Silly Kitty

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Silly Kitty

Postby Connal Reid » Tue Aug 09, 2011 6:38 pm

Because like hell I was letting this simply disappear.


19:47 TomTheCat meows at Yuri
19:48 TomTheCat crawls into lap and curls up

19:48 YuriIsHeavy smiles at the cat, and allows it to hop into his lap
19:48 YuriIsHeavy: hello there kitty.
19:48 YuriIsHeavy: who might you be?

19:48 TomTheCat meows louder and starts kneading Yuri's thigh

19:48 YuriIsHeavy chuckles, stroking the cat's back in long pets
19:49 YuriIsHeavy: you are very affectionate...

19:49 TomTheCat 's tail curls, purrs louder and then rolls over onto back
19:50 TomTheCat kneads claws in the air and looks at sleepily

19:50 YuriIsHeavy rubs the cat's belly as it kneads the air, smiling down to it.

19:50 TomTheCat mewls <3
19:51 *** TomTheCat is now known as TomTheMedic
19:51 TomTheMedic suddenly no longer a cat
19:51 TomTheMedic stares up at Yuri
19:51 TomTheMedic: ..................

19:51 YuriIsHeavy blinks down to the medic in his lap.

19:51 TomTheMedic awkward

19:51 YuriIsHeavy: docktor, what are you doing?

19:51 TomTheMedic: .....
19:51 TomTheMedic yelps and tries to get up and instead tumbles to the floor in a messy heap

19:52 YuriIsHeavy pushes the medic off of him.
19:52 YuriIsHeavy get up docktor. Explain yourself.

19:52 TomTheMedic scrambles to get up and look dignified
19:52 TomTheMedic: I-I.. I don't know, Announcer must have.. goddamn respawn-! I don't have ot explain myself to you!

19:53 YuriIsHeavy shook his head.
19:53 YuriIsHeavy: the ability to change into a cat. Is very peculiar mutation, no?

19:54 TomTheMedic 's face is /red/. Stares at Yuri, and then turns to scurry away in shame.

19:54 YuriIsHeavy laughs, thinking "ohhh, riley
19:54 YuriIsHeavy s not here.
19:55 YuriIsHeavy calls after the medic running away in shame
19:55 YuriIsHeavy: come back docktor; we are all mutants in our own way. Mutation is the basis for evolution.

19:56 TomTheMedic stops at doorway, hands clenched
19:56 TomTheMedic: I.. I am not a mutant, I'm not some sort of deformed experiment! I am /human/, damnit!

19:58 YuriIsHeavy What is human, Homo sapien sapien, but a mutant of Homo erectus.

20:00 TomTheMedic shakes his head bitterly, swallowing.
20:00 TomTheMedic: You... you tell no one of this! The Announcer, she.. she is toying with me. After all I've done for her!

20:01 YuriIsHeavy: I will tell that who pleases me. Is a small thing, and should help to humble you.

20:01 TomTheMedic whips around, eyes wide
20:01 TomTheMedic: You.. no! You will not tell anyone of this!

20:02 YuriIsHeavy stands up, towering over the medic.
20:04 YuriIsHeavy: you persecute the mutants on our team, your team, while you yourself are no better. The mighty Achilles fights and cannot be harmed. But when the same persecution you sent upon those who are less than you is turned on yourself, you kick and scream. We are men and women here sir. Mutants all.

20:05 TomTheMedic wavers, stepping back, intimidated
20:06 TomTheMedic: You.. just.. shut up. Shut up! It's not as.. I.. this can be fixed! Respawn will fix it-I even offered to fix Riley, but he refused! He could have been normal again! He could have gone back to his wife!
20:06 TomTheMedic shakes his head, moving to hide his face in his hands

20:06 YuriIsHeavy shook his head, placing his hand on the medic's shoulder, his voice no longer raised
20:08 YuriIsHeavy: It is not how we fit into the world that makes us, but how we stand out. Riley did not want to return because his mutation made him different. And that difference made him special. And you can turn into little cat. That too makes you special. Do not regret or try to change what you are. Live with it. Love your body.

