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For Fun_IRC AU_Testing people out

Postby William Akhurst » Tue Aug 09, 2011 12:50 am

21:15 TomTheMedic Tom growled deeply; not only at being insulted by this.. disgusting thing, but to also have his teammate disobeying his orders. "Leave it alone. It isn't human, and it certainly isn't a pet. Connal, /get away from it/."
21:18 Connal Connal frowned. "Hey," he said to the creature, patting at its shoulder to get its attention. "Don't curse at him, he's my boss." Then, when Tom spoke, he bit his lip. "B-but..." He couldn't think of what to say. No, he knew the meaning he wanted to get across, but was having trouble thinking of the right words to use.
21:21 Jericho The creature growled back, lips curling back to show his sharp teeth as his claws dug into the old wood of the dock, body tense as he shifted himself to stand in front of the nice man, putting himself in harm's way should the armed one attempt to attack.
21:24 TomTheMedic Tom glared at Connal, and then at the creature-before giving a rather displeased sound and turning on his heel, walking back towards the base. If Connal wanted to play the beast, fine. /Fine/. Tom had his ways of making life unpleasant for the Pyro. And he was certianly not shy of using them.
21:26 Connal "I-I'm sorry...!" he called out after the Medic. It really wasn't a good idea to piss off the only one on their team, and his leader to boot, but... oh well, too late now. "Did ya have to keep growling at him like that...?" Connal asked, with a sigh. "You weren't exactly helping your case, y'know."
21:30 Jericho Huffing sharply through his nose, the patchwork thing didn't relax until he could no longer hear the threatening one walking away, then taking a step back and sitting down next to the nice one. "He started it." Shaking his head, the creature yawned, flaps of skin unfolding on either side of his mouth to let his jaw distend far further than humanly possible
21:30 Jericho before he moved to stretch.
21:32 Connal "Yeah, but he's still my boss, and our Medic," Connal replied, reaching over to scratch behind the creature's ear. "So you got a name, or should I just call you Patches?"
21:36 Jericho Rather than reply, the creature leaned into the scratching and reached up to his neck, tugging at the tag that hung there before moving to hand it off to the other to read.
21:39 Connal "Jericho, huh?" Personally, he liked Patches better, but since he already had a name... "Let's get you inside and get you somethin' to eat, huh?" he added, standing back up and grabbing the kennel by the handle. "Hope ya like spam."
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21:41 Jericho Smiling, Jericho just nodded, not really caring about what he ate so long as he ate, and was more than happy to trot along at the side of his new, rather nice Master.
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22:27 Jericho It was starting to get cold. Really cold. It had been warm earlier, but the sun had gone down and now it was cold. Now he was the three things he hated being the most; Hungry, cold, and alone. The strange patchwork creature curled up tight within his locked up kennel, wishing he had more fur as he tugged his heavy tail close around his body.
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22:31 Jericho can I post...?
22:31 Jericho okay, weird}
22:33 Molly "Mmmm, feels a lot better than earlier" Molly remarked at the cooler air. The boat ride over had been somewhat hot and muggy, but now that she was at her stop it seemed a bit chillier. Not cold chilly, just cool chilly. As she stepped off the boat and onto the docks, she noticed what looked like a giant dog kennel. The old wooden boards creaked as she walked
22:33 Molly over to it. "What the..."
22:40 Jericho Hearing wood creak, the creature perked up slightly, peeking up over his tail as his ears pricked up, listening as his nostrils flared, trying to catch some kind of scent. Well, there was dirt, grass, water... Wait. He huffed, sniffing again. A female?
22:45 Molly The young girl (or so she looked) walked over to the front of the kennel, wondering what kind of animal needed one of this size. Was it a small bear or something? What kind of place was RED running over here? "Hello? Ya in there buddy?" She put her hand close to the metal wire door, not quite touching it, trying to coax whatever was in there out.
22:47 Jericho Mismatched eyes peered out, ears pricked up as far as they could go as the thing inside the cage shuffled forward, a clawed hand lifting to grip the metal mesh of the door as he leaned close to sniff at the offered hand. Definitely female, rather pretty too, if his short-sighted eyes weren't lying.
