Respawn Failure Part 2

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Respawn Failure Part 2

Postby SGT Sykes Abernathy » Tue Aug 09, 2011 10:22 pm

[[I don't seem to have the beginning for some odd reason....]]

00:34 TomTheMedic I see. Well then. I suppose we're going to have to fix this, mm?
00:34 Didi lies terribly
00:34 Yewi shook his head
00:34 TomTheMedic smiles weakly
00:34 Fwitzle is still sniffling and sitting on the floor
00:34 Didi scowls
00:34 Yewi nuuu, fwitzle was about to take a bite of it!
00:34 TomTheMedic Stop fighting, Come on, I'll get you both cookies. Hush.
00:34 Didi Nu-uh! He was waving it around!
00:35 Yewi nuuu, that's what you did.
00:35 Didi perks up at the offer of cookies
00:35 Yewi shakes his head
00:35 Yewi i dun want cookies.
00:35 Yewi i want fritzle to have cookies.
00:35 Didi I want cookies!
00:35 Didi ALL the cookies!
00:35 TomTheMedic We'll get some cookies for Fritzle too then, si?
00:35 TomTheMedic ......
00:35 TomTheMedic looks at Didi flatly
00:35 Fwitzle looks up from behind his stuffed animal at the mention of cookies
00:36 Didi And I can sell them for a quarter!
00:36 Yewi slaps the back of didi's head
00:36 Didi ow!
00:36 TomTheMedic Hey! No hitting!
00:36 Didi glares at Yewi
00:36 Yewi you get none and you'll be happy
00:36 Willy [[doing it then
00:36 TomTheMedic wags a finger at Yewi
00:36 TomTheMedic We don't hit. Understnad?
00:36 Didi Cootie flabman!
00:36 Didi [what are insults]
00:37 Didi sneers
00:37 TomTheMedic sighs, and then moved to pick up Didi, carrying the little Spy on his hip
00:37 Yewi stares down at his converse high tops, crossing one toe over the other.
00:37 Yewi soooowy didi
00:37 TomTheMedic .. I suppose this was the Announcer's doing then, huh?
00:37 Didi squirms in Tom's grasp
00:37 TomTheMedic shakes his head and sighs
00:37 Didi ...I don't know!
00:37 TomTheMedic Of course you don't. You're just a child.
00:38 TomTheMedic flicks Didi's glasses and laughs
00:38 Yewi runs off back to fwitzle, taking him by the wrist and helping him to his feet
00:38 Yewi come on, cookies!
00:38 Fwitzle C-cookies? '^'
00:38 Yewi nods
00:38 Yewi da
00:39 Yewi come on, get uuuup!
00:39 TomTheMedic winces as he realizes he'll have to find some cookies now or have a hoard of angry children to deal with
00:39 Fwitzle gets up, still clinging to his animal
00:39 Fwitzle C-can I have a piggy back rwide?
00:40 Yewi walks in front of the medic, and then pauses
00:40 Yewi wellll.... okies
00:40 Didi pouts, still being carried
00:40 Didi I'm not a kid.
00:40 Didi ....
00:40 Yewi knelt down in front of the medic, holding his feet out like stirrups
00:40 TomTheMedic Of course you're not.
00:40 Didi Wait.
00:40 Yewi hop on up fwitzle
00:40 TomTheMedic chuckles, and then moves over to the other two children
00:40 Didi At least I'm not a --
00:40 Didi BABY~
00:41 Fwitzle jumps on his back
00:41 Didi makes a face
00:41 TomTheMedic hushed Didi
00:41 TomTheMedic Behave, or you won't get cookies.
00:41 Fwitzle sticks his tongue out at Didi
00:41 Yewi makes to stand up, and waivers a little, before finally getting up to his feet.
00:41 Didi narrows his eyes, stays silent
00:42 Didi ....
00:42 Yewi *grunt* your not so heavy.
00:42 Didi mouths "BABY" at Yewi and Fwitzle, trying not to be caught by Tom
00:42 Willy is sitting on the counter in the kitchen with the gator hat next to him, cookie box empty but crumbs everywhere. His hat practically covering his entire crumb covered face.

