insecure about her weight and height, as she's short and plummish and definitely not as fit as the rest of the team. Lastly, if things are getting hot around her, she will start panicking. She just doesn't feel strong/good enough to deal with situations that spiral out of control, whether the situations' are in the battlefield or at the base.

An additional point to make is that she was raised in a relatively save part of town by parents who, while stern and strict, did the best they could for their children. She was also a church-going Christian, although her faith as of recently has been shaken by all the events that has passed. In any case she grew up in an atmosphere that was devoid of most bad influences. However, her sheltered life with her family did not grant her any street smarts. As such, this also attributes to how gullible and easy to fool she is, but also makes her more willing to help others (even RED members, based on the situation) due to the fact that she practices the Golden Rule very seriously: to do to others what you want done to yourself. The concept of "dog eat dog", "survival of the fittest" and the rat race are all concepts that she could never live by.

She also has very set values, having been raised in a religious and conservative household. Hence swearing, talks about sex, homosexuals/bisexuals, showing too much skin while wearing clothes (for girls), being disobedient to leaders and etc will make her very uncomfortable. If you are openly displaying such behavior, she may shy away from you because she doesn't know how to deal with it. She'll still be nice to you, but conversations with her will involve a lot of paused silences and awkward stammers on her part.

For all her flaws though, she's very fiercely loyal to the team and to those who earn her friendship. She will defend them as best as she can, and she'll be the last person to abandon a friend in need. She's lead a life with very few good friends, so she treasures them very, very much. Hurting those she cares about will result in her actually getting angry at you. She's also a hard worker and she tries very hard to better her Engineering skills, as well as the guns she had just received. Her skills with machines are better than average for a typical Engineer, while her gunmanship skills are practically nil as Swamp Rat is her first base as a BLU mercenary Engineer. Lastly, she's the least likely person to turn you away if you need help of any kind. It doesn't matter if it's inconvenient for her; if you need a helping hand she'll be there for you. And due to her past, she's also pretty alright with hybrids (For more on this, check out her history). She's the last person to go judging a hybrid based on how he/she looks like.

Her hobbies include playing the piano, singing and thinking up new ideas for machines. When she was younger, she wanted to be a pianist.

As of the moment of her entering the base, she'll be very quiet and submissive, but the above is her default personality, which she may revert back to given time and good friends.

Sexuality: Heterosexual.
- Hard worker. She tends to burn the midnight oil so that she can do well. This not only involves researching better and faster ways to build sentries, but observing the layout of the battlefield so that she'll know the best place to put up her equipment. Of course, she'll still ask opinions from the other members, especially the older ones.
- Lighter Sentries. She designed a special sort of sentry that is lighter for her to carry and sets up faster. However, as a result the sentries have less HP than normal sentries. They're not mini-sentries, just normal sentries that are weaker but set up faster.
- Helpful and kind. To her, not helping those in need is a no-no.
- Loyal. As mentioned above, she's fiercely loyal to her team.
- Patient. She's more of a turtle engineer, which means she's the type to whack away at the sentry day in and day out. As such, she's got a good amount of patience, developed from all those years of being the class punching bag. She can tolerate almost any insult, and she won't mind waiting for you for ages. However, even her patience has its limits (refer to the last point on weaknesses).

- Indecisiveness. You'd save her time by telling her what to do, because if not she'll just spend an hour debating whether she should build a dispenser of a teleporter first.
- Panicky. She does not work well under bad situations. She'll just end up panicking and making tons of mistakes.
- Soft-hearted. She finds it difficult to shoot anyone with her guns. With her sentries she prays that whoever gets attacked has a quick death, because she would not have the heart to finish off the job.
- No confidence. She needs orders, she needs someone to tell her what to do, because she does not trust her judgement.
- Emotional. She's currently in a very fragile state, so expect her to start the waterworks if anyone mentions anything related to family, love lives and deaths. Also, she will flare up if you push the wrong buttons. Talking badly about any of the sensitive issues mentioned in her history and for long enough, and she will not hesitate to whack you with her Jag. When she lets her emotions lead, all common sense flies out the window. And for an Engineer, that's never a good thing.

