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RED - Kurt Clayton, Engineer

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    Name: Kurt Clayton.
    Age: 44.
    Date of Birth: August 9.
    Team Favorite Color: RED.
    Class: Engineer. 
    Gender: Male.
    Languages: English.

    Primary: Shotgun.
    Secondary: Pistol.
    Melee: Southern Hospitality.

     Kurt is a generally easygoing and relaxed type of guy. He's got plenty of patience and takes his time to do things to make sure they're done right the first time around. He takes pretty good care of his teammates off the field and does his best to keep any fights from breaking out, making him the unofficial peacekeeper of the team. Kurt is a cheerful person who knows what he's doing, and may be a bit too proud of his machines. He's pretty social, enjoying talking to each of his teammates and helping them out when he can. This Engineer is a bit of a pushover really, and he hates making his teammates uncomfortable or anything. If he thinks he's messed up, you can be certain that you'll know from how he suddenly starts falling all over himself--both verbally and literally--the second it happens. He's terrible at deceiving anyone, be it about failures or something drastically important. He doesn't like having to even try to do that, but sometimes it just can't be avoided.

On the battlefield, Kurt enjoys his job a bit too much. He'll try to keep the maniacal laughter to a minumum when there's teammates around, as he doesn't want to creep them out, but sometimes he just can't help it. However, he'll snap out of it pretty quickly if another RED comes around. It's really for the best if they don't hear that, isn't it? Nobody wants their team to think they're crazy. 

Kurt is a bit overly trusting and still manages to fall for Spies, which frustrates him to no end. He's got a bit of a short temper, but he knows when to rein it in--and when to use it to bash that BLU's face in. Despite this, he will not curse, instead using some...possibly amusing alternatives to the expletives he's thinking of. He won't get into any fights off-hours, though; respawn, in his experience, is off then, and he doesn't want to take that kind of chance. He's heard enough nasty stories about respawn to have a good healthy fear of the machines, and will do everything possible to ensure that his base's machine works correctly. Nobody wants to play Russian Roulette with that kind of thing, after all.

He's a good cook with plenty of skill with barbecue, and often helps out in the kitchen. That being said, he leaves anything involving too much fire in there to somebody with more experience in that area--he certainly isn't a Pyro, nor does he want any more burn scars. He does have a bad habit of putting a lot of spices and seasonings into his cooking; while he's more than able to withstand them, people with less conditioned palates may find it unbearable. Kurt is more than willing to tweak his cooking to better suit his teammates or whoever's eating, and will gladly reconsider adding in those five jalapeños if somebody speaks up about it. He does experiment in the kitchen a bit, and his failures are obvious--self-censored cursing combined with anything from a weird smell and a mess to black smoke. He did almost burn down his 2Fort's kitchen one time, much to his chagrin. 

Kurt got along pretty well with his first team's Soldier; though he frequently got into shouting matches with the man, neither took them in a bad way. He found the Scout to be more than mildly irritating, but he put up with the kid at Soldier's insistence for a 'unified battle front'. As for the rest of the team, he was alright with most of them, except for their Spy. Kurt could stand every other teammate except for him. (But come on, Spies. They backstab him and sap his machines. There's a lot of hate there.) This led to a series of pranks and more than a couple punches thrown, often landing the both of them in the infirmary. Generally, Kurt tries his best to stay out of the little rivalries that may show up in the team. This team dynamic did help him out when he first came out, and he is all for acting as a team to get things done. He is, however, incredibly wary of masked Pyros, and will clam up around them at the very least. If they just stare at him and don't say anything, he will leave the room and do anything possible to avoid them in the future. He does feel terrible when he does this, but he doesn't want to risk it again.

There are some times when Kurt will simply stay shut in his room. Don't knock, don't try getting in--just let him settle and come back later. It's the best solution for everyone involved. 

    Sexuality: Heterosexual.
        - Social :: Kurt loves people, and the only thing that rates higher for him than his job and cooking is socializing. He'll actively try to keep everybody happy and networked, and encourages his teammates to get to know each other--whether they like it or not.
        - Upbeat :: It's hard to keep him down, and he bounces back from minor things in incredibly little time. That doesn't mean that larger upsets won't hit him hard, but he's less likely to stay inside and mope about it.
        - Honest :: Partially because he's terrible at deception, partially because that's how he was raised. Kurt won't lie to you, but he may sometimes try dancing around the truth a little if it might wind up hurting you. 
        - Emotional Support :: Have a problem that needs talking out? Getting frustrated with your teammates? Dingo-spider eat your baby? Kurt is there for you whenever you need him. He thinks of his team like a family, and providing each other with support is exactly what a family does. 
        - Charismatic :: Sure, he's a bit less likely to turn on the charm now, but it's still there. He knows what words to say at the right moments, though that certainly didn't help his marriage. It's still a sore spot. 
        - Peacekeeper :: He does his best to negotiate out disagreements instead of solving them with fists or whatnot, and actually kind of enjoys it. He won't actually punch somebody unless he's exhausted all other options first, as doing that just defeats the purpose of trying to resolve things peacefully. He really just wants everybody to get along.

