Ahead of the Game - BLU TEAM MEETING (deleted post) pg13

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Ahead of the Game - BLU TEAM MEETING (deleted post) pg13

Postby Samuel Marston » Wed Sep 07, 2011 11:17 am

Recently I tried to post a reply to the aforementioned thread in the BLU common room, on the first floor, but due to continuity issues, I had to delete it. But personally, I really liked how the post turned out, and a few of my friends agreed. So here we have it. It would have been the seventh post in this thread, and I really liked it.

He could feel her breath against his neck, the feel of her hot flesh against his. He could almost taste her sweat, her sweet juices flowing over them. Their hair tangled together, her lips pressed against his, their tongues dancing and darting back and forth, their bodies shaking and shivering. His lip quivered, his heart beat like a drum. He knew this must be real. What could be real but this moment? This moment, so perfect, so wonderful, how could he ever want to be anywhere than here, with her. He pulled away from her, pausing to breath before leaning back in to kiss Morella once again, their tongues dancing as their souls flew together, higher and higher, he knew there was no lie in this! This was truth! This was perfection everlasting!! This was... Morella's screaming face as she was taken by her own heart.

Samuel stepped back, though at the same time he drew nearer, her blood seeping into his palms, her screaming filling his ears. He wept for her to forgive him, he said it wasn't his fault. But the scalpel was in his hand, in his other enclosed fist lay their child's umbilical cord, still dangling from Morella's open womb, the infantile form of Susan swinging back and forth, pendulum like, the tendons of flesh tearing. This couldn't be real! She looks just like her... This had to be a dream!

With a gasp and a sharp click of his back, Samuel was awake.

He did not bolt upright, nor did he cry out. He was simply awake. It had all been a dream. Remembering back, he knew that it was the same dream that had plagued him for so long. His eyes darted around in the dark expanse of the barrack he was in. There was no sound but the soft snores of his sleeping roommate, a young german medic, a real mouse of a man. Samuel closed his eyes, and tried to sleep, but feared what he might see, what his mind would show him were he to go back. After a few moments, he heard the other man wake up and begin to get ready. The lights came on, but still Samuel remained stoic, silent, unmoving but to breathe. Not a muscle moved that could have given away his consciousness, waiting for the kraut to leave. He wanted to be alone in the morning. He LIKED to be alone in the morning.

After the other man had left, he tried to get himself to stir, but the grief over took him. He had tried for so long to convince himself that it wasn't his fault, that it would have happened any way he tried, but he knew, he knew, if he had been a better doctor, a better husband, and a better father, none of this would have happened. He opened his eyes, flicking them around the room again, and rolling over. Sitting up, he scratched at the grey hairs on his chest, shaking off the whips and thorns of slumber that he was doomed to brave every night. His eyes were the very picture of exhaustion, the night having been fitful. Most nights were. His feet were only in slippers for a few moments as he shuffled over to his footlocker, dressing quickly, silently, the only thing making a single noise was the clasp of his belt clinking slightly as he wrapped it around his waist. Brushing his teeth in the communal bathroom, Samuel was happy that he was not interrupted, nor bothered. Left to his own devices.

Returning quickly back to his barrack, he pulled on his dark grey smock, buttoning up each one of the small bits of pearl quickly, before palming a single blade up his sleeve. One never could be to careful.

The wooden soles of Samuel's black on coal wingtip shoes clicked as they made their way down the hall, the rest of Samuel following in protest. The mind in control of most of Samuel wanted to wallow in his pit of dispair, but the mind in control of Samuel's shoes knew that it would be all better once he had some caffeine in him. There was the soft clink of ceramic on tile, and the woosh of the liquid pouring. Seconds later, Samuel was walking into the common room, his eyes closed in almost a look of contentment, a volume of Poe under one arm, as he walked towards where his favorite chair wa-....

Samuel looked down at the circle of chairs in the middle of the room, one in front of him having been kicked accidentally by the distracted medic, though it still made quite a lot of noise. He blinked a couple of times, and took another sip of coffee, deeper this time, thinking possibly he was still in a dream. It was bad enough that he was forced into this stinking hell hole without zealots such as Abernathy making his morning routine, the one thing that kept him sane, difficult. Readjusting his grip on the thick book he held under one arm, he smacked his lips, and glowered at the soldier. He knew it had to be him. No one but him and the two medics had made any noise so far this morning, and the kraut hadn't the time or dedication to do something so complete. He hadn't met the man yet, but his dossier was rather detailed.

Taking another sip of his coffee, peering at the soldier over his thick rimmed glasses, he growled out a single word, though it sounded more like the grinding gears of some great and terrible machine, "Why?" Chopin's 'Fantasie' Impromptu in C-sharp minor playing softly from the radio.
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Re: Ahead of the Game - BLU TEAM MEETING (deleted post)

Postby Bartholom√§us Fritz Brotmarkel » Wed Sep 07, 2011 2:35 pm

Might wanna put that it's slightly NSFW in the subject line
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Re: Ahead of the Game - BLU TEAM MEETING (deleted post) pg13

Postby Samuel Marston » Wed Sep 07, 2011 3:01 pm

If you say so. Changed around.
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