RED - Aimé Levi Foer, Spy

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RED - Aimé Levi Foer, Spy

Postby MakesYouWonder » Tue Nov 29, 2011 2:54 pm

Name: Aimé Levi Foer

Age: 68

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: August 24, 1936

Team Favorite Color: RED

Class: SPY

Nationality: Paris, France

Ethnicity: French

Languages: French, English, German, Hebrew, Italian, some Russian

Appearance: Aimé’s looks younger than his age which is something he prides himself on, even though it’s a result of having his Respawn template set at how his body looked at 32. He’s slim but muscular and takes care not to have a single scar on his body, which is a never-ending source of frustration considering his new profession. His hair is well styled and coifed and he is never without a comb to run through it as he hates to wear his mask and will take every opportunity to remove it as he doesn’t see the point in concealing his appearance especially since it messes up his hair.

Hair Color: Strawberry Blond

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 6’0

Weight: 145 pounds

Image: (Coming Soon)

Personality: Aimé is a kind individual to those who treat him with respect, to those who don’t he can be an arrogant, self-absorbed, sharp-tongued menace. He is fiercely loyal to friends and irritating to his enemies, he is openly flirtatious and doesn’t mind taking a beating if it means he can make someone uncomfortable with their sexuality. He is very religious although he prefers to worship in private and will be very subdued in public about his beliefs unless asked outright. During battle his personality hardly changes, he will openly taunt his enemies and although he is a capable fighter he prefers not to use his weapons as his arrogance leads him to believe that he can succeed with simple stealth and deception, which most times he succeeds at. He has a weakness for older men which he admits is most likely due to a daddy-complex, but despite his lack of a proper education he is very educated and will study up on anything that catches his interest as he is also very curious (Or nosey as some people call him) about people and things. He’s very concerned about his appearance and goes to numerous extremes to make sure he looks good, smuggling in imported shampoos, soaps, and crèmes in order to make sure his skin is soft and blemish free. He’s not fond of physical labor but can minor chores such as sewing and some cleaning that won’t risk his hands getting wrinkly.

Sexuality: Homosexual (With a fondness for much older men)

Strengths: Quick mind and quicker feet and hands, is not easily ruffled and has access to black market resources which allows him to have items sent to him that would otherwise be unavailable.

Weaknesses: A severe addiction to cigarettes, arrogance regarding his abilities, a preoccupation with his appearance and a disregard for the rules.

History: Aimé was born to a Jewish household and was the youngest of three brothers; at age 5 when France was under attack by the Germans his family left him at an orphanage in order to protect him. They gave some family heirlooms to a trusted family friend who was fleeing the city; it is believed Aimé’s family was killed in the concentration camps. Growing up in the orphanage Aimé grew to hate the poverty and poor conditions around him and swore that he would find a way to live a better life by any means necessary. By the time the war had ended the family friend returned and tracked Aimé to the orphanage where he was told of his Jewish heritage, the fate of his family as well as having the family heirlooms returned to him, which included a prayer book and a Star of David necklace. upon learning of his family’s fate Aimé ran away from the orphanage and took up scavenging as a means to make money, however due to his limited education at the time he was unable to make much of a profit and instead took up petty theft in order to keep himself fed, even going so far as to break into empty homes in order to keep from sleeping on the streets. He even sometimes assisted local prostitutes by pickpocketing men when they were distracted and splitting the profits, and was given a rather unconventional education on the streets.

At age 13 he broke into what he believed was an empty building only to be met by a man called Antoine Lesko, a wartime thief and con-artist who was on the run from some of his former partners whom he stole money from. Admiring Aimé’s skills despite his young age he offered him a home and a proper education in exchange for rent which would be paid with whatever Aimé managed to steal under Antoine’s guidance and sold on the black market. Being very curious Aimé demanded to learn everything about the black market trade and while learning the typical reading, writing and arithmetic he also learned how to pick locks, avoid capture from the police, some hand to hand combat and athletics which helped him avoid unpleasant situations. He also learned how to identify unscrupulous dealers on the black market and where to find the best price for stolen items. During his time with Antoine a school boy crush developed and at 16 after years of studying under the older man Aimé successfully seduced him and they began a romantic relationship along with a professional one. Also around this time Aimé began educating himself about the Jewish religion and in his family’s memory converted.