        - Uncertain :: He is constantly second-guessing himself, which can lead to some pointless actions to try and make himself feel better, in addition to a hell of a lot of wasted time. He's rarely the first one to step forward, and will never make the first move on anything.
        - Sensitive :: If you say the wrong thing to him, Kurt is very likely to retreat. While he's fine with pretty much every line of conversation, don't mention his wife, his first team, or somebody named Eugene. He will get out of there as fast as possible. 
        - Bleeding Heart :: Sob stories are the easiest way to get him to believe you. It's almost ridiculous, to be perfectly honest. He might even tear up a little during it. 
        - Jumpy :: Unless you want to get brained with a wrench, don't sneak up on him or surprise him. He will apologize profusely if he does anything, but an 'oh my god I'm so so sorry here lemme get'cha th' Doc' doesn't exactly mend a broken skull, does it?
        - Gullible/Naive :: It's...perhaps far too easy to trick him. Though he's been working the job for a good while now, he still thinks that every disguised Spy actually IS a member of his team, and that pretty much everything people tell him is true. The way he sees it, they've got no reason to lie to him--do they?
        - Separation Anxiety :: Please for the love of all that is holy, don't just take the rest of the team and leave one day. He freaks out of he's alone or if he doesn't know that everybody's still here, and will start panicking almost instantly.

Kurt was always a good kid growing up in the suburbs of Houston. He made good grades, didn't get into trouble, and was always making sure his two younger brothers didn't get into anything they couldn't handle themselves. Kurt later went to a good technical college, working for a good amount of time to amass a few additional degrees and broaden his options. It was during this time that he met Marie, the girl that was to later be his wife. When he graduated, they got married in a fairly hectic ceremony, but soon after he went to work as a roughneck to try and pay back his student loans. 

After finishing up his education and doing his time in the oilfields, Kurt honestly didn't know what to do. He had an idea of maybe being an architect, but he quickly changed his mind after he built his first little contraption in his backyard. Soon after, he went from patching together machines in his spare time to making a living off of it. Kurt was approached by RED a few times for a job, but he turned them down every time, preferring to make his living in what he liked to call a 'legitimate' way. Of course, this changed after his wife of ten years decided she was done with him, at which point she filed for divorce. The loyal husband to the end, Kurt readily gave her essentially everything with a smile. Now he was out in the cold, and when RED offered him a job as an Engineer again, he had no choice but to take it.

Kurt started out at one of many 2Forts, albeit a somewhat smaller one. His training went pretty smoothly, and he'd been working at the job for about four years at that point. His team was pretty alright, but one of them seemed Their Pyro was a quiet man named Eugene, and the rest of the team stayed away from him for the most part. Kurt, being the newbie and naive as usual, didn't believe his teammates' odd stories about this one at first, and tried reaching out to the firestarter to make friends with him. Although Eugene was a little reluctant at first, they got along well, much to the rest of the team's surprise. They made a pretty decent duo in battle, though the Engineer was always ready to shear off and give a hand where it was needed--something that seemed to irritate Eugene. Though Kurt didn't realize it just then, this Pyro had gotten obsessed with him, mistaking the Engineer's friendliness for something else entirely. 

At first, it was just some nights--odd noises at his door, soft murmurs and whispers that he couldn't quite make out. Heavy breathing soon joined the lineup, and that was when Kurt started to get weirded out. It didn't take much longer for the visiting to start happening every night, and it wasn't too hard to figure out who his demented doormat was. He installed a very rudimentary security system in the residential hall just to be certain, and the night after, the cameras wound up broken in odd ways. There were some nights when his visitor actively tried to break into his room--though the locks he'd put in managed to prevent that. He upgraded the system with a minor self-defense system by means of a low electric current; that didn't deter the Pyro at all. Kurt was losing a lot of sleep, and he made one last upgrade out of desperation--though he forgot one crucial thing: The added guns didn't have targeting information yet. They were definitely not near Level Three Sentry tier, and were for last resort only, but they were still guns, and that was enough. 

As much as he will never acknowledge it out loud and try his damnedest to forget, it was his own mistake that wound up killing his entire team.

