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BLU, Oliver Levandi, Medic

Postby Oliver Levandi » Thu Aug 25, 2011 12:57 am

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Name: Oliver Levandi. (Oli, Ol, Livvy, etc.)
Age: 35, and not a day over.
Date of Birth: October 25th.
Team Favorite Color: BLU.
Class: Medic.
Sex/Gender: Male. And while he'll deny anything besides masculine, he's more androgynous than anything. But sshh.
Languages: English, of course. With tidbits of Estonian he picked up from his Parents.

Primary: Having gotten bored of the typical Syringe Gun the day he started work, he recently took up a Blutsauger and carries it around with him everywhere, faithfully.
Secondary: He uses the Klitzkrieg for maximum efficiency on the field.
Melee: Hand-on-hand combat was never his thing. Not just because he wasn't really fit enough to deal heavy blows to his opponinents, but also because it just didn't seem to work out for him. (Physical fights ended with him on his back and a black eye 90% of the time) So, instead, he hangs onto his Ubersaw for all those potential close calls.

Personality: Somewhat quiet and soft-spoken for a man of his age of profession, he makes up for it with his wit and humor and ability to hold an extended conversation for longer than most. Outwardly, he appears almost stereotypically geek-ish, though besides the love of science, glasses and his somewhat technical way of speaking, he tends to be more of(anything no included here is included below)
Sexuality: Though the world has slowly become more and more accepting and open, Oliver is still terrified of the prospect of being gay. While the attraction for females /is/ there, so is the attraction to males. It's hard to tell which is more prominent.
- Kind and fair, Oliver is always the first person to try and help solve a problem quickly and efficiently, while also making it fair toward everyone involved.
- Is seldom unbiased and usually doesn't let his emotions get in his way (unless there is another reason for them, in).
- It doesn't take much to get him serious. If you need someone who can concentrate fully and not let anything get in his way? Give him a reason to. On the contrary, however, it doesn't take much but a drastic event to break his seriousness. It is both a strength and a weakness.

- While he tries to be precautious, he can sometimes be too trusting. He tries to look on the bright side of everything and make due with what he can, but his optimism is just a facade to hide his fears of failure and rejection.
- Oliver will often over-analyze things, for better or, more often, for worse. And his reluctance to step out of his safety zone more often than not makes him miss out on the little joys life has to offer.
- Stresses very easily, and tends to crumble under it. Most likely suffers from PTSD.
- Although he likes to think he isn't somewhat insecure, his lack of masculine features makes him feel as if he needs to make an extra effort to act masculine to compensate. Remarks or questions about his feminine appearance tend to make him fidget awkwardly and become stressed. Oliver is pretty unwilling to accept that some men are just born that way, and rejects his androgyny as if it were a curse.

History: Much like him, his childhood is plain and simple. There were only a handful of events that stood out. He was raised by his parents in Alliance, Nebraska; they had moved there shortly before he was born. His Mother worked part-time in a clothing shop, repairing, making and selling clothing, while his Father worked for a Health Insurance company fulltime. They spent as much time with Oliver as they could, though they were all often busy with their own little things. Oliver tended to study or play outside while his parents worked, and they sat and talked at the dinner table and watched TV together afterward. While his Father's profession seemed the most likely to spark his interest in Medical Science, it was a childhood accident that sealed the deal.
Around the age of 11, he and a small group of boys ventured onto the local railway for one of their usual games of Cops and Robbers. It all went normal at first, until one of the scheduled trains was due to come. Instead of moving along, one of the boys insisted that they stay, saying that one of the "cops" could chase a "robber", Oliver, over the railway just as the train was due to come by. Thinking they could pull it off, all the boys agreed.
As the train came around the corner on schedule, Oliver prepared himself and jumped over first, seating himself on the opposite side of the "cops" and waiting for his other friend to position himself to jump over to capture him.
The train came, and he leapt-- .. to his death.

The sheer speed of the train was too quick for the boy to match. His body collided with the front of the train and flew even further up the track. Oliver raced after it in an attempt to help his friend, but was met with the wizzing train and the splattering all around.
After one of the other boys raced back into town to get their parents, Oliver refused to go out and play anymore. Instead, he stood at home, occasionally reading some of his Father's insurance brochures and spending his free time at their local clinic.

