RED- Miguel Vega, Scout

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RED- Miguel Vega, Scout

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Name: Miguel Vega, Mags
Age: 20
Date of Birth: January 5th, 19XX
Team Favorite Color: RED
Class: Scout
Gender: Male
Languages: Despite his Puerto Rican lineage, Miguel is unable to form coherent sentences in Spanish. His vernacular consists of Brooklyn slang, English, and a few Spanish words thrown in for good measure.
Nationality: American.
Ethnicity: Hispanic-American.

Primary: The Scattergun. Miguel has terrible accuracy and is therefore quite ineffective at mid-range and long-range combat. He is most effective when up close to the enemy, minimizing his need for accuracy.
Secondary: Bonk! Atomic Cola.
Melee: He prefers to use his fists rather than use an object. He still carries around the standard bat as a formality.

Hair Color: His hair is a mix of maroon and russet. Before joining RED, he kept it in a clean Cesar cut. Since joining, it’s has been growing without much to tame it other than a Wooden wave brush.
Eye Color: Bright Amber
Height: 5’7
Weight: 144 lb

Miguel is slightly shorter than average, though he doesn’t quite know it. His posture is quite relaxed, even slouched by default. He walks at his own pace with his hands always fisted in his pockets. His smile is dimpled on both sides. He has an extra pair of snaggled canine teeth, which protrude from his mouth unless he keeps it closed. It’s for that reason he never fully displays his teeth when he smiles. His lips are full, though his upper lip is significantly thin and dark when compared to his lower lip.
The boy is by no means delicate in build. His shoulders and arms, and legs are muscular despite his small skeletal structure, though the muscles aren’t especially well-defined.
His skin is beige, though he has a tendency to become ghostly pale in the cold. His face is round, which often makes him appear younger than he really is. His face is heavily freckled across his cheeks and around the bridge of his nose. This fades in the summer.
Miguel sports the uniform scout attire during battles: a red shirt with the scout emblem engraved in into the cloth on his shoulder, loose slacks tucked into knee-high tube-socks, brown cleats, and a black messenger bag slung over his shoulder. Eventually he hopes to replace the messenger satchel with a knapsack, but that was for another time when he can scrape some money together. While loafing around the base between missions, he prefers a pair of large and baggy sweat pants, and a wife-beater. His feet are usually bare, even when it is cold.

He is essentially day and night depending on his what kind of day it was. Miguel is bi-polar, though he does take mood stabilizers for it. The trade-off is his excessive thirst and constant need for the bathroom when he decides to take the medicine. On one day he would be mellow and chill, and the very next he would constantly pick fights with anyone around him for whatever reason he could come up with at the time. Miguel is usually quite friendly and social, despite his tendency to suddenly snap in and out of rage with very little coercion. Not only is Miguel quick to anger, but he is quick to forgive. A simple sorry, or a good man-to-man fight means that the topic never comes back up again.
He believes that he is a complete fuck-up, though he has never admitted it aloud. He is admittedly jealous of what his sister has managed to attain in her 20 years: A college degree, a job as a chef, and a fiance. He usually feels inadequate next to her.

Sexuality: As it is, Miguel considers himself heterosexual. Like most men from his neighborhood, homosexuality is aggressively discouraged. He usually over-reacts to any male contact that could be interpreted as homosexual. He's quite the stickler for pear-shaped women and red hair, which is precisely why he continued to bother with his on-again/off-again girlfriend named Lilli before working for RED. Miguel tends to boast about sexual conquests in vivid detail whenever an opportunity arises.
>Miguel a very quick thinker on his feet. He does well under pressure.
>He is very quick with his hands- even for a scout. Years of boxing have expertly honed his hand-eye coordination.
>He is a fast learner. Show him how things work once or twice, and he’ll remember it.
>He has a high tolerance for pain.
>For Miguel, family comes first. This goes for both the one back in Brooklyn, and his new family consisting of the RED team.
>He is very possessive of both objects and people.
>Miguel can’t run for very long periods of time. He alternates between sprinting and jogging.
>He is terrified of large cockroaches. There have been few occasions where Miguel would break down into a mass of whimpering and tears because of said insects coming too close.
>He is terrible at reading people and their intentions. What others say and do is usually taken at face-value.
>Miguel is short-tempered. He can snap in and out of a blind rage at the drop of a hat.
>He is easily distracted.