While he slept away, passed out on his desk in front of the information terminal for the system, a malfunction caused it to go into red-alert mode. There wasn't a battle today, and some of the team had decided to spend the day in their rooms; nobody found it incredibly odd when Kurt didn't show up, just assuming that he was absorbed in another project of his. Over the course of the day, the system picked off the REDs, the hallway turning into a death trap far quicker than Kurt could've thought. He didn't wake up until much later, the lack of late-night disturbance leaving his much-needed rest unbroken. It was another morning, and he stretched, switched off the system, and started on his way to go get coffee. He stepped on the Scout first. 

Needless to say, he's on very thin ice with RED at this point, and his practically immediate transfer to a base like Swamp Rat was almost a blessing. 

    Nationality: American.
    Ethnicity: Caucasian.

    Hair Color: Reddish brown.
    Eye Color: Blue-gray.
    Height: 6'3".
    Weight: 183 lbs.

Kurt is, for lack of a better word, average. He's not strikingly...anything, and is not particularly memorable by appearance. His hair is buzzed close to his head, both for utility and just to make things easier. He's not slim, being a bit more on the solidly-built side, with broad shoulders and enough muscle to do his job. He has a variety of scars, ranging from burns on his hands to backstab wounds in the obvious place. His features are sharp, with a strong jaw and a fairly thick neck that somehow manages to not look completely out of place. Kurt's uniform is standard for the most part, save for the fact that he hasn't managed to misplace his other glove yet, and he wears a fairly worn Engineer's Cap that had been hit with a can of Mann Co's After Eight paint somewhere down the line. He also wears a pair of well-kept Prairie Heel Biters, though there are a few notable scuffs that he couldn't buff out. Kurt's uniform isn't the neatest one, with oil stains here and there on the overalls that he likely didn't notice until they were already set. He wears a dark red bandanna with fairly simple white patterns tied around his neck, used occasionally in conjunction with his goggles to hide the fact that he's taking a nap. He does look like he could use one.
His left hand is now replaced with a sort of beaten-up Gunslinger. It's covered most of the time.

    First Person Sample:
"Oh, dagnabbit--" The spoon clattered to the floor, spilling the sauce across the kitchen tiles. I hadn't expected the metal to be that hot, and that was stupid of me. I'd left it in the pot while I grabbed some of the other ingredients, and that was more than enough time to get it heated. I grabbed a rag and knelt down to start cleaning the mess up, frowning at my now-hurting fingers. Probably should've run cold water over it first in case it really did turn out to be a burn, but just leaving my cooking on the floor seemed like a bad idea--with my luck right now, I'd probably slip on it and bust my head open. That road was one best traveled only once, and a second time was not in my schedule for today.

Something, and I looked up at the range top, eyes widening when I saw what was burning--it just HAD to be the peppers, didn't it? I dropped the rag and jolted back up, turning off the gas as quickly as possible and slamming a lid over the pan, banging my elbow into the edge of the counter as I moved. "SONNNN of a b--DANG." It would have been far better had I not recoiled and started griping, but that's what happened. I never was very good at ignoring pain.

After about a minute of angry grumbling, I ran a hand through my hair, frowning down at my most recent cooking experiment. The sauce was far too thick now, the peppers scorched, and my collision with the counter had knocked some of the other ingredients over, resulting in an unappetizing mix of spices and seasonings that may have very well been sent up on an express cart from hell. I sighed, making a face at the whole thing. On the plus side, the actual dinner had already been completed--this had just been a little something extra. Besides, I could always try again tomorrow. I pinched together a small amount of the mixed-up seasonings, staring at it for a moment before giving it a taste.

I don't think I've ever been so glad for a nearby sink in my life.

    Third Person Sample:  
Another day of capture the flag, and another day he'd be left to make a little nest in their intel room. Kurt was sitting on top of his Dispenser, feet propped on the main housing of his level three Sentry as it beeped and scanned. He really was tempted to just go ahead and take a nap; RED was ahead, and he hadn't even seen a BLU down here today. Which was surprising, to say the least, but not at all unwanted. He wasn't going to complain. A slow day meant that he'd have plenty of time to plot out his next machine or anything else that came to mind, and he did need to do that every once in a while. Kurt tugged the brim of his hat down a little, lazily reaching down and pressing a few buttons on the Dispenser. A side compartment popped open, and the Engineer pulled a bottle of Red Shed out, patting the panel shut again with a soft click. He used one of the sharper edges of his Southern Hospitality to pop the cap off and took a sip, leaning back against the wall behind him.

Life was pretty good right about now.

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Re: RED - Kurt Clayton, Engineer

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Go ahead and make an entry topic in the Docks, it'll be interesting to see how this fella makes it to the base with the docks themselves still busted.
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