22:48 Global [Kitsune] #help Sorry, there is a connectivity issue with our US server at this time, 2300 of our friends just got disconnected. We are working on it, but they should be able to reconnect to the UK server automagically if they try
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22:51 Jericho sorry, crashed, did you post?}
22:51 Molly (not yet)
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22:56 Announcer Woo.
22:57 Molly She was now crouching down, trying to get a better look at this thing, but leaving her hand for it to sniff. "Hey there, whatcha doing? Who's your owner? What are ya buddy?" The paw appeared, and Molly put her hand on it. "Are you a dog or..." she froze for a second, seeing what it truly was. The half-human part wasn't really the surprise, it was the fact
22:57 Molly that they were keeping another human in a cage. "W-why are you in a cage?" she asked, unlocking the door to the kennel.
23:02 Jericho The creature didn't hesitate to step out, stretching in a manner not unlike a large cat before moving to better investigate this pretty female, his chainlink collar clinking softly as he sniffed his way from her hands up to her face. Assured that he had a scent to properly match the face, he sat down beside her, his tail looped loosely around where she
23:02 Jericho crouched. "My kennel is safe."
23:15 Molly So it could talk. "Well.. How did you get here? Where are you from??" It was hard to not ask a bunch of questions. Though she had seen many hybrids, she had only seen ones made of only a single type of animal. She idly started petting the tail curled around her. It was a habit she had gotten from the various animals she owned.
23:19 Jericho Smiling a bit at the petting, the patchwork shrugged at the question, his useless wings twitching. "Dunno. Was drugged." He'd just come awake a few hours ago, when it was still a bit warm out, and had been half-dozing until it started cooling off. Which reminded him that he was still very much cold and hungry. Not so much lonely anymore though.
23:28 Molly This creature didn't seem like much of a talker. Molly most likely wouldn't get a lot out of him. So the next thing would be to get inside the base and figure things out. "Here, let's go inside okay?" There was some leftover beef jerky in her pocket, and she pulled it out to coax him towards the pathway.
23:32 Jericho Food? Foodfoodfoodfoodfood! Forgetting his kennel, he scrambled up and tried to put on some speed to better catch up, stomach grumbling. He almost bit her trying to get the jerky, and gave an apologetic lick before chowing down, swallowing most of it whole.
23:44 Molly She giggled, his over-excitedness at the mention of food reminded her of a puppy. "Don't forget your kennel, uh.. What's your name buddy?"
00:05 Jericho Swallowing, the creature licked his lips clean, black tongue flicking over pale skin, and nodded. "Jericho." That said, he trotted back to get his kennel, gripping the padded handle in his teeth and trotting back with the large plastic thing bumping against his chest.
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00:25 YuriIsHeavy ((hello
00:25 Jericho {ooc Yuri
00:26 Molly The two walked in silence for quite a while, before finally reaching the doors to RED base. "Let's get some more food, k?" Molly would talk to him, even if he couldn't talk back (or wouldn't). He seemed like a nice fellow, and Molly considered him a friend so far.
00:28 Jericho A gruff grunt to show he agreed with the idea, and Jericho was more than happy to follow the pretty female into what smelled like a kitchen. He set his kennel down inside the door where it would be out of the way, then proceeded to trail after the female as she looked around.
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00:35 Molly It was kind of cute, the way he was following her. She smiled and started looking around in the cabinets and the fridge. "Hm.. Well there isn't too much to nibble on.. But I found some SPAM. Will that do?" She held the can in front of his face for him to sniff.
00:36 Jericho Sniffing at the can, he nodded, sitting back to let her much more dexterous fingers go through the fiddly motions of getting the can open. Food was food, after all, and he was hungry.
00:39 YuriIsHeavy Heavy footsteps could be heard from upstairs, and down the steps they went. Walking slowly, tired, a little beraggled, Yuri made his way to the kitchen. The last three hours had been devoted to cleaning and repairing his weapon, and he needed something in his stomach. Even if it was only a spam sandvich. Walking into the kitchen, he saw two figures, one a y
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00:40 Molly After messing around with the can for a bit, she retrieved a bowl and dumped the SPAM in it. "Do yo want a spoon or..." He didn't look like he needed one, but it was more polite to ask anyway.
