Unfinished Business (Open)

There are two large rooms set aside for the barracks, one for girls, and one for guys. The girls side is connected to the upstairs bathrooms.

Unfinished Business (Open)

Postby HauntedParka » Fri Dec 09, 2011 8:47 pm

A clammy hand grasped the faded bronze of the doorknob, though it made no move to twist. Miguel set his features into a look of intense focus as he pressed an ear to the rough wood separating him from the barracks.


After a few seconds of empty silence, he twisted the knob and pushed into the humble barracks. He crossed the room to his bunk, cautiously glancing about the room as he did. Miguel wasn’t exactly opposed to company, but the chimera still made him feel more nervous than he would care to admit. At his bed, he scooped up his folded clothing and placed them into the beat-up wardrobe sitting in the corner. The Scout drifted back to his bunk, sliding the towel from his back as he did so. The large, damp cloth was tossed over the railing at the foot of the bed.

Miguel ducked under the top bunk to straddle the thin mattress. Its ancient springs moaned beneath The Scout for the second time that day. He wiped his palms on his boxers before picking up the roll of duct tape in one hand, and sliding his pictures from beneath the pillow with the other.

He taped the first four on the wood above him. He couldn’t help the smile on his face as it grew with each memory revisited through the faded polaroids: Abuela’s restrained smile, his father’s proud grin as he displayed a formidable bicep, Marisol’s face twisted into a vicious snarl as she lunged toward the camera, and a family photo with Rodolfo, Miguel and his sister. The final face in the pile stared back at him with an unwavering, impish smile. She bit her lip in an inviting manner. Snarls of fire-brick-red framed her flushed, heart-shaped face as she leaned into his hand which cupped one of her reddened cheeks.

That morning had been perfect to say the least. She’d made him breakfast in bed for his birthday, among other things. The picture was taken after the two had exhausted themselves from Lilli’s ‘gift’. She wanted him to throw the photo away soon after he had taken it, but he couldn't bring himself to do so. It was a permanent relic from a time when things were simple between them.

With a resigned sigh, he taped the photo up with the rest. Now didn’t seem like the most appropriate or convenient time to let his mind dwell on such angst-ridden thoughts. It was too soon for all of that. The final picture in his hand was slipped beneath his pillow without a second glance.

He swung a leg over the side of the bed and pulled his trunk open. He knocked a few trinkets out of the way to reveal a beat-up old shoe-box. In one fluid motion, he pulled out the box and slammed the trunk closed. It gave off a familiar pungent, earthy, yet sweet odor. A good smoke ought to clear his mind.

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