TRUTH OR DARE OR DRINK (starring the swamp rat Medics)

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TRUTH OR DARE OR DRINK (starring the swamp rat Medics)

Postby Puffin » Mon Jun 04, 2012 6:16 pm

This is a spur of the moment "we're bored, let's do something" RP over steam chat between Armored, Jarvis, and I, featuring all of our medics sitting in the shed playing drinking games. All credit goes to Jarvis for coming up with the idea.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a work in progress, one that we'll hopefully complete soon, since it was super fun. So if you're wondering why it ends suddenly, keep in mind it was 4:30 am and we were all tired.

Medic Jarvis: *somewhere in a small shed converted into a hangout lounge "treehouse" style, our three Medics are hanging out for reasons only they know...* "So... vhy did you bring us out here again Nik?" *groucy look on face*
Puffin: *Sly smile* "Stress relief."
Puffin: "You both know how to play truth or dare, right?"
Medic Jarvis: *rolls eyes* "Partly, from vhat I gathered listening to universty school mates..."
Puffin: "Well, it's quite simply really. Should I explain?"
Puffin: lol]
0ArmoredSoul0: *groans* "Oh Gott, if zhis ist anyzhing like zhe games from univeristy..."
Medic Jarvis: "If you must..." *folds arms over chest*
Puffin: *even bigger smile*
Puffin: "Well, it's quite simple. We'll take turns. Whosever turn it is picks 'truth' or 'dare.'"
Puffin: "If you pick 'truth', then someone else asks you a question, which you must answer truthfully."
Medic Jarvis: "And if you don't?"
0ArmoredSoul0: *already regretting this* "You get penalized, ja?"
Puffin: "You can pick 'dare.' But let me finish explaining."
Puffin: "If you pick 'dare', then someone dares you to do something. It can be pretty broad, but let's agree to dares that don't include harming yourself or others."
Puffin: "I forgot to make that rule last time I played."
Puffin: "But, there is a third option. If you pick either choice and don't want to go through with it..."
Puffin: *brings out liquor bottle*
Puffin: "Then you drink."
Medic Jarvis: *makes a face* "Gott not beer..."
Puffin: "No! No. Beer is disgusting."
Puffin: "This is whiskey, but I have vodka if you prefer."
0ArmoredSoul0: *pales* "Oh dear..."
Medic Jarvis: "I have not tried anyzhing else but beer once and just half a damn bottle made me sick!"
Puffin: "Are you sure that was the alcohol, or just the quality of the beer itself?"
Puffin: "I hate beer, but the beer out here is its own special brand of terrible."
Puffin: "So! Any questions?"
Medic Jarvis: "It vas somezhing mein pyro gave me. I don't drink...." *makes a face* "I can zee zhis is going to be stupid..."
Medic Jarvis: "But fine... vho goes first?"
Puffin: *big smile, claps hands together* "I will, if neither of you two wants to."
0ArmoredSoul0: "Go ahead..."
Puffin: "Alright, I pick truth."
Medic Jarvis: "Zhen.... is it true you are allergic to cats?"
Puffin: "Yes. Miserable little creatures, aren't they?"
Puffin: "Alright, who goes next?"
Medic Jarvis: "I actually like cats, but couldn't keep zhem because mein Mozher vasn't fond of zhem."
0ArmoredSoul0: *frowns* "Zhat ist unfortunate..."
Puffin: "You'd hate an animal too if you couldn't go near it without your eyes running and sneezing uncontrollably."
Medic Jarvis: *snickers*
Puffin: *shrugs*
Puffin: "who's next? We'll keep the same turn order either way."
Medic Jarvis: "I don't know how it vorks, you pick one of us!"
Puffin: "Well, okay. Gerhard, truth or dare?"
0ArmoredSoul0: "Ugh... Truth, I suppose."
Puffin: "What is your biggest fear?"
0ArmoredSoul0: *stills, frowning, then sighs* "Losingk control."
Puffin: "Of life in general?"
0ArmoredSoul0: "Of meinself."
Medic Jarvis: *raises an eyebrow, then makes a small frown*
Puffin: *rubs shoulder*
Puffin: "Well, okay. Your turn, Rufus."
