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RED - Josif X. Arcson, Soldier

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Name: Josif X. Arcson
Age: 38. Can be mistaken for an older age.
Date of Birth: April 9th
Team: RED
Class: Soldier
Gender: Male
Languages: English.
Hair Color: Black, with silvery tones at times.
Eye Color: Brown.
Height: 6' 0''
Weight: 195 lbs.
Nationality: American.
Ethnicity: Mostly American, but with old heritage from Ireland and Finland. Neither were fully embraced.

Current Status: Active/Incapacitated

Loadout (A):
Primary: Black Box
Secondary: Shotgun
Melee: Market Gardener
Hat: Armored Authority w/ Soldier's Stash accessory
Misc: Mantreads (Effect is absent)

Loadout (B):
Primary: Beggar's Bazooka
Secondary: Reserve Shooter (plain colors)
Melee: Equalizer
Hat: Armored Authority w/ Soldier's Stash accessory
Misc: Mantreads (Effect is absent)

Josif appears as a tall man with long, buffed limbs, and can appear quite intimidating when he wants to. He bears a couple of notable bullet marks in his chest and a slashing scar across his back from an inexperienced Spy. From his experience at Swamp Rat, he has also contracted a somewhat nasty-looking scar around the front of his neck. He can appear very stern, but is more reassuring and friendly towards those who know him well. In the common Soldier fashion, he keeps himself shaved and his hair buzzed accordingly. Josif is quite neat when is comes to his person and living quarters; he always tries to keep them at least somewhat clean, if not at uniform stature.

Josif's wardrobe is simple enough; a few sets of army fatigues and one dress suit for formal purposes. His more casual clothing is usually a T-shirt or undershirt coupled with a pair of cargo pants. He doesn't often keep grenades on his person, exchanging that space for a few medals made for him. Josif keeps a regulation helmet in his possession, but always wears his old helmet; a battered Armored Authority with cracked stars and a Soldier's Stash strapped on. The helmet is a memento of his first fort, in which he actually became a makeshift commander. Likewise, he always wears a pair of well-kept Mantreads. When a battle is expected, his will most likely be seen with his Black Box strapped across the back of his bandolier.

In the time Josif has spent away from base, his negligence to train and shave has left him thinner and hairier, having the good start of a scruffy beard along his jawline in addition to the straight, grown out hair on his head. He appears no different in his spectral form, with the exception of bearing luminescent, orange eyes and being slightly transparent. Here, he is found without his helmet, instead wearing his common uniform in a more casual manner, with his fatigues separated like a jacket, bandolier crossing his plain white shirt underneath.

Josif is, in essence, a lot of things. He is quite friendly, bearing a balanced mix of serious and joking tones. the serious part of his personality comes from his discipline, determination and endurance. His more laughable attitudes come from his father (who was an optimist at times) and can produce anything from friendly comments to jokes and stories. He is somewhat adaptable to new environments, but is slow to make friends for certain reasons.

When placed in an unfamiliar social situation, Josif tends to be an outlier for a while, observing how his allies act and what they like/dislike. He can then decide who to make friends with and who to potentially avoid. During this time of "assimilation", he also tends to avoid conflict if possible, and on the battlefield works alone. This is also to gauge the enemy's personnel, actions, and intelligence of his team. Josif tends to act in similar manners for most problems, not making any direct or major approaches without information.

After this "phase" is over, however, Josif tends to familiarize himself quite easily. He tries to relate to people as best as possible, becoming friends with his allies. His social attitude is mostly quiet, but he can be much more talkative with people he is better friends with. Josif finds himself coordinating better with friends, which is why he always tries to get on an ally's good side if he believes he can.

Above all, Josif is a mostly neutral man. He is very mature in looks, thoughts and actions despite his seemingly young age. He can be a good actor, impersonating a person's thoughts and what they could do (which proves well in strategy). He is very smart, able to perform basic math coding as well as constructing and modifying weapons and materials. Josif is fairly strong, in both mental and physical terms, able to resist a lot of pain while still being cunning enough to try and avoid it. He is very well a jack-of-all-trades, but his discipline and fighting arts leaned him unto the path of a Soldier.

