Anu Laar, Bitey Gypsy

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Anu Laar, Bitey Gypsy

Postby Anu Laar » Wed Jun 06, 2012 7:18 pm


    Falling Out of the Sky
    Intro; Anu goes through a plane crash, a giant monster, and some People.

    A dispute, then agreement, with one Crabs over one rotting boathouse.

    Trading Post
    In need of a brush, Anu strikes a deal about finding a Respawn chip. Active.

- - -

Name: Anu Laar (Zindelo le Tamás to the Romani)
Age: 23
Gender: Male.
Sex: Male, despite a sad lack of reproductive organs these days.
Date of Birth: August 9th
Team: RED (Not exactly loyal.)
Class: Former RED Spy

Nationality: Estonian
Ethnicity: Romani
Languages: Estonian, Rom, English. (But illiterate, and cannot speak. So a lot of good that does.)

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Height: 7ft (Variable.)
Weight: ~250lbs

The rest of him, in colour.

Anu has the tell-tale characteristics of his people; shiny, curly hair, dark features. But paler skin with a bluer tint is new, as are the eight seven colourful tentacles, tough black hands tipped with claws, extremely flexible black spine that protrudes significantly, pointed, razor-sharp teeth, and an extremely long purple tongue. He also has a set of gills running down the sides of his neck to his collarbone, which allow him to breathe underwater; but their creation included the removal of his vocal chords.

Sexuality: Straight.
Strengths: Intelligent and extremely observant. His attention to detail and ability to draw conclusions from observations was part of what made him an excellent thief and a decent Spy. Now it serves to manage enhanced senses.
Weaknesses: Paranoid; afraid that everyone is out to get him. Generally impulsive, though not beyond holding a grudge for a very long time.

Anu has long since been pushed into repressing his humanity and learning to despise it; his impulses and mannerisms might fool someone into thinking there's little human intelligence left at all. But a little effort can get him communicating, as well as he can. If he doesn't feel threatened. He is very slow to trust; unless you're a woman. He would go far out of his way to avoid hurting a woman, or even scaring them.

Anu was orphaned at ten, when his tribe was lynched in the countryside outside the Estonian capital of Tallinn. Left to fend for himself, he became a pickpocket and street performer in the city with ambitions to travel. When he pickpocketed a RED Spy at sixteen, he found himself with a job offer; all he had to do was lie about his age. Even with Company resources, a Gypsy's birth certificate is a tall order; especially in Eastern Europe.

Young, cocky, and generally suffering from being a teenage boy, Anu still did well enough as a Spy, but was the bane of his Troop Leader's daily routine. As a human, Anu was chatty, loud, and considered himself to be rather crafty. But he wasn't what his superior thought a Spy should be; illiterate, noisy, young, and irreverent.

Which is how he ended up inside a laboratory for the next six years being turned into a 'floor model' experiment that would look good being shown off to board members when the budget needed some balancing. Little by little he grew less sad and cooperative, and more angry and violent, until he began eating employees that let their guard down. Including his 'creator'.

He's got a lot of hate and resentment, to say the least.

Primary: Teeth; with venom that has a potent narcotic effect.
Secondary: Claws.
Melee: Tentacles.

First Person Sample:
I remember what food is supposed to taste like. Pies that were sweet, thick spicy soups on a cold night, the snap of raw vegetables, even bland canned beans with a generic label. Now it all tastes like plastic and something spoiled in my mouth; I swallow it and my stomach protests. (Though I can get away with a few raw vegetables, they just taste like water.)

It could be worse.

Sweet, fresh fish is a replacement that's just fine with me. Each one a different set of flavours, I don't get tired of it very often. But, when I do, there's always other sorts of food wandering around.

Third Person Sample:
At this time of night, there was nothing to do but just stare at the blank, lifeless, thick concrete wall behind his tank, finding patterns in the small, slight imperfections that showed through the paint. Sometimes the patterns, like a Rorschach test, reminded him of happier things in another life that seemed like someone else's now. (Who would have thought that living on the street could seem so appealing?) But they were usually just bumps he'd been staring at for years.

At least it didn't hurt to breathe anymore, so his gills fluttered at his neck in a slow in-and-out, gentle and unhindered, the only motion from the huddle at the bottom of the tank. They still itched from whatever the Doctor had done to them recently, but for once, it was his arms that were in pain, clutched to his chest gingerly as they throbbed and ached terribly, moreso now that the drugs had worn off somewhat. He didn't know why they hurt, as they were still wrapped up in some sort of gauze, the sort of thing he'd learned his lesson about removing. Just made things worse.

He was going to kill the Doctor. He could fill long periods of time simply drifting and staring, remembering, fantasizing about blood. Two doctors and three lab assistants had gotten too close to his unsecured tank, or didn't give him enough sedatives, or left a restraint too loose, and they had all tasted much better than drugged beef. I'm going to do it, Wall. I mean it this time.
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Re: Anu Laar, Bitey Gypsy

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Well built and well written, I look forward to seeing what this new, feral hybrid will do versus our resident swamp monster.
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