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RED - Niklas Lind, Medic

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Name: Niklas Jens Lind
Age: 46
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: July 28, 19XX
Favorite Color: RED
Class: Medic

Nationality: Swedish
Ethnicity: White, Scandinavian
Languages: Swedish, English, (some) German

Hair Color: Blonde (graying)
Eye Color: Green
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 230 lbs
Beard Status: eh he got his sight back plus summer so probably not there

Without his glasses and uniform, Niklas looks more like a combat oriented class than a medic. He's taller than most, and with a broad and muscular frame and a loud, deep voice, he can come across as rather intimidating. With his sandy-blonde hair, pale eyes, stereotypically Scandinavian facial features, and Swedish accent, it isn't hard to figure out which part of the world he's from. He keeps his hair relatively short and combed to the side, and while usually clean-shaven, will occasionally grow a beard. He has a long scar on the left side of his face near his mouth, but it's relatively faded and pretty unobtrusive. He doesn't care for the full class uniform, and can usually be found wearing casual clothes when the situation and weather permits.
Under his shirt, he has extensive scarring on his torso, mostly on his stomach, as well as some mild skin discoloration from burns. The scars themselves resemble the continent of Europe. He thinks this (like most things) is hilarious.

Niklas is an extrovert, through and through. He has is talkative by nature, with a sense of humor that he tends to apply to everything (even in less than appropriate situations), including himself (he has a penchant in particular for godawful, tasteless puns). He is honest often to the point of brutality, and has no reservations with telling people how he feels about them , and will flat out refuse orders or instructions if he thinks that they're a bad idea (for better or worse). He is quick to forgive minor offenses, but if you really manage to piss him off or make him dislike you, you won't hear the end of it.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Sociable: He's found in his experience that getting along well with people and making friends has been beneficial on and off the battlefield, but also genuinely likes people. He's outgoing and generally quite friendly.
Enthusiastic: Brings a large degree of optimism to the field. Though he won't hesitate to complain about things that he doesn't like, he does genuinely enjoy his job and will always give it his best effort.
Determined: Does not give up. Once he's set his eyes on a goal, it will take quite a bit to deter him. He'll always try to get up when he's hurt, and if he doesn't succeed the first time, he'll try again from a different angle.

Arrogant: Thinks quite highly of himself, and often overestimates his abilities. Tends to get haughty and rude with people he doesn't like, which has gotten him in more than a few fights (both verbal and physical).
Confrontational: Speaking of fights, he often actively seeks them out. He's impatient, easily angered, and one of the least subtle people you'll meet, and when he has a problem with someone, he'll often tell them in the bluntest way possible. He knows how to get along well with people, but he also knows exactly how to piss them off.
Stubborn: It's very, very hard to get him to change his mind (though he'll usually listen to someone if they can present a point of view logically). He often becomes so set in his beliefs or opinions that he simply won't listen otherwise. This is obviously a problem when it comes time to follow orders.

Life for Niklas has been one big roller coaster. He was born to working class parents in coastal Sweden, the oldest of three children. His home life growing up was unpleasant, to say the least. His mother and abusive father fought constantly, but refused to divorce for both financial and religious reasons. He grew closer with his siblings as a result, but led to a lot of disciplinary issues outside of home.

He moved out at 18 to the city of Umeå to pursue a higher education. Despite his many issues at home and with authority figures in general, he always kept his grades up, and developed in interest in biology and medicine as a teenager. Life didn't immediately improve for him. Supporting himself and going to school was a lot harder than he had imagined. He married young, but that relationship ended in a short-lived, spectacular failure. After he completed his undergraduate degree, however, life began to take a turn for the better. Partway through medical school he met another woman, who turned out to be a much better match for him than his previous wife. He married again towards the end of medical school, this time in a much better place in life.

After graduating, he began work as an emergency room doctor, a career choice that would last for several years. It was fulfilling, exciting work that he genuinely enjoyed, but in the process had earned himself a bit of a hothead willing to try risky procedures. In addition, emergency rooms aren't the most relaxing work environments, combined with being on call 24/7, his job had begun to take a toll on his health and mental state. His wife noticed, and out of concern, convinced him to quit his job and start up his own private practice. This turned out to be a bad move, and his mixed reputation combined with his lack of business knowledge soon landed him in worse shape than before. More time on the weekends doesn't mean much when you can't support his family. The resulting financial instability and his own anger at his wife for convincing him to leave his first job led to another divorce.

