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Postby Tentacles » Fri Mar 23, 2012 6:15 pm

Medic Jarvis: Rufus: *eventually wakes up after the alcholol's worn off and he groans some, only to spot Connal dozed off next to him with a filled bucket* .... *blinks a few times before holding his head from a coming hangover headache.* ...nnn...

Mintscream: Connal stirred in his sleep a bit, but didn't immediately wake up. He at least had enough sense to know he was dozing off, and had pulled up the fishing line so the pole wouldn't be lost to them.

Medic Jarvis: Rufus: *waits out a pang in his head before moving forward in his chair, poking Connal* Connal... Connal... vake yo

Medic Jarvis: up*

Mintscream: The Pyro started, making a noise that very much sounded like, "B'zuh...?" He blinked a couple of times, then let out a yawn and stretched his arms over his head. "Hey, boss... Have a good nap?" he asked, before scratched a spot on his side.

Medic Jarvis: Rufus: Nnngh... as much as one can vith booze bubbling zheir brains... *rubs his head* Did you catch fish?

Mintscream: Connal blinked again. "Dude, you had one beer. You seriously get a hangover from that?" Apparently so. Next time they tried this, Rufus would only be getting half a bottle. Unless there was such a thing as Red Shed Lite... "Yeah, I got you some fish," he replied, holding up the bucket. "They're kinda on the small-ish side, which is probably 'cause of that monster down there, but they should be enough for a little while, I think."

Medic Jarvis: Rufus: *rolls his eyes* I told you I never had any in mein life before, vas too busy to indulge in zhat sort of zhing. *looks at the bucket, frowning but shrugs* I suppose I could do somezhing vith zhem, Vas hoping for bigger fish but vhatever

Mintscream: Connal decided not to explain that even he hadn't gotten drunk after his very first bottle of beer, especially not to the point of passing out. "They'd probably make a decent batch a' fish sticks," he suggested, setting the bucket back down. "An', since you're a boss an' all now, I guess you could always try contacting RED an' seein' if they'll send us some seafood."

Medic Jarvis: Rufus: Zhat's Aime's job. He does ze papervorks, I just push ze Team morale around. Even so... I haven't heard from HQ for medical supplies yet. Getting tired of I.O.U's from BLU...

Mintscream: "Maybe you could ask him to ask them, then," Connal replied, with a shrug. It's not like big fish were going to have much of a chance with that monster in the swamp. At the mention of BLU, the large Pyro let out a huff and hunched his shoulders a bit.
Medic Jarvis: Rufus: I know... I am not in favor of it eizher but zheir head Medic saved mein life and said ve could take some supplies if ve desperately needed zhem... *rolls his eyes* Honestly, I razher zhings be ze vay zhey are in ozher bases, not here....

Mintscream: "At least there's someone else who feels th' same..." Connal began, edging forward so his legs would dangle over the edge. "For a while now, I felt like I been the only one here who seemed to remember that we're here to /kill/ them, an' that it's bad shit if we make friends..." Turning back to look to Rufus, he asked, "You know, Josif didn' even think nothin' of letting that Engineer of theirs mess aroun' with our Respawn system? He thought it was weird when I said I wouldn't let it happen!"

Medic Jarvis: Rufus: Bah! I razher see zhat dummkopf Josif in ze belly of ze beast here zhat continue to spread his idiocy here! Honestly, allowing a BLU to mangle vith OUR Respawn? *groans and lays back in his chair* ..... is it fixed zhough? If not and if ze phones are vorking, I know someone vho might lend some tech assistance over ze phone.

Mintscream: Connal nodded, agreeing with Rufus... pretty much completely. "Fixed? I don' think it was broken to begin with. Josif an' James an' Jericho all went through it okay, even if it did take fucking hours. But I think i's supposed to do that. Pretty sure someone said th' company keeps it in a sleep-mode like thingy when there's no battles goin' on."

Medic Jarvis: Rufus: *shakes his head* Nein, Respawn takes 12 to 15 seconds to respawn. You only take hours if you vere ze unfortunate being to be killed just before a rounds ends and spits you out after everyzhing resets. *frowns* I'll see if I can phone ze Legion and see if I can't get ahold of a Medic I know... Marcus is his name... also has a hobby in mechianics here and zhere. He had to be vhen he vas stationed on a base vith no Engineer and ze power vent out for months zhanks to a break in ze dam at Hydro

Mintscream: "A Medic?" Connal asked. Even after it was explained to him, he still thought it was kind of odd. He was no expert on the subject, but he was pretty certain having mechanics as a hobby wouldn't be enough of a background to handle something that was surely as complicated as a machine that brings people back from the dead. "Do you... not trust any of th' Engineers you met?"