But another personality exists within Josif: one he doesn't really like to reveal. It could be considered a dark side of him, conceived at an unknown time and condition, and who's motives are not entirely clear. This dark side seems to influence Josif with dark memories, persuading thoughts, and evil actions, although Josif has developed ways of suppressing all of these. In the past, this dark side, who refers to himself as Xavier, has dominated Josif's body, and used it to kill anyone, even teammates, mindlessly. It seems to mostly fuel off of possible traitor-like behavior that people may display; yet another reason Josif wants to keep people friendly with him.

Currently, this alias is separate from Josif himself, but still uses his body and an alternate loadout. With this in mind, Josif own conscience has to remain in a ghost form.

Sexuality: Josif is said to be straight, but he admits to being bi-curious. He isn't very sexually open, regardless.

-Strong: The term is used loosely, as Josif lacks brute strength, but instead uses a knowledge of leverage, physics and throwing techniques to lift and/or topple objects larger than he is.
-Strategist: Josif is a cunning thinker, even in the heat of battle, and likes to have a sturdy, yet flexible plan of action. He is also fairly organized with supplies.
-Flexible: Josif usually picks a loose plan to account for small changes that will, inevitably, happen. Should everything go wrong anyways, he can try to improvise to keep the team stable.
-Disciplined: Around ten years of martial arts training has quite improved Josif's social and combat skills. He has a good grasp of the chain of command, and likes to follow orders as best as he can. He also proves to be a good leader when necessary.
-Forgiving: Just because someone overlooked a few small details is no reason to get angry over a good friend (or even a not-so-good friend). Of course, Josif can act bitter should actions be disobeyed entirely, especially if it should cause an entire plan to collapse.
-Cautious: Josif is sometimes that one person who still suspects that there is a spy in the base, even after the battle is won. Thus, he tries to account for those little details and correct them.

-Phobia: Josif doesn't like things that go bump in the night, which is why he encourages an organized team to avoid such monsters that could (and do) exist.
-Secretive: Josif doesn't like sharing personal secrets, even with his best friends. Also, if he has a personal plan he wants to execute in secret, he may go far out of his way to make sure nobody knows about it.
-Tempered: Get him angry enough, and you'll never hear the end of it. If it's impacting enough, Josif will register you as an enemy. You will NOT like it (and neither will he, admittedly).
-Split Personality: The temperance is not much present in Josif, but when it is, it takes the form of a cruel alter-ego of Josif. This has led (more than once) to murder at this dark side's behalf.
-Stressed: As of late, Josif has been under a lot of pressure, mainly from his alter-ego mentioned. This seems to be influencing Josif to think more negative thoughts and be less active in general, and becoming ever more obvious.

Born in Bellevue, Washington, Josif grew up in a somewhat far-apart family with less-than-expendable funds. He always thought of himself as the poor, weak, socially awkward sort of kid. When he joined a martial arts academy at 7, Josif thought it would make him "more awesome". In essence, it did. At age 10, he realized the potential of the discipline the MMA academy enforced. Josif made notable efforts to improve his life in his preteen and teenage years, and for the most part, succeeded.

Josif's high school years were not his easiest, but still some of his fondest. Later on, in his junior year, he befriended a smart, engineer kind of guy and they got along very well. They spent much time together, working on various, odd creations that would not see the light of day. The both of them did, however, manage to get a few inventions working, but none were practical enough to use commonly. After graduation, they went their separate ways, with the promise to meet each other again.

An excelling fighter by then, Josif opted to join the army. He made an application, and got in, with a bit of difficulty. He did well enough as a cadet; the drills, workouts and orders trained Josif even further in his ways of being a strong, obedient man. However, as a private, he was revoked from the army after trying to use one of his inventions to change the outcome of a battle. Stuck without funds, Josif wandered about for awhile until he found his old friend again. They exchanged a lot of new ideas with one another, eventually making a lot of concept blueprints that they aimed to bring to life. But they still needed money. Josif went out to find a job, and saw an application to the Reliable Excavation Demolition Team. Josif decided he would fancy being a mercenary; a Soldier, in a way.