Middle and Highschool seemed to wizz by, eventually landing Oliver on the doorsteps of his first community College. He spent a year there, attempting to get his pre-reqs out of the way first, before shipping off to Medical School.
While helping and healing were two of his main concerns, the growing knowledge in other medical fields slowly began to become more and more appealing until Oliver found himself peaking into their new Forensic Science department. At first he just spent time hanging around there, asking questions and studying their equipment and techniques. It wasn't until their department was assigned to help a case that Oliver finally found his interest in FS had grown from curiosity to admiration and love. (Yes, it was that cheesy) He spent the remainder of his years in Med. School trying to learn everything he could about Forensics, eventually earning a Associates Degree in Forensic Science to go along with his Medical Degree.
He finally graduated and finished school at the not-so-young age of 31, immediately beginning work at his local hospital and working part-time as a forensic tech. for the state.

It was shortly after helping to solve his first case that the mysterious invitation from BLU came, and though he was reluctant, the sheer thought of cheating death in such a game overshadowed the gruesomeness of it.
While he wasn't the best on the field unless he was healing someone, he learned quickly and began to even enjoy the Company's little game. Though the sudden Base transfer came as a surprise to him, he looks forward to see what new things he may discover in the Swamp.

Nationality: Born in Estonia, raised in the USA.
Ethnicity: European; primarily Estonian, though his roots spread far into the Nordic Nations.

Hair Color: Soil brown.
Eye Color: A dull blue.
Height: 5'8''.
Weight: 148. He's a light fellow.

Plain is probably the best word to describe Oliver. Not too much of this, not too little of that. His European roots keep him what average, pale with lightly freckled skin and balanced features. As his facial features and medium long hair make him look rather feminine, he tries to cut his hair often and get out in the sun as best as he can. Though it doesn't seem to matter much, as he's always hiding behind his glasses and medical mask.
(Playby: A young!Oliver; Jaco van den Hoven)

First Person Sample: (Sort of a mixture between diary style and reflection/observing. But that's about as best as I can do in 1st person. it really isn't my style.)

Oh, I hate rainy days. I really do. Not so much because it makes it all the more dreary, but because walking in mud with soaking wet clothes is just something that nobody should have to do. Not in this field, anyway. Our equipment was built light. Efficient. Meant to be used with ease, you know? The sort of thing you would expect from this line of work. Now, some men wouldn't mind heavier equipment, though I personally wouldn't like to luge around a giant medigun while trying to heal my teammates. It just adds unnecessary stress. ..And, you know, it makes you a big human target when you're struggling to both carry that AND walk through a giant puddle of mud. It just doesn't work! At all.

..Oh, gosh. I spaced out again. One of our Snipers is giving me that "you really need to stop spacing out and pay attention" look again, ack. This is awkward. Time to get back to work..

Third Person Sample:
(Using a reply from one of my characters from another board. I hope that is alright.)

The reminder of that was a cold, hard sting in his brain. "Vielen Dank, du Idiot." came out as a bitter growl. Playing it safe was the smart thing to do, but that didn't mean he was pleased about the current situation. No. Not at all.
It was short, boring, and he didn't even get to start any of the real torture. (Unless the horror of having such a distasteful word carved into you counted) It also meant that getting answers from him was going to be nearly impossible unless he managed to drug him yet again and drag him off somewhere secluded.
Pfff.. yeah, as if he was going to be that lucky.

A small part of him hoped that he might get to continue on the boat, though his rational side highly doubted it. Cas would probably make a habit of avoiding him from thus forth, if not simply outing him or going for revenge at a later time. The possibilities were endless, really. And Nick hated it.

He dragged the Spy along behind him, simply shoving a small cloth at him in hopes that he would clean himself up a bit. Walking around with a man covered in blood all over his front wasn't exactly something that didn't draw attention thus day in age and all.
The duo managed to make it a few feet into town before a pair of large, drunk men stumbled past them. The larger of the two halted, taking a double-take at the rather awkward site of the two; one looked messy and drunk, while the other looked flustered (though for a reason that was probably oblivious to the other men) and was dragging the other male by the wrist. "Hey! You!"

Nick reluctantly turned around, forcing the most pleasant tone he could muster. "Can I help you..?"

(Oh lawdy, I hope I filled this out right. It's so different than the other formats I'm used to. // If you need me a write up a sample involving Oliver, just let me know.)
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