00:40 YuriIsHeavy young girl, quite possibly in her teens, the other a feral looking man, who was wolfing down some spam. With a raised eyebrow, he cleared his throat, trying not to make to many assumptions about them, and said simply, "Are you two new recruits?"
00:41 YuriIsHeavy ((Came in way early
00:43 YuriIsHeavy *feral looking patchwork of man shaped parts
00:43 Jericho Shaking his head, Jericho quickly tucked into the food, uncaring that he was probably making a mess of himself as he gulped down mouthfuls of the salty processed meat product. Only to freeze in place upon hearing those heavy footsteps, ears folding back as he swallowed, nostrils flaring to try and pick out a scent. By the time the Heavy made it down,
00:43 Jericho the chimera was bristling, having sidled over to the pretty female and placed his own body between her and the intruder.
00:53 Molly There were footsteps heard, and a shovel drawn as she saw how her new friend reacted to them. She hadn't known him for too long, but this creature acted protective of her. She would've found it sweeter had she not been thinking abo-HOLY CRUD WHO ARE YOU YOU'RE LIKE A GIANT
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00:57 YuriIsHeavy Yuri smiled to the young woman who was standing, shovel in hand, scared out of her wits. He nodded, and stepped closer, within three feet or so feet of the two, and crouched down. Holding out his hand for the animal like man with his fingers curled back loosely, like you would a dog, he smiled up to the young woman, though crouching he still came up past he
00:58 YuriIsHeavy r shoulders, "Da. I was born tall. I am sorry, I did not mean to startle you."
01:03 SniperdileRiley Riley, who has just finished sunbathing out by the warehouse, had risked a chance to venture into the RED base for...something to eat. SPAM really but maybe they'd gotten more in the time he'd been away. Before he entered, he stopped, sniffing slightly at the odd smell coming from the kitchen.
01:07 Jericho The chimera's growl deepened when the stranger grew close enough for him to see, ears flattening and wings folding up tight as he backed up against the female's legs. This one was /huge/, he'd never seen anyone so big, even he would have trouble taking him down-! Though, he didn't seem to be quite so threatening when he talked... Glancing up to the female,
01:07 Jericho he asked her with his eyes what he should do.
01:15 Molly Molly started to pet the top of his head when he backed up against her. Her instinctive response to the creature's look was to firmly state "At ease" Being a soldier for years, it was second nature to her. Before her transformation she would usually be team leader and she was used to giving orders. "What's your name, heavy weapons guy?"
01:18 YuriIsHeavy Yuri gave a little frown as the chimera backed away from him. He knew he was big and scary, but so was this newcomer. Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Ahh well. Yuri straightened up with a little sigh, his knees creaking a little as he did, and he stood at his full height, his head almost touching the cieling. Though he didn't stay there for
01:19 YuriIsHeavy long, as he bowed low, taking a step back so as not to hurt the young woman. It was a curious bow, dramatic, but he found that making people laugh helped them see him as less scary, "I am Yuri Vanavich Karloff, world traveler and friend of many. And you are?" He concluded, straightening back up.
01:22 SniperdileRiley Tensing at the sound of a deep growl from the kitchen, Riley almost retreated back out into the docks, not wanting to comfort whatever the hell was waiting inside. It was, probably, someone else stuck with a condition like himself and maybe he was simply being hasty, judging before getting a look. Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, he stepped
01:23 SniperdileRiley into the kitchen and was instantly taken aback by the sight. It was unlike anything he'd ever seen and regretting his choice, made to back out as quick as he feet would carry him.
01:27 Jericho Growl cutting off at the order, Jericho voiced a soft whine and licked his lips, cleaning up a bit of the SPAM that had got on his face. At least the giant knew when to back off... He perked up, ears flicking up and forward as his nostrils flared. Whoa, hang on, what was /that/?!
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01:37 Molly "Hmmm..." Well he seemed alright so far. "I am Molly Clairise Du Plessis. Your new soldier. Nice to meet you." she gave an instinctive salute before putting her shovel away and looking back to her friend, who was acting weird again. "What is it?" She looked towards the kitchen door and saw a scrawny man with a little croc tail on his rear end.