00:42 TomTheMedic leads the way to the kitchen, still holding Didi, and occasionally glancing back to make sure Yewi and Fwitzle were following.
00:42 Fwitzle sticks his tongue out again and crosses his eyes
00:43 Didi makes a very rude hand gesture that he saw on TV
00:43 Yewi follows tom, but stuck his tongue out at dimi along with fwitzle, before mouthing "You still wear diapers"
00:43 TomTheMedic blinks when he sees Willy on the counter, and then notices the box of cookies
00:43 TomTheMedic ... Cristo.
00:43 Yewi screamed
00:43 Willy ...Uh.... He did it!
00:43 Willy points to the gator hat
00:43 Yewi DIDI DID THE BAD HAND!!!!
00:44 TomTheMedic winces
00:44 TomTheMedic .. The wha?
00:44 Didi NO I DIDN'T
00:44 TomTheMedic blinks and looks at Didi, before narrowing his eyes
00:44 Yewi the, the, the bird!
00:44 TomTheMedic .. Oh, he did, did he?
00:44 Didi No I didn't!
00:44 TomTheMedic does not have a nice look on his face right now
00:44 Yewi nods, adjusting the baby medic on his back
00:44 Willy uses the distraction to grab the hat and slip off the counter. Heads out to the next room.
00:45 TomTheMedic blinks and then looks at Willy
00:45 TomTheMedic Hey! Come back here!
00:45 Yewi yes he did!
00:45 Didi doesn't have a very nice face either
00:45 Didi [isn't making*]
00:45 TomTheMedic oh god so many children what do
00:45 Yewi crosses his eyes up at didi, and makes the spider fangs up at him.
00:46 TomTheMedic moves over to grab ahold of Willy, not wanting to have his team-or what was left of them-running around alone like this
00:47 Yewi ( ... 23462.jpg/
00:47 Didi pulls his tongue at Yewi
00:47 TomTheMedic (( loool ))
00:47 Didi ((XD))
00:48 Willy --!! Oi! Put me down, Tommy!
00:48 Willy holds onto the gator hat
00:48 TomTheMedic now has a child in each arm, lovely
00:48 Yewi looks over his shoulder at fwitzle,
00:48 Yewi you ok?
00:49 TomTheMedic Hey now, hey. You're staying here with us. You're not allowed to go anywhere alone, understand?
00:49 TomTheMedic then glances at Didi
00:49 Didi smirks up at Tom
00:49 TomTheMedic ....
00:49 Didi Yes Tommy.
00:49 Fwitzle Ja, I'm okies
00:49 Fwitzle o:
00:49 TomTheMedic puts down Willy for a moment
00:49 Willy ....why?
00:49 TomTheMedic Stay.
00:49 Yewi turns back to tom, willy too
00:49 TomTheMedic pulls out a chair, still holding Didi
00:49 Yewi willy, did you eat ALL of the cookies?
00:50 TomTheMedic sits, and then lays Didi on his lap
00:50 TomTheMedic Sorry, kid.
00:50 Willy Noooo. Bitey did it.
00:50 TomTheMedic spanks
00:50 Willy holds up the croc-hat to Yewi
00:50 Didi wails
00:50 Yewi shakes his head at the croc-hat
00:50 Yewi nuuu, i mean are there any left.
00:51 Yewi ((lol, momma spank
00:51 Didi sniffles
00:51 TomTheMedic You will /behave/. You do /not/ steal. Understand?
