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SHOULD READ - Jericho Acceptance Poll

Postby The Announcer » Mon Aug 08, 2011 6:55 pm

(5:36:10 PM) Jericho: It was starting to get cold. Really cold. It had been warm earlier, but the sun had gone down and now it was cold. Now he was the three things he hated being the most; Hungry, cold, and alone. The strange patchwork creature curled up tight within his locked up kennel, wishing he had more fur as he tugged his heavy tail close around his body.
(5:38:44 PM) ***Felicien was sick of being holed up in the base. Between Sykes's lungs of steel and those creepy hybrids milling around, his nerves were beginning to fray. So he left for the docks in a pitiful attempt to clear his head. That's when he saw it. Some metal cage against the docks--
(5:39:24 PM) Felicien: "I thought supplies came during zhe-- ...hmm."
(5:39:47 PM) ***Felicien approached cautiously, ready to draw his revolver at any moment.
(5:42:47 PM) Jericho: Hearing wood creak, the thing in the cage perked up slightly, big pale ears pricking forward as he peeked over his own tail, nostrils flaring as he tried to pick up a scent. Dirt, grass, water... Wool? A deeper inhale, and he perked up a bit more. There was someone out there, someone human. Someone who would help...? He voiced a soft whine, lifting a clawed
(5:42:53 PM) Jericho: hand to grip the metal grating.
(5:45:20 PM) Felicien: He paused and removed his gun from its holster. The first thing that caught his eye were the horns. Then the rest of the creature. More than one species, huh? He thought he was going to be sick. But he held back and took another measured step forward.
(5:46:33 PM) Felicien: "Qu'est-ce que c'est...?"
(5:47:58 PM) Jericho: Shuffling forward slightly, the creature cocked his head slightly at hearing the foreign words, an ear twitching as his nostrils flared, trying to get a good bead on this person coming closer. Come on, just a little more, bit closer, let me see you...
(5:50:05 PM) Felicien: Another few steps closer and he notices the logo on the kennel. "Why am I not surprised?" He knelt down beside the cage and squinted. "I should just put you out of your misery."
(5:53:25 PM) Jericho: Ears flipped back, the mixed up creature hunkering down with a soft hiss at the stranger's words, but he didn't back away, mismatched eyes taking in the other's face now that they were close enough for him to see. Rather pretty for a boy... A low grunt, the creature shifting to rest his head on his tail. "...Out?"
(5:56:26 PM) Felicien: With a start, the Spy fell back on his rump. "You can--vocalize? I assume you can understand me zhen. ...tsk. Make my job difficult, why don't you?" Initial disgust mingled with a touch of pity, he debated what to do while the wet earth soaked his pants.
(5:57:22 PM) Felicien: He could've imagined it. The word. A stray syllable. This thing wasn't human. Put a bullet through its head and be done with it.
(5:59:36 PM) Jericho: Huffing in a disinterested manner, the creature moved to sit up a bit, squinting slightly as he tried to keep the stranger in focus. "Out, please?" Sure, he was strong enough to bust through the plastic kennel if he wanted, but it was his /kennel/, his safe place, and he couldn't work the lock on his own...
(6:01:35 PM) Felicien: Okay, he hadn't imagined it. Good to know. He picked himself up, wary eyes flickering to and fro. "Why should I let you out? You could be dangerous."
(6:06:55 PM) Jericho: "Not to you." Let me out, please, it's cold and I'm hungry and I just want somebody to take me home... The creature looked up at the stranger with pleading eyes, ears drooping as he desperately tried to convince the other that he was no threat.
(6:09:28 PM) Felicien: He was going to regret this, wasn't he? But to let that thing starve in there wouldn't sit well with him. "We'll see about zhat..." With reluctance, he reached for the lock upon the kennel and released it, letting the door swing open on its own. Two hops back and he trained his gun on the creature. "Your move."
(6:15:09 PM) Jericho: Ears pricked up and the creature smiled, stepping out and stretching luxuriously before shaking himself. Oh, but it felt /good/ to get out-! Still cold, though, and hungry. Not so lonely, there was someone here now, so that was a plus. Turning back to his kennel, he pushed the door closed and stepped around it, grabbing the handle on top in his mouth before
(6:15:35 PM) Jericho: trotting up to the other, sitting patiently before the man and waiting for him to make a move.
(6:17:07 PM) Felicien: Silence followed. Then confusion. Then possible understanding. "You're joking." He shook his head and waved his arms back and forth. "Non, I don't think so. Zhis eez a joke." Any minute now, that hulking beast would tackle him to the floor and rip him to shreds; he was waiting for it.
(6:19:38 PM) Jericho: Had he not a large and unwieldy kennel in his mouth, the creature would have cocked his head, but he managed with a questioning look and a tilted ear before butting his head against the man's hip, careful of his horns. They still hadn't healed yet from the last time he'd used them...