History: Hannah is born from immigrant Chinese parents. Growing up, she's suffered prejudice from others simply because of her race, and she found it difficult to make friends with others for fear they would shun her due to the fact that she was Chinese. At home, she was also under pressure from her parents to do well in school. Her good grades and her polite behavior with her teachers earned her the moniker of "teacher's pet" and she was soon submitted to more torture from her classmates. She feared that she would be hated even more if she snitched, so she kept silent about their treatment of her. She couldn't even mix with the other non-white children in her class because they didn't like the fact that she was always number one in class. As a result, she had a very lonely childhood with little to no friends. Even at home, things were tense. Her parents were always reminding her of their situation, that she needed to do well in her studies to get a good job and a good life. They were very strict disciplinarians, utilizing the "tiger mom" way of raising Hannah and her two brothers. This made even home a very dreary place for her.

Thankfully though, she had her brothers to keep her company. Samuel and David were very good to her and would always keep an eye out for her. They included her in their activities and made sure to cheer her up when she was sad. Her brothers were her pillars of strength, and it was with their encouragement and their support that she managed to get through the rest of her school years. Her grades were good enough to earn her a scholarship to some of the best universities in the country, and even then she continued to excel in her studies. When she finally graduated, she thought that her struggle in live was over, that from now on she would have the dream job that her parents had promised her. However, things seldom work out the way they were planned.

Samuel, her older brother, had gone off to work for a company known as BLU. From all the letters he sent back to the family, he seemed to be doing well as a scientist on board their research and development team. The pay was good as well, and he sent back a lot of money home to support their ailing parents. But around the time that Hannah had graduated, the letters suddenly stopped. The paychecks came every month, but there was no communication from Samuel whatsoever. Calls to BLU lead nowhere either. After six months with no word, Hannah decided to join up with BLU to try and find out what happened to her brother. Although she had her degree in Engineering and her brother had been in the science field, she was accepted to BLU under their RnD team. Once over there, she maintained a low profile as one of the junior staff, while slowly trying to pick up any details she could find about her brother. Her good work with machines soon caught the attention of one of the managers, and he had her transferred to another branch of RnD.

The BLU hybrid research project.

Over there, her job was to build machines with the rest of the other Engineers to both test and contain the hybrids that were being trained by the staff. The pay was double her old one, but it came with a price; she was not allowed to have any contact with the outside world. It was this clause in the contract that caused her to sign on almost immediately. Suspecting her brother was involved in the research facility, she kept her ears and eyes out for any sign of Samuel. However, she found herself distracted most of the time by the suffering that the hybrids had to go through. Living conditions aside, they were subject to a lot of experiments that were cruel and inhuman most of the time. And Hannah was partially responsible for it, as the mechanic behind those horrible machines. Her guilt prompted her to do something, anything, but she held back for fear that she would be caught, punished, and lose any chance of finding her older brother. The hybrids scared her as well; they just seemed so scary and fierce, she was sure they'd rip her to bits if they had the chance, or if they knew that she was one of the creators of the machines that caused them so much pain.

One day, she got lost in the facility and accidentally wandered into the isolation cells for the more troublesome hybrids. Although most of the hybrids there had gone mad from all the torture, one of them kindly pointed her back to the correct directions. The next day that same hybrid, a wolf one, lay bruised and injured from one of her training machines. Guilty yet again, she dropped by to see the hybrid with a dispenser. While the dispenser healed up the hybrid's wounds, the two chatted together about their lives before BLU. From then on, whenever Hannah had free time, she'd slip down to see the wolfman. If he was was injured, she'd bring her dispenser. Sometimes she'd sneak food down to him as well, proper food that wasn't pills or nutrient drips. And they'd just talk about things. Hannah found that she really liked Stephen. A lot. And maybe more than that. Their friendship soon developed into something more, and Hannah's trips down to Stephen's cell started increasing. His fangs and claws loss their fearsome quality, and she learnt to look behind the fur to see the man trapped inside.

