RED, Melvin Trzemin Jones, Scout

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RED, Melvin Trzemin Jones, Scout

Postby Oliver Levandi » Wed Sep 07, 2011 4:08 pm

('Figured I would go ahead and post him already as I've been here for over a week and Oliver's welcome thread is well on it's way. If it is preferred that I post him at a later time, just let me know~)

There's no place like.. The Swamp? - In Progress
All seems well so far, until one of his bags gets thrown overboard and it's time to go bag fishin'. (Gavin - Open)

Name: Melvin Trzemin Jones.
Age: 27.
Date of Birth: April 11th.
Team Favorite Color: RED.
Class: Scoot.
Sex/Gender: Male/Masculine.
Languages: English, Russian and a bit of Polish. Speaks with a very light Russian accent.


Has a large extended family from his adopted parents, and likes to think of his adopted family as his blood-family. He writes his parents every week, and his two siblings, Charles (33) and Maria (19), every weekend.

Primary: Uses the shortstop for speed and efficiency. The damage and clip size don't bother him much, since he doesn't intend on missing.
Secondary: His Winger, affectingly named Maria, is his baby. Really. He sleeps with it at night. He even let's it have the softer pillow.
Melee: While most would prefer a metal bad for stability, he prefers a good ol' fashioned Sandman. In reality, however, he just likes to hit people with baseballs. It's hilarious to watch.


(A bit overly) Confident, out-going, humorous, and quite simply; one of the boys. He tends to act more mature than people of his class, but is always more than happy to joke around and have a good laugh. He loves to please others-- make them laugh or smile, or just do something nice for them. Melvin tries to go out of his way to make the people he cares for happy, even if it doesn't always work. While he tries to spread his love evenly, it's pretty easy to tell who he's good friends with and who he isn't. He'll go into mother-hen mode if you try and hurt someone he cares for, and is pretty relentless in doing so.
Sexuality: Probably a 5 on the kinsey scale, though women are nicer to look at. He's painfully un-stereotypical in the whole "likes other dudes" regard, which is why he tries not to mention it. Melvin is surprisingly open to LGBT issues otherwise.
- Despite what most people would assume, Melvin is actually quite smart. He just keeps it to himself. When you don't find him fawning over RED's vast collection of weapons or talking war stuff, he's probably got his nose in a book or watching an educational program.
- His cheery attitude and confident demeanor tend to rub off on people, making it easier for him to pretend or just generally have fun with his allies. He goofs around a lot, though isn't much of a prankster.
- Is a fairly good listener, often trying to coax his friends into talking about their feelings and letting out their frustrations (yes, he's a big hypocrite) before they burst. His methods of comfort are sort of.. unique, but he means well.
- Has amazing survival skills (thank you crappy childhood), which is one reason why he's so excited to be at this new base.
- He can be a bit brash at times, even if he means well. Has been known to poke in prod in other people's business too much, and doesn't realize it until the damage has been done. To make matters worse, his pride often keeps him from fixing things, or just leaving people with half-assed apologies.
- Doesn't react well to being caught off guard, especially if the offender is particularly loud or obnoxious thanks to his rather unkind treatment from his (biological) Mother.
- Melvin was taught to be open and rational about his emotions, though he has refused to do so and has made a habit of bottling up his emotions since he was a child. He's gotten better with letting out his anger and frustration before it explodes, but he still refuses to let people see his weaker side.
- Isn't very good at flirting or romance. At all. He's never "made a move" on someone nor does he have /any/ clue how to do so without being awkward as hell. This has left his love life pretty bare, and his sex life non-existent.
- Alcoholism runs in his family, so naturally he is rather reluctant to get drunk. In the few times he has touched a drink, he has been found to be a violent drunk. Because of this, he has a subconscious fear of alcohol, and refuses to touch the stuff in the near future.

History: While his late childhood and teen years were your typical fairytale upbringing, the first 10 years of his life were not. Melvin was raised in Omsk, Russia, by his alcoholic Mother and Father. While the two had originally did their best to raise Melvin (who was a ‘surprise’ child), their desire to be decent parents was quickly washed away by their addiction.
His Father juggled a few part-time jobs around, though they never seemed to last more than a couple of months. His Mother never managed to find a job due to her constant intoxication, making her a home-staying mother. Despite this title however, the most she ever did was sit in the living room or yell drunken slurs at the neighbors, leading Melvin to have to fend for himself.