(6:22:48 PM) Felicien: Leaping back, he raised his arm once more, training his gun on the spot between the thing's eyes. "......What do you want from me?"
(6:26:18 PM) Jericho: Giving a vaguely irritated huff, the creature backed up a step to put down his kennel before sitting up, thick tail curling loosely around his legs as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Cold. Hungry. Would like not to be."
(6:28:31 PM) Felicien: "Uh huh..." Felicien glanced over his shoulder. No one else around. He sighed and holstered his revolver. "Do you have any idea how you got here?"
(6:31:21 PM) Jericho: A shrug. "No. Drugged." Cocking his head slightly, the creature leaned a bit to the side to try and see what the other was looking at, giving the man a questioning glance when he sniffed and could smell nothing but the man before him and the water.
(7:08:25 PM) Jericho: {Restart}
(7:08:26 PM) Jericho: It was starting to get cold. Really cold. It had been warm earlier, but the sun had gone down and now it was cold. Now he was the three things he hated being the most; Hungry, cold, and alone. The strange patchwork creature curled up tight within his locked up kennel, wishing he had more fur as he tugged his heavy tail close around his body.
(7:15:08 PM) Connal: The pyro was heading out towards the docks, not too far ahead of his Medic. A large, box shape had been spotted through the fog, and the two of them were to retrieve it. He wondered what would be inside of it. Would there really be a bunch of hats? If so, why?
(7:25:30 PM) TomTheMedic: Tom was reluctant to be behind the other man, but, hey-he had to make sure he stayed alive. For all he knew the crate was filled with explosives set in from BLU. He'd spotted it a while back, and had managed to get his local pyro to come with him. For protection, of course. Tom had brought his bonesaw. Just in case.
(7:26:14 PM) TomTheMedic: As he got closer, he noticed there were holes in the crate. Stepping up to it, his boots clicking rather neatly together. Glancing around, he motioned for Connal to start opening it up.
(7:28:14 PM) Connal: Connal nodded, and moved to look for the front. It was like an animal cage... In fact, that's exactly what it was. It was a little too dark to see inside, so instead of just opening it up and letting whatever large creature out that he knew nothing about, he instead laid his palm flat against the door. Hopefully whatever that was in there would try to sniff i
(7:28:26 PM) Connal: Hopefully whatever that was in there would try to sniff instead of bite him.
(7:31:18 PM) Jericho: Hearing wood creak, the thing in the cage perked up slightly, ears pricking up and forwards to listen as his nostrils flared to try and scent who was outside. Dirt, grass, water... Hmm, was that rubber? Something metal... He jerked at having a hand all but shoved in his face, glad for the metal grating that kept him from getting smacked. A moment's hesitation
(7:31:51 PM) Jericho: , and he leaned forwards, huffing a bit as he sniffed the stranger's hand. Ally...?
(7:35:45 PM) TomTheMedic: Tom stood a few feet away, his hands folded behind his back. He didn't quite pick up anything in the cage-it was too dark for him to tell. Although... there appeared to be something by the Pyro's hand. ".. Careful, Connal." He warned, pulling out his bonesaw.
(7:38:36 PM) Connal: "Don't be so tense, boss, you're gonna scare 'im," Connal whispered. It seemed friendly enough, if a little jumpy, so they'd have to move slow. He crouched down, to be more level with whatever it was (still too dark to clearly see), left his hand in place, and said, "Hey, big guy. Who left you out here, all alone?" Sure, animals couldn't understand people, bu
(7:38:47 PM) Connal: but that didn't mean they couldn't be calmed down by a calm voice.
(7:41:38 PM) Jericho: A soft snort, the creature inside shuffling forward a bit to try and get a look at the person actually being nice to him so he could put a face to the scent, glancing up past the man's shoulder to where he could scent another. "Dunno. Was drugged."
(7:45:15 PM) TomTheMedic: Tom's eyebrows raised at a voice coming from the crate. Then his eyes narrowed. "... Get away from it, Connal." Tom hissed, his bonesaw drawn. "I think the Announcer has decided to insult us further by sending some sort of monstrosity. Leave it."
(7:48:22 PM) Connal: Whoa, shit. Animals didn't talk. He looked up to Tom, thinking. Orders were orders, sure, but it /was/ starting to get cooler out. He couldn't just leave it stuck in this box. Unsure of what to do, he looked back in the kennel, squinting at the creature, trying to get a better look. Were those horns? "Ah, boss, he don't seem so bad..."
(7:51:42 PM) Jericho: There was a quiet whine, and a clawed hand gripped at the metal grating of the kennel door. "Cold..." He didn't care too much for the smaller man with the saw, but this one with the funny hair cut seemed nice enough. At this point, he just wanted to be somewhere warm and get some food in his stomach, which grumbled at being reminded of his hunger.