Medic Jarvis: *snorts at Niklas* "Feh... Dare." *trying to show off*
Puffin: *looks at Gerhard* "Any ideas?
0ArmoredSoul0: "Stand on zhe roof of BLU base in your undervear."
0ArmoredSoul0: *cause that is SO not childish*
Puffin: (can he even stand)
0ArmoredSoul0: lol}
Medic Jarvis: "... VAS?... Nein! Gerhard you know me, you know I can't do zhat!"
Puffin: *snigger*
Puffin: "I'm tempted to make him drink, but that wasn't really fair..."
Medic Jarvis: "Oh give me zhat!" *snatches the vodka, opens it and takes a swig only to gag and cough harshly* "Ze fuck is zhis crap!?"
Puffin: "Vodka."
0ArmoredSoul0: "You couldt sit..."
Puffin: "I'll let this one slide." *takes back bottle, takes a drink. "I pick truth again."
Medic Jarvis: *still coughing some*
0ArmoredSoul0: *snickers*
Medic Jarvis: "Gerhard..., you do ze honors"
Puffin: *hands Rufus bottle of water* "I came prepared."
0ArmoredSoul0: "Hmm... Was ist your favroite childhood memory?"
Puffin: "Hmmmm..."
Medic Jarvis: *sips water*
Puffin: "Probably the year we spent Christmas at our neighbor's house."
Puffin: "I helped them cook all kinds of food, and my brother and sister and I played out in the snow for hours."
Puffin: *smiles*
Puffin: "We even saw the aurora that night."
0ArmoredSoul0: "Mmmm, zhat sounds wunderbar." :)
Medic Jarvis: "Ger... you? Truth or Dare?"
0ArmoredSoul0: "Truth."
Medic Jarvis: "Vhere are you from?" *never got to ask Gerhard when he was sick and in the other's care, assumed Gerry was also German*
0ArmoredSoul0: "Habsbischl, Austria. It's a little town right near zhe border between Germany und Austria. Close enough zhat it doesn't really matter."
Puffin: "What? Really?"
Puffin: *thought he was German*
Medic Jarvis: *surprised by this* "You're... Austrian?"
0ArmoredSoul0: "Ja. But like I said, it's close enough to Germany zhat it never really mattered. Literally, it vas a 20 minute drive."
Puffin: "Even so, here I was thinking I was the only non-German medic here."
Medic Jarvis: "Vell... I suppose I'm it... Truth zhen..."
Puffin: "If you could go see any place in the world, where would it be and why?"
Medic Jarvis: *thinks on it* ".... I vould return back home to Cuxhaven... to valk ze beach one last time vhile valking ze full moon rise out of ze ocean."
0ArmoredSoul0: *nods* "Zhat sounds nice.
Puffin: "My turn again? Truth."
0ArmoredSoul0: "You take zhis vone, Rufus."
Medic Jarvis: "Is it true you prefer colder weather to varmer weather?"
Puffin: "Yes and no, really. I prefer places with cold winters, since it's what I'm used to. But I enjoy warm weather, within reason."
Puffin: "Louisiana in the summer is not within reason."
Medic Jarvis: *shrugs, so far only once had he had to take a drink*
Puffin: *takes another drink anyway* "Gerhard?"
0ArmoredSoul0: *shrugs as well* "My turn to ask?"
Puffin: "Yours to answer."
Puffin: "Which do you chose?"
0ArmoredSoul0: "Truth. I won't be picking anyzhing else, jsut so you know."
Puffin: *chuckles* "Well, alright. What is the best thing that ever happened to you?"
0ArmoredSoul0: *frowns, thinking deeply* "...Zhe day I passed my exams und vas accepted into zhe vetrinary college. Meine Eltern- Erm, my parents zhrew a big party, unf I tried alcohol for zhe first time."
Puffin: "You're a veternarian?"
Medic Jarvis: "Zhat's not so farfetched.."
0ArmoredSoul0: "Mmm, ja. I vas halfway to my doctorate vhen vone of my friend's sisters got sick vizh tuberculosis. Und I changed my major to pediatrics."
Puffin: "That's a pretty drastic change. But one I can find myself agreeing with."
Medic Jarvis: "I guess mein turn? Dare, and zhis time somezhing practical in mein situation!"