When Aimé was 18, Antoine got word that his former partners had caught up with him and after leaving a brief note abandoned Aimé who although dismayed continued focusing on his career as a thief and ultimately a dealer on the black market, even going so far as to start stealing from museums and jewelry stores, eventually coming under the attention of Interpol who sent Detective Reginald Dragoon, who Aimé eventually seduced while framing rival dealers for his robberies and thefts under the guise of cooperating with the investigation of his own activities whom Interpol was unaware were being committed by himself. However when Aimé was 25 he fell victim to a sting operation and was eventually arrested and convicted, sentenced to a life sentence. However after only spending a year in prison he was approached by the companies RED and BLU whom were both interested in obtaining his gifts for their own teams of mercenaries, after intense negotiations Aimé signed a contract with RED who promised a full pardon from his crimes and sent to basic training. After hearing about the Respawn’s capabilities and knowing he would most likely be under contract for several years Aimé demanded that the template be taken of his current age and not changed unless requested. Regrettably while a RED Spy Aimé was constantly reprimanded for fraternizing with the enemy, even going so far as to seduce those who caught his attention, after being moved from base to base out of frustration Headquarters eventually sent him to the swamp base much to Aimé’s chagrin.

First Person Sample:
A wrinkle? Where? Oh no! I see et… ugh et’s not even ‘idden by ze mask! What am I going to do? I’m too young to be old, maybe ef I shoot myself and Respawn zat’ll fix it… where’s my gun? I’ve worked so ‘ard to keep zis skin smooth and beautiful and a in no time out in this ‘ellhole I’m beginning to look twice my age, I just can’t believe zat zis face ‘as to be marred by such ‘ideousness az a wrinkle… at least a mole can be removed but wrinkles are nearly impossible to get rid of, and of course I would run out of my skin crème az well, it took forever to get zat smuggled to zis place I just… wait… et moved? Oh… dirt on ze mirror… What a relief! just az fair skinned az a newborn, I was lucky to ‘ave noticed zat when I did, I would’ve worried myself straight into a set of crow’s feet and what a tragedy zat would ‘ave been for everyone”

Third Person Sample:
“Ugh…” Aimé said in disgust as he wiped a bit of blood from his mouth as he put away his gun “I didn’t realize his blood would get all over me” he said with a grimace as he tried fruitlessly to wipe some of the Engineer’s brain matter off his suit “Tsk… well I ‘ear it’s good for ze complexion, zat crazy queen for example waz known to bathe in et, unhygienic in my opinion but beauty demands nozzing less” he said out loud to himself as he strolled down the hallway uncloaked and undisguised. “Hm… I’d bathe in blood everyday if it meant I could catch that Demoman’s attention” he thought to himself with a smirk, lately the BLU Demoman had seemed awfully attractive to Aimé despite the rules against fraternizing with the enemy, it seemed so unfair that someone who just seemed perfect for him would be off limits. So far all that had come from the attraction was some playful flirting during battles, some cloaked slaps on the backside, hearts drawn in blood whenever he had no choice but to kill him, it was rather nice to be flirting again even if it didn’t appear as if the other was picking up on the hints. Maybe he’d have to start leaving love notes taped to the intelligence briefcases, but that would take a lot more planning then he could afford to do right at this point.

Re: RED - Aimé Levi Foer, Spy

Postby Gerhard Melsbach » Fri Dec 02, 2011 11:09 pm

The personality and dynamic of this character is greatly intriguing, and despite some missing punctuation and formatting in the roleplay examples, I know you'll do your best to give this character life.
Please remember your punctuation and grammar, and have fun.

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