00:51 TomTheMedic stops, holding his hand up
00:51 Didi wipes his face, nods quickly
00:51 Fwitzle tries hiding behind his animal
00:51 Fwitzle he is scared of spankings
00:51 Willy ... Uh... I think its empty.
00:51 TomTheMedic sighs, and then sits Didi up, giving him a small kiss on his forehead
00:51 TomTheMedic All right. Now stay while I look for cookies, okay?
00:52 Yewi rolled his eyes, and looked over his shoulder at fwitzle
00:52 Yewi i think we're gonna have to make some mowe.
00:52 Didi rubs his backside
00:52 Fwitzle R-really?
00:52 Fwitzle grins
00:52 Yewi nodded.
00:52 Yewi You wanna help?
00:52 Fwitzle C-can I help Tomtom?? Pweeeeeeease???
00:52 Didi as soon as Tom goes away he furiously wipes his forehead--grownup cooties ew
00:53 Fwitzle tugs on his coat
00:53 Willy can't go nowhere so takes a seat under the table.
00:53 TomTheMedic puts Didi down, and then moves over to the kitchen, searching through cabinets to look for cookies-
00:53 TomTheMedic ?
00:53 TomTheMedic looks down at Fwitzle
00:53 TomTheMedic .. OH. Yes, of course! We can bake some cookies.
00:53 Fwitzle Yaaaaay!!
00:53 TomTheMedic And yes, you can help.
00:53 Didi .....
00:53 TomTheMedic sighs in relief.
00:53 Didi sulks
00:54 Fwitzle squees
00:54 Yewi immediately goes to work pulling down things from the cabinet, things that might not be needed for the cookies.
00:54 Yewi uhhh, choco chips
00:54 Yewi bacon
00:54 Yewi butter
00:54 TomTheMedic ... Bacon?
00:54 Yewi da
00:54 TomTheMedic raises an eyebro
00:55 Didi Doodiehead, cookies don't need bacon!
00:55 TomTheMedic ... Let's just make them chocolate chip, si?
00:55 Yewi baking soda
00:55 TomTheMedic Hey!
00:55 Yewi flour
00:55 TomTheMedic shoots a nasty look at Didi
00:55 Didi What?! It's true!
00:55 Yewi nodded, and put back the bacon, sadface
00:55 TomTheMedic then goes back to gathering things from the higher shelves
00:55 Fwitzle Iss okies Yewi
00:55 Fwitzle hugs him
00:55 Yewi hugs back.
00:55 Fwitzle One day I will be a suuuuper baker!
00:56 Yewi giggles
00:56 Fwitzle And I will make you some bacon cookies
00:56 Fwitzle :3
00:56 Didi ...
00:56 TomTheMedic Vanilla.. Sugar...
00:56 Yewi that sounds good.
00:56 Didi rolls his eyes
00:56 Yewi eggs!
00:56 TomTheMedic Ah, yes! Careful you don't break them...
00:56 Didi [aww, I gotta go]
00:56 Fwitzle Ewie, I don't want to touch the slimy eggs
00:56 TomTheMedic then starts to look for pans
00:56 Fwitzle ((b'awwwwwwwwwwwww
00:56 TomTheMedic ( awww :< )
00:56 Yewi runs to the refrigerator, and gets up on his tippie toes to get a couple of them out of the carton
00:56 Yewi (awwwww, okies.
00:57 Fwitzle (*huggles* baaaaaaaai
00:57 Yewi I'll touch the eggs for you fwitzle
00:57 Didi slowly creeps towards the doorway, before making a dash out of the kitchen