0ArmoredSoul0: *nod*
Puffin: "Take off your coat and wear it as a cape for the rest of the evening."
Medic Jarvis: "...." *eyes the other two before grumbles and slowly takes his coat off, tying the sleeves over his shoulders* "Zhere..."
Puffin: *laughs* "Looking good, Rufus. Looking good."
Puffin: "Alright, I'm going to be boring and pick truth again."
0ArmoredSoul0: *smiles* "What ist your favorite medical procedure?"
Puffin: *is thrown off*
0ArmoredSoul0: ^^
Puffin: "Oh, wow. That's an odd question... ah...."
Puffin: "How can I answer this without sounding like a psychopath?"
Medic Jarvis: *snickers, looks like he won't be going back to base drunk after all.*
0ArmoredSoul0: "Ve're all doctors in vone fashion or anozzer."
Puffin: "True."
Puffin: "Well, I do enjoy performing surgery. But I don't have the same fetish for blood that almost every other Medic hired by these companies does, though."
Puffin: "I don't think I can pick any one specific one, since working in an emergency room meant you had to be ready to deal with anything."
Medic Jarvis: "Gerhard... you?"
0ArmoredSoul0: "Any procedure zhat makes zhe people I carea bout feel besser."
Puffin: *smiles* "Awwwww."
Medic Jarvis: "Vell Ger, it's your turn, truth or dare."
0ArmoredSoul0: *sigh* "Truth."
Medic Jarvis: "Name one zhing you vant to change about yourself."
0ArmoredSoul0: *scowls, looks away* "My hybrid instincts. Zhey're... Frightening."
Puffin: "You wouldn't want to be human again?"
Medic Jarvis: "I know I vould.."
0ArmoredSoul0: *shrugs* "I guess. Beingk part cephalopod has proven useful, und I've spent several years in zhis form, but... Soem of zhing zhat came vizh it..." *shakes head*
Puffin: "But you don't plan on working for these companies forever, do you? Especially not since they've screwed us all over..."
0ArmoredSoul0: "In all honesty? I shouldt have died four years ago. I'm takingk each day as it comes."
Puffin: *Shrugs* "I guess... maybe it's the optimist in me, but things can change, especially if you work for them."
Puffin: "You deserve better, that's for sure."
Medic Jarvis: *nod*
Medic Jarvis: "Vell since ve're on a roll... I suppose I'll go and state Truth..." *grabs a cup, thinking it's water and gulps down vodka again... and proceeds to cough again* "Gott! Vhy is it clear!?"
Puffin: *laughs* "You're tolerating it fairly well, though. That makes me think that the beer was to blame for you getting sick."
Puffin: "Gerhard, you take this one."
0ArmoredSoul0: "Mmm?"
Puffin: "Your turn to ask him."
Puffin: [armored?]
0ArmoredSoul0: "Right..."
0ArmoredSoul0 has no fuckign idea wtf to ask
Puffin: [lol]
Puffin: "You can't think of anything?"
0ArmoredSoul0: *shurgs* "Not really. I'm not very good at these games."
Puffin: "Well, okay. Rufus, if you had the choice between becoming blind or deaf, which would you chose and why?"
Medic Jarvis: "... Seriously?.... " *goes quiet, and thinks it over.* "Blind I guess... Don't know vhy, probably mein.... " *crings* "Instincts telling me..."
Puffin: "I tend to agree. Mostly because I would go insane withoug being able to hear music."
Medic Jarvis: "So... Truth or Dare Nik..." *mumbles 'pussy' under his breath*
Puffin: "Truth, because I'm having fun and I don't care what you think."
Puffin: *more vodka*
Medic Jarvis: "Vell since I can't zhink of anyzhing... Ve all must take a drink zhen..." *takes a shot of vodka again, winces but not coughing anymore... starting to feel a little buzzy already*
Puffin: "Wait, what?"
Puffin: "That wasn't in the rules..." *takes another drink anyway*
Puffin: "Gerhard, do you have any ideas?"
0ArmoredSoul0: *sigh* "What's you're favorite dinosaur?"
Puffin: "No preference. Should I ask you or should Rufus?"
Medic Jarvis: "I don't care... so long as you stop being fuzzy on ze edges..."
