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RED - Talbot Rennigan, Soldier

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Name: Talbot Rennigan.
Age: 40.
Date of Birth: June 25th.
Team Favorite Color: RED.
Class: Soldier.
Gender: Male.
Languages: English, a tiny bit of German. Enough to speak a few sentences and understand some of the basics, but that's about it.

Primary: Direct Hit; rarely used.
Secondary: Shotgun. This is practically his primary weapon.
Melee: Shovel. He's not bad at hand-to-hand, however.

Talbot has always been a quiet, thoughtful man. He's not one given to open displays of...anything, and is about as expressive as a brick wall. He has his code of honor and his pride, but will always follow the orders of somebody above him in rank--he didn't survive sixteen years of Arena by going against orders. He's been around the block and then some, but he won't brag about it. Talbot is not the kind of person for that, instead actually putting his time into useful things. He's rather industrious when the mood strikes, but does have his patches when he gets little to nothing done. He doesn't like leaving anything unfinished, and will try his best to get something over with before the time limit runs out. This can lead to some less than satisfactory results, but according to his philosophy, getting it done is better than leaving it unfinished.

He hates using his rocket launcher, instead preferring to use his beloved shotgun. The gun is practically his child, and he refuses to let anybody touch it--if he does allow you the privilege, you are someone special indeed. Talbot isn't a very sentimental man, but there are a few things he'll keep close to his heart; the closest is, you guessed it, his shotgun. He dislikes accepting gifts and prefers to earn things rather than having them handed to him, but that doesn't mean he won't be grateful. Talbot is polite and well-mannered, despite the fact that he never talks and probably won't pay too much attention to people. The few that he does grow fond of are instantly granted backup in the form of a large Soldier, though you can't expect him to run all the way there. He's long past his football days, and his Arena stint has taken a toll on his speed.

Talbot is, above all things, a soldier. He follows orders to the best of his ability, obeys the chain of command, looks out for his teammates. He'll never leave a RED behind if he can help it, and will even take physical harm to protect the team. This is the result of his previous assignment; death was always a possibility, and if he could prevent one teammate from being sent home in a box, he was doing good. Talbot will never do messy kills, always finishing his opponents off as cleanly as possible. He may even utter an apology to them before delivering the final blow, though this is not quite as likely. He prefers to save his words for when they're needed most, and talking on the battlefield really only distracts him. Aside from that, his focus is pretty good, and he'll often calmly wade through the battlefield, gunning down BLUs when possible and protecting his REDs all the while.

Sexuality: He's not telling. Presumed straight, probably right on that.

- Unflappable: It will take a lot to startle him. He's practically a rock.
- Slow-tempered: Good luck getting a rise out of him. You'd be better off trying to dig a hole in the ocean.
- Patient: Go ahead, take your time. Take as much time as you need, he's not going anywhere. Don't think he won't check up on you every so often, but he'll give you plenty of space to do what needs to be done.
- Careful: There is no way he's going to charge in without knowing what's going on. He's never been one to just smash into a situation without some info. He spychecks everything at least three times as well.
- Team mentality: He'll do whatever it takes to keep the team in tip-top shape. He won't do things for his own good, rather doing it for the REDs as a whole. He works well with others, regardless of his scintillating conversation skills, and will gladly go above and beyond what's needed to ensure that the job is done right.

- Unemotional: This can make him seem like he really, really doesn't care. It's gotten him into a few tiffs with some previous teammates, but he isn't going to change this any time soon.
- Stubborn: It's as hard to change his opinion as it is to move a mountain with your bare hands. Some people might succeed in getting him to reconsider, but it's not particularly likely that you'll get him to change his mind entirely. This can also lead to altercations with orders--if he thinks that something would be better suited elsewhere, he will continue to argue the fact until he either makes them realize it or somebody pulls rank. A good punch won't hurt, either.
- Afraid of heights: You will never see him rocket jump. This severely limits his range in combat, and hurts the amount of strategies he can pull through as well.
- Blunt: If he has something to say, he'll just belt it out. This isn't always the best thing, but he's about as subtle as a sledgehammer. He's not very good at sneaking, despite his silence, and will almost always get caught within the first five minutes. There's a reason why he isn't a Spy, after all.
- Meat shield: He'll do it totally willingly, even if you didn't ask. Obviously, this is rather detrimental to his lifespan in combat, and can ruin otherwise sound plans. Especially seeing as he never tells you if he's about to leap in front of you and take the hit.
- Poor social skills: Needless to say, Talbot doesn't know what small talk is. He won't be the most well-integrated teammate, and it's highly unlikely that he'll form any lasting bonds with his teammates because of this. He's prone to saying the right thing at the wrong time, and on top of this, he won't get what he did wrong. He won't be the easiest teammate to get to know, that much is certain.
- Aftershock: He will occasionally have flashbacks to his Arena stint. The full effect of these on him is uncertain, but they almost always leave him shaking.

A Rhode Island native, Talbot was born in the town of Canton. He lived a fairly uneventful life, traveling out of state to go to his college and playing football there as an offensive guard. His time after that wasn't much to speak of either, and it seemed like he would be destined for an equally droll job somewhere. This didn't last too long, however--he packed his bags and headed off for New York, only to find a RED recruitment station a few weeks after. He figured that it was worth a shot, and signed up, never expecting to hear anything back from the company. He was surprised when he did, and that was when the problems started.

