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RED - James Whillhoft, Pyro

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RELATIONSHIPS or at least, how salamander views them

Medic-Friend: Niklas (ubers bond bros for life)
Pybro: Connal
Friendly Dog-man!:Jericho
Who the hell do you think you are: Francesca
Creepy but nice: Gerhard

Name: James Whillhoft
Age: 26
Date of Birth: 3/4/19XX
Team Favorite Color: RED
Class: Pyro
Gender: Male
Languages: English

Loadout: The standard RED Pyro issue loadout: the flamethrower, shotgun, and an axe.

Personality: Dear Jimmy is often outright playful around his teammates, a strange eccentric with a slightly sadistic streak.
Sexuality: Our dear friend is probably pansexual, though its not like the poor dear has had much chance to explore that in any depth.
Strengths: James is unflappably adaptable, and usually fairly laid back
Weaknesses: …but refuses, or simply cannot, remove the mask or suit, which may or may not lead to unforeseen consequences. The firebug is also curious to the point of stupidity. A bit on the weak side for a Pyro, too.

History: James was born in the far northern reaches of Vermont to a poor farm family. The shockingly cold mountain winters teach a child that fire is absolute power, the difference between life and death, and from a young age he became obsessed with it. With great love of fire also come great chances for backdraft, and James was a patchwork of scars from exploding debris and errant flames.
He found it easier to deal with people if he just stayed isolated from them; the pyromaniac bounced from town to town as a filthy vagrant, sure to leave after each incident of arson surfaced. He worked up a considerable criminal record and reputation, so he was more then willing to leap to RED’s shady offer of wet work in exchange for disappearing forever…

Life with RED was a paradise. Not only was he free to set aflame whatever he saw fit, he could keep himself hidden without consequence. Constantly wearing the fireproof suit unnerved his teammates some, but the motley crew of mercenaries had so many of their own quirks that it was quickly shrugged off. He was free to mingle with them without his face being seen, and for a brief time, the constant war in the desert had been perfect.

James was naïve, to a fault. Not stupid by any stretch of the imagination, but horribly naïve. Blame it on the simple upbringing, the lack of experience, or what have you. There was no denying it was the thing that nearly destroyed him.
The damn Medic was the only one on the team who knew why the seemingly eccentric Pyro seemed to live in his suit. James was such a trusting little sucker back then; all it took was the doctor touching the pyromaniac’s old scars without flinching, saying a few sweet things all the while, and James was in the doc’s hands like putty. A sordid sort of trust evolved between them, and they were so careful to conceal their activites from the eyes of HQ, and perhaps more importantly, the rest of the team.

Not long after their tawdry weekly ‘check-ups’ began, the Medic asked if he could start an experiment on James; an injection of serums, designed exclusively for the purpose of repairing the Pyro’s skin. He hit his trusting firebug with a lecture on enzymes and genetics the arsonist didn’t quite grasp, but it sounded like a good deal. Of course he’d be the Medic’s test subject. He trusted the doctor, after all. The man had his best interests at heart, right?

(In retrospect, the way the doc started to cackle after describing ‘possible side effects!’ WAS a bad sign…)

The scars did indeed start to fade, at an alarming rate. This fortunate development was clouded by a plethora of the so called ‘side effects’ the hapless idiot started to suffer from. James started to notice that the dry desert air was starting to hurt his lungs. After each round of injections, his muscles would ache, and his eyes felt…so dry. The Medic assured him it was just temporary, not to worry, shut up and stop sniveling and bend over.

One night, the poor Pyro awoke feeling like he was on fire. Everything felt sticky, and he felt as if his back was ripping itself apart, along with a dull throb that couldn’t be placed or explained. Every moment was agony as he tried to crawl from the bed, but he had to get to the doc…he felt like he was dying. When he fell to the floor, he felt something land after him; a brilliantly spotted tail, flipping and flopping against the dry wood.

The team would later recall that it was the loudest scream for Medic they had ever heard.

Unsurprisingly, the relationship between the Medic and the Pyro soured. All the doctor’s weak excuses about the march of progress and the spirit of scientific discovery fell fairly flat, and the doc couldn’t understand why the Pyro was so bitter; the procedure had worked, hadn’t it?
James wanted only one thing; to get away from the Medic, and out of the desert. He was surprised that his request for a transfer was taken so quickly; surprised, and a little suspicious…

Appearance: To most members of the team, James will only let them see so far as the standard issue RED flame retardant suit. Some might notice he’s quite small and gangly for a Pyro, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Underneath the suit he’s something else entirely.


First Person Sample: Goddamn Spies. Bad enough I’m stuck out ‘ere with the sand in m’ damn damp lungs and the sun in m’ eyes pushin’ this godforsaken cart. But its all worth it when y’finally catch one, I mean, the stupid bastard comes runnin’ up wearin’ my FACE! MY FACE! Instead of killin’ ‘im I blast ‘im over to the other Pyro, and w’ make a game of it. The rest of the team is screamin’ at us t’ keep pushin’ the damn cart though, so we have to cut it short. Goddamn shame.

Third Person Sample: James was startled to see ‘himself’ running towards him at first, but then started giggling, a muffled, horrible sound. The other RED Pyro came running, and he air blasted the startled impersonator to his partner. The mutual laughter of the Pyros echoed through the canyon walls as they bounced their quarry back and forth.
“OI! THE BLOODY CART STOPPED MOVIN’!” the Sniper scolded them from above, shouting. As the Spy blasted back to James, he set the enemy aflame, watching the BLU try to run away from the whole scene. He let the screaming Spy gain some ground before running after him with the axe. Life was good.
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Re: RED - James Whillhoft

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If you wish, you can have your Intro post be in the Halloween event due to the current low attendance.
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