Puffin: "'Fuzzy on the edges?' What does that even mean?"
0ArmoredSoul0: *SIGH*
Puffin: "Well, fine, I'll do it. If you could learn any language, which one would it be?"
0ArmoredSoul0: "Icelandic."
Puffin: "... Really? That's a pretty obscure one."
0ArmoredSoul0: "It just... It sounds fun."
Puffin: "It's very different from other Scandinavian languages, I'll tell you that much. I could understand Norwegians and Danes to a certain degree, but not really Icelanders."
Puffin: "Alright Rufus, your turn."
Medic Jarvis: *taking another shot of vodka* "Vhaa? Oh..." *shakes head* "Um... daaaare."
Puffin: "... I've created a monster."
0ArmoredSoul0: oh dear...
Puffin: *sly grin*
Puffin: "I dare you to take off your shirt for the rest of the evening, but keeping your coat-cape on."
Medic Jarvis: *lazy blink* "Vhat ya take me for? A stripper?" *slowly does so anyways, though a bit sloppy*
Puffin: "Now wear it as a scarf."
0ArmoredSoul0: pfft
Medic Jarvis: "Nuh uh! You said just take it off, you never added zhat part in ze same sentance." *pouts*
Puffin: "Well, it was worth a shot."
Puffin: "My turn. Dare, because this is quickly becoming hilarious."
Medic Jarvis: "Dare ya to take ze pants off."
Puffin: "..."
Puffin: "I'm sensing a theme."
Puffin: *does so anyway, without hesitation*
0ArmoredSoul0: *facepalm*
Puffin: "Your turn, Gerhard."
Puffin: "Are you going to pick truth again?" *wink wink, nudge nudge*
0ArmoredSoul0: "Mmmm... Ja."
Puffin: "Booooo."
Puffin: "Rufus, you ask him."
Medic Jarvis: "Fffffffine." *looks to Gerhard* ".... do you have... an admiration for someone?"
0ArmoredSoul0: "...Not at this particular time."
Medic Jarvis: *blinks, before glancing away*
Puffin: "Fair enough. Your turn, Rufus."
Medic Jarvis: "hmmmmmm... truth."
Puffin: "Do you have any siblings?"
Medic Jarvis: 'Nein... I'm an only child...."
Puffin: "My turn again? Truth."
0ArmoredSoul0: "Have you hadt any children?"
0ArmoredSoul0: "If not, would you like any?"
Puffin: *big, proud smile*
Puffin: "I have three sons."
Puffin: "Ages 16, 13, and 11."
Puffin: "Two neices two, my sister's daughters."
0ArmoredSoul0: *smiles*
Medic Jarvis: "Hey... Hey Gerry..." *grins* "Your turn!"
Medic Jarvis: *drinks more vodka*
0ArmoredSoul0: "Truth, again. I told you I wouldn't be taking any dares."
Puffin: "Hej, go easy on that..."
Puffin: *takes back bottle, has another drink*
Puffin: *is now midly buzzed*
Puffin: "Do YOU have any children?"
Puffin: "And if not, would you like any?"
Medic Jarvis: *eyes widen some, stares at Gerhard, waiting for the other's answer*
0ArmoredSoul0: "Nein, none zhat I know of. Und... Ja, I zhink I vould, sometime."
0ArmoredSoul0: *not entirely lying*
Medic Jarvis: "Hmm..."
Puffin: "Rufus?"
Medic Jarvis: *shrugs" "Truth I guess..."
Puffin: "What are your hobbies?"
0ArmoredSoul0: "Same question?"
Medic Jarvis: "Vell.... I use to get a kick out of cell tempering just to see vhat vould happen to ze genetic make up and see if it... um... ja.. makes it vorse or bettah... and um... ja. Now I don't have any hobbies much anymore..."
Puffin: *Frowns* "You're a geneticist?"
0ArmoredSoul0: *nods*
Puffin: "Oh."
Puffin: *eager to change the subject* "I pick truth."
Medic Jarvis: "Ja... I vas studing it cuz... I vant to cure really really bad stuffs..." *hiccups*
Puffin: *suspicious, but in a less bad mood.* "You should drink some water."
0ArmoredSoul0: "Ja. Zhat or eat somezhing. You'll get ein awful hangover ozzervise."