00:57 TomTheMedic hums contently, gathering ingredients and putting them on the counter
00:57 Didi ran outside to play with slugs and frogs.
00:57 *** Didi quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
00:58 Yewi fumbles with the eggs, and drops one, and it lands on his shoe. He took the rest of them and set them on the counter, not trying to alert anyone, when he asked
00:58 Yewi t-tom, I made a mess.... can i have some paper towels?
00:58 Fwitzle (hai I gotta go too
00:58 TomTheMedic blinks, and turns
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Re: Respawn Failure Part 2

Postby Gerhard Melsbach » Tue Aug 09, 2011 10:45 pm

...this needs to be an event...
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Re: Respawn Failure Part 2

Postby SGT Sykes Abernathy » Wed Aug 10, 2011 4:09 pm

Willy sticks his tongue out at Sao, making the 'Neeehhh' sound
17:53 YuriIsHeavy what kind is cookies?
17:53 TomTheMedic frowns for a moment, and then sighs
17:53 TomTheMedic Riley-ah, Yuri, they're chocolate chip.
17:53 TomTheMedic Riley, come here.
17:53 YuriIsHeavy smiled, and looked down to fwitzle grappling tom's leg
17:53 RyRy smiles at Tom, holding some sort of toad in his hands, petting it fondly
17:53 RyRy ....
17:54 Sao stomps her foot and puffs out her cheeks
17:54 YuriIsHeavy you want one fwitzle?
17:54 RyRy walks over, stares at Tom.
17:54 RyRy ((Ry was a quiet child
17:54 Fwitzle is clingy
17:54 Sao I-I wus jus a-a-asking, h-h-h-e was b-being rude!
17:54 Fwitzle looks up at Yewi
17:54 Fwitzle Pw-pwease?
17:54 TomTheMedic frowns at the toad, and then laughs
17:54 Willy Was not!
17:54 YuriIsHeavy nodds, petting fwitzle's head, trying to be a good big brother
17:55 TomTheMedic can't be mean to a child-even if it is Riley-and carefully moves to pick up the muddy little sniperdile
17:55 TomTheMedic I guess I'm going to have to give you a bath, huh?
17:55 RyRy looks over at the argument, frowning. Starts when he's picked up, flails at the word 'bath'.
17:55 YuriIsHeavy reaches up to grab one of the cookies off the sheet, but touches the cookie sheet accidentally
17:55 RyRy No, no! I'm foine!
17:55 YuriIsHeavy aoooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
17:55 TomTheMedic !!
17:55 TomTheMedic Ah, Yuri-don't touch that!
17:56 Fwitzle is still clinging to his legs, being dragged along the floor as Tom went over to Riles
17:56 Sao W-w-well /I/ have f-f-four b-brothers, so I-I can take ya in a-a fight!
17:56 TomTheMedic puts Riley down again, going over to Yuri and taking ahold of his hand gingerly
17:56 Willy No you can't! Girls can't fight! --!
17:56 Willy looks over to Yuri
17:56 TomTheMedic awkwardly is being clung to and is not sure how to deal with it
17:56 YuriIsHeavy holds one hand in the other,
17:56 YuriIsHeavy it huuurts!
17:56 TomTheMedic Shhh, shhh, come here.
17:56 RyRy takes the chance to escape and scuttles under the table with his new pet toad, eyes everyone from where he sits.
17:57 RyRy ....
17:57 Sao Y-yeah! I c-can! I once g-got sent home f-fer biting a b-boy i-in a fight!
17:57 TomTheMedic hefts Yuri up, and then moves him over to the sink, turning the tap on
17:57 TomTheMedic Put your finger under that for a little bit, okay?
17:57 YuriIsHeavy nods, and leans forward, putting his hand under the water
17:57 Sao ( Sao is so channelling Marie from the Aristocats with her showy-off-ness
17:57 Willy looks back up at Sao, laughing.
17:58 Willy You're a biter!
17:58 YuriIsHeavy it buurns...
17:58 TomTheMedic then settles Yuri on the counter by the sink, moving over to the cookies-which had cooled off a bit-and starting to put them on the rather large plate. With a spatula, of course.
17:58 RyRy pet pets his toad. Not sure what he walked in on but it's funny to listen to, even if it is loud.
17:58 TomTheMedic I'm sorry, Yuri. It'll hurt for a little bit. But it will get better, si?
17:59 Fwitzle Tomtom, can I has a cookie?
17:59 YuriIsHeavy noodded, before jumping down off the counter, trying not to hurt his ankles.
17:59 Sao A-anyway, y-you're j-j-just a s-s-stupid boy! I b-bet ya can't e-even d-down a pint er n-nothin'!
17:59 TomTheMedic Yes, you can have a cookie. Everyone will get one, let me just get them on the plate-
17:59 Sao has no idea what "Down a pint" means, but her dad talks about it, so it must be impressive
17:59 Fwitzle (Oh gosh Sao XP
18:00 RyRy ))hnfjdks
18:00 YuriIsHeavy walks over to the cookies, and reached up his unburned hand, trying to grab one of the one's that is already on the plate for fwitzle.
18:00 Fwitzle Yaaaay!
18:00 TomTheMedic finishes putting the cookies on the plate, and then brings it over to the table, setting it down
18:00 Fwitzle I wove you Tomtom
