RED - Bryce Langley, Sniper (Ghost)

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RED - Bryce Langley, Sniper (Ghost)

Postby Gerhard Melsbach » Sat Apr 21, 2012 4:42 pm

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Name: Bryce Langley
Age: 32 (at time of death)
Gender: Male
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: November 26
Team: RED
Class: Sniper

Nationality: Australian-American
Ethnicity: Australian-American, with a little French-Canadian somewhere in the back
Languages: English, some French, some German, some Russian, swear words in numerous others

Hair Color: Sun-bleached brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5ft 11in
Weight: 165lbs

Tall and slim, almost gangly, with wavy brown hair trimmed short and warm brown eyes quite often crinkled in a smile, fairly tanned and usually clean-shaven. Has a pretty nasty scar down his back from an accident when he was younger, and a few others from handling wild animals.
Wears the standard RED uniform, except with a survival vest and with the sleeves rolled down, and has two gloves with metal studs in the knuckles. Always has a weapon on him, either a boot knife or a pistol in a back holster, usually both.

Sexuality: Bisexual, Panamourous
Strengths: Agile (practitioner of Parkour), Adaptable, Patient, Empathetic
Weaknesses: Claustrophobia, Nyctophobia, Autophobia, Paranoid

Calm and laid back among those he knows, Bryce is always willing to move in and help out if someone seems lost or frightened, no matter who or what they might be. Relatively open minded, he prefers to get all the facts before forming an opinion, and has a rabid appetite for knowledge in general, often spouts off random factoids just for the fun of it. Has a tendency to become very energetic and talks with his hands when excited about something, and can occasionally come off as a bit childish because of this.
Unfortunately, he can be rather scatter brained at times, and is very easily distracted if he is not able to keep his hands busy with something, which is one of the reasons he almost always has at least a pen on hand, if not a book or a weapon of some kind.

The official records say that Bryce was born just outside of Ceduna, Australia, the only son of an older couple who lived on a small wheat farm. He learned how to shoot keeping birds and other varmints away from the grain, and when his parents were killed in a house fire when he was 12, his uncle helped him refine the skill. At 14, he started offering his services to the local community, and when his uncle died of liver failure when he was 18, he was able to sustain himself on the meager income from his small exterminating business. He worked as a vermin hunter until he was 20, when a professional extermination firm found out he didn't have a license for the business or his rifle, and he wound up being sued out of his family home and what little money he'd had to survive on.
Fed up with the bureaucracy, he decided to go out on walkabout with an Aborigine friend of his, and he remained out in the Bush for a solid three years, finally returning to civilization to tell his friend's parents that the younger man had been killed by a tiger snake. While he was in town paying his respects, he was approached by a RED recruiter, offering him employment and the opportunity to get back his family farm.
With nothing else to do and nowhere else to go, he accepted, and was carted off to the States.

He was set up with a rather unconventional team, every member just a little bit stranger and more off kilter than the last, but they were good people, and they soon became close enough that they may as well have been family. He even found a lover among them, a gruff, somewhat cantankerous Soldier named Devin.
The team was together for almost 3 years, occasionally hopping from base to base, when the Accident happened. Bryce was laid up in the Infirmary with a broken leg he'd gotten while out practicing parkour with the team's Spy during the off hours, and he was asleep when the BLUs ambushed his team while they were around the weekly campfire.
When he woke up the next morning, he found himself a stranger to the people he loved and cared about, the after hours Respawn having glitched and erased all memory of him from their minds. The Company called it an 'accident', though Bryce suspected otherwise, but he could do nothing about it.
He tried staying with the team, tried to remind them and bring them back together as the family they had been, but nothing worked.
He finally was transferred out on his lonesome, sent out to pick up the slack in other bases.
While he was being transferred around, he met and lost many friends and lovers, forced to transfer away from the people he cared about over and over again, and he'd nearly lost himself in depression.

When he met Bosko.

Though he was hesitant to become acquainted with the BLU, not wanting to have his heart broken like so many times before, he eventually let himself befriend the kindly Russian, and when imminent transfer took longer and longer to come, he finally allowed himself to develop a relationship.
He was able to remain with Bosko for almost 2 whole years before being transferred again, and much to his delight, he was transferred right back to his lover once he'd done his part, and again with the next transfer, and the transfer after that. The transfer to Swamp Rat was supposed to be just another of the same.

As it turned out, Swamp Rat was anything but the same, and the letters he sent back to Bosko became fewer and farther between as he found himself struggling to survive in the increasingly hostile environment. Until, one day, Respawn failed to pick him up, and the letters stopped.
Trapped underground in a lead-lined bomb shelter, his body long gone and his consciousness barely sustained by the ambient radiation, Bryce waits and prays for the day someone will find him and bring him back to find his Bosko. And apologize for being so late.

Primary: “Machina” Sniper Rifle, custom matte black paintjob
Secondary: Twin .44 Remington Magnum pistols, one in back holster, one in leg holster
Melee: “Bushwacka” Bowie knife, boot/survival knife

First Person Sample:
It's cold down here. You'd think with all the leaking radiation and energy running loose, it would be warm, sweltering even. But I guess you need skin to feel heat, not just... Whatever it is that I have. I know I'm dead, or at least, that I should be, but I'm conscious, able to see and hear the world around me, though I've yet to figure out how to speak. Or touch things. I think maybe its because I'm different from the others, the ones who were killed closer to the leaking containers. They have bodies, at least, though each subsequent remake keeps getting less and less coherent, less and less cohesive. I watched an Engineer literally break in half the other day, his torso twisting and tearing loose from his legs, flopping to the ground with a sickly wet splat. He didn't die, though I think he should have.

Third Person Sample:
The door was open. He almost missed it, lost in the blank spot between one thought and the next, but the timbre of the groaning from the not-dead perked his attention, and he looked up, squinting in the light even though it was barely more than what would be shown by a dying lightbulb. It took him a moment to fully realize what was going on, but when he did... He lurched to his feet, feeling that odd tingle as his Respawn chip protested his moving away, but he couldn't bring himself to care, scrambling up the last few steps that separated him from the outside.
The door was open, the door was open-!
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Re: RED - Bryce Langley, Sniper (Ghost)

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