Eventually one day, Stephen mentioned to her that he had actually once been a researcher in the very same facility. Excited, Hannah quickly asked about Samuel, to which Stephen could only manage a sad shake of the head. He told her the horrible truth behind her brother's disappearance and Stephen's own transformation; Samuel and Stephen had tried to set free one of the more badly treated experiments in the facility. Their actions had caused Samuel his life and Stephen his humanity, as a warning shot to the remainder of the staff.

Hannah had been devastated. Her brother was dead, and she realised that she had no way of ever telling her parents the truth of his death. She could not even show her grief out in the open, for fear that the other staff would find out she was related to him. She walked a tightrope of emotions for a month after the discovery, and it was only with Stephen's help that she managed to persevere. Eventually though, one day an alarm went off in the base. Hannah had been busy working on one of her dispensers when an announcement went out that one of the dangerous hybrids had gotten loose, and that all staff were to immediately head back to their quarters. Along the way though, she heard the sound of gunfire and a familiar cry half-warped with pain. Her pace quickened, but not back to her room.

As she burst out into the corridor, she was just in time to see Stephen gunned down by the guards.

What followed after that was a blur to Hannah. There was an investigation, there was the disgrace, then there was the demotion. All in all, she lost her brother and the one person that could've been in the space of three months. Granted, it's been another three since Stephen's death (the investigations did take a while), but she's yet to get over the whole thing fully. She blames herself for Stephen's death, thinking that if she had tried to get the key to set him free, he needn't have died. Never mind that she probably would've been caught first thing if she had tried, and that Stephen himself had warned her against trying as such. To her, she had failed as a friend, and maybe...maybe as something more.

She's definitely not a happy camper when she gets to the swamp.

Nationality: San Francisco
Ethnicity: Chinese American

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Height: 152 cm. Yes, she is very short.
Weight: 58 kg.

As stated above. she's plummish and short. Her hair is cut short to shoulder-length so that it doesn't get in the way of her work. She's not very pretty either, just average. She also wears glasses, the result of too much late-night studying, and she never puts on make-up or wears any accessories as she feels that they would get in the way of work, and because she feels she won't look good in them. Most of the time she'll be wearing the traditional Engie garb: overalls, boots, jeans and a shirt. Her goggles have special lenses in them so they can double as glasses, but she prefers wearing them only when she's working with her tools. Outside of work and in her own room, she'll wear long skirts and blouses.

Her skin is mostly fair, as she's been doing most of her work indoors. This might change at her time at Swamp Rat though.

First Person Sample:
What do I do, what do I do? I need this sentry up, and I know that I can take down most of the REDs if I put them here, but I'm not sure! It's still vulnerable to a lot of damage if they come from the other side, and a Spy can easily sap it. And what if I'm needed to put up my dispenser over there? I don't know whether I can take care of both of them at the same time! And if I don't put it up soon, I'm going to let the rest of the team down...but if I put it up wrongly, then, then, then...

I wish someone would tell me what to do...
Third Person Sample:

She stared with horror at the twitching body in front of her. Her sentries hadn't finished off the enemy RED and there was nobody else around her to do what had to be done.

Slowly, she pulled her pistol out from its holster. Her hand started shaking as she directed it at the moaning pile of flesh in front of her. Part of her wanted to just leave him there, so that she needn't pull the trigger, but she knew that at the moment he was in more pain alive than dead. At least there was Respawn, so it wasn't really killing, right? She wasn't really breaking the first commandment, she wasn't really killing, there's always, always Respawn...