From that point, he was sent off to a training camp where it was decided he would be best as a Soldier. He passed training with flying colors, taking to the job easily. He thought he wouldn't have to kill anybody, and that's where he was wrong. His first base was an Arena base, and from that point, his employers seemed to make it a point to send him to that type of combat. Talbot had never been a very vocal person, but as he fought and survived, he grew even more quiet, soon getting to the point where he barely spoke at all. After the sixth year of his employment, the mission that almost killed him went down--he had been sent to Nucleus, and he thought he had it under control. His backup was his team's Scout, an alright sort that had traveled to Nucleus along with him. They were friends, and he was one of the few people Talbot would actually speak to. Sure, it might not have been the most strategic combination, but he preferred somebody he trusted to have his back.

It was a routine mission, really. He didn't think it would go wrong at all. The BLU team had a new Spy and Sniper, and they were of a whole different caliber than what Talbot was used to--they jumped the pair together, the Sniper using himself as bait for the trap. His Scout friend was the first to die, and the Spy had had his fun with his knife by then. His throat was slashed and he was left for dead, the blade having just barely missed the jugular vein thanks to his struggling. He was found by his team's Medic later and brought back to base, where the Medic tried his best to patch up his injuries. His eye was a wreck, and was replaced with one from his now-dead teammate. Thanks to the Medigun, it wasn't rejected, but he never did trust another Medic after that. He still thinks that if he would've done something different, maybe it would've turned out better.

His final Arena base was at Offblast, and he gladly accepted a transfer to a normal base. From there, it was only a matter of time until he was transferred again, this time to Swamp Rat, and he's got a hell of a lot of adjusting to do after so long in the Arena circuit. Talbot still isn't used to the idea of respawn, and probably won't ever be fully acclimated to it.

Nationality: Red-blooded American.
Ethnicity: American mutt.

Hair Color: Dishwasher blond, some light touches of gray.
Eye Color: Left is light blue, right brown.
Height: 6'4".
Weight: 211 lbs.

Talbot is by no means a small person. He's built like a tank and has the muscles to back it up, and his scars certainly do help for the intimidation factor. His most notable one is one that starts at his jaw and arcs up to over his left eyebrow, dragging through his eye. That eye is blue, to contrast with his own brown one, and there's an entire story behind that eye that he would rather you not talk about. The second most obvious one is a jagged slash across his neck, indicating that his throat had been cut at some point. His skin is tanned and scratched with various other lighter lines, each one a mark of some past battle in his Arena days. Talbot isn't quite a spring chicken anymore, and he's already graying prematurely, though that doesn't bother him too much. He's almost always wearing his uniform, coupled with the same type of gloves a Heavy would wear, though the helmet is usually absent. He keeps his hair buzzed short out of habit, and is generally rather well-kept. Talbot will rarely if ever be seen disheveled, and takes great pains to ensure that he's always at uniform standards. He is by no means vain, however--he just prefers to look decent rather than looking like a slob.

His features are strong, and he could be considered handsome to those more interested in 'rugged' types. Talbot's expression is almost always a mask of careful calm, watching you silently from way up there. He carries himself well and has good posture, leading to him seeming even taller than he actually is. Talbot doesn't fidget and makes no nervous movements, instead preferring to conserve the motion for when it's needed. His uniform has been stitched in a few places, and his helmet bears many scuffs and a large crack across the side, held together with a few welded patches of metal. The crack is still evident, much to his displeasure, but he isn't going to get a new helmet any time soon. After all, it's served him well this long; why should he replace it? Besides, it's comfortable and it still can hold its own. Those are two things Talbot values highly, and he sees no real reason to toss out a good thing.

First Person Sample:
The swamp wasn't really a place I had been expecting, but it was a base, and that was good enough for me. Sure, this base didn't seem to be in the best of shape, but that could be easily fixed. So long as that respawn thing was working properly, I would happily deal with it. The ride here hadn't been the most entertaining thing, but I wasn't about to start complaining. There were plenty of people left at worse bases, and I was just happy that I was finally out of the Arena setup. Maybe this place wouldn't be so bad, anyway. It was at least something to look forward to.

Third Person Sample:
Talbot sat on his bed, his prized shotgun resting on his lap. It was time for the gun's usual inspection, and this was always something he enjoyed doing. It had served him well for eighteen years and change now, and keeping it in good shape was the least he could do. He ran his thumb down the stock, affording the weapon a small smile. The familiar feel of the wood was comforting, and he knew each and every mark on the surface like they were his own scars. The weapon was similar to him in many ways, he reflected--they both had been doing their job for a good long while, and they were rather suited to it. The shotgun was as much a part of him as his arm was at this point, and he paused for a moment, frowning down at some small imperfection that hadn't been there before. Where did that nick come from? He really shouldn't have been surprised--the shotgun had had a rough ride here, just like he had; even then, the added damage was irritating. Bah. Wasn't a lot he could do about it, no matter how much he scowled at it.

Image coming soon.
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