RED - Rufus Schmitz, Medic

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RED - Rufus Schmitz, Medic

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Rufus Schmitz


Date of Birth:
October 31st

Team Favorite Color:


English, German is his native tongue and nowadays only swears in German


Primary: Blutsauger for close combat in the water ways, Crusader's Crossbow when he wants to stay on dry land.
Secondary: Quick-Fix, but he rarely, RARELY uses this or any Medigun.
Melee: Amputator


Quite serious in his work, follows the "doesn't play well with others" rule after his little "accident". Can be uptight and snobby, unless you rub him the right way then he can be a coy prat boy. Prefers it if others treated him like a professional doctor even if he has a tantrum here and there if he doesn't get his way. Also a tad right-winged in politics though he tries not to admit it aloud, and often denies a lot of things about himself to others and him. Does NOT want to be compared to a freak, calling his condition a 'minor accident of the tongue' and is working on correcting it. Do NOT mention anything about Sea World to him, such as jokes about how he would get the perfect job there, etc. Also loves soft beds, refuses to sleep anywhere else and keeps a shotgun under the pillow (yes, he's that paranoid over a sleeping space.)


Rufus was born into the upper middle class of (at the time) West Germany to a family in the business of medicine and/or law. He was a only child, brought up in spoilage and treated like a prized trophy. He was a temper-mental child, demanding whatever he wanted, taunted school "friends" (especially those who families had a relative or two serve in a not-so-globally-friendly political party), and generally determined to be head of the class.

In his late teen years, he applied for schooling to become a doctor like his father, and after graduating would work in the local asylums where his morbid curiosity grew and eventually pinched works of the mad doctor Josef Mengel if only to see if he could get away with minor things. After working for four years, he grew tired and soon found interest in an American company called Reliable Excavations and Demolition, AKA RED seeking out medics willing to perform field work. His first job was held in a base called Harvest where he absolutely loved it. The dark atmosphere was perfect enough to capture victims and perform experiments on.

Unfortunately this was short lived and was transferred to Coldfront within four months. Here, he also joined the Medical Legion, a division in which allowed Medics from both sides to come together for pure Science. Of course when they meet, everyone dons on black instead of red/blue colors so no one can know who was an enemy and who was a ally.

It was at one of these meetings that would be the beginning of Rufus's downfall.

While on a week off to join up with a Medical Legion meeting, he noticed one Medic older than him working on genetics. Cue the younger throwing Mengel jokes left and right. While the other Medics choose wisely to ignore Rufus, having known him as a slight attention whore, the new older Medic warned Rufus over and over again not to cross his line. Sadly, for Rufus... he spoke one Nazi joke to many. He was cornered while working, bashed up and before he could recover, a nasty large needle jabbed his neck.

Moral of the story: never piss off a Mengel supporter.
When Rufus regained consciousness, he would be plagued with pink rash blots all over his legs and lower torso. Unable to get back at the other Medic, he sulks it off, gathers a box of lotion and ointment creams for rashes, and returned to Dustbowl. He wouldn't last but a week there before the full effects took place.

They were painful bouts of spasms. He couldn't run with his team, legs muscles cramped up too much. Eventually he couldn't take it anymore and attempted to give himself a steroid shot for the pain. It only made it worse. Within a matter of a few hours, he would painfully lose function of his legs, as a horrid pink and gray growth took hold from his tailbone. No amount of screaming could help him ease off the fact his legs slowly disappeared and the growth gained bone, muscle and tendons. Once the pain finally slipped away, the young Medic was left on the floor of his Medbay, sporting a Amazon River Dolphin's tail. Stricken by the revenge of the legion's medic, Rufus fashioned a wheelchair for himself to get around and quickly applied for transfer. He got one... to the swamp.

So with bags packed, a light medical blanket to cover his mutation, Rufus sets out to a new base, hoping while he was there, he could make a cure and return back to normal. So long as his condition isn't found out, he won't be looked at as some 'freak', refusing to lower himself to such creatures.

Nationality: Germany (at the time of birth, was West Germany)

Ethnicity: German

Relationships: none
Orientation: closet-bi, virgin... and now that opportunity to get some is now wasted until he gets better.


Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Grayish blue

Height: when he was human: 6'1", with the tail: 6'8"

Weight: when he was human: 176 lbs., with the tail 192.6 lbs.


Rufus' hair style is a short 'faux' hawk that is naturally licked up on the sides from being cut short and naturally oily. His skintone from the hips up is mostly untanned except where a medical coat doesn't cover. His glasses are thin readers, square shaped. He doesn't have much muscle mass, since he isn't as ripped as other teammates.

From the hip down (if seen in public which is very rare), it's of a pink river dolphin tail containing several light marks from the skin cracking and bleeding due to not keeping it moist. When approached, Rufus is in his fabricated wooden wheelchair with a caddy in the back for a medi-pack. One will also notice a pair of dress shoes on the foot pedals. This is a facade so no one will know the truth. If anyone asks about the wheelchair, he's good about lying in stating it was an accident at the previous base and he's in the process of 'healing up'.


- Rufus's favorite meals are canned seafood, including canned tuna, canned smoked herring, sardines, anchovies, oysters, clams, and yes escargot (this was long before he gained his tail). He also likes fruits like mangoes, pineapple and cantaloupes

- despite being in a wheelchair, Rufus can swim even though he hates to. He will park his chair someplace hidden, swim any waterways, attack from below and swim away back to his chair before being noticed.

- on the Medic charts, Rufus is classified as a Combat medic, meaning he has little regard for patients during battles and is more interested in holding his own. He will heal team mates off battle or if they get in the way of his healing crossbow.

- Rufus doesn't believe in making friends with mercenaries, seeing it as "kill today, dead tomorrow" if Respawn is turned off. He's to much interested in his research in genetics then friendly merry-making, team or not. He'll be a doctor when need be, but he ain't your friend, buddy.

((no images of Rufus, I can't draw people nor do I know anyone willing to draw for me))


(note, I'm far too use to doing roleplay 3rd person style for ten years of rping life so you will not see a 1st person rp from me, sorry )

3rd: Watching from a boarded up window, Rufus slowly loaded the poisonous bolt into his crossbow. Eyes narrowed as the weapon lines up, watching and waiting for a target. So what if he couldn't join the first wave? He could hold is own and on this sort of land, so long as turf was defended he'd defend where he sat. The wooden wheelchair squeaked as he shifted about uncomfortably. The skin underneath that blanket he kept over from the hip down itched horribly and began to burn in some places, skin cracking to bleed. Already there were tiny bloodstains yet the Medic chooses to ignore it for now, that was what med-kits were for.

Quietly, he peeks outside, before hearing the footsteps in the mud. Baring his teeth down, he wheels out with one hand to attack, only to see an injured teammate, looking for any of the Medics. "Feh.. you look like a truck dumped concrete on you." He mutters, sneering at the injuries the other bore. Aiming his crossbow, it looked like he would perform a mercy kill. The arrow flew, striking the comrade in the leg only to release red vapors and disappearing. "Be lucky I'm using ze duel formula today and not venom alone!" He snaps, watching the injures heal up almost immediately. "Now go... I'm trying to do mein job guarding zhis bogged up control point!" He growls before turning his chair around and heads for a new spot. After all... a man in a wheelchair was a easy target and that's exactly what he wants the enemy to think until it's too late.
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Rufus Schmitz

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