01:40 YuriIsHeavy Yuri let out a little smile at the young woman's salute. It seemed that she had been brought up in a military family. Though when she spoke she seemed to have a worldly quality about her that most teens did not have. Either this girl was older than she looked, or she had seen some things. With a nod, he said, "Is nice to meet you. We need as many hands as
01:42 YuriIsHeavy possible to fight." When he saw both of his companions look to the doorway, he followed there gaze, and saw the tail of the little sniper flicking around the corner, "Hello there Little Gunman Riley, Is good to see you. Come and meet madam Du Plessis and her friend."
01:45 SniperdileRiley Freezing as two sets of eyes were turned on him, Riley eyed the...person peering at him and then to the unfamiliar women. He started to smile, remembered his teeth and instead nodding in greeting, shoving his hands deep into his pockets. Yuri's familiar voice was a welcome relief and he nodded in his direction, shuffling his feet before staring at
01:45 SniperdileRiley them. Couldn't very well walk away now that he'd been asked inside. Stepping him and sliding sideways so his back was against the wall, he raises his gaze to the other two in the room, trying not to stare at the more inhuman of the two. "...G'day."
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01:49 Jericho More than obviously curious of the new stranger, the chimera nudged his shoulder against the female's leg before trotting forward, skirting around the giant to get a better look at the smaller male. Who had a tail. He had a /tail/. A proper spiky, scaly tail that moved and smelled just like the man himself. Jericho couldn't help himself, circling round and
01:50 Jericho round the other hybrid with open interest before realizing he was probably being rude and sitting himself down in front of the man, looking up to him with a smile, the end of his own heavy tail tapping excitedly. There were others, he wasn't alone!
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02:00 Fritzle The other seemed harmless compared to Yuri, so no shovel was drawn. The tail was actually kind of cute, plus her new friend seemed to like him as well. So Molly decided to let her guard down a bit. "And what is your name sniper?" she directed at the crocodile hybrid.
02:05 YuriIsHeavy Yuri watched with mild amusement as the chimera circled around the sniperdile, before plopping down like an obedient dog. It was quite possibly the cutest thing Yuri had seen since he'd last been in Bangkok. With a smile, he watched the young woman walk past him. She really had a nice figure, a rarity out here. And a girl of her calibur probably didn
02:07 YuriIsHeavy 't want the smelly old men of her team breathing down her cleavage. But that would be a discussion for another time. He was about to pipe up by saying, "This is riley," But decided against it, figuring the insecure young man should learn to talk to women who aren't overbearing wives.
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02:13 SniperdileRiley Tensing further as the creature approached him, Riley pressed himself back against the wall, wondering if he tried hard enough, to sink back through the wall and away from patch work creature sniffing at him. He didn't know what he smelled like, maybe a mix of reptile and human, but the things own scent was...interesting. Nothing he'd ever smelled
02:14 SniperdileRiley before. Glancing over to the woman, he smiled forcibly again, keeping an eye on the creature out of the corner of his eye. "Uh... Name's Riley... Nice t'meet yeh."
02:17 Jericho The creature huffed, head cocking to one side as he gave the hybrid a questioning look. He could tell /something/ was wrong, but he couldn't actually tell what. Why was the other so scared...? Voicing a soft whine, he shuffled a bit closer, sniffing at the man's scaled hand and making a quiet sound of interest at finding the man had claws very nearly like his
02:18 Jericho own. Oh, wait, name, yeah, name... "Jericho. You have a tail."
02:30 Molly She gave a nod to Riley after his introduction. "Molly, nice to meet you." She turned her attention back to the hybrid (who happened to be so adorable with his sniffing and tail thumping), and heard it say what she thought was it's name. "So your name is Jericho buddy?"