Miguel grew up in Bushwick, Brooklyn. His mother, Desiree Encanacion, moved to America from Puerto Rico on a visitor's visa sometime in 19XX. Desiree became pregnant with Miguel and his twin Marisol, via one-night-stand, on purpose in order to acquire a faster citizenship to the United States. Their father, Rodolfo Vega, took responsibility for his children though he refused to pursue a relationship with Desiree. This resulted in her deportation back to Puerto Rico.
Rodolfo was an excellent boxer, though he never pursued it professionally. Since Miguel was able to walk, his father taught both his sister and himself the ways of boxing.
He was raised normally in a lower-middle class, Catholic home by both his father and his grandmother. He did as he was told, ate all his greens, and got good grades. They were strict on him though when his grandmother died, Rodolfo eased up significantly.
His mother didn’t play a notable role in his upbringing, though he harbors no resentment towards her for it. She remained in Puerto Rico but she visited her children every year to check up on them. The visits stopped when he turned 12. He hasn’t heard from her since.

At 15, he was officially diagnosed with bi-polar I disorder, though he initially opted out of medication. His episodes of mania were mostly of sadness than rage.
He eventually joined Latin Kings at 16 and sold drugs for about half a year from school. He was arrested and sent to Riker’s prison where he stayed until he reached 18. Upon release, he dropped out of school and acquired a GED instead.
That same year, he began dating Lilianna Monroe. The pair, since initially getting together, continued a cycle of bickering, breaking up, jealousy, angry sex, and finally making up again. They moved in together for a few months before he moved back in with his father and sister to continue the cycle again.

Without many credentials or money to his name, Miguel settled for doing odd-jobs to pay rent to his father. He washed windows, walked dogs, did a few repo-jobs, baby-sat, worked as muscle-for-hire for the Gambino Family and even did some tutoring. The jobs eventually went dry, so without money he was offered an ultimatum: he would either be kicked out of the house unless he came across another job, or he would take a job at Reliable Excavation Demolition which he heard about from “a friend’s friend”. He complied and took the job.

His first and only other base was 2Fort. Miguel became addicted to both the fumes from the MediGun and the effects of the Ubercharge. On several occasions he had stolen the Medic’s MediGun for days at a time, rendering the Medic nearly useless. He was eventually shipped off to Swamp Rat after he had spent an entire week straight, doing nothing except shooting himself, healing up, and ubercharging. It remains to be seen if he'll attempt to resume the habit in this backwater.

First Person Sample: “’s ‘at damned blu sniper again. Watch when I get over there, I swear I’mma break that bow if it’s the last thing I do.”, I was pissed. I rubbed the spot where the heavy, iron-tipped arrow had popped me in the forehead at first I didn’t even realize I was doing it. The respawn did its job, but it was still fuckin’ freaky to me, y’know? I’ve only been at this for like two months, so I’m really not used to being killed every 5 minutes. As I shuffled out of the spawn for the 6th time that day, I continued to fondle my forehead, almost positive I had a Cocotazo on my head still.
Third Person Sample: Miguel shivered as he pressing himself deeper into the mud, willing himself to disappear from view. Heavy, boot-clad feet thundered overhead on the wooden bridge as the scout pulled himself further into the shadows.
“M-Medic!” he croaked. His voice was thick with disuse and nearly non-existent. It came out as a whisper. He knew the medic was still alive. The HUD never led him wrong. Even though he never screamed out for the doctor, he always seemed to know where to find the Brooklynite right when he needed him.
His leg was bleeding profusely from where the demo-man’s stickies had torn his foot from his ankle. Never in his life had Miguel felt pain like this. He licked his chapped lips, tasting mud and something akin to copper, before trying again. “Medic, please!” He cringed inside, hating the sound of his own desperation bouncing off of the last of his pride.
Still no answer. The brunette considered just going back out and allowing a blu to end him so that he could respawn next round. He hated arena. Every round felt so real and final- like death ought to be- and it scared him.
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