Deep Water (Talbot, Rufus, James)(incomplete)

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Deep Water (Talbot, Rufus, James)(incomplete)

Postby Tentacles » Sat Jan 07, 2012 10:17 pm

Three stupid REDs bump into each other in the swamp
Falco: /after four months in limbo, Talbot has decided that he is pretty damn overdue for taking a walk around the base. Sure, it's a little late, but that really isn't an issue. He's sort of near the docks, hands in his coat pockets and trying to get some sort of feel for the place.

TheSlipperyArsonist is already at the docks, out of his uniform for once. Figures nobody's dumb enough to come around the swamp so close to night, just wearing some jeans (with a hole for the tail, of course) and a t shirt, staring down at the water. He's unaware of anything else, looking for something to catch.

TheSlipperyArsonist crouched down at the dock, of course, because standing there staring down is a very awkward visual.
Medic Jarvis A ways off on a older dock on it's last legs. Rufus's wheelchair lays at the end, abandoned... as well as his blanket and clothes. But no cripple medic in sight.

Falco He's noticed somebody at the edge of the dock, but not the wheelchair just yet. Not going to say anything right this moment, but he'll come a little closer. Time to scope this out first.

TheSlipperyArsonist: /me's tail twitched, flopping to and fro on the wooden dock. He's spotted something, without a moment's hesitation, he grabs it out of the water. A slippery sunfish. He snaps it in his jaws, still unaware of the Soldier watching. It slips down his gullet whole, and as he turns around to see Talbot there, the thing is still wriggling in his throat. The only sound he can make is a slightly surprised squeak.

Medic Jarvis: Rufus surfaced behind a log, grasping it with his fingers. His once fluffy fauxhawk was now drapped down, parted down the middle making him look almost girly from the back. Why was he out here and why in the water? Well, to get some practice in, that's why. This was the second time he's swam in the black waters and the wintery chill certainly bit him, especially all his cuts and open sores on that tail of his. He looks around, inhaling back in air before sinking under silently.

Falco: He blinks, not quite sure how to react to the sudden appearance of a not-quite human teammate just gulping down a fish from the swamp. A deep breath and a small frown later, he moved a little closer, but when Rufus surfaces, Talbot's attention is directed there instead of at James. Why the hell would anybody be swimming at this time of night, and in the swamp, no less? Unfortunately, he can't really see, much to his irritation. Maybe it's a BLU, and that deserves some checking out. After shaking his head, he looked back over at James, frown still present. "RED or BLU?"

TheSlipperyArsonist: James didn't pay much mind to the splashing out in the swamp, and with his poor vision he didn't quite see the human head that surfaced. Figured it was just a critter. Bigger problems were coming towards him on the dock. He stood up quickly, regretting not bringing any weapons with him. He opened his mouth to speak, but the fish tail was still whacking around in his mouth. After a few stubborn swallows, he was finally able to answer. "RED, what's it to you?"

Medic Jarvis: After a good fifteen minutes under, Rufus surfaces and looks around. The only thing good about all this was the gift of extended breath, that much he can count in. Everything else... must go, but if he plans on fighting big time, he needs to learn the waterways as well, and be dangerous on land as in sea.. or in this case swamp. Hearing voices, he stops and looks around before taking a quick dive. His tail flukes make a loud pop of a splash before he disappears.

Falco: "Good. Don't feel like a fight tonight." Talbot just shrugged the fish tail off, though the mental image of that would be saved when he needed something to cheer him up. "Something's in the water--sort of looked like a person to me." The louder splash got him moving, stepping off the creaky dock and carefully stepping closer to the water's edge. It was dark and the ground wasn't exactly the most stable thing, so he'd need to be cautious. The Soldier muttered something under his breath about flashlights, scowling down at the mud that was seeping all over his boots. Dammit, he'd just cleaned those.

TheSlipperyArsonist: "Thank god for a friendly fucking face...haven't seen you around here though. You new or somethin'?" the salamander looked out over the swamp. "A person? Naw, friend, you're seein' shit. None of them BLUs would ever get near the water, and nobody on our side touches the swamp. Sides me. Prolly just a beaver or something."

Medic Jarvis: Maybe swimming in the evening was a bad idea as the sun steadily disappeared over the horizon. Rufus's field of vision was blurry, and it didn't help he couldn't see at greater distances. Didn't matter either way, as he makes a loop around a cypress tree trunk, he's met with a nasty surprise. He struggles to get rid of an old fishing net, probably abandoned. A few bubbles exit his mouth heading for the surface and he tries to follow. So far, only his tail breaks out and splashes in protest before he manages to get a gasp of air before sinking back down.

Falco: "Been here four months. Respawned not so long ago." He paused, waiting for any more splashing so he could get a better idea of where their swimmer was. "Better make sure anyway." Talbot didn't want to get into the water, that was for sure--who knew what sort of nasty things were in there? When he saw the wheelchair on the second dock, that only increased his confusion. He went up there instead, moving to the edge of it to peer into the water for any more signs of movement. When nothing obvious came, he sighed, turning back around to where James was. "What's this doing up here?" he asked, inclining his head towards the wheelchair. It was doubtful that somebody would just leave THAT lying around.

TheSlipperyArsonist: James' eyes went wide. "Jesus Christ!..." he squeaked. "That's our Medic's chair!!" the salamander ran to the dock's edge. "He's paralyzed or some shit; mother of ffff...RUFUS!" he yelled out into the swamp. He was still yelling for the doctor as he started to strip down. "Crazy German prick is probably drowning...RUFUS!"

Medic Jarvis: Rufus, on the other hand was currently ripping the old fishing line apart, nawing line by line with his teeth. Eventually he breaks free, swimming for the surface. He doesn't hear his name being called. When he rises, the netting's still attached to him on his head, making it appear like a thick tangled mess of 'blonde hair'. Grabbing ahold of the log, he pulls himself out of the water, muttering under his breath as he tries to rid himself of the netting. But to an untrained eye, it looked like he was running his hands through that "hair", just like the nautical myth he was portraying...

Falco: "What." Well, this certainly made things interesting. Talbot didn't quite know why somebody in a wheelchair would be out here, but that wasn't quite the important thing. Apparently, there was a drowning teammate, and their Medic. That was something he needed to fix, and James was taking a bit too long. He tugged off his jacket, resting it on the wheelchair. There was an old tree not so far off, and maybe that was where that Medic had gone to. It didn't explain why he had suddenly felt the urge to swim, though. People in wheelchairs did not generally do that. "Just let me do it." With that, he dove in, the shock of cold water freezing him for a moment before he surfaced a bit away, swimming towards the tree and gritting his teeth.

TheSlipperyArsonist: "Try not to drown yourself...." the salamander was already at his side, quick as a dart in the black water. With a flick of his tail he jetted ahead, gazing about in the fading light. Funny how the night always blurred his vision. He could swear he saw a fucking mermaid on that log over there. "The FUCK...?" he burlted out, daring to drift a little closer to the weird figure. Maybe he was finally starting to snap too.

Medic Jarvis: "Stupid zhing von't get off..." Rufus mutters under his breath. That's when he hears a splash coming from RED's docks. He turns around, blinking at trying to see what was coming. All he could make out was a slender shape coming for him. Must be a gator. He groans, sucking in a lungful of air and quickly dives back under. Thankfully the net falls away as he heads for darker territory.

to be continued
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