Eventually his Father seemed to have enough of his family. He cared for his Son, but the alcohol had killed off most of his rational side and he left to go work at the port, leaving Melvin and his Mother behind. With the loss of her Husband, his Mother's drinking only got worse, until she was at the point where nothing but alcohol seemed to matter anymore. She seemed to think he was his Father on various occasions, as she randomly lashed out on him from time to time, leaving him a nervous wreck on top of all other things.
Upon entering a newly opened School, one of Melvin's new Teacher's finally took the time to look into his personal life after seeing the bruises he came in with every other week or so. She called child services and he was put up for adoption. In order to keep a steady in-come for their town, his papers were also sent to the USA, where a well-off family offered to adopt Melvin after they heard about his living conditions. He was sent off to the USA to live with his new family, taking up the name 'Jones' and changing his prior last name to his middle name. He quickly adapted to his new environment, becoming fairly fluent in English and getting average grades in class.

During Highschool he maintained a perfect B+ average and helped with their school's exchange program on weekends. While he had his perfect image and his perfect family, he found himself hanging around with the ‘bad’ crowd of the school after hours.
Instead of heading off to College when he graduated at 19, he joined a local gang as their hit-man, helping to ruff up and occasionally murder people who refused to pay up or just wanted out of their little club. It was shortly after this that his skill attracted to attention of RED, and though he was reluctant to leave his family at first, his potential salary is what sealed the deal.

He worked at Dustbowl up until now, becoming quite famed as RED's resident head-basher. While his new transfer to The Swamp was seen as a demotion to most, he likes to think of it more as a change of pace.

Russian, though is considered an American citizen.
Ethnicity: European, mostly Russian and Polish.

Hair Color: Dirty blonde.
Eye Color: Brown.
Height: 6'1''.
Weight: 165lb.

He's somewhat tall and lanky, even for a Scout. His legs are toned from running both on and off the field, though his fairly muscular arms stand out just as well. While he doesn't look as youthful as some Scouts, his European features make him stand out well enough. His hair is often kept short, usually in a buzz-cut type style, but he has been known to let it grow out a bit more if he's feeling lazy or has no reason to keep it short during the colder months.
When Melvin isn't dressed in his uniform, he tends to walk around in khaki pants/carpenter jeans polo shirts and army boots. In the colder months, he adds his old bomber jacket into the mix.

First Person Sample:
Oh god, why am I doing this again? One of the Pyro's said I should keep one of these things to write down my feelings and stuff. What. Who does that? Apparently I also need to work on my writings skills. I write too uh.. choppy, was it? Something like that. I didn't know it was a serious issue. I mean, c'mon. It's writing. I'm not trying to win a damn writing contest or something. Jeez.

..Yeah, so, anyway. I guess I'm keeping a journal from now on. Fun stuff. I'll bounce some ideas off of Brian later today or something, since he suggested I write in this stupid thing anyway. God. This is so retarded..

Third Person Sample:
Melvin had never been a big fan of the outdoors. Not during the Summer months, anyway.. he had grown up in cold climates, where the Winters were long and rough, so it was only natural that the heat never settled well with him. Besides the heat, the extra light and longer days were just bothersome.. really, the sun setting at 8pm each night? That was just ridiculous. He preferred short, brisk days where he could sit outside the window, watching the leaves turn frosty and the snow fall all around him. THAT was how one's day should go, not having to sit in-front of a fan, dumping cold water on yourself just to stay cool. No.. he preferred the Winter months. Hell, even Fall was a pretty nice season compared to the Summer. Spring? Eh, it was alright. Beside the fact that it lead right up to Summer..

Playby: Yuri Pleskun.

Misc Factoids:
- Isn't a big fan of sweets in general, but will eat just about anything covered in vanilla or strawberry sauce.
- Melvin is a closet fan of The Bold and the Beautiful and watches it whenever he can on his small, portable TV.
- Has always wanted a wild animal as a pet, so he tries to spend some of his free-time outdoors in hopes of finding a wild rabbit or bird to care for. Much to his displeasure, though, animals seem to hate him. He has a growing collection of bites on scratches on his arms because of it.
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