Medic Jarvis: *shakes his head* "I'm ffffine!" *pouts* "Truth? Um.... vould you eat somezhing past its due date if it looks alright?"
Puffin: "If it didn't smell bad either, probably. Depends on the item in question though."
Puffin: "Also, no you're not." *hands water bottle*
0ArmoredSoul0: *snickers*
Puffin: *finishes vodka just in case*
Puffin: "Alright... Gerhard."
Puffin: "Did you always want to be a doctor, or did you have other career aspirations as a child?"
0ArmoredSoul0: "Well, I wanted to be a veterinarian. I wanted to take care of animals, treat them and make them feel better. I used to put band-aids on my neighbor's dog to try and practice."
Puffin: "... That's adorable."
0ArmoredSoul0: *blush* "Well, he kept running through the blackberry bushes..."
Puffin: "Even so..."
Puffin: "Rufus?"
Medic Jarvis: *kinda starring off into space* "huh vha? Oh.. dare... but nozhing vith taking somezhing off..."
Puffin: "I dare you.... to sing the German national anthem."
Medic Jarvis: *slowly blinks* "Ugh... I don't remember how it vent... I haven't pledge ze anthem zince fifth year of grade school..."
Puffin: "Then sing another song of your choice."
Medic Jarvis: "I don't know any singable songs... *hic* All I know is old classicals... and a few I could play on piano."
Puffin: "What? How do you not know any singable songs?"
0ArmoredSoul0: "Deutschland, Deutschland über alles, Über alles in der Welt..." *trails off humming*
Medic Jarvis: "BeCAUSE...." *dramatic drunk face* "Ve never turned the radio on unless zhere vas announcements or news... " *frowns*
Puffin: "And you never listened to music on your own?"
0ArmoredSoul0: *rolls eyes*
Medic Jarvis: "Nein.. never had interest in newer music."
Puffin: *genuinely has no idea how this is possible*
Puffin: *confused face*
Puffin: "You're missing out... but okay, drink your water then."
0ArmoredSoul0: *shakes his head* "Most bases don't really have radios to catch outside signals, it's not zhat surprising."
Puffin: "Well, I mean, I just can't comprehend not hearing music while going about your daily business, especially after you move out of your parents' house."
Puffin: "Which reminds me, I should have brought my instruments. Next time."
0ArmoredSoul0: *nodnod* ^^
Puffin: *smiles* "Truth, by the way."
Medic Jarvis: *motions Ger to ask*
0ArmoredSoul0: "Who is your favorite composer?"
Puffin: "I don't really listen to classical..."
0ArmoredSoul0: "Zhen a preferred aritst."
Puffin: "Oh, that's tough..." *thinks*
Puffin: "If I had to choose one... Louis Armstrong. A bit cliche, but I don't care."
0ArmoredSoul0: "Mmm, gute choice. I like his voice."
Puffin: "I think it's impossible not to. He just sings with such earnestness in his voice..."
Puffin: "Going to pick truth again?"
0ArmoredSoul0: "mmmhm"
Puffin: *pouts* "Fine..."
Puffin: "Why aren't you drinking with us?"
Medic Jarvis: "Gerry's a vussy..."
Puffin: *sniggers*
0ArmoredSoul0: "Because I have a very low alcohol tolerance."
Puffin: "How low are we talking?"
0ArmoredSoul0: *groan* "I got drunk off vone beir on my 21st birthday..."
Puffin: *stunned silence*
0ArmoredSoul0: "Ja."
Puffin: "That... that's awful."
Medic Jarvis: *leans in, being drunk and pours a little vodka on one of Gerhard's tentacles* "Just a sippy Gerry? Bitte?"
Puffin: [dude we're out of vodka]
Medic Jarvis: (he still has some in his cup)
Puffin: [we're using cups?]
Puffin: [well okay]
Puffin: "Rufus, that's not where his mouth is."
0ArmoredSoul0: *tentacle twitches, flicking alcohol everywhich way before recoiling, Gerhard making a face* "Nein, bitte. I vould prefer at least vone of us be sober enough to care for the hangovers zhat will come out of this."
Medic Jarvis: "Daw..." *leans back in chair*
Puffin: "I assure you that *I* won't be getting a hangover. I have a very high tolerance."