Medic Jarvis: Rufus: It's not zhat I don't trust Engineers, zhey do vhat zhey do best... but ve don't have any active Engineers and I'll be damned if ve allow a BLU one to interfer vith OUR Respawn system

Mintscream: "Fuck yeah!" Connal agreed, adamantly. He didn't care HOW nice a guy Henry seemed, he was still being paid to kill REDs. "I jus' don' get why everyone seems so ready t' be chummy with each other. Not when we're on the same team, 'cause that's kinda what you're supposed t' do, but y'know. Hanging with BLUs is somethin' you could lose your job over. I don't see how it's worth it." The party still didn't count, because he was drunk.

Medic Jarvis: Rufus: *smirks at this one, finally someone that knows when things should be the way it always has been* Ja, I razher splatter a BLU's head in before making merry vith a tea party. But... *pauses and glances off* Giving ze fact HQ isn't responding as zhey should and I suspect ze same vith BLU... zhis is more zhan a standard base of operations Connal...... I believe zhis is a long test of survival.

Mintscream: "Well... It's still bullshit," Connal complained, turning around and sitting against the railing now. "Ain't there some kind of law against lyin' to a man about what his job's gonna be? Like, false advertising, or some shit?" Not that he would ever do anything about it. Other than whine, at least.

Medic Jarvis: Rufus: Not vhen it's a company as big as RED. *shrugs* Zhey can toy vith us as much as zhey like... if you vere a Medic like me... and vas a member to ze Legion... some of ze stories ze ozhers tell could disturb you... one I knew vas trapped in a underground base for four years

Mintscream: "So long as he could still do his job, I don' see what he'd have to complain about..." Connal grumbled, stubbornly. He suddenly felt the need for a drink, only to remember that he'd already finished off what he had brought with him. Darn.

Medic Jarvis: Rufus: Vell... try living underground vith no sun or time to go up on ze surface for a long time? Some men can't handle it. *watches the water slip by underneath them* Maybe you can... try to transfer out of here?

Mintscream: "What, and leave everyone here on their own?" Connal replied. A second later, he realized it might sound like he thought himself better than the rest of the team to the point where they'd grown dependant on him. "I mean, I been out here longer than anyone. Gotta be some sort of reason why I ain't gone missin' yet, right?"

Medic Jarvis: Rufus: *shrugs* could be you aren't dumb enough to vander off or try to play lone hero of ze story. Vhatever ze case, I zhink you are in need of real fighting, especially if you're expecting a paycheck

Mintscream: The Pyro didn't comment, already knowing what Rufus thought about the vanishing teammates and already having said how he felt. "Hey, so long as I got a roof over my head and food to stuff my face with, I'll be alright." Which probably sounded very contradictory to what he had been saying up until that point. It wasn't even the pay check that got him to sign up with RED in the first place.

Medic Jarvis: Rufus: *shrugs* Vhatever makes you feel better.... one of ze reasons I came to vork for RED... vas to stay avay from mein parents....

Mintscream: "Wha- Really?" That was unexpected. In more ways than one. Connal's mouth hung open just slightly, surprised at both what was said, and the fact that it actually was said. "You don' get along with your folks...?"

Medic Jarvis: Rufus: Feh... if zhere vas a good time vhen zhem, I can't recall. Zhey vere alvasy too busy vith eizher zheir jobs or social life. Ze best zhey did for me vas on mein birthday leave 200 on ze table before leaving to a social party. Just enough for me to buy meinself an expensive dinner and a new coat and gloves for ze vinter. *clears his throat some* Mein father vas a well known surgeon... and it vas expected of me to follow in his footsteps to a tee.

Mintscream: The idea that a family would ignore each other so completely felt alien. Then again, that's kind of what he was doing now. "...My dad wanted me to be a mechanic, like him," he finally replied. "I never got any better than the bare basics, though. Especially with cars gettin' fancier every year. Same size hood, but bigger an' bigger engines being shoved inside of 'em didn't help much, either."

Medic Jarvis: Rufus: *slight nods* vell... ze only zhing i miss of home.... is ze seashore.... Alvays took valks up and down it alone growing up.... somezhing about it... made me calm

Mintscream: "...I miss television," Connal replied, with a small smirk. He hoped that would get a chuckle out of the doctor.
Medic Jarvis: Rufus: *chuckles* Vould you be surprised.... I've never seen television besides vhen I vas in ze terminals of airports bewteen Germany and ze United States

Mintscream: Connal blinked. "Yeah... an' no, kinda. You did say you never got to hear any music other than what was, like, over a hundred years old. Were your folks tryin' to act like it was still the dark ages, or what?"

Medic Jarvis: Rufus: Dark Ages? I lived in a small village... ze nearest town vas a day's drive avay! It's ze equivilent to your.... back counrty towns. Zhings vere just.... slow.

