Playing with Nukes (Open)

The purpose of these two rooms are moot as no one ever swings by to say 'hello'. They make for a good escape from noise and loud antics.

Playing with Nukes (Open)

Postby Penultimate Pi » Tue May 01, 2012 9:12 pm

{Author's Note: Takes place after the warehouse opening.}

It had been rough, to put it bluntly.

Asked by a RED Soldier (whose alliance he wasn't aware of until too late) to aid him in some mysterious things, Adrian had been hesitantly glad to be of assistance. It was just a few shares in explosive ideas, until it came to excavating the cellar of that old shack. It was astounding, just what was contained in that old hole: ancient tools and supplies, all long since expired and rusty, and an unknowingly massive pocket of nuclear radiation.

It had also been astounding to see Xavier; just not in the good way. Nevertheless, the once-friendly Soldier was gone now, so to speak, and not even time could predict his condition for the future. Lost and confused, trying to find help for a newfound ally, a strange, hybrid hermit like a substantially larger 12 led him to the cracked-open warehouse of BLU, where...

The events were all just a confusing blur to the street-raised Adrian, and it hurt his mind and body just thinking about it. So he found other means of distraction: mainly, messing with bombs. And it just happened to be a good possibility that the radiation could be harnessed into explosives. But as the demolitions expert sat there, measuring and boiling and tinkering, the main question remained.

"Jus' HOW am I suppos' to use this wi'out microwavin' the whole swamp!?" Adrian shouted exasperatingly, the words echoing slightly along the walls of the re-purposed guest room. Hands clutching his forehead in frustration, the Demoman let his elbows slam onto the table, the impact jarring the vials, powders and precarious samples of radiation.
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