Cat bonding

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Cat bonding

Postby Bartholom√§us Fritz Brotmarkel » Tue Aug 16, 2011 11:17 pm

So the two cats are bonding and Yuri is in dog form. :B
Grooming ensues.

22:55 YuriIsPuppies arf!
22:55 *** OliverSpy is now known as TomTheCat
22:55 YuriIsPuppies arf arf, and such.
22:55 PretendOliBF wait
22:55 TomTheCat pounces on Yuri!
22:55 PretendOliBF Why is my girlfriend now a male cat O
22:55 YuriIsPuppies yips, and scampers off.
22:55 TomTheCat chases!
22:55 PretendOliBF scratches his head in confusion
22:55 TomTheCat lol ]
22:56 YuriIsPuppies tires to make a corner, but slips on the slick concrete, and falls flat on his side
22:56 justasquid This is a strange thing to walk in on
22:56 TomTheCat pounces on Yuri! Then starts pawing at his tail.
22:57 YuriIsPuppies ((also, ... e=1&ref=nf
22:57 PretendOliBF ((Well I turned into Oli's bf and we jetskiied into the sunset and now she's a male cat with our puppy that follows us around on our adventures
22:57 justasquid ((it sounds like a beautiful and heart-rending story
22:58 YuriIsPuppies ((it really wasn't, it was just kinda cute.
22:58 PretendOliBF ((YURI LIES
22:58 YuriIsPuppies growls, before managing to get to his feet, and begins running off again.
22:59 TomTheCat meows and chases again
23:02 YuriIsPuppies jumped out of the reach of the tomcat, into a pond in the back yard, and swims in little circles, smiling a big wide stupid.
23:03 TomTheCat stops at the water's edge, and whines loudly
23:04 YuriIsPuppies swims up to the water's edge, and stands ankle deep in the murky skum, and leans down to lick the tomcat's head, right between the ears.
23:06 TomTheCat !!
23:06 TomTheCat puffs up, and then scampers away, meowing loudly
23:07 YuriIsPuppies shakes the water off himself, flinging the water all over the yard, miraculously managing to hit the house with some of the skum.
23:07 TomTheCat yowls as he gets hit with water, and runs back into the house
23:08 YuriIsPuppies chases the tomcat into the house, barking playfully, tracking thick black mud onto every surface he hit on his way into the house.
23:10 *** PretendOliBF is now known as Valentine
23:10 Valentine (( :3c
23:11 TomTheCat !!
23:11 Valentine is sitting there grooming herself when she sees a very dirty feline run in
23:11 TomTheCat jumps up onto the couch, and whines
23:11 Valentine ((oooh Tom u gonna get groomed
23:11 TomTheCat oh bby [[
23:11 TomTheCat lol ]]
23:12 Valentine (( XDDD
23:12 YuriIsPuppies ((o.0
23:12 TomTheCat <:3 ]
23:12 TomTheCat is wet, and a bit muddy, and-he doesn't look happy, not at all.
23:12 Valentine pounces up on the couch and mews at Tom
23:13 TomTheCat !
23:13 TomTheCat turns to Valentine, and meows back pitifully
23:13 YuriIsPuppies slides into the room, the smooth floor and wet butt making his entrence into the room rather easy as he spins into the room, dripping in grime, already in sitting position.
23:14 YuriIsPuppies hits the couch with a sharp jerk, and smiles stupidly, not realizing he just splashed both cats in mud.
23:14 TomTheCat !!
23:15 TomTheCat yowls loudly, looking rather miserable right now
23:15 Valentine hisses and jumps on the higher part of the couch
23:16 TomTheCat follows Valentine, mewling and headbutting her side affectionately
23:16 Valentine purrs a bit while she licks her paws clean
23:16 Valentine jumps down off the couch, careful to avoid the dog, before jumping up to where the dripping sink is
23:17 TomTheCat 's tail twitches, and he moves to follow Valentine
23:18 Valentine paws at the dripping water, getting her paw wet, before she starts groom her face
23:19 Valentine ((*grooming
23:19 YuriIsPuppies smiles big, watching both the cats move over to the little sink in the kitchen. With his head cocked, he stared in wonder, pausing to wet his tongue before going back to smiling, his tail going back and forth.
23:19 Valentine ((d'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3
23:19 TomTheCat jumps up to the sink as well-before tumbling into it, whining again
23:20 Valentine ((That sounds EXACTLY like Marley!
23:20 Valentine ((I mean the dog
23:20 Valentine ((our neighbors
23:20 YuriIsPuppies ((lol, that's who i'm basing yuri puppy on actually.... cute little girl she is.
23:20 YuriIsPuppies ((exactly what breed is she?
23:20 Valentine witnesses Tom falling into the sink
23:21 YuriIsPuppies ((if you know
23:21 Valentine mews and jumps gracefully down into the sink with him
23:21 Valentine ((like, lab mixed with something
23:21 YuriIsPuppies 's ears perk up when he see's tomcat fall into the sink, and stands for a moment to come to the rescue, until he sees valentine jump in after.
23:22 Valentine (silly puppy, you can't even reach the sink
23:23 YuriIsPuppies ((lol, of course, but i would try.
23:23 YuriIsPuppies ((also, there's this
23:26 TomTheCat lays in the sink, and then looks up at Valentine and meows
23:27 YuriIsPuppies gets a little worried, both of the cats having spent far to long in the sink without making any noise, and just as tomcat meows, yuri barked, standing up and wagging his tail slowly.
23:27 Valentine walks over to Tom and-
23:27 Valentine Hissssssssssssssssssssssss
23:27 Valentine after the bark-flinching, she goes over to tom and starts licking the top of his head
23:28 TomTheCat whines at the bark, and then lowers his head, mewling softly
23:29 YuriIsPuppies let out another bark, not quite so loud, more like an "I heard ya" than a "hey dare!" before sitting back down, still dripping on the floor, smiling as big as he can, his tongue hanging out lazily.
23:29 TomTheCat so cute aaaa ]
23:31 YuriIsPuppies ((yeah, i think if Yuri were to be an animal, it would be a dog, not a bear like i thought in the past.
23:31 Valentine hold on goggie, you'll get your grooming next :T
23:31 YuriIsPuppies just much more fun))
23:32 Valentine licks around his ears and starts moving to under his chin
23:33 YuriIsPuppies ((goggie?
23:33 TomTheCat starts purring loudly, and licks Valentine's head back
23:35 Valentine ((How I say doggie sometimes
23:35 YuriIsPuppies ((:3
23:37 Valentine purrs as well and starts lickin' more lower (lol not like thaaaaat)
23:38 TomTheCat continues to purr contently, allowing himself to be cleaned <3
23:38 YuriIsPuppies can't really see anything from where he is, and wonders what is going on up there. With a couple of steps backwards, he leapt up onto the counter next to the sink, his front paws barely making it up, but his mass had him falling back down onto the ground. No biggie. He tried again, and fell, again.
23:38 YuriIsPuppies ((good.... lol
23:39 TomTheCat awww ]
23:40 YuriIsPuppies tried yet again, and this time managed to get some sort of purchase, his hind legs scrambling to kick him up, and he saw the cats... Licking each other? Curiouser and curiouser. And with his confusion, he fell back onto the floor, making a third big muddy splat

Then poor Tomcat left so that's all :B

Yay for colour coding :D
Bartholomäus Fritz Brotmarkel

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