Mintscream: "Sorry..." he was quick to reply. "Sorry, I guess... It's just... weird to think places like that are still out there. I grew up in a pretty big city, an' I've never been in a town that didn't share borders with another one," Connal tried to explain. "At least, not since comin' out here." He tilted his head back, looking up at the... well, the fog. Why was it always so hard to see the sky? The one thing he had been excited about, coming to a place so far away from any big cities, was the chance to see a properly star-filled night sky. Fat chance of that happening. "Bet you never even had to worry 'bout leavin' the house, huh?"

Medic Jarvis: Rufus: Nein... ze village vas quiet for ze most part, zhough vhen I vent off to medical school, it vas in Munich. Quite a long distance from Cuxhaven, but it vas peace avay from mein griping Father. At least he paid for it... zhen after finishing, I saw ze flyer for RED in need of Medics, applied for ze hell of it and off I vas to ze States two months later... I do miss zhat beach... Vatching ze vaves come in... starring out to ze horizon as if hoping to zee ze shorelines of Britain...

Mintscream: "Would you believe I've never seen the ocean in person?" Having a beer sure would be a nice excuse to have pauses in what he was saying. Would also be a nice excuse for them to be talking about their past and such, too. Shame the boss was such a light weight.

Medic Jarvis: Rufus: Nah... plenty of people haven't. I've been told I'm lucky... I don't zhink so... to be lucky in being born in a dull sea village zhat not ze Brits, Yanks, or Commies vant to take any part of... Not vorth zheir time...

Mintscream: "I dunno... 'Sides from the bein' ignored part, sounds like you had it pretty alright," Connal replied, with a shrug. "Unless it was borin' as hell, but you seemed to like the water at least."

Medic Jarvis: Rufus: Oh ja.. you got zhat right... boring.. Everyday vas boring. *glances to him* Not so much of ze vater itself... but just ze fact it's like a pathvay not quite taken as much as people zhink zhey have... To stare it down and see...nozhing for miles.... it's a sense of unknown...

Mintscream: Connal thought for a moment, trying to decide if boring was worse than dangerous. He realized, boring probably wouldn't have taken his brother away. Then again, boring wouldn't have let him burn down abandoned buildings every year. "At least you got out, right?"

Medic Jarvis: Rufus: *leans back and stares out to the swamp and fog. He thinks on this, before sighing and closing his eyes* Ja.... I got out.

Mintscream: Connal wasn't sure what, exactly, Rufus had meant. "...You ever keep in touch with them?" he asked. "Your parents, I mean, or any friends from your hometown."

Medic Jarvis: Rufus: *shakes his head* I never made friends vhere I live. I vas ze 'loner' according to zhem.... nor have I've spoken to mein parents since I left ze country. If zhey cared, I vould of heard from zhem... but zhat vas six years ago

Mintscream: "Maybe they just don't know how to get in contact?" Connal offered. He knew he hadn't left any way for his father to contact him. All he had left was a note saying he had found work down south. He never even specified a state. "I don't talk to anyone from my old home, either."

Medic Jarvis: Rufus: Vhen you first sign up, in ze contract you can leave down if you vant kin to contact you. I did so incase ze old man croaks so I can collect ze inheirentance. *shrugs* I guess zhey are too busy to call me..

Mintscream: "I... don't remember that," Connal replied, honestly. He at least had a head enough to read through... well, /most/ of it. "Well, maybe your folks are just losers, then!" he declared, hoping to bring the dolphin Medic's spirits up. Where they even down to begin with?
Medic Jarvis: Rufus: *watches and blinks at Connal's sudden enthuism....* Heh..... probably. All zhey cared about vas money anyvays... *sits back in his chair and smirks*

Mintscream: Connal gave a lopsided grin. "Yeah, I hope they get all the money they want, 'cause it won't help 'em feel any better about themselves! You got the right idea 'bout stuff, even if they don'; /doing/ what you want is more important than the reward y'get for it."

Medic Jarvis: Rufus: *shrugs again before looking back to the base* I zhink ve should return back inside... clean zhose fish and make a fried fish dinner out of zhem.

Mintscream: "Oh, right," Connal replied, standing up. He had nearly forgotten about the fish. "If ya need any help with that, just say so," he added, grabbing the bucket for Rufus. "I'm no chef, but at least I can cook some stuff without burnin' it." Which, apparently, most Pyros couldn't truthfully say.

Medic Jarvis: Rufus: ... Ja... I could use some help

Mintscream: "No problem, just tell me what needs doin'."

Medic Jarvis: Rufus: Just... help me find ingredents if ve still have zhem. Normally I'm use to eatting out or vhatever ze resident cook for each base makes... never really cooked for mein self

Mintscream: "There should be enough stuff for us to have somethin' passable," Connal replied, heading toward the base. "There's a lot of little tricks you can use to change the taste of stuff, like even somethin' as small as how long ya cook it for."

Medic Jarvis: Rufus: Ve'll see. *turns his chair around and wheels himself back to the base*
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