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Postby Yuri Vanavich Karloff » Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:49 pm

A bit of random awesomeness. Just cause.

19:05:17: <justasquid> My parents have informed me we are leaving for oregon in an hour
19:05:23: <clem> woo?
19:05:24: <justasquid> And i'm trying to pack
19:05:24: <Slinkems> There-- Why?
19:05:41: <YuriIsHEavy> salem's a good town.
19:05:50: <YuriIsHEavy> portland, meh.
19:06:01: <justasquid> i think we're headed for portland
19:06:13: <YuriIsHEavy> i'm so sorry for you...
19:06:22: <Slinkems> ...
19:06:26: <Slinkems> Why do you keep apologizing?
19:06:33: <Slinkems> I don't understand.
19:06:38: YuriIsHEavy has a lot to be sorry for.
19:06:39: <justasquid> lol, they have an awesome bookstore, so it's not that bad
19:06:45: <Slinkems> Do you?
19:06:46: <YuriIsHEavy> lol, ok.
19:06:50: <Slinkems> Why is that?
19:06:50: <YuriIsHEavy> da
19:06:54: <YuriIsHEavy> i just do.
19:07:16: <Slinkems> ....Alright. I won't pry.
19:08:09: <clem> Yuri is clearly batman
19:08:11: <clem> duh
19:08:22: <YuriIsHEavy> o.0 how did you know?
19:08:28: <justasquid> D=
19:08:33: <justasquid> it makes so much sense
19:08:44: <YuriIsBatman> WHERE IS SHE!
19:08:49: <clem> dohoho
19:08:55: <YuriIsBatman> WHU GUHUGERAHHH!
19:10:05: YuriIsBatman is the goddamn batman.
19:11:22: <YuriIsBatman>
19:11:27: <justasquid> So then who's robin?
19:11:59: <SaoirseisRobin> Eh, why're we kickin' arse tanight again?
19:12:16: <YuriIsBatman> lol, ok, so is this post apocalyptic frank miller batman?
19:12:27: <SaoirseisRobin> Saorise is Tim, btw
19:12:28: <YuriIsBatman> female robin of irish decent.
19:12:32: <SaoirseisRobin> Or Cass
19:12:36: <YuriIsBatman> cass.
19:12:43: <SaoirseisRobin> Or Robleyquinn
19:12:55: <YuriIsBatman> 8[
19:12:59: <SaoirseisRobin> I kid
19:13:09: <SaoirseisRobin> She's not gonna be flashing anyone
19:13:15: <YuriIsBatman> lol
19:13:18: <YuriIsBatman> yet...
19:13:32: <SaoirseisRobin> what on earth are you implying, sir
19:14:26: <YuriIsBatman> I am implying that every young person will eventually find their sexuality, and is statically destined to show their naked body to SOMEONE eventually.
19:14:44: <YuriIsBatman> DUH!
19:14:51: <SaoirseisRobin> oh well
19:14:54: <SaoirseisRobin> yeah
19:15:10: <YuriIsBatman> lol, and you had a bad mind!
19:15:18: <YuriIsBatman> now, off to justice.
19:15:29: <SaoirseisRobin> Well flashing and getting naked with someone are different things!
19:15:53: YuriIsBatman throws a doughnut at slinkems, the ring of dough hitting him in the face
19:16:00: <YuriIsBatman> take that killer croc!
19:16:14: <SaoirseisRobin> Jeezus, look at his hideous face!
19:16:22: <SaoirseisRobin> I'd sure hate ta be his girlfriend!
19:16:22: <YuriIsBatman> ((lol
19:16:24: RyNotSoKillerCroc whacked in the face
19:16:25: <RyNotSoKillerCroc> Ow!
19:16:45: <RyNotSoKillerCroc> Wot was tha' fer?!
19:17:04: <SaoirseisRobin> ( ... does this mean Fritz is Catwoman
19:17:35: <YuriIsBatman> It's a symptom of acute human papilloma virus! It makes his exterior just as wicked as his interior!
19:17:40: <YuriIsBatman> (yes. Good GOD yes.
19:17:46: <SaoirseisRobin> Let's kick his teeth in!
19:18:09: <RyNotSoKillerCroc> W-Wot?!
19:18:18: RyNotSoKillerCroc runs.
19:18:30: <SaoirseisRobin> Good gravy Batman, he's gettin' away!
19:18:31: YuriIsBatman runs up to rynotsokillercroc, and tries to punch him in the teeth.
19:18:36: <YuriIsBatman> halt evil doer!
19:18:45: <YuriIsBatman> RETURN MY DOUGHNUT!
19:19:04: RyNotSoKillerCroc punched, noms on hand on reflex.
19:19:19: <YuriIsBatman> ((batman on quaaludes?
19:19:40: <RyNotSoKillerCroc> ((Hmmm. I dunno.