20:09 TomTheMedic flinches noticeably, and then shakes his head again.
20:10 TomTheMedic: Oh, sure, makes me special. It makes me stand out, at least. What kind of man turns into a cat? That.. that's just such a joke, it's... I can't live with that being known. Even if it can be fixed.

20:11 YuriIsHeavy shook his head, the medic wasn't getting his meaning.

20:12 Connal walks into the room, sees Yuri with his hand on Tom's shoulder, the doc looking away and... sad? He froze, like a deer in headlights. Oops, what had he walked in on?

20:13 YuriIsHeavy: Docktor, know this. As a man, you could never be able to sneak into other people's homes, you could never go unnoticed in the strangest of places. But as little kitten, you could be as like spy, without threat of uncloaking. No one notices kitten.

20:13 Connal blinks. What?

20:13 TomTheMedic turns red, and continues to hide his face in his hands
20:14 TomTheMedic: Perhaps, but.. it just... it isn't right.

20:15 YuriIsHeavy pointed at his chest
20:16 YuriIsHeavy: look at me. I am mutant. Average human is five feet, eight inches. I am two feet taller than regular modern man. But i accept my exceptional height, because it makes me different. Look at metalhead fireman,
20:17 YuriIsHeavy pointed to connal, acknowledging him for the first time.

20:17 TomTheMedic blinks and lowers his hands, and turns to follow Yuri's hand
20:17 TomTheMedic turns pale and then curses in italian, hiding his face again

20:17 Connal gives an awkward smile, still not quite sure what was happening. Then frowns.

20:19 YuriIsHeavy: His hair is red, one of the least likely natural hair colors. Less than two percent of all of the humans in the world have red hair. He is mutant. But you do not persecute him. He is different. He is powerful. He is beyond your gaze because he seems normal in your eyes.

20:20 TomTheMedic winces and lets out a small sound, shaking his head again
20:20 TomTheMedic: I.. cannot. I need to...

20:20 YuriIsHeavy places both of his hands on the medic's shoulders, holding him fast

20:20 TomTheMedic roughly pushes away from Yuri-
20:21 TomTheMedic winces again, lowering his head

20:21 Connal: Is... Is the doc okay? Or gonna be okay?

20:21 YuriIsHeavy: Know that to be mutant is to be alive. Just because one is more mutant than another, is not a bad thing.
20:21 YuriIsHeavy shoots connal a look like, "I'll tell you in a sec"

20:22 Connal simply nods and shuts his mouth.

20:22 TomTheMedic gives a shuddering sigh, raising his hands tugging on Yuri's gently

20:23 YuriIsHeavy raised his hands, letting the medic go. He had a lot to think about.

20:23 TomTheMedic: I.. I am an old man who is stuck to his ways, Yuri. These things.. are difficult for me. Please understand.

20:23 YuriIsHeavy nods
20:23 YuriIsHeavy: I understand sir.

20:23 TomTheMedic shakes his head again, turning to walk out

20:24 Connal: ...Boss?

20:24 YuriIsHeavy: Please sir, do not let yourself be taken by self pitty.

20:24 Connal: You'll be okay, right?

20:24 TomTheMedic pauses
20:24 TomTheMedic: ... Yes, Connal. I will be fine.
20:25 TomTheMedic: And Yuri.. it is too late for that.

20:26 YuriIsHeavy sighs, walking back to the couch where he was sitting. With a loud creak, he plopped down on the couch, the thin wood straining under his wood.
20:26 YuriIsHeavy: Connal, do you want to hear what is wrong with docktor?

20:26 TomTheMedic tenses, and then turns
20:26 TomTheMedic: Yuri. Do not..

20:26 Connal looks back and forth between the two for a moment.
20:26 Connal: ...No. Not if he doesn't want me t' know.
20:27 Connal: 'Sides, he said he'd be okay.
20:27 Connal nodded, as if this really was enough for him.

