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RED - Rodney Hamilton, Heavy (Ghost)

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Name: Rodney Hamilton.
Age: 27, though technically a lot older. And he's also dead.
Gender: Male.
Date of Birth: February 20th, 1942.
Team: RED.
Class: Heavy.

Nationality: American.
Ethnicity: Mix of Irish, German, Italian, and a few other European bloodlines.
Languages: English.

Appearance: Rod is big, for one. Not fat-big, just....big in general. He's got strawberry blond hair that he's dyed black for a more Elvis look (including eyebrows, he's not that stupid), and he keeps his hair in 'the King's sacred style', as he puts it. This will undoubtedly be terrible when he runs out of dye. He is very well-groomed as far as his face goes and takes great pains to make sure he always is, and is almost impossible to see with stubble.  He wears dark sunglasses at nearly all times, and it's rare to see him without them--the alternative is his reading glasses, which are fairly thick-framed and plain. Neither pair of glasses have large scratches on them due to some miracle, and he's very happy about that.

His eyes are brown, and his skin is fairly tanned as well. His features are rough, though he's not unattractive overall. Though his nose has been broken a considerable number of times, it's managed to heal straight (for the most part), and the other breaks he's earned over the years have fixed themselves up nicely as well. He's a very solidly-built man with a few scars here and there, mostly on his arms and shoulders, but he can't tell you where all of them are from. A large portion of them are from either his junkyard work or fights, though it's not always easy to tell what came from what.

As far as clothing goes, Rod typically wears some godawful Hawaiian-print shirt with the class emblem sewn on rather than the plain red uniform shirt, insisting that it helps his performance in battle or something like that. Truth is, he really just likes wearing them, and he's full of bullshit. Aside from that, the rest of his uniform is the default, though he doesn't keep it as neat as he should. Essentially, think a tank with Elvis hair and Hawaiian shirts and you've sort of got the right idea. Close enough, anyway, even as far as he's concerned. 

Hair Color: Dyed black, naturally strawberry blonde.
Eye Color: Brown.
Height: 6'7".
Weight: 283 lbs.


Personality: He's somewhat crude, a little perverted, and more than plenty blunt, but Rod's a pretty decent guy--for the most part, anyway. He has a short temper and is easily frustrated, especially if a teammate's the cause. Some things may seem to go straight over his head (and occasionally they do), but there's a pretty solid chance that he's just giving it some good hard thought instead of just charging on ahead. He always takes the simple, straightforward approach to problems when a good punch won't work, but he's no Sherlock Holmes. Puzzles and brainteasers confound him easily, and after a short while, he'll get sick of it and just throw it somewhere, occasionally at some unlucky teammate's head. Apologies may or may not be given, depending on how frustrated he gets.

He's sort of paranoid, wearing a tinfoil hat for a month straight at one point in the past when he thought he saw a UFO. The fact that one of the Scouts on his team played on that and exaggerated it did not help. Rod will probably cook up some codeword for his teammates to indicate they're not Spies, but the chances of that actually working are close to none. If anybody suggests any conspiracy theories to him, that's it, he's locking himself in his room for a while. That whole paranoia cycle takes anywhere from two days to a week, though he'll always come out for a battle. Rod is, unfortunately, incredibly gullible, especially if it's a lady telling him something--even moreso if she's pretty. He's a lot more worried about losing his job than he is anything else, and running the risk of pissing off so higher-ups is something he would rather not do. You do not always need to roll the dice, especially not when something important is at stake. 

Rod is an honest guy, and even though he can come off as a complete asshole sometimes, he means well, typically. This is not a guy with subtlety, so you'll probably know if he's actually insulting you or not, even if he'd prefer otherwise. He does awful under a lot of pressure, and he will crack if it gets to be too much. Rod's enthusiastic about his job, though, and you can often hear him laughing as he's on a kill streak. Of course, he'd feel absolutely horrible about it if the people he killed didn't come back, but seeing as they do, it's okay, right? No real harm, no real foul. The bases are where death isn't permanent, injuries can be fixed with magic beams, and a man (or woman!) can be invincible to anything for eight seconds. As far as he's concerned, this place is both paradise and Wonderland, maybe with a bit of Disneyworld thrown in.

When dealing with the higher-ups, Rod will just shut up, do what he's told, and hopefully get out of there as fast as he possibly can. When directly presented with questions, he tends to just kind of shrug and mumble an answer, especially if it's an important question with consequences involved. He doesn't really deal all too well with authority, in the fact that he just goes all submissive and awkward simply because the higher-ups scare the crap out of him. He really hates it when he's dealing with something that could put his job on the line, and the higher-ups just so happen to be one of those somethings. He has a bad habit of shying away from situations that could land him in the hot seat or anywhere in close proximity to somebody who has the potential to fire his ass. 

