Well. That Sucked.

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Well. That Sucked.

Postby Connal Reid » Tue Aug 28, 2012 6:30 pm

A probably canon rp in which Connal stops being dead, with minor editing. Also, sappy shit happens. Enjoy!

6:02 PM - Mintscream: There was nothing. Everywhere. Connal had never felt like "nothing" was a thing in and of itself, that it was just the absence of something. Then, however, he was so completely surrounded by nothing that it was all he could feel, see, and even think. Feeling came back so abruptly that it seemed to have knocked the wind out of him, rather than into him. He gasped in a sharp breath, falling out of respawn the moment the doors were open. Holy balls, that was not fun. The hell even happened? The Pyro propped himself up on a forearm, trying to catch his breath and calm his stomach.

6:21 PM - 0ArmoredSoul0: Jericho knew the moment Connal came through, having been waiting outside Respawn for the Pyro to return. He would have waited inside, but after the last time James Respawned and very nearly got sick all over him... As it was, he came bounding in the moment he caught his Master's scent, whining as he grabbed the Pyro in a tight hug.

6:26 PM - Mintscream: Connal let loose a small string of interrupted curses, never actually quite finishing a word, before he stopped and took a breath. "Hey, buddy..." His head was pounding, the lights were too bright, he still felt sick, couldn't really remember what happened... "Uh, did I, like... literally drink myself to death, or somethin'? Or is 'is jus' how respawn works...?" Would he even feel a hangover if the drinking killed him?

6:33 PM - 0ArmoredSoul0: The hybrid didn't answer at first, busy making sure the Pyro had come through alright, but once he was certain Connal was all there and without extras, he sighed and loosened his grip a bit. "It's the Respawn. You'll be alright in a bit." It was one of those crappy things about the system; Even when in perfect shape and fully updated, there was always side effects, nausea being the most common.

6:43 PM - Mintscream: "God, it's like somma the mornings after I've had..." Connal tried to joke, even adding a small chuckle. Cut short by a few coughs, but a chuckle nonetheless. "With the same fuzzy memory an' everything..." His lopsided grin started to fade, however, as things got less hazy. Finally, he remembered the blood everywhere, and bolted up, only to clutch his head and groan. "Shit... Oh, shit, you're okay, right!? An' Nik? An'... whoever the hell else was in here...?"

4:08 PM - 0ArmoredSoul0: Jericho nodded, tugging the Pyro back down to sit and rest well within hugging/clinging range. "Kurt came, made a Dispenser. Fixed Nik and me."

4:14 PM - Mintscream: "Okay... Okay..." Connal replied, giving a small nod of his own. Everyone was okay, he come through respawn okay... He hugged Jericho back, remembering full well how he had felt when the chimera was killed. By Josif, he realized. "Heh... Took a while, but we were both done in by the same guy..." Okay, maybe it wasn't that funny. "So, uh... What happened?" Besides the part where he stood there like an idiot and got run through, obviously. "Where's the zombie thing?"

4:23 PM - 0ArmoredSoul0: The hybrid shuffled closer, hugging his Master as tightly as he dared. "It got away." He whined softly ears drooping. "M'sorry."

4:26 PM - Mintscream: "Hey, hey, no... It's not your fault." The Pyro didn't have to have been there to know that. He scratched his buddy behind the ears, trying to cheer him up at least a little. "You... You stayed back with me, right? That's better. I wouldn't a wanted to die alone. We can always get 'im later."

4:28 PM - 0ArmoredSoul0: "Shouldn't've let you die in the first place." The chimera's voice was soft, and just a little hoarse as he ducked his head, hiding his face against the Pyro's shoulder. "Bad dog..."