20:28 TomTheMedic raises his eyebrows and stares at Connal for a moment-but then gives a grateful... is that a smile?
20:28 TomTheMedic: Thank you-
20:28 TomTheMedic blinks, and suddenly shrinks back to being a cat again

20:28 YuriIsHeavy nods to the docktor, respecting his wishes.

20:28 *** TomTheMedic is now known as TomTheCat

20:28 YuriIsHeavy chuckles with the irony of it all.

20:28 Connal: Dude! I wanna be able to turn into an animal!

20:29 TomTheCat paws his way out from his pile of clothes, and yowls loudly

20:29 YuriIsHeavy pinches some air, rubbing it in little circles by the floor, making little tk tk tk noises

20:29 TomTheCat whines and starts attacking his coat-
20:29 TomTheCat: !

20:29 YuriIsHeavy looks up at connal

20:29 TomTheCat 's tail goes up

20:29 YuriIsHeavy: this is docktor's mutation.
20:29 YuriIsHeavy: here boy! I have treat for you.

20:30 TomTheCat lowers himself and starts to crawl towards Yuri

20:30 Connal grins and kneels, getting a better look at his boss turned cat. "He's kinda cute like this... Hehheh, Tomcat..."

20:30 TomTheCat jumps and puffs up a bit when Connal is suddenly there

20:30 YuriIsHeavy: Is ok. Tomcat, this is connal.
20:30 YuriIsHeavy: Is friend, da?

20:31 TomTheCat headtilt, then meows
20:31 TomTheCat sniffs Connal, then rubs up against him and purrs

20:31 Connal: Haha, hi there, boss.

20:31 YuriIsHeavy: He likes you.

20:31 Connal chuckles and reaches out to pet him.

20:32 TomTheCat headbumps Connal's hand and purrs

20:32 Connal still grinning, tries to scratch behind Tomcat's ears.
20:32 Connal: It's kinda funny, he seems so different than when he's his usual self.

20:33 YuriIsHeavy shakes his head

20:33 TomTheCat mewls, and then swipes at Connal's hand playfully, his claws safely hidden away

20:33 YuriIsHeavy: Is a strange yin to the angry, biased yang.

20:34 Arseni is hearing a cat. Insert a demoman beanie slipping out from behind the doorframe as Arseni peers in. He's certainly curious, and also pretty drunk. Why is there an adorable kitty?

20:34 Connal: Hahhah, boxing kitty.

20:34 TomTheCat paws at Connal's hands, and then runs off to jump into Yuri's lap
20:34 TomTheCat looks up at Yuri expectedly and meows

20:35 Connal: I think he likes you better, Yuri. that or he wants the treat you said you had.

20:35 YuriIsHeavy smiles down to the tomcat, and pets him gently
20:35 YuriIsHeavy: yes.

20:35 TomTheCat arches back against Yuri's hand, purring loudly

20:35 Arseni: Vhat is goink on?

20:35 Connal turns, grin widens.

20:35 Arseni moves out a little bit. He's VISIBLE NOW.

20:35 Connal: Hey, Arseni.

20:35 YuriIsHeavy pulls from his pocket a tuna fish sandvich, and takes from it a little of the fish. Holding his hand out, he fed the kitten.

20:36 Arseni: Hello, Konnal.

20:36 TomTheCat: !

20:36 Arseni: Vhy is kitty?

20:36 TomTheCat greedily licks at the piece, before nomming at it

20:36 YuriIsHeavy: Hello there drunken boomman.

20:36 Connal: Tom turned into a cat. I don't get it, but I don't think he wants anyone to know. He's a lot friendlier like this, though.

20:36 YuriIsHeavy tips a little bit more of the tuna into his hand, feeding the cat bit by bit.

20:36 Arseni: Hello big heavy.
20:37 Arseni: ...Tom? Medic boss?