He does tend to be a bully in that he is terrible at judging when to stop teasing people, but there are also instances where he's maliciously doing it. If he doesn't like you, it goes without saying that this will be directed at you a lot more than normal, whether you want it or not. If you manage to cross him, that isn't the only thing you have to worry about with him--Rod is also known to get physical with those he dislikes, with very little remorse afterward. Seeing as he's a heavyweight, this can get quite unpleasant.

Sexuality: Heterosexual.
- Physical strength: Rod is by no means a weak man. He can lift and throw most people with ease, though he'd have some difficulty with another heavy or an abnormally large teammate. 
- Loadbearer: The years in the scrapyard have taught him plenty about how to settle heavy loads in order to not get hurt or drop anything, and it's a little disorienting how many things he can manage to carry at once. Sometimes you won't even be able to see him.
- Endurance: He can just keep coming for as long as respawn's on, and tiring him is hard. He's pretty much there for all your possible brute force needs at all hours of the day.
- Chivalry (sort of): Rod is as nice as he can be to the ladies, and has an...interesting code of 'honor' that he follows to the letter. Unfortunately for him, he's a bit of a womanizer when they can't hear him. On the plus side, the code does also apply to guys in some cases? But he won't be as pleasant, that much is certain. 
- Confidence: He has plenty of this. Rod is also a social butterfly, even though he's not as smooth as he thinks he is. Spoiler alert: he thinks he's smooth as glass. 
- Intimidation Factor: He can be scary when he wants to be. Rod actually enjoys doing this very much, though it's honestly a dick move. 
- Organized Packing: Rod is a pro at making a lot of objects fit into not a lot of space. This is useful in more situations than one would think, though he doesn't exactly go on a lot of trips anymore, to state the obvious. 
- Motivational Speech: He will give pep talks whenever possible. Especially in the morning and before battles. He's not terrible at them, and this does help by also making it a lot easier for him to try and help cheer up a teammate. These do occasionally backfire on him. 

- Paranoia: It is altogether far too easy to get him to go skittering off to his room with some story of space monsters or whatnot. Really it is.
- Gullible: Exactly what it sounds like. Plus fifty effectiveness if a woman's the one talking.
- Vision problems: He does have some difficulty with reading the farther-away signs, but that's what he has his glasses for! Even if he only has one pair!
- Short Temper: This, coupled with his strength, is a bad thing. He will come after you.
- Vain: Rod takes a good long while to get himself all primped and ready for the world, and he will get irritated very quickly if he's interrupted. 
- Cooldown: After he gets tired, it takes him a while to get back to usual levels. Yes, he's a workhorse, but he's gotta rest sometime.
- Onwards!: He rarely stops during battle or anything else. Needless to say, this can get messy if he's hurt. If you're in his way, prepare to either duck or get run over.
- Berserk Button: Drawing him into traps is one of the easiest things you can do. Simply piss him off and run, and he will follow...straight into whatever's been set up. 
- System Failure: If you ever want to see him explosively fail, make him think that what he's doing has enormous consequences. He's absolutely terrible at any kind of performance under pressure.
- Bully: Rod...really isn't too terribly nice all the time! He can go too far with his teasing or be just plain malicious, which can be shit for team relations. 

History: Originally from Sacramento, California, Rod was a high school dropout that made his living working at a junkyard. This was his job for about five years, and he loved it. He made pretty good friends with the owner, and the two often screwed around with some of the machines they got in. Earlier, he'd just been going around doing odds and ends jobs at various places for another five years. He was pretty much living out of his car during this spell, and often wound up places very far from where he'd last parked--whether he realized it right off or not. This did lead to him getting into some less than pleasant situations, and he does have a rap sheet earned through various misadventures across the state of California.

 Before that, though. Rod dropped out of high school at the middle of his junior year, effectively causing his father to disown him. His mom was much more understanding, though still a little miffed, but they kept up a pretty good rapport over the years before his final base. He moved to San Francisco by himself when he was 19, using the money he'd stashed up with his various jobs to find himself an alright apartment. Rod found the junkyard a couple of years after he moved, and that was the longest he'd ever held a job down. He heard about RED from another guy working at the junkyard, and he was interested. Rod didn't think he'd get in, so he merely signed up on a whim and was more than a little surprised when he was admitted, especially giving his...honestly limited skill set. The added fact that his list of assault charges didn't make them blink raised an eyebrow with him, though he still went along with it without much thought. Bidding farewell to his friends and packing his bag, he went off to training.