(7:55:15 PM) TomTheMedic: All the Medic saw was a clawed hand, and he scowled. "Connal." He repeated, his voice stern. "We do not associate ourselves with beasts like that. Leave it alone. Maybe it will be gone in the morning." He added, and then moved closer as if to tug the Pyro away.
(7:57:58 PM) Connal: "...But what if he isn't? What if he's still out here, stuck in his cage?" He /really/ didn't want to leave it, now. What he felt was pleasantly cool, this thing thought was cold. And his stomach was rumbling. Connal didn't really like going against orders, him thinking he could get fired and sent home for doing so, but it was like when his next door neighbor
(7:59:33 PM) Connal: next door neighbors bought a dog and abandoned it in the backyard. He couldn't just leave him. "...Y'might wanna stand back, boss." He had decided, and his other hand was going for the latch. "I at least wanna see 'im..." he offered, as explanation, weak as it was.
(8:03:18 PM) Jericho: Backing up a bit to let the stranger work the lock he couldn't manage himself, the creature hesitated to exit, not liking the hostile presence of the shorter man. But he'd been cooped up in his kennel all day... With no little caution, the patchwork thing stepped out, ears back and eyes fixed on the man-with-saw as he sidled up to the nicer one. This one was
(8:03:36 PM) Jericho: nice, he deserved to be protected from that mean other one...
(8:06:28 PM) TomTheMedic: There was a soft gasp, and the Medic took a step back, his bonesaw up defensively as if to protect him from an attack. The Italian's bright blue eyes widened, and then they narrowed. "Connal! Get away from that thing!" He snapped, his voice angry and commanding.
(8:09:11 PM) Connal: The redhead flinched, now failing to obey another order. He turned his gaze on the... the thing. It certainly looked cool. Curious, he reached out, patting at the creature's shoulder, wanting to feel if the fur actually felt like fur or if it felt like hair. He liked animals. Bugs and people were fair game, but most animals were interesting enough to him to w
(8:09:25 PM) Connal: to want to keep around, at least for a little while if nothing else.
(8:12:32 PM) Jericho: Hissing up at the mean one, the creature pressed closer to the nice one, thick heavy tail curling protectively around the man currently petting his spotted fur. "Fuck off."
(8:15:25 PM) TomTheMedic: Tom growled deeply; not only at being insulted by this.. disgusting thing, but to also have his teammate disobeying his orders. "Leave it alone. It isn't human, and it certainly isn't a pet. Connal, /get away from it/."
(8:17:48 PM) Connal: Connal frowned. "Hey," he said to the creature, patting at its shoulder to get its attention. "Don't curse at him, he's my boss." Then, when Tom spoke, he bit his lip. "B-but..." He couldn't think of what to say. No, he knew the meaning he wanted to get across, but was having trouble thinking of the right words to use.
(8:21:09 PM) Jericho: The creature growled back, lips curling back to show his sharp teeth as his claws dug into the old wood of the dock, body tense as he shifted himself to stand in front of the nice man, putting himself in harm's way should the armed one attempt to attack.
(8:23:50 PM) TomTheMedic: Tom glared at Connal, and then at the creature-before giving a rather displeased sound and turning on his heel, walking back towards the base. If Connal wanted to play the beast, fine. /Fine/. Tom had his ways of making life unpleasant for the Pyro. And he was certianly not shy of using them.
(8:25:48 PM) Connal: "I-I'm sorry...!" he called out after the Medic. It really wasn't a good idea to piss off the only one on their team, and his leader to boot, but... oh well, too late now. "Did ya have to keep growling at him like that...?" Connal asked, with a sigh. "You weren't exactly helping your case, y'know."
(8:30:01 PM) Jericho: Huffing sharply through his nose, the patchwork thing didn't relax until he could no longer hear the threatening one walking away, then taking a step back and sitting down next to the nice one. "He started it." Shaking his head, the creature yawned, flaps of skin unfolding on either side of his mouth to let his jaw distend far further than humanly possible
(8:30:07 PM) Jericho: before he moved to stretch.
(8:31:54 PM) Connal: "Yeah, but he's still my boss, and our Medic," Connal replied, reaching over to scratch behind the creature's ear. "So you got a name, or should I just call you Patches?"
(8:36:27 PM) Jericho: Rather than reply, the creature leaned into the scratching and reached up to his neck, tugging at the tag that hung there before moving to hand it off to the other to read.
(8:39:28 PM) Connal: "Jericho, huh?" Personally, he liked Patches better, but since he already had a name... "Let's get you inside and get you somethin' to eat, huh?" he added, standing back up and grabbing the kennel by the handle. "Hope ya like spam."
(8:41:16 PM) Jericho: Smiling, Jericho just nodded, not really caring about what he ate so long as he ate, and was more than happy to trot along at the side of his new, rather nice caretaker.
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