Puffin: "My record is two bottles..."
Medic Jarvis: "Did ja ask ze question?"
Puffin: "You didnt' specify truth or dare."
Medic Jarvis: "Gerry never answered."
Puffin: "Yes he did."
0ArmoredSoul0: :/ "Ja, I did."
Puffin: *laughs*
Medic Jarvis: "Vha?" *pouts* "Dare zhen..."
Puffin: "I dare you to do your best impression of Gerhard."
Medic Jarvis: *leans back and tries to clear his throat.* "Look at me, I'm Gerhard.. I'm a momma Hen... I care for everybody! It's true, just ask mein eight friends!" *wiggles his arms like tentacles*
Puffin: *falls over laughing*
Puffin: "That's PERFECT!"
0ArmoredSoul0: :|
0ArmoredSoul0: *notimpressedplz*
Puffin: *tries to calm himself down*
Puffin: *deep breaths*
Puffin: "Okay.. okay... dare, because I'm in such a good mood."
Medic Jarvis: "Dare ya to .... lick your elbow."
Puffin: "I can't do that! No one can!"
Medic Jarvis: "Zhen take a drink"
0ArmoredSoul0: *snickers*
Puffin: "Pffffffine." *opens whiskey, takes a swig from the bottle*
Puffin: "Since you cheated, you ask Gerhard this time."
Medic Jarvis: *slowly glances to Gerhard.* ".... Gerhard.... truth or dare?"
0ArmoredSoul0: "Truth."
Puffin: "So ask him."
Medic Jarvis: *goes quiet for a while before choosing his question. "Gerhard... Do you.... like me?"
Puffin: *nearly spits out what he has been drinking*
Puffin: *wonders if he should leave the room*
0ArmoredSoul0: *freeze, deer in headlights* "...Was?"
Medic Jarvis: "I'm just... curious. You know um... friendship and all zhat..."
0ArmoredSoul0: "Mmm... Vell, ja, vhen you put it zhat vay. I like talkingk vizh you, und you're a razzer... Nice person, vhen you get past zhe defensiveness."
Medic Jarvis: *blinks and slowly nods* "okay
Puffin: *is not sure what to feel*
Puffin: *opens mouth to say something, takes drink instead*
Puffin: "Your turn Rufus. Truth or dare?"
0ArmoredSoul0: *clears his throat, looking away towards the swamp, ignoring his faint blush*
Medic Jarvis: "I guess truth zhis time"
Puffin: *is now kinda drunk*
Puffin: "If you had to choose between spaghetti hair or a bacon hand, which would you choose and why?"
Medic Jarvis: "vha?" *blinks* "I don't understand ze question."
Puffin: "Choose."
Puffin: *intense stare*
Medic Jarvis: "But is it food or a somezhing else?"
Puffin: "If you had to choose between having spaghetti for hair or bacon for a hand, which would you choose?"
Puffin: "I thought I was being perfectly clear"
Medic Jarvis: ".... zhat's just gross. Neizher... because I do not vant to become someone else's buffet table."
0ArmoredSoul0: *snicker*
Puffin: "Fiiine." *Swedish muttering*
Puffin: "Truth, because I did a dare last time."
Medic Jarvis: "Have you ever injured yourself doing somezhing stupid yet you did so anyvays?"
Puffin: "All the time."
Puffin: "But if I had one specefic incident to pick..."
Puffin: "When I was 13, I got into a fight with a bunch of 16 year olds. This was before puberty, mind you, so these two were both at least 30 centimeters taller than me."
Puffin: "They started making fun of me because I had a black eye, and I was in such a foul mood, instead of ignoring it..."
Puffin: *pause*
Puffin: "I kind of charged straight at them."
Medic Jarvis: "and?"
Puffin: "They were surprised by my ferocity, so I caught them off guard."
Puffin: "In the end, I walked away with two broken ribs and a broken nose, as well as even more bruises..."
Puffin: "But I managed to chase them off."
Puffin: "Worth it, I think."
Puffin: "They didn't hassle me after that."
Medic Jarvis: "Hm... zhat's good."