Now single again, Niklas found himself in need of another job, this time with considerable debt and three children to support. When he received a letter from a mysterious American company called Reliable Excavation and Demolitions looking for doctors, the promised pay was an offer he couldn't refuse.

His first and only other base was Mountain Lab. For Niklas, this was a perfect match. The surrounding area was beautiful (and reminded him of home), and he found himself getting along well with most of his team. There were only two major problems: a notoriously glitchy respawn machine, and the fact that one of the team members he didn't get along with was their leader, an Engineer (partially because of incompatible personalities, but mostly because Niklas didn't listen to him). It was be both of these things that would eventually result in his transfer. At the end of a particularly heated round, Niklas and his teammates found themselves defending the last control point with less than a minute left on the timer. Just when it seemed that they were going to win the round, a pipe bomb bounced its way on the point. With only seconds left in the round, he grabbed the helmet off of the head of the soldier he was healing, threw it over the offending explosive, and threw himself over the helmet. He didn't live for long after it went off, but he did get to see his team win the round, as well as his internal organs and right arm strewn out on the point in front of him.

When he woke up in the respawn room, his arm was back and in good working order, but attempting to stand up straight caused excruciating pain. The glitchy system didn't seem to handle him dying during the end of the round very well, and put the skin on his torso and his abdominal muscles back together in a rather shoddy fashion. He could not turn quickly or stand up completely straight without intense pain, and was subject to frequent, painful muscle spasms. In the following months, his performance suffered greatly, much to the anger of his team's leader. During this time he pushed himself to his limits, increasing his mobility bit by bit every day. By the time he had begun to reach his previous level of health however, the damage had already been done. His team leader had taken his poor performance as an impetus for getting rid of him, and gleefully informed Niklas that he was being transferred to Swamp Rat. Left with little choice, Niklas hopes to prove himself so he can transfer back as quickly as possible.

Primary: Syringe Gun
Secondary: Default Medigun
Melee: Ubersaw

First Person Sample:
The Heavy is calling me again. And by "calling", I mean he's incessantly shouting for a Medic, despite the fact that I'm only about ten feet away from him. I swear, for all their great size and strength they seem to have the worst separation anxiety when you stop healing them for even a minute. It's kind of cute when it happens the first time, but it quickly gets old. It's okay, tough guy, I'm not going to leave you forever, I'm just going to heal these two Soldiers and a Demoman who are on fire and missing a few appendages. And you don't need to start shouting once you take a couple of hits. You'll survive, I've seen you do it before, no reason to get all upset.

Third Person:
Niklas sighed as he stood on the train platform, watching solemnly as the train slowed to a halt in front of him. He was tired, annoyed, and hungover. But worst of all, he was leaving. He took another look at the letter in his hand, the one that told him he was to leave his friends for... what was the base called again? Swamp Rat? Even the name sounded dismal. Well, no matter, he would find a way to get out as quickly as he could. He had promised his team as much, and there was no way he was going to let that Engineer have the last laugh. Especially not with that gigantic, shit-eating grin he was wearing as he handed him the letter. Our wise and great leader, he thought angrily to himself as he shoved the piece of paper back in his pocket. Picking up his luggage, he looked around one last time and inhaled one last breath o that gorgeous mountain air before stepping on the train.

-Has largely come to terms with his (second) ex, and writes to her and his three children, Claus (16), Teo (13), and Lars (12) every week.
-Likes to dance, and can play clarinet and ukelele. The ukelele is mostly for when he's feeling drunk and silly, however. Plays mostly Jazz.
-Has a viking helmet given to him as a joke by a soldier friend. He really doesn't wear it (it doesn't fit), but he does think it's funny and keeps it around, usually on the head of his plastic skeleton named Erik.
-Is allergic to cats.
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Don't forget to intro in the Docks, don't want the good doctor to get lost in the filing system.
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