4:32 PM - Mintscream: Now this wouldn't do. Connal gave a sharp tap to the top of Jericho's head, careful to make sure it didn't actually hurt him. "No. Not bad," he began, trying to keep a small frown from turning into smile for effect. "You can' be 'round me every second of every day. S'not your fault I ran toward a scream 'n' then stood there like an idiot." Now the little grin had won out. "Besides, ya went and tackled the bastard 'fore you even really knew what was goin' on. You showed up outta nowhere, man. You're not a bad dog. You're a good friend. Okay?"

4:38 PM - 0ArmoredSoul0: The little tap got a startled yip, the hybrid whining softly as he visibly drooped, but an ear flicked up to listen. By the time the Pyro was done, Jericho had both ears forward, listening intently, even as he started trembling. "...Friend?"

4:44 PM - Mintscream: "A course, ya dope," Connal teased. "You're my best friend, an' you sure as hell ain't a bad one in the least." Sure, it was a pretty strange friendship, and when he first met Jericho he thought he was getting himself his own Scooby Doo. But over the months, the mishmashed pile of patchwork got closer with him than anyone else. It didn't hurt that together they'd been around longer than any other RED. "An' I ain't gonna leave ya here alone any more than you're gonna leave me, ya hear?"

4:48 PM - 0ArmoredSoul0: A short pause, and the patchwork mess started to shake in earnest, ears drooping as he clung to the Pyro tight enough for his claws to dig into the thick rubber of the metal head's suit. The reason for it all became apparent when Jericho sniffled. "N-Never had a friend b'fore..."
4:48 PM - 0ArmoredSoul0 not any that he remembers

4:51 PM - Mintscream: Well, he hadn't meant to upset Jericho any further, but at least this time the hybrid was just so happy he couldn't contain himself. Connal hugged back just as tightly, careful of the wings, before quietly speaking, "Not that I wanna ruin the moment or anything, but I think I need to get to a toilet, or just outside or somethin'. Think I'm gonna be sick..."

4:56 PM - 0ArmoredSoul0: Oh. Right. Jericho quickly nodded, loosening his grip and backing up, trying to wipe his eyes as discreetly as possible while helping his Master, his friend to his feet. What he'd said was true, he'd never had a friend before Connal. There were the doctors and scientists that had made him and the other creatures in the facility, but not a single one treated him as anything more than another test subject, something to be poked and prodded and pestered until he worked to their satisfaction. He knew there had been something before the facility and all it's experiments, but he didn't know how he knew. He didn't remember anything before- Well, he didn't like thinking about it.

4:59 PM - Mintscream: Connal wobbled a bit, and quickly explained to both himself and Jericho, "Op, my legs are still jello... Let's, ah... Urgh, let's just go out the door there, outside is closer..." Man, respawn was a bitch. He hoped he wouldn't have to go through it again any time soon.

5:01 PM - 0ArmoredSoul0: Nodding, Jericho paused a moment, thinking, then got to his feet, an arm going around the Pyro's middle while he got Connal's arm up around his own shoulders. There, much easier to support.

5:07 PM - Mintscream: When they made it outside, the Michigander pulled away from Jericho and intentionally stumbled to his knees, where he proceeded to double over and lose his lunch all over the ground. It honestly did feel like one hell of a hangover. After coughing up the last bits, he let himself fall to the side, avoiding his stomach contents. "Can I just, like, nap here a bit or something? Or would that be bad in a swamp?"

5:10 PM - 0ArmoredSoul0: "Considering gators, bad idea." Jericho couldn't help wrinkling his nose at the icky smell of stomach acid and half-digested food, but he ignored it in favor of getting Connal back to his feet. "C'mon, couch isn't far."

5:16 PM - Mintscream: "Okay..." The metal head gave a couple more small coughs, but got up with Jericho's help all the same. "Man, did you feel this horrible when you respawned, or is this 'cause I had a huge piece a metal in my guts?"

5:35 PM - 0ArmoredSoul0: "Stomach wounds usually make me sick so... I'd say it was the sword." Jericho paused to make sure the Pyro was alright to walk before moving on, wishing he had the upper body strength to carry his friend inside.
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