02:32 YuriIsHeavy Yuri decided that staring blankly at the three wouldn't get him very far in anyone's boat, so he turned around, fishing out from the cabinet a can of spam. He glanced back up at the three smiling. But his eyes returned to the young girl. For an instant he admired her curves, but mentally yelled at himself against it. What this girl needed was protection,
02:33 YuriIsHeavy not a pervert breathing down her throat. He smiled at the dog-man, and said simply, "Is a good name. Strong name for a strong guard"
02:35 SniperdileRiley Riley yanked his hand away from the sniffling nose, shoving it far into his pocket to hide it. Not that the thing couldn't not smell him already but... IT reminded him of a dog. With a person's face. That was unnerving enough as it was but then it /spoke/ and he wasn't sure what tot think anymore. "Uh..." He looked down,
02:36 SniperdileRiley shuffling his tail closer. "Yeah...tha', uh, roight." He was too focused on the thin moving in on him to pay much attention to the other two.
02:42 Jericho Voicing a soft sound of disappointment at having the hybrid pull his hand away, Jericho huffed and turned to look back to the female, ears drooping as he whined. Why was the hybrid being so skittish? He wasn't growling at him or anything, it wasn't like he was making himself a threat, why was the man pulling away like he'd hit him? Deciding it best to back
02:43 Jericho off and get more information later, the chimera got himself up on all fours and padded back to the female, snorting at the giant before sitting himself down at her feet.
02:54 Molly Molly giggled at the snort and squatted down to pet the creature behind the ears. She was really starting to like Jericho. "Well Jeri, my name is Molly by the way, we haven't really gotten to introductions have we?" she was grinning, Jeri was somewhat of a guard dog, a pet. She shouldn't think of him as a pet though, no no, he was human as well. Looking back
02:54 Molly at Yuri, she noticed the SPAM in his hands. "Ya still hungry Jeri? I know that SPAM probably wasn't enough was it?"
02:58 YuriIsHeavy Yuri could take a hint. As the young woman talked to her chimera friend, he smiled to her, sliding the can of unopened processed meats to her from across the counter. Turning back around he pulled a loaf of bread down, along with a jar of mustard and a couple more cans of spam, and pulled from one of the drawers a butter knife. Opening one of the cans, he
02:59 YuriIsHeavy smiled, announcing to the room, "I see I am not the only one who is hungry. Would any one else like sandvich?"
03:04 SniperdileRiley Riley relaxed as he creatures, Jericho, retreated to the Soldier, slumping against the wall as he took in the scene. Jericho hadn't attacked him so maybe he was overestimating's appearance. He wasn't sure.though and wouldn't test it by provoking him. "...M'not hungry." Answering the Heavy's question quietly, he made to slide out the door.
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03:08 Jericho Any reply the chimera might have made was lost at having his sensitive ears petted, his expression going from somewhat stern to utter bliss in seconds as he leaned into the female, Molly's touch, making a soft cooing sound about halfway to a purr.
03:21 Molly She took one hand away to retrieve the SPAM and put it in her lap, before returning her hand to Jeri's sensitive ears. Okay. Maybe he really WAS like a pet. Or he just acted somewhat like one sometimes.
03:24 YuriIsHeavy Yuri sighed, feeling ignored yet again. Setting the lid of the can down, he sliced the still enclosed spam inside of the can, and bit Riley adieu with, "Are you certain little gunman? If you say so..." Sighing yet again, he pulled out two slices of the bread, and set them on the counter. Using the knife carefully, he retrieved three slices of the spam, and
03:25 YuriIsHeavy laid them out on the bread in a tight U formation. He was about to close the bag of bread, he said again, "Are you certain Madam? I make good sandvich."
03:28 SniperdileRiley "Yeah... M'sure. Thanks, uh, tho'." Giving the heavy an apologetic smile, Riley slipped out of the room, heading for the quiet dock.
03:31 Jericho Were he not distracted at the moment, Jericho would have quite vocally expressed his disappointment in the crocodile Sniper taking his leave, having wanted to at least try and become better acquainted with another hybridized person, but he was getting petted and oh MAN did Molly know just where to pet-! Giving a soft groan, the chimera leaned into the
03:32 Jericho female's touch, tailtip tapping as one back leg twitched. Goodness, but that felt so /good/-!
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Postby Yuri Vanavich Karloff » Tue Aug 09, 2011 12:54 am

Thanks for saving this will.
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Heh, lurking is good for something, yeh?
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