18:00 Willy A whot? Dat sounds stupid. Why would anyone wanna do-do.... Whatever you just said?
18:00 Fwitzle squeezes tighter
18:00 RyRy still under the table, peeks out at the smell of cookies.
18:01 TomTheMedic chuckles, and then pets Fwitzle's head-and then gingerly trying to pry him off
18:01 YuriIsHeavy chases after the cookies, before managing to take one from the plate
18:01 TomTheMedic Let me just go get you little ones milk to drink, okay?
18:01 YuriIsHeavy thank you tom!
18:01 Fwitzle will only get off when he gets a cookie
18:01 YuriIsHeavy held out the cookie to fwitzle
18:01 YuriIsHeavy here you go.
18:01 Sao W-well I d-don't w-want ta talk t-ta ya anymore. So /t'ere/
18:01 Fwitzle Oh boy!
18:01 TomTheMedic Anything for my little team.
18:01 Fwitzle takes the cookie
18:01 Sao Th-thank you!
18:01 Fwitzle D-danke Yewi!
18:02 Sao beams up at Tom
18:02 Willy Fine! Don't wanna talk to a gurl, anyway.
18:02 YuriIsHeavy pat's fwitzle's head gently
18:02 YuriIsHeavy your welcome.
18:02 TomTheMedic smiles, and then goes over to the refrigerator, grabbing a carton of milk
18:02 Willy plops himself on the floor with his back turned to Sao, playing with his koala
18:02 Fwitzle sits down on the floor, putting his plush fox in his lap, and starts nibbling his cookie
18:03 Sao toddles off to RyRy
18:03 RyRy holds his toad in one arm and steals a few of the cookies, retreats back under the table to eat.
18:03 TomTheMedic then gets out a bunch of little plastic cups, filling them half way with milk-how many kids were there again?
18:03 Sao H-hello
18:03 TomTheMedic counts.. five? quite a handfull.
18:03 RyRy blinks at Sao, stares at a long time.
18:03 Sao smiles, actively trying to make friends now
18:03 RyRy ...Hello.
18:03 YuriIsHeavy looks up, and takes another cookie for himself, nomming on it quickly
18:04 YuriIsHeavy om nom nom
18:04 Sao I-is t'at a f-f-frog? D-don' w-witches got f-frogs?
18:04 RyRy shakes head, holds out toad to explain it.
18:04 TomTheMedic comes back with three cups of milk, putting them on the table
18:04 Fwitzle Want some cookie Herr Fox?
18:04 RyRy It's a toad. Related t'frogs but lot fatter. See?
18:04 Fwitzle pretends to feed his plushy some of his cookie
18:05 Fwitzle Mmmm, that's nummy right?
18:05 TomTheMedic then goes to grab the other two cups, putting them on the table as well
18:05 YuriIsHeavy ((gotta run folks
18:05 RyRy ((Awww
18:05 RyRy ((See ya later :C
18:05 Fwitzle ((Bai
18:05 Willy [[bye
18:05 YuriIsHeavy ((adio mi amichi
18:05 Sao Y-yeah, h-h-how did y-you catch it? D-don' t'ey h-hop 'r somethin'?
18:05 Sao (ta luv
18:05 *** YuriIsHeavy quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
18:05 RyRy Oh. Jus'...pounced 'im!
18:06 RyRy smiles brightly, look at all those pointy teeth.
18:06 Sao is a little off put by the teeth, but she wants a friend so she's going to stick with him
18:07 Sao I-I wus ch-chasin' a sh-sh - a ... a sh-sh...sheep before I c-came in h-here
18:07 Fwitzle ((Hehehe^
18:07 Sao H-he wus r-r-runnin' around like a p-person an' everythin
18:07 RyRy ...Sheep? In a swamp?
18:08 Sao Y-yeah!
18:08 RyRy looks thoughtful for a moment before snorting, smiling again.
18:08 TomTheMedic [[ shit, brother in law got into an accident. I'll brb, phone ]]
18:08 RyRy Tha's interestin'!
18:08 Fwitzle ((D:
18:08 Sao ( Oh dear, wish both of you the best!
18:08 RyRy ((ndjks
18:09 Mintscream [Oh damn]
18:09 RyRy ((I hope he's okay!
18:09 Sao I-I kn-know th-that's what I-I th-th ... thought, b-b-but he disappeared!
18:10 RyRy Huh. Weird.
18:10 RyRy believes her even if he didn't see it with his own eyes.
18:10 Sao An-anyway, h-h-has th'a t-t-toad got a n-nnn-name?
18:11 Fwitzle continues talking to Mister Fox
18:11 RyRy Uh... Not yet. Wanna name 'im?
18:11 Sao Hmm
18:12 Sao thinks. Naming something is a heavy responsibility, and this was the most important matter she'd come across all day
18:12 Willy looks up when he hears Fwitzle's voice.
18:12 Willy Oi, Fwizz. Drop me a cookie, yeh?
18:13 TomTheMedic [[ fuck. brother in law has both arms and a knee messed up and my sister's car was totaled. Wonderful. ]]
18:13 RyRy ((Christ
18:13 Willy [[ Oh amn
18:13 Sao ( oh god
18:13 Fwitzle ((Oh noes ;^;
18:13 Announcer (D
18:13 Announcer (oh my god EMOTESSSS
18:14 TomTheMedic [[ Shit. Now my sister doesn't have a car to get to work. Aww, jeez. ]]
18:15 RyRy ((Brb I'm reinsalling my tablet real quick
18:15 *** RyRy quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
18:16 Sao Hm. I-I-I d-don't know any g-g-good n-names fer t-toads.
18:16 Sao I-I'll t'ink 'bout i-it
18:16 Fwitzle looks up to Will
18:16 Fwitzle O-okies
18:17 Fwitzle goes over to the table with the cookies and reaches up, snagging one on the edge
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