Puffin: "I think the rocks I started throwing was what scared them off the most, but you know..." *shrugs*
0ArmoredSoul0: *sighs* "Children can be so cruel..." :/
Puffin: "Well, the girl I liked saw it, so she went out with me after that, so it's not ALL bad."
Puffin: "So, Gerhard, truth?"
0ArmoredSoul0: "Ja."
Puffin: "What was the worst injury you've ever suffered?"
0ArmoredSoul0: "Before I was hybridized? I fell backwards down a flight of stone stairs when I was six. I was left bedridden for three months until my back healed enough for me to walk."
Medic Jarvis: "Hm... zhat must of hurt..."
Puffin: "Oh god, that's awful. Did you fracture a vertebrae?"
0ArmoredSoul0: "Nein, but zhe skin vas stripped off down to zhe bone. I passed out und voke up in zhe hospital."
Puffin: *cringes*
Puffin: *looks at Rufus* Your turn.
Medic Jarvis: "Dare... Only because it is getting late out.."
Puffin: *looks at Gerhard*
0ArmoredSoul0: "Mmm? Oh..."
0ArmoredSoul0: "Do a wheelie in your chair?"
Medic Jarvis: "It can't. Since I built it based on a old vooden design... it can't really do much of anyzhing besides getting to point B from A. But I can make sharp turns." *holds onto one wheel and pushes himself around in circles before getting dizzy and stop, only to groan out and look ready to blow his cookies*
Puffin: "I don't think that was a good idea. Take a deep breath."
Medic Jarvis: "I... uh.. MMPH!" *slaps a hand over his mouth, then leans out the only window in the lounge shed and barfs*
Puffin: "Ewwwww."
Puffin: "At least he leaned out the window."
0ArmoredSoul0: *wince* "Not such a gute idea after all"
Puffin: "You still have your water, right?"
Medic Jarvis: "Nnnn... I.. zhink so..." *looking pale in the face*
Puffin: "You're holding it. Take a drink."
Medic Jarvis: *sips*
Puffin: *sigh* "I'm glad I brought that..."
Puffin: "I'll just pick truth to avoid any more sickness or injury..."
0ArmoredSoul0: "Why did you join RED?"
Puffin: "..." *sighs*
Puffin: "It's a long story, so sit tight..."
Puffin: "Like I mentioned before, I used to work in an emergency room. It was challenging, stressful, and exhausting, but very rewarding."
Puffin: "I was saving lives, just like I had always hoped as a child..."
Puffin: "But, unfortunately, my then-wife saw what the stress was doing to me, and tried to get me to take another job, somewhere less hectic."
Puffin: "She wanted for me to have an easier job, one where I could have regular hours and have more time at home."
Puffin: "At first I said no, but long story short, she eventually convinced me."
Puffin: "So I tried to open my own practice. Buuut..."
Puffin: *takes a drink*
0ArmoredSoul0: "Things didn't work out so well?
Puffin: *shakes head* "It turns out I'm a doctor, not much of a business man. It fell through within six months."
Puffin: "I was angry at her of course, and try as I might I couldn't find work again as a trauma surgeon. The more time I spent at home, the more we argued..."
0ArmoredSoul0: *frown*
Puffin: "We were divorced within another couple of months."
Puffin: "I don't know if either of you have been through a divorce, but they're expensive. And on top of the debt I had racked up from my failed practice..."
Puffin: "That was when the recruitment letter for RED came. It was an offer I couldn't refuse."
Puffin: *Takes another drink, sighs*
Medic Jarvis: "I've never had a relationship so I can't relate..."
Puffin: "I really, really regret it though. I should've just stuck if out, if nothing else but for my kids..."
Medic Jarvis: *frowns, glances to Gerhard before taking more sips of water*
Puffin: *weak smile* "Sorry, I kind of killed the mood, didn't I?"
0ArmoredSoul0: *reaches out, patting his shoulder* "If nothing else, you thought you were doing the right thing. Attempting to get out of debt to see your children... That's a very noble cause."
Puffin: "Well, now I don't get to see them at all..." *smiles at Gerhard*
Puffin: "Thanks, though."
Puffin: "Your turn again, I guess?"
Puffin: "You'll have to forgive me if I can't think of anything to ask right now."
0ArmoredSoul0: *shrug* "If you want to keep going."

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