20:37 Connal: Yeah

20:37 YuriIsHeavy: da

20:37 TomTheCat is content with being fed, and lounges out on Yuri's lap

20:37 Arseni looks... actually, pretty amused. He comes inside the room.
20:37 Arseni: Is cute like this.

20:37 Connal shifts so that he goes from kneeling to sitting.

20:38 YuriIsHeavy pets the kitten in his lap, still hand feeding the kitten bits of tuna.
20:38 YuriIsHeavy: da. Is a lot more manageable too.

20:38 TomTheCat purrs loudly, licking Yuri's fingers and twitching his tail

20:39 Connal: Hope he won't be mad at us when he changes back.

20:39 YuriIsHeavy rubs the underside of the cat's chin, his hand now empty, enjoying the feeling of the purr.
20:39 YuriIsHeavy: Nooo, don't jinx it!
20:39 YuriIsHeavy: *do not

20:39 TomTheCat closes eyes and lets Yuri pet him, moving to roll onto his back

20:40 Connal: Sorry.

20:40 YuriIsHeavy goes back to rubbing the cat's tummy in little circles. He always loved cats, regardless of who they really are.

20:40 Connal: But man, I always wanted a pet. I like dogs a bit more than cats, but this is cool, too.

20:40 Arseni: He has not changet back yet. I think he is fine.

20:40 YuriIsHeavy: is alright. Just last time i asked who he was, he turned back into docktor. In my lap.

20:40 TomTheCat streeetches, and then starts to doze off, purring contently

20:41 Connal tries not to laugh

20:41 Arseni is amused. He is pretty much okay with believing this because he's drunk.

20:41 YuriIsHeavy looks to the demoman, wondering
20:41 YuriIsHeavy: what was your poison today?

20:42 Arseni: Vodka. Same as every day.

20:42 YuriIsHeavy rolls his eyes.

20:42 Arseni shrugs. He is not a man of variety. Also, he gets his vodka in bulk. It's cheaper.

20:42 TomTheCat continues to nap, content to stay in Yuri's lap

20:43 YuriIsHeavy looked to his teammates, happy to see that things have died down
20:44 YuriIsHeavy: now, what shall we do with docktor?

20:44 Arseni moves and sits down in a chair.
20:44 Arseni: Vell. Ve could do somethink silly. Like put on his desk.

20:44 Connal: Dude. We should totally get him some catnip.

20:44 YuriIsHeavy chuckled at connal's idea
20:45 YuriIsHeavy: sounds good to me.

20:45 Arseni snorts. Oh yes. Catnip.
20:45 Arseni: Zis must happen.

20:45 TomTheCat 's ears twitch, but he remains asleep, mostly.

20:45 YuriIsHeavy: da. We should stuff his pockets with it.

20:45 Arseni: Does anyone knowink where we get catnip?

20:45 YuriIsHeavy pets the cat, rubbing behind his ears gently.
20:45 YuriIsHeavy shrugged
20:45 YuriIsHeavy: grows in swamps normally.

20:46 TomTheCat 's purrs get loud again, the kitty clearly happy

20:46 YuriIsHeavy: we must forage for it.

20:46 Arseni: Ve shall go foragink. For catnip.
20:46 Arseni: Zis is best way to spent day.

20:46 Connal: I've got no idea if there's any around. Y'think the old RED team here had a pet cat?

20:47 YuriIsHeavy shrugged
20:47 YuriIsHeavy: Have no idea. Is possible.
20:47 YuriIsHeavy: But not likely.

20:48 Connal looks down, trying to think. Maybe they could make their own...?
20:48 Connal: What's /in/ catnip, anyway?

20:50 TomTheCat snores as he naps

20:51 Connal chuckles a bit at the kitty snore.

20:52 YuriIsHeavy smiles down to the sleeping kitty.

20:53 Arseni leaaaans forward. He somehow manages to not topple as he lightly strokes kitty with one finger. He likes pets.

