Tangos, Roses, and Scalpels.

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Tangos, Roses, and Scalpels.

Postby Samuel Marston » Sat Sep 24, 2011 1:59 am

Repo walks in, dancing to a music that played only in his head. It was a sort of tango, meant for two, but it was obvious that his partner was only in his mind. Starting softly, he began to sing.
Repo Ich grolle nicht
Rufus night!)
Repo brought the dance around the room, sweeping his imagination in his arms
Repo und wenn das Herz auch bricht.
Repo ((Srs? well, night then...))
Rufus I dunno... I barely know German DX )
Repo ((I bear no grudge, even though my Heart may break))
Rufus ohhhhh )
Repo brought his imaginary dancer up, swinging he aspect of morella around him as he sustained the high g note
Repo Eeeeeeeeeewig verlornes Lieb!
Repo dipped his astral partner low, one hand held up as if he were holding her wrist gently, lovingly, were she actually there, she would be perfectly horizontal.
Repo 's lip quivered as he rattled out the last words
Repo Ich grolle nicht.
Repo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTJrGINVBLc ))
Repo ((this
Rufus ahh )
Repo looked up from his dancing, dropping his arm as though he had no idea where he was. He blinked a couple of times, and cleared his throat, looking awkardly over to Rufus, taking off his glasses to clean them on his shirt.
Repo S-sorry about that...
Rufus .... You sing? *raises an eyebrow not in annoyance but... rather impressed*
Repo cleared his throat again, before nodding.
Rufus stares but then.... smiles.
Rufus Impressive
Repo I was in choir for the longest.
Repo Thank you Herr...?
Repo (his pronunciation of it sounds more like hair)
Rufus Clearly such a talent has not gone to vaste. Unlike me.... *wiggles his fingers in front of his face* Dr. Schmitz... Rufus Schmitz... *looks back up*
Repo cocks his head a little at the finger wiggling, a little confused
Repo What do you mean doctor?
Rufus *looks back at the other* Piano... I used to play for twelve years... zhen I got a job overseas and haven't been able to play in six years... Most ozher medics I met play violin or cello.... Zhey can carry zheir music vith me... I can't.
Repo r aised his glasses back up to his eyes, his contemplation apparent as the first syllable of the word cracked in his throat as he slid the thin black frame over his temples.
Rufus Aw vell.. you take your losses and move on I suppose... *shrugs*
Repo Ahhh, well, they do have electrical ones in these days.
Repo I don't suppose there's anything stopping you from splurging on getting one.
Rufus Eh... I doubt it seeing not much comes in here in ze swamp. I'll be damn lucky to get mein Christmas order of european canned seafoods
Repo sighed, leaning back in his seat, rolling his neck backwards slowly, breathing in a great sigh, holding up his left hand, his index, middle, and ring fingertips held level though his hand was almost sideways
Repo I was a harp player too.
Repo I feel your pain. They don't even make electrical harps.
Rufus I don't care much for ze electric ones. Call me old fashioned for old school.
Repo looked down at his lap, closing his eyes as he gently rubbed his temple, and as the memory came back, he sighed, looking up.
Repo I uhh, remember seeing one in the Blu common room. Caked with dust.
Rufus ...BLU?! *stares him down now*
Repo nodded, reaching into his sleeve to pull out a scalpel
Repo I'm head surgeon. Didn't you know?
Repo Everyone else there is to squeamish to even see blood.
Repo stared down at the blade grimacing hatefully, his brow furrowing, the pull of rage making his thoughts a touch clearer.
Repo They hide behind their mediguns.... their needle guns. To afraid to draw a blade...
Repo turned the blade over in his hands, watching the light glistening off the tip, still leaning back in his seat, not in any way threatening the other man.
Rufus ... nein, I didn't know... *watches cautiously* I'm more a geneticist zhan anyzhing else..
Repo blinked, looking up from the blade, and let it drop back into it's hidden sheath in his sleeve, clasping his fist gently before straightening in his chair
Repo uhh, sorry.
Repo blinked again, the words sinking in
Rufus quite alright... I have some medical teachings...
Repo So what if you could have genetic perfection?
Repo Would you change who you are? If you could?
Rufus Perfection? Nein, I don't research into zhat. Vhat I do is mainly cure genetic ailments using different coding techniques. If I vanted to be perfect, all I had to be vas be born in ze 20's and be a young adult in ze late 30's... zhen I'd be considered by ze time's standards "Perfect"... but I don't follow zheir route...
Repo lets "fascist" pass under his breath as he looked away, sweeping his eyes around the room, before noticing the fact that the other man was in a wheelchair.
Spinal damage?
Rufus Nein, injury to mein legs... very slow to heal
Repo How extensive was the damage?
Rufus .... *leans back and takes a deep breath to try to relax* Extensive, I can't valk for a vhile until zhey heal over. I'm doing ze best I can vith zhem...
Repo sighed, happy to get the subject changed off the thought of genes. To long had he been plagued by people's bad genes being so horrible that they needed his skilled hands just to function, their natural organs failing as easy as flies in the hot summer.
Repo Would you be willing to allow another set of eyes on the damage? In this world of respawners and mediguns, a lot of doctors forget about good old fashion medical care.
Rufus *suddenly snaps* Nein! ...... *calms down and clears his throat* Nein... danke but nein. It's mein own problem I need to see over. Zhanks for ze... concern.
Repo narrowed his eyes, looking long at hard at the other doctor, the scar on the left side of his brow remaining stagnent as the rest of it furrowed, before he sighed. He didn't care. He tried to reach out to connect with someone, and this is what he got.
Rufus It's.... a great embarrassment to me as a Medic for ze condition so I vant to correct it meinself.
Repo stared at the other medic, thoroughly non plussed at this point. He tried to make a friend. He tried to connect. His eyes were blank as he said.
Repo Really. Do, go on.
Repo ((lol, sorry. I'm just acting in character.... If i'm being to mean, just say so))
Rufus Let's just say me and anozher medic from ze Medical Legion didn't get on ze... right page and he decided to ruin me till I vas vheelchair bound...
Repo raised his eyebrow, clearing his throat. This actually sounded a bit familiar.
Repo Was the guy a big Mengel supporter?
Rufus ..... Ja... he vas. Fredrick Danube vas his name...
Repo narrowed his eyes, shaking his head. That name brought back quite a lot of memories. A strange coincidence...
Repo He collects roses you know? Breeds them. He's obsessed with making the "perfect" flower.
Repo shivered.
Rufus Ja.. he vas quiet... obessed is also a good vord for him...
Repo Probably the worst K.D. I've ever seen from a "head" physician. Served with him on Twofort aaa four years ago... He managed two kills. Respawned twenty times.
Repo took off his glasses, rubbing them on the coarse wool of his vest as he continued.
Repo he demanded a transfer after one of the heavies tramped on his garden.
Rufus I alvays knew he vas a vhimp... but he had nerve striking me... He's quite ze old veteran... I'm surprise zhey allowed 60 year olds fight. Course I'll never know if he vas BLU or RED... Medical Legion rules.
Repo shook his head, sliding his glasses back onto his head, before clearing his throat.
Repo Botany and fascism were actually where the first forty years of his life went away. He actually has less medical experience than I do... And BLU of course.
Rufus BLU? ...... Uggggh... *glares at a wall*
Repo stood up, sighing, walking over and patting the other doctor gently on the shoulder,
Repo Ah well, I hope our talk has helped you to narrow your diagnosis.
Samuel Marston

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