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Postby The Announcer » Sun Nov 27, 2011 12:48 am

AUs work in that they need context in order to not be, simply put, a 'nerd circlejerk'. Thus, post this application in the forumspace. If 5 or more people say it is a thing they would be interested in on the specific thread, then notify an admin and a subforum will be created for you. However, periodically, if you do not have enough posts in the topic, we will move it to the Old AUs board. If this is done in error, notify us and it will be rectified.

The AU creation guide is as follows:

Spoiler: show
Idea: What is your AU about, or related to? It can be any concept. Be it flip-flopping who's a mutant and who isn't, a game you recently played, or a relocation of everyone. Will it use the same characters?

Effort: What will be needed? Entirely new character sheets? Edited character backgrounds? What all will be needed in order to participate, in other words. Supply any forms to be filled out here.

Context: Tell us everything about the AU. Think of how you'd describe it to someone who knows or understands completely nothing about the concept. Some things to mention: What all has changed? If the location is changed, where do they all meet? What is the setting in general? Are there any little secrets or spoilers? Why do characters have to supply whatever they did? Etcetera. Say as much as you think is necessary. Include little things like if you want 'key text' highlighted or what have you, and what key text constitutes.

Perspective: Context is nice, but it can be overbearing sometimes. Add on what characters would know or characters would understand on a general level.

Relationships: Is romance supported? Unsupported? Are preexisting relationships a thing here? You decide.

That's all.

Remember, if you feel that an AU is underwritten but could be good, you can comment suggesting how they could improve it.
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Postby Gerhard Melsbach » Mon Feb 27, 2012 3:27 pm

Small addition:

Once the AU has been fleshed out, it is considered an application to have a subforum made for the construction and execution of the AU. To have this 'application' approved, you must acquire a minimum of 5 players to participate (not including yourself). Once you have acquired players, please PM one of the board Admins to notify them that a subforum is in need of creation.

Thank you for your time.
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