Red Team: Andrew "Andy" Findlay, Spy

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Red Team: Andrew "Andy" Findlay, Spy

Postby Henry Adams » Thu Jul 26, 2012 9:31 pm

Name: Andy Findlay
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: March 2nd
Team: Red
Class: Spy (In training)

Nationality: Scotland
Ethnicity: Scottish National (A.K.A. Scottish Native)
Languages: English, Gaelic

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5'9”
Weight: 161lbs
Image: Unavailable

A young man of average height and general build, Andy’s career has unquestionably benefited from his largely unassuming appearance. With his short, messy hair, slightly angular face, and seemingly constant stubble, he gives off the (false) vibe of a typical college student. His illicit activities required a large degree of running, jumping, and climbing, and as a result has left him lean and trim, with little body fat to speak of. He has a bit of a flair for fashion, preferring a more classic and formal look with well-oiled shoes, slacks, and dress shirts

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Talented: Anything Andy's learned so far, he's learned fast, and because he had to do it. It may not extend to much, but in his field, he's definitely started strong.

Ambitious: Once he decides he wants something, he wants it until he has it, and he's willing to work towards that end. How much work he's willing to do is always up for debate.

Patient: Hey, he may not do much work all at once, but that's alright. He's got all the time in the world, and he's sure he can wait a whole lot longer than whatever is in his way.


Unfocused: Andy's nature is to keep his eyes on everything at once, but his mind works the same way, whether he wants it to or not.

Unskilled: The techniques of the trade, the secrets and shortcuts, are still entirely foreign to him. He's here to learn, and he's got a long way to go.

Arrogant: The difference between 'I can do that' and 'I can learn to do that' is what usually keeps Andy from learning exactly HOW to do that. He usually assumes the former.

Andy, despite all appearances, is the reserved type. He prefers to stay out of conversation until it becomes necessary to speak, and then to speak only as little as possible. When he's nervous or excited, this becomes a different story, and he tends to talk faster than his brain can think. Much of his thought is taken up by planning. All plans are equally important in his mind because an unexpected development, something as simple as a dog in the yard that you couldn't see before, is enough to completely ruin his day. In conversation, he may seem distant or uncaring but this is just as likely to be because he's become distracted by the color of your shoes as it is that he's plotting how to deprive you of your material possessions. Despite his profession, or perhaps because of it, Andy avoids conflict, and has become something of a pacifist.


Born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, Andrew Findlay lived more or less happily in the South Leith district, which acted as Edinburgh's primary trade port. Though the area was heavily urbanized, many merchants lived in the same district, and just blocks up the street was North Leith, where the real money lived. Andy's father was a dock-worker and his mother stayed home, meaning that he lived a stable life, and the family could afford their regular meals. Andy first turned to theft as a child when he found a dropped wallet containing a considerable sum of money, which he promptly pocketed. The weight and feel of a full wallet was such a feeling that he was determined never to let it go.

As he grew older, he honed his skills, breaking locks, climbing buildings, and using the shadows. Knowing that he couldn't take his ill-gotten gains home to his parents, he instead used them to furnish and decorate an abandoned house in Old Town, which became his base of operations, and the regular meeting place of his small group of similarly minded friends. As the Leith district grew in prosperity, tore down the slums and attracted the wealthy, Andy's little business became a truly profitable system. Large houses with wealthy residents were cased, marked, and infiltrated, and small items of relatively high value were disappearing with startling regularity. Over the course of six years, from age ten to eighteen, houses across the district were hit at random intervals, in random positions, and the group's hide-away became an officially owned building, bought with the funding of 'anonymous charitable persons' that Andy had collected.

With his record perfectly clean, and his bank account regularly being filled and emptied, Andy lived contentedly until the day he picked the wrong pocket. A company official, under RED's control, was planted in the area and made to be a relatively difficult target. The company had caught wind of the string of burglaries, and was interested in finding the talent responsible for such a thing. When the official found himself deprived of a good chunk of his life's savings, the company tracked and investigated everyone who had come into contact with the man, and in doing so uncovered Andy's headquarters, and his 'business'. With an offer of hefty salary and training in the techniques of a truly masterful thief, the young man jumped on the company bandwagon, and was whisked away without a word to his friends or family. After a quick orientation, he was assigned his first base, in which he would be learning the delicate art of the Spy. Swamp-Rat is that base.

Primary: L'etranger
Secondary: Cloak and Dagger, Sapper
Melee: Big Earner, Concealed 4-inch Push-Knife for emergency and sentimental reasons

First Person:
The dog's barkin' made more of a fash than I'd like to admit. I damn-near busted my head on the ground. I was thinkin' of flittin' when the lights turned on, but I sat on my hunkers and waited while the owner of the house chained up the wee beast and got off back to his bed. The noise was a terror, but it was'nae a guard dog. Though it was just a wee thing, Gunn was gonna get a lickin' for missin' it when he checked the place.
Once he'd gone, I hefted m'self ower the fence again, and gave the beast his space. The door was'nae locked, so a quick jimmy and I found m'self in the hall. There was a muckle o' fancy trimmin's in the hall, but the target was in the main room. Under the ash in the lum, there was a wee metal kist. That one took some pickin' but once it was open, the golden ring inside was my cue to daunder on out.
That ring earned us a brand new radio for the main room back hame. Ah, and that idjeet Gunn got a good skelp to the neb.

Third Person:
Andy, Gunn and May sat in the main room in their headquarters, admiring their new radio. While Gunn nursed his sore nose, May fiddled with the dials on the little piece of equipment like a child with a new toy, grinning like a school-girl.
“D'nae break it, Maysie. We've only jus' got it.” Giving the girl a side-long glance and a wicked grin, Andy stood up from his easy-chair and gave a look out the window at the cloudy sky. “S'gonna rain again, Gunn. S'Bram goin' t'be checkin' the next target tonight?”
“A'course, Andre'. All the polis're palaverin' about the last one. Y'gon te take this wan on yer lane agin'? I would'nae mind givin' ye a heft.”
“Naw, Gunny. M'da's a wee bit crabbit since ye' skelped tha' tree. I'll give it a walk. Maybe I c'n find some extra bawbees on th' way.”

As Andy went to sit down again, May looked up from the radio and fixed him with a pout. “Be careful, Andy. I heard Bram haiverin' about some big-wig in the city lookin' out fer trouble.”
“Ah, quit nippin', Maysie. I cannae be caught, y'ken? I'll be back t'morrah.”
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Re: Red Team: Andrew "Andy" Findlay, Spy

Postby Puffin » Thu Aug 09, 2012 11:52 am


welcome to Swamp Rat, you unintelligible Scot

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