19:19:47: <SaoirseisRobin> Remove yerself fram Batman, ya feckin' twat!
19:19:54: SaoirseisRobin kicks Ry in the tail
19:20:05: YuriIsBatman takes no heed of his hand being bitten, and procedes to punch the crap out of the croc's head.
19:20:17: RyNotSoKillerCroc lets go off, swishes tail at SaoirseisRobin's ankles
19:20:33: <SaoirseisRobin> Ah, gahd damnit!
19:20:35: RyNotSoKillerCroc apparently is getting beaten up for nothing. Oh the injustice. OH THE IRONY.
19:20:40: SaoirseisRobin takes a tumble
19:20:47: <YuriIsBatman> JUSTICE!!!!
19:20:53: RyNotSoKillerCroc OH THE IRONY
19:21:05: YuriIsBatman leaps on ry, covering the croc's face with his cape!!
19:21:15: <RyNotSoKillerCroc> !
19:21:25: RyNotSoKillerCroc startled, scratches at.
19:21:33: <RyNotSoKillerCroc> Get the hell off me!
19:21:49: <SaoirseisRobin> ( oh no
19:21:59: Yewi pulls his head out from under his costume, pouting
19:22:04: <Yewi> you said a bad word!!!!
19:22:05: <SaoirseisRobin> Ya've robbed Gotham bank fer th'a last time, criminal!
19:22:07: <RyNotSoKillerCroc> what is even happening))
19:22:13: <SaoirseisRobin> ( miracles
19:22:19: <justasquid> ((what is this i don't even
19:22:21: RyNotSoKillerCroc RyRy
19:22:25: <RyNotSoKillerCroc> [jfksdfhdsjk]]
19:22:39: RyRy wipes at face, nosebleed.
19:22:42: <RyRy> You hit me!
19:22:57: <Yewi> You took doughnut!
19:23:19: Yewi falls to the ground, pouting
19:23:21: <RyRy> You hit me!
19:23:32: RyRy wipes at face, head hurts.
19:23:34: <RyRy> Ow...
19:23:36: <S-s-sao> W-we d-d-did hit him...
19:23:38: <Yewi> you are worst villan ever.
19:23:52: S-s-sao does not like fighting with her fellow magic-sheep-hunter
19:23:54: Yewi crosses his arms in front of his chest.
19:23:56: RyRy frowns and keeps wiping at his face.
19:24:14: justasquid comes in with cookies
19:24:30: <S-s-sao> C-c-cookies!
19:24:46: Yewi looks up, and then goes back to pouting
19:24:52: <Yewi> bad villans don't get cookies.
19:24:52: RyRy hides under table.
19:25:14: <justasquid> Everyone get's cookies
19:25:17: <RyRy> I don't want a cookie anyway.
19:25:19: RyRy sulks.
19:25:38: <S-s-sao> C-can I h-h-h-have one?
19:25:44: <justasquid> Sure!
19:26:00: justasquid gives S-s-sao a cookies
19:26:04: <justasquid> *cookie
19:26:26: S-s-sao eats it happily
19:26:30: Yewi glares at sao, trying his best to give his "robin, i am disappoint" face.
19:26:38: <S-s-sao> C-crime f-f-fighters get tr-treats!
19:26:48: RyRy stays under the table, nursing his hurt nose.
19:27:19: <justasquid> Now, Yewi, if you apoligize to RyRy for hitting him, I can give you a cookie too
19:28:33: <S-s-sao> D-d-do it
19:28:52: Yewi walks up to justasquid and takes a cookie, frowning, and carries the cookie over to ry-ry
19:28:57: <Yewi> *ryry
19:29:08: RyRy looks up at Yewi and frowns, scoots further under the table.
19:29:25: Yewi frowns, holding out the cookie,
19:29:31: <Yewi> i'm sorry for hurting you...
19:30:28: <RyRy> ...It's okay.
19:30:33: RyRy accepts the cookie, smiling.
19:30:57: Yewi :/ sits down next to ryry, and sat cross legged
19:31:02: <justasquid> Now was that so hard?
19:31:16: <Yewi> you made a good killer croc....
19:31:16: justasquid gives a cookie to Yewi
19:31:32: <RyRy> Thank you!
19:31:41: RyRy munches on the cookie, smiling.
19:32:15: Yewi looks down at his high tops, nomming slowly on the cookie. And then he paused...
19:32:22: <Yewi> Is there chocolate in this?
19:32:28: <S-s-sao> Yer a w-w-worthy op-p-ponent, RyRy
19:32:52: <justasquid> Nope, they're snickerdoodle!
19:33:10: Yewi smiles, before taking a bite
19:33:13: <Yewi> good.
19:33:38: <RyRy> Thank yeh Sao
Yuri Vanavich Karloff

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