More cats and also a newspaper

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More cats and also a newspaper

Postby Bartholom√§us Fritz Brotmarkel » Fri Aug 19, 2011 1:41 pm

Some Tom and Val fluff with a newspaper attack smushed in between

06:00:48: Valentine waggles her tail
06:02:11: TomTheMedic picks up Valentine
06:02:20: TomTheMedic headbumps
06:03:41: YuriIsHEavy raised his eyebrow when he saw the cat come in through the window, but goes back to reading his newspaper once tom rushed in to hold his love.
06:03:58: Valentine she didn't come in through the window silly
06:03:59: <YuriIsHEavy> kids...
06:04:02: Valentine she FLEW IN
06:04:12: <TomTheMedic> :3
06:04:12: YuriIsHEavy wasn't paying attention, and assumed.
06:04:23: Valentine mews and purrs
06:04:27: <Valentine> :3
06:04:34: TomTheMedic kisses Valentine's nose and coddles her
06:05:21: Valentine reaches up and gives Tomtom Eskimo kissus
06:06:31: <TomTheMedic> !
06:06:43: TomTheMedic coos at Valentine sweetly, and rubs her belly
06:07:08: YuriIsHEavy snickers, looking over the current events.
06:08:10: Valentine mews cutely and does that cute thing cats do when they put their paws over their eyes
06:08:32: TomTheMedic makes an 'awww' sound, and then laughs softly
06:08:45: <TomTheMedic> What a sweet little thing you are... I should probably give you a treat, si?
06:09:19: Valentine her eyes sparkle at the word "treat." Ooooh, she recognizes that word :3
06:09:59: TomTheMedic gently puts Valentine down, and wanders off to the kitchen, before rummaging in cabinets
06:10:20: <TomTheMedic> Hmm, what to give you.. after all, a sweet little kitty like you deserves something special..
06:10:30: Valentine doesn't sit there like a normal cat.
06:10:54: Valentine follows Tom to the kitchen and jumps on the counter to observe what he does
06:10:56: YuriIsHEavy lowers the paper to look at valentine while tom is gone, cocking an eyebrow.
06:11:21: YuriIsHEavy watches the cat leave, and goes back to his paper
06:11:29: <YuriIsHEavy> curiouser and curiouser....
06:12:01: TomTheMedic thinks for a moment, and then goes into the refrigerator, pulling out some crawfish he had been saving for dinner
06:12:07: <TomTheMedic> ... Perhaps you'd like this?
06:12:25: Valentine stares at the crawfish in Tomtom's hands, licking her lips
06:12:56: TomTheMedic takes a crawfish and gently places it in front of Valentine
06:13:31: YuriIsHEavy klatches at the news paper, tearing away at the thin newspaper
06:14:36: Valentine sniffs the treat for a bit, before grasping it in her paws and chowing down
06:14:39: <Valentine> Nomnom~
06:14:53: YuriIsHEavy manages to pull the paper from his face, and slaps it.
06:14:57: <YuriIsHEavy> BEHAVE!
06:15:06: YuriIsHEavy does the angry dad face.
06:15:20: Newspaper sniff sniff
06:15:34: <Newspaper> B-b-but I was just hungry for human flesh ;_;
06:15:55: TomTheMedic grins, and then-
06:16:00: YuriIsHEavy sighed, looking for a solution to all of this.
06:16:07: TomTheCat is suddenly buried under clothes
06:16:24: TomTheCat whines and tries to dig his way out, eventually managing to get free
06:16:33: <Newspaper> I'm just hungry :C
06:17:05: Valentine puts down her half-eaten snack and goes to sniff the cat that came out of the pile of clothes
06:17:10: <Valentine> Sniff sniff
06:17:16: Valentine It's Tomtom!!
06:17:42: YuriIsHEavy smiled as something came to him. Folding the paper, he took his friend to the respawn room. And going to his console, he slapped his own respawn button. His dead body falls to the floor in an instant, the paper falling open on top of him.
06:17:52: YuriIsHEavy respawns, three feet away.
06:17:58: <YuriIsHEavy> Eat quickly friend!
06:18:24: <Newspaper> Yippee! Thank you kind stranger who was fondling me earlier!
06:18:26: <Newspaper> NOMNOMNOM
06:18:33: Newspaper devours the body
06:18:36: Newspaper burps
06:18:41: YuriIsHEavy blinks
06:18:49: <YuriIsHEavy> now may i go back to reading you?
06:19:02: <Newspaper> Sure!
06:19:10: Newspaper magically jumps back into Yuri's hands
06:19:21: TomTheCat meows at Valentine, and then moves to rub up against her, purring
06:19:54: YuriIsHEavy smiled, tucking the paper under his arm as he went back into the common room, and went back to his chair. He coughed a little as he opened the paper, picking up where he left off.
06:20:25: <YuriIsHEavy> Had to do that anyway. Was getting nose horn sick.
06:20:43: Newspaper is now once again an inanimate object
06:21:11: Valentine purrs and licks her paws as she's being rubbed up against
06:21:12: YuriIsHEavy looks over the paper into the kitchen, and sees both cats cuddling.
06:21:14: <YuriIsHEavy> Docktor?
06:21:41: Valentine begins grooming Tomtom's face cause I guess she think's you looked dirty
06:21:56: TomTheCat nuzzles, and then mewls, licking Valentine's head
06:22:38: YuriIsHEavy sighed, folding the paper up and setting up on the table. Quickly he walked off to the barracks.
06:23:19: Valentine purrs and rolls over
06:23:53: TomTheCat snuggles up next to Valentine, purring loudly
06:23:55: YuriIsPuppies 's claws scrape across the floor, running full gait back to the kitchen, smiling, a big smile on his face.
06:24:44: YuriIsPuppies was hungry, and looked around the kitchen, expecting his food bowl to be there. He never had one before, but he knew there would be there. HE KNEW!
06:24:55: YuriIsPuppies found no food bowl.
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