20:53 TomTheCat purrs loudly, ears flicking here and there

20:56 Arseni smiles. Oh god. Pet pet pet. He is practically glowing.

20:56 TomTheCat purrs louder-
20:57 *** TomTheCat is now known as TomTheMedic
20:57 TomTheMedic is suddenly a Medic again
20:57 TomTheMedic blinks and looks around
20:57 TomTheMedic: .................... Fuck.

20:57 Arseni oh god what he's FAR AWAY. He jumped to the point he's now hiding under the table.

20:57 Connal: ...Uh... Hi, boss.
20:57 Connal suddenly feels guilty.

20:57 TomTheMedic 's face turns red and he sputters for a moment

20:58 YuriIsHeavy smiles

20:58 TomTheMedic: I-I I don'-che cosa-fuck.

20:58 YuriIsHeavy: things show better with eyes than words docktor.

20:58 TomTheMedic groans quietly and hides his face in his hands again. All the while awkwardly laying in Yuri's lap.

20:59 Connal sort of feels like he should apologize, but not really sure what he should apologize /for./ He hadn't really done anything wrong, exactly...

20:59 Arseni peeks out from under the table. Oh god.
20:59 Arseni: Uh.
21:00 Arseni cannot think of a thing to say.

21:00 TomTheMedic can't either, and stares for a moment, before glancing up and looking at Yuri
21:00 TomTheMedic: ... Oh. I. H-hallo.

21:01 YuriIsHeavy takes a blanket and drapes it over tom, sitting him up. The man might as well have some dignity.

21:01 TomTheMedic hangs his head, his face bright red
21:01 TomTheMedic I.. S-sorry.

21:01 Connal gets up and walks over to grab the Medic's clothes off the floor on the other side of the room.

21:01 Arseni is just now realizing the medic is naked. It took him a minute to register.
21:02 Arseni ...slowly sinks back under the table.

21:02 TomTheMedic holds the blanket tightly around himself

21:03 Connal makes sure he's got everything, before walking back over and wordlessly handing the clothes to Tom. Might as well help.

21:03 TomTheMedic mumbles in Italian timidly, and then shakes his head
21:03 TomTheMedic looks at Connal gratefully, and reaches out to take his clothes back

21:03 Arseni can only say that it is a good thing he's drunk.

21:03 TomTheMedic: ... I think I will stay in town for a bit. Might be better.

21:04 Connal: ...You're not afraid you'll turn into a cat and then back to yourself while you're out in public?
21:04 Connal realizes that might not have been the best thing to say

21:04 TomTheMedic winces

21:04 Connal: S-sorry...

21:04 TomTheMedic: ... I'll just stay in my office, then.
21:04 TomTheMedic: It's fine.

21:05 YuriIsHeavy sees it as the right time to leave, and walks away.

21:05 TomTheMedic looks at Yuri leaving for a moment, and then quietly moves to get dressed.

21:06 Arseni stays hidden under the table. HE COMES OUT FOR /NO MAN/

21:06 YuriIsHeavy looks over his shoulder, and says simply
21:06 YuriIsHeavy: docktor, humility is the killer of all tyrants.

21:07 Connal nods, and turns to let the doc have something like privacy. Sees Arseni's still hiding under the table, and tries not to laugh at that.
21:07 Connal: I guess you want some time t'yourself, huh, boss?

21:07 Arseni may have pulled his beanie down over his eyes.

21:07 TomTheMedic gets dressed rather quickly, and then nods
21:07 TomTheMedic: Yes, signore. A lifetime by myself.
21:08 TomTheMedic walks out, face still burning.

21:08 Connal frowns a bit. It wasn't /that/ bad. Then he walks over to the table his drunk friend is hiding under, and keels down.
21:08 Connal: 'S safe to come out, now.

21:08 Arseni: Oh!

21:09 TomTheMedic goes to his Office to sulk :c

21:09 Arseni rolls up his beanie, and may look embarrassed. Okay, he comes out for this guy. But maybe not any other guys.
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