Her fingers locked together as she struggle to fire. Why was it so hard for her now? She didn't have any problems building mini death machines, but that was always her machines who did the dirty work. She still couldn't bring herself to just shoot the RED in front of her.

She was never meant to be a mercenary. What was she doing here?

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so, so, sorry..." she whispered fervently, over and over again. She needed to kill him, needed to be a credit to the team, needed to end his suffering, needed to, needed to...

She needed to pull that damn trigger.

A sharp crack from her right snapped her out of her trance. As the RED in front of her finally fell silent, she felt the tears fall down her face.

Again, she was a liability. Again, she had let her BLU friends down.

She was really, really weak. And she hated it.

"What do I do, Samuel...?"

I can't even draw a circle let alone a stick figure, so no picture of Hannah I'm afraid.
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Re: BLU - Hannah Lee Mei Xing - Engineer

Postby Oliver Levandi » Thu Sep 08, 2011 4:10 am

She sounds adorable lovely. Definitely someone that Lauri would love to befriend, especially since she seems like the type to need a decent friend.
Oliver Levandi

Re: BLU - Hannah Lee Mei Xing - Engineer

Postby Hannah Lee » Thu Sep 08, 2011 4:23 am

Ha ha, thanks. I was so frustrated after studying that I needed to do something creative. I was a bit afraid that I made her a bit Mary Sue-ish though. The whole lost love thing is an overused plot device, after all. But hopefully the mods will deem my character OK.
Hannah Lee

Re: BLU - Hannah Lee Mei Xing - Engineer

Postby Samuel Marston » Thu Sep 08, 2011 9:56 am

No matter how overused of a plot device lost love can be, in humanity's current situation, lost love tends to be the driving force of the type it takes to fire a gun as much as found love. I like her.
Samuel Marston

Re: BLU - Hannah Lee Mei Xing - Engineer

Postby Bartholom√§us Fritz Brotmarkel » Thu Sep 08, 2011 7:18 pm

B'awwwwwwwwwwww that history... ;_____; it made me has a sad...

And she's very nice sounding, can't wait till she gets accepted :3c
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Re: BLU - Hannah Lee Mei Xing - Engineer

Postby Hannah Lee » Thu Sep 08, 2011 10:25 pm

Heh, thank guys. I can't wait for her to be accepted as well, my RP itch is growing day by day.
Hannah Lee

Re: BLU - Hannah Lee Mei Xing - Engineer

Postby Gerhard Melsbach » Sat Sep 10, 2011 1:59 pm

Gerhard is probably very likely going to be pulling the mother hen card and doing everything he can to help her fit in while looking like doing so annoys the hell out of him.
Can't wait to play with her. :3
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Re: BLU - Hannah Lee Mei Xing - Engineer

Postby Hannah Lee » Sat Sep 10, 2011 2:26 pm

Oh Lord, she'll be so confused by him she won't know whether he hates her or not. And that just leads to further indecisiveness and lots of "Should I do this? But it might make Gerhard mad!" moments, which might even make Gerhard even more irritated, which then leads to her fumbling to save the conversation, which leads back to more indecisiveness, and...

...yeap, even though she's sweet and everything, she''s probably going to be very annoying to deal with if you're not used to her.
Hannah Lee

Re: BLU - Hannah Lee Mei Xing - Engineer

Postby Gerhard Melsbach » Sat Sep 10, 2011 2:34 pm

Hahahaa~ The key word is LOOKS like it annoys him.
Gerhard is such a mother hen to his team, and cares quite a lot for everyone, but he tries to hide it. Doesn't really work. X3c
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Re: BLU - Hannah Lee Mei Xing - Engineer

Postby Tom Cucinotta » Wed Sep 14, 2011 8:49 pm

Tom Cucinotta

Re: BLU - Hannah Lee Mei Xing - Engineer

Postby Hannah Lee » Wed Sep 14, 2011 9:15 pm

Sweet! Thanks very much. :D
Hannah Lee

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