Josif's first official base was a run-down Teufort. After one battle, he saw that his outnumbered team was very unorganized and unenthusiastic about their work. Many of the members had already fled out of surrender and had been promptly executed by their contract. Seeing this, Josif took a massive action that forever changed the remaining teammates. He became a leader, acting like a true commander and showing no mercy to his teammates until they became the most refined fighters in Teufort, finally claiming the enemy base with a shutout. Josif earned much respect for his actions, and was given the mock title of "Commander of Teufort" until he was transferred again.

Josif's third base was where the self-proclaimed Payload Incident occured. It was on a now forgotten staple of disputed land, and a standard Payload mission. However, it should not have been; Josif learned far too late that the enemy base had been cleverly built over a nuclear deposit. Not 5 seconds after the mission was officially won, the bomb obliterated the land in a magnified explosion, setting a small layer of nuclear fallout accross what was left. Josif was lucky he was not in direct range of the blast, but the radiation and lack of communication prevented him from getting out easily. Rather than leave the place, he stayed, feeding off of tainted rations and using what was left of his fort for shelter.

Josif would not be extracted from the area until half a month later, when he had nearly died from the radiation and the lack of proper food. At that point, he had also been emotionally crushed, almost becoming a wild animal. Josif undertook a recovery regiment in which he was nourished to health again. In this time, however, he was quite unstable, causing more than a few accidents and earning the displeasure of his leaders.

He discovered that a good amount of radiation had seeped into his standard Uber-heart implant, which was now energizing him with a mixed nuclear energy and Medi-beam energy. There were only a few notable side effects; Josif's body seemed to have a better tolerance for food, he was a bit stronger and his body could survive more radiation than the average human. Once he was in excellent condition again, he was shipped off to Swamp Rat, a supposedly "junk" base that rejects were sent to. Whether this was due to his behavior or his mutation, Josif didn't know and didn't consider.

First Person Sample:
Now that so much time had passed, I began to wonder what had happened to the Scout. He was probably in the bowels of the enemy base, cowering like a newbie Spy with the enemy's intelligence, waiting for an escape route to open. If he was, then I wasn't in a much different position right now. This plan was very makeshift from the start; for the Scout to be killed now would be the final nail in our team's coffin. Clearly he hadn't died yet; the Announcer hadn't declared a drop of the intelligence.
As if on cue, I heard the pace of the Scout's steps, and a lot more, too. I readied myself, hoisting my rocket launcher to my shoulder. Leaping out from my hiding spot, I saw the Scout, running fast enough to break track records. And with good reason too. "RUN LIKE HELL!" he practically screamed to me as a pair of pipebombs, a stray rocket, and a spray of bullets missed their mark. The Scout was trailing practically the ENTIRE enemy team behind him.

Third Person Sample:
Josif, naturally, panicked. He had no idea if his Medic was on rendezvous, but the Soldier could only hope that was the case as his stack of concrete blocks that served as cover was obliterated. He popped a couple of rockets into the crowd, blowing up a Scout and an unlucky Spy, and then ran as fast as he could behind his own Scout, keeping a close ear behind him.
"The hell is this!? You should've only trailed one or two!" the Soldier managed to spout out before pumping another rocket into the enemy's less-than-knowledgeable Sniper.
"Un-fricking-possible, man..." he panted. "That... damn Engie... ran me up the wall... with his guns. I lost... my pistol back there... no thanks to... those creeps!" he added in a volley of gasps.
Josif had to think fast. Clutching a rocket, he refrained from shoving it in his launcher, instead opting to toss it at the enemy's feet and fire after it. The combined blast took out their Demoman, Medic and Soldier. At that moment, he registered the bullets he had taken and almost doubled over, but he kept his composure. The stragglers were catching up and the Scout was out of breath. Thinking quick, Josif cried out, "MEDIC!"


(P.S. I'm conducting a project where I gradually release info about Josif's backstory, which was mostly lost in the above detailed payload incident. As I spend time on the board, I will hint out info about the past in some of my posts, which will be added here. I plan to eventually reveal the truth behind what actually happened in the incident, along with future disasters to come. This whole project should explain why the info changes from time to time.)
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