...which landed him right in the middle of a Nucleus base. He was very much out of his element at first,  but he adapted over time and wound up not sucking so hard. Strategics training was a bit more rocky, but he managed to soldier his way through that, and all was well. His first base was an odd little place run by what appeared to be an offshoot of RED, this being a jungle outpost way in the middle of nowhere. He was there for a while, but the teams were transferred to different bases without warning--Rod still hasn't seen any of his old teammates, though he would certainly like to. At this point, however, it's unlikely that they're all still alive.

His next--and final--base was Swamprat. He didn't even make it off the docks.

Primary: Brass Beast, named Lucinda.
Secondary: Shotgun.
Melee: Killing Gloves of Boxing.

First Person Sample: 
"Oh man, dude. You gotta get over here and have a look at this, that one Medic BLU's got is takin' a shower." Peering up from the sight of the sniper rifle, I waved over its owner, grinning wide. The look he gave me was a mixture of confusion and disgust, and I returned it in kind. "Whoa, whoa. Not the old bastard, the girl. You know I'm not Figaro, shit." 

"It's all a matter'a specifyin' genders, mate. You've either got the poof or her, and 'tween you an' me, Oi'd rather not watch that wanker clean 'imself off." I waved him over again, a bit more urgently this time. Now was not the time for Stiles to be doing his ranting. There was a hot naked chick just across the way, and for once, someone hadn't closed the curtains. I had thanked all the lucky stars I knew I had when I first spotted her, and when I saw the look on Stiles's face after he got a good eyeful, I figured the Aussie was too. "See? Grade A, man. And she's got that accent on top of it, too." I commented, looking out the window at the base across the clearing. None of the jungle's huge-ass trees had decided to grow there, and the two of us were the luckiest men in the world right there. I grabbed the rifle from him again, taking another long look. He wasted no time in grabbing our second Sniper's rifle, turning the sight to the same spot I had been staring at. There probably wasn't much time before she stopped out little private show, but for now, I was perfectly okay with where I was--a shitton of feet away in our snipers' communal nest. I was just starting to really appreciate the view when she stopped, staring at a spot on the wall; one of us had forgotten to switch off the laser sight, and the little red dot was bright and clear on the white tile. She turned around slowly, earning a low whistle from Stiles--and, almost as if she'd heard, the Medic exploded, screaming in German and tearing a towel off the rack, hastily covering herself before jerking the curtain back into place. "Aww. Was just gettin' good." the Sniper complained, chuckling and replacing the borrowed rifle. I passed him back his own with a shrug, easing back in his lawn chair. "At least we saw something, y'know? That should do me for the next few days, damn." 

Third Person Sample: 
It was a nasty night, that was for sure. Rod frowned up at the pitch-black clouds above over the edge of his sunglasses, eyes narrowed against the wind and rain that was currently buffeting the base. "What a night to get dropped off...absolute shit." he muttered to himself, shaking his head and tightening his grip on his bags. One was just his luggage, and the other was something far more than that--his gun. A massive thing, she was--beautifully constructed out of brass and other metals, all surfaces lovingly polished to a gleam. Rod's primary concern was to get off this dock and out of the squall as soon as possible, especially given that he wasn't sure if his gun case was waterproofed or not. He should've checked, and he was cursing himself for it right now. If Lucinda got water in her, he'd be paying for it come working hours...

He glanced over his shoulder at the boat that had unceremoniously spat him out, casting the captain a glare worthy of the situation. Of course he'd be getting out of the storm as soon as possible instead of making sure his passenger actually managed to get inside. That just seemed typical for RED's transportation employees. Rolling his eyes, he turned back towards the base, mouth pressed in a grim line. The planks beneath his feet seemed a bit...bendy, and he redirected his gaze from sweet haven down to the potentially treacherous wood underfoot. He could make it, of this he was certain; he would. Sitting the rest of the storm out at the end of the dock was not an option. With a deep breath, he began moving forward, hesitant at first. When nothing groaned underneath him, he snorted, shaking his head. He'd been a damn fool to think they wou--

There was a loud crack of lightning just as he took another step, and he tripped over the side edge of a warped board, the water beneath illuminated for a split second before he bowled over into it. 

He wasn't the only thing to enter the water, as he was soon discovering.
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Re: RED - Rodney Hamilton, Heavy (Ghost)

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